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The story itself is a great cozy mystery, which is a subgenre of crime fiction where the sex and violence are downplayed or even portrayed humorously. Thanks Wikipedia! Laina Turner did a wonderful job with the mystery aspect of the book not once did I suspect who had done it until the very end which is great! If you are a fan of cozy mysteries or even a beginner I definitely recommend this book, and be sure to check out the great audio book the narration makes it so much better.

For more reviews please visit:. Labels: audio book , Book , Book review , cozy mystery , fiction , Murder , mystery , Romance. A British mystery author visits her publisher's home in the South of France, where her interaction with his unusual daughter sets off some touchy dynamics.

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Director: Richard Bates Jr. In s and s New Zealand, Janet Frame grows up in a poor family with lots of brothers and sisters. Although he has not made a decision as to what university he will be attending, will be life-changing year for the athlete ESPN and named the 2 Safety recruit in the nation. You see, he was not allowed to play on teams of his classmates and friends. Not because of bad behavior, or discrimination, or school zones, or bad grades, but because he was too big. Hootie played in the Rec League and figured that he would probably play football through high school and that was where his days on the field as a player would end.

I knew I was going to college no matter what, I just always believed I was going to college to get an education. He is the epitome of humble. He has also come to understand that he is indeed worthy of being an elite college athlete. This humble young man is also smart. This highly sought after athlete knows what he wants to do with his life, which is why he plans to work on a degree in petroleum engineering. He loves to wear a bow-tie and has too many pairs of shoes to count. Hootie has been working since he was a sophomore so that he could afford to a wardrobe that consisted of the latest fashion trends.

This young man is not afraid to earn a dollar, and he is no stranger to hard work. He has had many people in his life that showed him hard work pays off. I just never thought I was that good. Lawrence Jones was far more than an uncle to Hootie. Despite the loss of his best friend, Hootie remained focused on his studies and football. The recruiting process began during his freshman year at Neville High School with an offer from Ole Miss. How much difference does a year make in the life of a highly talented athlete?

After being contacted for the Army All-American team and Under Armor All-American team, on the same day, this young man began to see that his skills on the gridiron were far better than he ever dreamed. As the recruiting process evolved, Hootie traveled to several universities for campus visits and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to see so many campuses and the opportunities that were in his very near future. With so many offers from eager coaches, this game of recruiting became an overwhelming experience, to say the very least.

December 2, and this town of diehard LSU fans held their breath and crossed their fingers hoping he would remain a Tiger. He never meets a stranger and is rarely seen without that bright smile on his face. I love Neville High School and the teachers and especially my classmates. We are a really close class and I will definitely be home to walk with them for graduation in May. LSU fans were once again hopeful and were quick to let him know.

While very flattered and even shocked by the tweet from the NFL player and LSU alumnae, the encouragement will not have an impact on his. Hootie Jones decision. This is one young man that has no problem keeping something to himself. Jones is going to be enrolled in a university, somewhere, by midJanuary, but he is not rushing to make a decision.

Hootie Jones will be. Joseph recently moved from Beaumont, TX, with his wife and four children. Would you be interested in going in with me, just the two of us?

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Eight years or so ago, hunting bow or gun would have been the only thing on my mind. In fact, back then I lived my life around deer and duck seasons. To say I was excited is an understatement. On the drive up, all I could talk about was my glory days of deer hunting. I know Adam probably wondered if he.

Kansas is fast becoming the most sought after state for big trophy whitetail bucks. It is blessed with rich fertile soil and minerals. Combine this with its vast acres of cropland and cover on the eastern third of the state, a very limited number of permits available to residents and non-residents alike, and you have excellent deer habitat. And I was in Heaven. There is something joyous about sitting around camp with your hunting buddies and talking about family and friends and, in our case, faith.

