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You should have more than two means to start a fire in your survival pack. At the majority of dollar stores, you can buy packs of both matches and lighters that will serve you well. But if you look hard enough, you may be able to find a better quality poncho at a dollar store. This is because rotating out your socks as you travel will help to stop blisters and other foot diseases. Sewing kit. You read that right. You can buy entire sewing kits at dollar stores.

Yes, they are the little tiny ones with the tiny little scissors, but they can come in handy! This includes chap stick , hand sanitizer , soap, shampoo, toothbrushes and toothpaste, among other items. At only one dollar each, you can buy these at a dollar store for a fraction of the cost that you would buy them elsewhere. What other survival items does your dollar store carry?

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Off The Grid News. Pom pons for outdoor cheer practice. It could be fun to take your kids and let them pick out a couple of additional things that catch their eye.

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Give them the instruction that it has to be played with outside and see what they come up with. Some of the supplies on the Summer Survival Kit list are pretty obvious choices but others might leave you scratching your head a bit. The Dollar Tree has baskets galore. I bought 4 baskets. Three mesh type baskets and one solid basket.

The 3 mesh type, stackable baskets hold all the fun gear but can also be played with. All three baskets are a different color. The kids can set the baskets out and try throwing the ball or frisbee into them. Each color earns them a different number of points. The solid basket can be filled with water for water gun refills and re-wetting water balls.

Dollar Tree Bug out Bag List – Dollar Tree Preps

I also bought some car wash supplies from the Dollar Tree. The water bucket will also be used for the sudsy water. A small beverage dispenser was bought to use as a bubble refill station. This will make it much easier for kids to refill bubble wands by themselves without spilling too much bubble solution. A shower curtain will make a good water proof spread for eating snacks on wet grass.

31 Dollar Store Items for Survival

Kids can also freestyle color on it or make a fun map they can drive cars on. Use washable markers and they can do this again and again. Just wash off marker with a wet rag. The shower curtain can also be used for fun ideas that might be too messy for even outside play.

31 Dollar Store Items for Survival - Preparing for shtf

You can also head to the kitchen supply aisle and buy all sorts of fun stuff to use outdoors. Kitchen tools give kids some creative freedom to decide what to do use them for. Measuring cups can be used in the water or sand. Same goes for colanders, spoons, cups, condiment dispensers, funnels and more.

There are plenty of other Dollar Tree finds that will make summer survival a breeze. Outdoor protectors like sunscreen, hats, flip flops and sunglasses are all available in cute patterns and fun colors.

Trash Bags

Buying Summer snacks at the Dollar Tree can save you lots of money too. The dollar tree has tons of snacks for less. Popsicles of course are a summer favorite so I keep them well stocked.