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I liked the idea of pretending you had a show happening in your home. All of that is what this show is. Dinello confirmed that Sedaris takes an interest in real-life entertaining. Every time they got close to selling the show, Sedaris would pull back.

The Book That Changed Amy’s Life

She ended up going to a therapist to get help with two things she was struggling with: First, the death of her sister Tiffany , and second, why she was stalling on the show. It was only in the last few years that Sedaris felt ready to move forward with the project. The network, which is owned by Turner Broadcasting, originally launched as Court TV and specialized in documentaries and legal drama series. Later, it was revamped to focus on reality television, and two years ago pivoted again — to comedy. A promotional spot from last year features an actor getting crushed to death by the truTV logo.

Ronca says At Home fits in with what the network is trying to do with its comedy slate at large: Provide a platform for creator-driven shows that only a specific writer or actor could pull off, like Billy on the Street or The Chris Gethard Show , which are both very much shaped by the personalities and sensibilities of their creators.

Amy Matheson

Sedaris said visual details are so crucial to her in part because of a former neighbor of hers in Chicago who was deaf. According to truTV, the show has been a success. Since its Oct. Nearly a quarter of those are new viewers to the network.

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What [Sedaris] offers comedically is an oasis from all the other madness going on in the world. At Home is apolitical, but not in a way that feels willfully ignorant or withholding — see Jimmy Fallon playfully neglecting to talk to Donald Trump about his racist comments, or Taylor Swift refusing to make a clear statement of who exactly she voted for last year.

Instead, the show lets viewers temporarily live in a completely different dimension. But even though At Home transpires mainly within an alternate universe, there are occasional moments that resonate here on Planet Earth. In the first episode of the show, Paul Giamatti plays an important businessman who sexually harasses Sedaris over the course of a nautically themed dinner party. When At Home does descend into the truly dark and disturbing, Sedaris somehow makes it okay to laugh, by cheerfully persevering through uncomfortable scenarios.

Sedaris is so at ease, so ready to laugh instead of cry, and so happy living in an alternate reality. It's a clear and purposeful haven for Gill and Grant, who also work here, writing music and recording in their just-finished home studio. He's not ever in a hurry, in a conversation or with a kiss. And that's really, really rare [in a man]. As she talks, Gill leans in closer to Grant; he appears to have something to add. But she's not done, so he holds his thought till she's finished. She can be a real planner and a motivator.

But in the end, I think a woman does best when she responds to a man. You can't make a man be romantic.


You can't make him slow down if he doesn't want to slow down. Ten years into their marriage, he still longs to be around her and admits he feels adrift when they're apart, playing concerts out of town.

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I find myself going, I don't want to call her too much, or she'll think I'm nuts. But it's when I feel safest, when I'm talking to her. There's a noticeable and natural ease about this partnership, with Gill's even keel setting the tone. But like all couples, they have their moments: "He has a quick temper," Grant says, "and I'm as stubborn as the day is long.


Through our early lives, we came to understand that you make the choices you make, and if those screw up, then you learn to make new choices. Somebody who has been in a very bad wreck is going to be very conscientious about not speeding through a yellow light You just learn so many good lessons when you go through a failed marriage.

If we had married at 21 and 24, it would have been completely different. Next: Read how Amy and Vince met while they were both in other marriages. Grant and Gill have been schooled by love's complications. When their paths crossed in , both were married Gill to country singer Janis Oliver; Grant to Christian musician Gary Chapman with children. The conversation was easy. Though they have always maintained that there was no infidelity during Gill's divorce, he and Grant were reportedly prepared to sign affidavits saying so , there was no hiding their emotional connection, both onstage and offstage.

Gossip columnists noticed it; so did both of their spouses. Gill's ex-wife, Janis, reportedly told her sister that she initially tolerated the close friendship he struck up with Grant. But, Janis said, when she found a handwritten note from Grant saying, "I love you Amy," in her husband's golf bag, she unsuccessfully asked Gill to cut his ties with Grant. In , the Gills divorced. I really did. Grant, who learned of Gill's divorce by reading about it in the newspaper, was in the midst of her own marital woes.

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She and Chapman tried marriage counseling, but began divorce mediation in Grant then moved out of the family home and filed for divorce in early , with the marriage officially ending that June. During this time, Chapman was being quoted as saying he "literally, on [his] knees, begged [Grant] not to leave. He didn't make people for marriage. He didn't create the institution so He could just plug people into it. He provided this so that people could enjoy each other to the fullest.

But Gill and Grant weren't just any celebrities swapping partners as celebrities so often do. Gill was as known for his good-guy image as he was for his guitar chops. And Grant was the most prominent Christian entertainer of her generation. Not surprisingly, her divorce upset many of her fans, who viewed marriage vows as a spiritual covenant not to be broken.

Christian commentators debated whether a performer like Grant, who influenced others in Christ's name and benefited financially from doing so , should be held to a particularly high moral standard. Some Christian radio stations stopped playing Grant's music; she remained mum on the topic at the time, refusing to enter the fray.

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Today, she speaks thoughtfully and evenly about the media firestorm that swirled around her in those days. As pundits weighed in on the sanctity of marriage, Grant recalls, she had starker worries. I could not imagine going through life not by Vince's side. It is all non-denominational and fully illustrated for children years old.

The second focus of this website is the study of the lives of the saints and sages.

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We have chosen six saints; three are still with us, three have passed away; three are male and three are female. They each come from one of our major spiritual traditions. Amy Meets the Saints and Sages is fully illustrated and for children years old. This familiarity with the saints and sages of major traditions is armor to dispel religious intolerance, and thus combat terrorism.