Adam has a wonderful family that my family has come to love dearly. We talked about deer hunting and the things we had learned over the years about whitetails. After the preparations, we got a couple of bow hunts in before heading home, with the intention of coming back as soon as the rut was in full swing the first couple weeks of November. Well, she was born on November 17, That puts her birthday right in the middle of the whitetail deer rut, the worst time of deer season to have any family obligations.

Yep, I missed her birthday this year. But in my defense, I killed a really nice deer on November Ok, I know, not a defense. Rusty is an avid sportsman who has hunted in Nebraska, Alabama, South Texas King Ranch , the Mississippi Delta and some of the best private and public land in Louisiana.

He has hunted where some folks only dream. The most successful U. Olympic male alpine skier of all time, Bode Miller 36 returns to the Sochi games in With 33 victories, he is one of five men in history to win World Cup events in all five disciplines. The four-time World Champion skipped last season due to an injured knee but returned to the circuit in October at the World Cup Opener.

He won the speedskating meter event and a silver medal in the meter event. At the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada, he did it again. He has set eight world records and is expected to become the most decorated long-track speedskater in U. Burke 31 took silver last year at the World Championships in the 20km individual event. He is the second athlete to accomplish that goal. Can Ted Ligety, the Olympic gold medalist in the combined, do it again in ?

The games will be the first Olympics for Russia since the breakup of the Soviet Union. Ninety-eight events in 15 winter sports will be held in the newly built Olympic Park, comprised of 11 sports venues. World-class skateboarder Shaun White 27 is bidding for a third consecutive gold this year. Injured by his own skate before the Vancouver Games, J. Celski 23 rehabilitated in time to compete with Apolo Ohno in the relay and won bronze medals in the m and m. The Monterey, Calif. He has also taken silver in 2-man and bronze in 4-man during the National Team Trials.

Back in October, Infostrada Sports, predicted Norway and Germany to win the most medals in the 22nd Olympic Games, with Norway taking home the most gold medals In early December, however, the sports and media company updated its Virtual Medal Table, claiming Team USA to come in second to Norway and to tie that country with 15 gold medals. Ice dancer Charlie White 26 , along with his partner Meryl Davis, is considered one of the most likely gold medalist across all sports in Sochi.

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The reigning world champions have won 13 straight Grand Prix events. At the Turin games, they took home the silver medal. They are the current world record holders in the short dance, free dance and total combined score. Antique Show Friday-Sunday, Jan. Monroe Convention Center Conference Hall. Guitar Lessons We use all the state of the art equipment—drum machines, jam tracks, cd database, click tracks, Internet. Lowery Studios is truly a one of a kind learning center! It is a time to reflect on the changes we want or need to make and resolve to follow through on those changes.

Common resolutions include the decision to lose weight, quit smoking, get organized, and most importantly--get out of debt. We rationalize that last-minute Holiday shopping was our last bout of unhealthy spending, for it is certain we will be saving, budgeting, and coupon clipping every week post-holidays. In recommitting to your physical health, do not neglect your financial health. There are many dimensions to financial health including the amount of savings you have, how much you are setting away for retirement, and how much of your income you are spending on fixed or non-discretionary expenses.

When it comes to kids and money, many parents, caregivers, and teachers are full of uncertainty. All of your money choices, both good and bad, can be turned into positive learning experiences for your children. Research consistently indicates that the most important thing you can do to prepare your children for their financial future is to have honest, thoughtful, and regular conversations about money. Where do you begin?

Quizzes for both parents and kids can be accessed at Ekomini. This site is a structured, but fun way of teaching kids about money which can be used to enhance what they are learning in school and helps to create a better money savvy generation. The site supports an engaging, interactive, piggybank concept that makes saving fun, and entertaining, yet is highly sophisticated in terms of teaching young children about money management. Another wonderful site to help you educate your children about finance is Money as You Grow moneyasyougrow.

Want to take your educational tools with you on the go? Try these. Make smart book choices when reading with your children, and talking about the idea of spending and saving can organically emerge from the shared reading experience. But, until economics and entrepreneurship become mainstream beginning in Early Childhood programs, the burden of student learning in terms of financial fluency will depend on instructional support at home.

Whether you choose pencil and paper, jars with labels, or your smartphone, talking with your children early and often about the ways and means of money is truly investing in their future. Have a wonderful New Year and happy reading! She has 10 years of experience as a classroom English teacher grades , 10 years as a Reading Specialist and Diagnostician grades K , 10 years in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction and has taught courses in literacy, reading, literature for children and young adults, and teacher preparation.

Adams was worried no customers would show up. Earlier, his business consultants had predicted around cars per day. On May 6, , the owners nervously awaited for the opening. As the bay doors were opened, they were greeted with a line of cars stretching down the block. The owners and their employees were stunned at first, wondering if they could handle the large number of cars waiting for service.

By the end of the day, around customers were treated to the Rocket Lube experience. There was no advertising or promotion prior to the grand opening. With around 70, cars per day traveling along Highway , the Rocket Lube sign is hard to miss. Brent and business partner Mike Sampognaro came up with the idea for an oil change and car wash center two years earlier. One of the barriers they faced was the location of their business. Brent was sure he wanted it somewhere on Highway One of the original plans was to build it further north than it is today.

He also thought the place should be based on a theme. Major Michael James Adams, Sr.

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Michael attended the University of Oklahoma to earn his Aeronautical Engineering degree and then went on to do graduate work in Astronautics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The space stations were to be manned with astronauts for reconnaissance and military missions. The MOL was announced to the public in , though it was canceled in when unmanned satellites proved more cost-effective with the same results. There he participated in five months of NASA moon landing tests.

His first X flight was in One year later, during his seventh flight, as the aircraft was dropped from the supporting aircraft, he noticed an electrical problem that affected the handling of the aircraft. He continued on, but at the maximum altitude of , feet, his heading was off by 15 degrees. Though a technical problem prevented Adams from rolling the aircraft upright in order to land it. The X began to pitch violently and eventually broke apart at 60, feet near Johannesburg, California.

Brent and Rhonda have created a unique memorial for Michael Adams. He is in his spacesuit that is attached to a portable air conditioner. Beside the painting is one of the X aircraft. Behind the counter you see an orange flight suit, and above it hangs several model aircraft. On the back wall is a license plate from that belonged to Michael. On its front is a tinted, plastic visor that slides up and down on a steel bracket aided by steel springs. The outer shell looks like plastic or perhaps fiberglass.

The interior is lined with tan leather padding along with. Holding the helmet in your hands takes you back to a different era. The foundation regularly invites the relatives to those lost in NASA missions. I was also invited as a guest of the Adamses to photograph the event. The invited guests met at the Center for Space Education for lunch and to meet relatives of past astronauts. After lunch, the group walked a short distance to the Space Mirror Memorial to view the launch.

Everyone was expecting the launch to be scrubbed because it was cloudy and beginning to get dark in the eastern horizon where the launch pad was located. It was oddly silent since the launch pad was 6 miles away and the sound had yet to reach the crowd at the memorial. A faint rumble could be heard, and it grew in intensity. At its loudest, we could feel the deafening rumble in our chests and legs.

Afterwards, the families posed for pictures around the mirror and exchanged stories. When you stop by Rocket Lube for an oil change or a carwash, take some time to read the articles and memorial on the wall. Examine the memorabilia displayed throughout the waiting area. One of these causes, unbeknownst to many, may commonly be hearing loss. Once fit with hearing aids, a third of those patients were classified with a less severe case of dementia.

Well hearing loss actually plays a large role in brain function and stimulating brain activity in processing sounds. For those with untreated hearing losses, the reduced ability to hear every day sounds may lead to reduced sound processing activity by the brain. However, a new study led by a Johns Hopkins researcher suggested that hearing loss may also be a risk factor for another huge public health problem: falls.

We Can Help! A simple hearing test and video otoscopy can answer a lot of questions about your hearing. We will have a consultation about options to get you on the right track to improve your speech understanding and to make listening in group situations less fatiguing and more enjoyable. We will discuss technologies and fitting options to best fit your lifestyle and budget.

The sooner we can get you started with your Aural Rehab, the sooner you will start enjoying those soft sounds. Making A Difference Our mission is to bring understanding among people through hearing care by focusing on awareness, education, protection and treatment, So the World May Hear! At Audibel the Hearing Center, we care about your well-being and the lives of the less fortunate around the world. Your support through the purchase of Audibel Instruments and your donation and trade in of any.

We offer free hearing screenings, free sound opinions, extended warranties and repairs on all makes and brands of hearing aids. You can find out more by visiting our website www. As we make New Year resolutions, I want you to include your oral health. I want you to know how important it is to treat your oral health as a top priority.

Delaying treatment until your oral health has suffered can have serious consequences for your overall health, your appearance, and end up costing you more in the end. Tooth decay is a bacterial infection which continues to spread over time. In turn, delaying restorative treatment can mean cracks will continue to enlarge and deepen, requiring extensive repair later. You could lose your tooth. But if left too long, gum disease can lead to bad breath, the need for tooth extractions, shifting teeth, or the expense of a restoration.

Periodontal disease has been linked to chronic systemic illnesses like heart disease and stroke, diabetes, respiratory diseases, and complications in pregnancy. Early intervention is the key to success. We specialize in the surgical treatment of clinically obese patients by offering Adjustable Gastric Band, Sleeve Gastrectomy, Lap Band, Abdominoplasties and Brachioplasties.

We go far beyond the surgery by providing a life-changing program that includes nutritional, physical activity and emotional guidance, as well as support groups. Research has shown that diet and weight-loss medications are of little use to people with extreme obesity. Their best chance for long-term weight reduction and improved health is bariatric surgery to promote weight loss. The result is cure or improvement in diabetes, sleep apnea, degenerative arthritis, and hypertension, and a reduction in major cardiovascular risk factors, including cholesterol.

Surgery, performed only on those who are severely overweight or for whom diet and exercise have failed, is a life-changing decision. It has the potential to resolve or improve many serious obesity-related health issues and improve quality of life. Some studies also suggest that people live longer after weight loss surgery, compared to equally obese people who do not have surgery.

The Ouachita Community Hospital Surgical Weight Loss Center program provides you with a multidisciplinary team to help maximize your results. Are You a Candidate? Below are questions you can ask yourself to determine if you are potentially a candidate for weight loss surgery. Are you more than lbs.

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Is your BMI over 40? Do you have a BMI of over 35 along with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hypertension or type 2 diabetes, related to being severely overweight? Do you suffer from sleep apnea? Does your weight stop you from doing activities you enjoy? Are you unable to achieve a healthy body weight for a sustained period of time, even with medically supervised dieting? Bariatric Surgeon, Dr. Spouses, family members and partners are encouraged to attend. Space is limited so if you would like to attend, call to reserve a seat. Reservations may also be made online by visiting ouachitacommunityhospital.

Back Row: Mike Breard, Dr. The New Year means new beginnings. But do you know the humble beginnings? Health Vantage Mr. The rest, as they say, is history. But in order to make history, Dr. Today, as the Executive Vice President, his guidance and company knowledge enables Vantage to grow and evolve as never before.

Being able to insure people with quality healthcare is also rewarding. I truly enjoy coming to work every day and watching the growth and opportunity provided to our employees. He and his wife, Jo Ann, moved to Monroe in In , Gary Jones and his young family moved in across the street. Just the same as he influenced people, he has influenced the healthcare industry. Smiley came to Dr.

Jones concerned about the impending healthcare crisis facing the Riverwood employees. Despite his lack of knowledge about health insurance at the time, Dr. Jones agreed to meet with the CEO of Riverwood to discuss possible solutions. The following year, Vantage Health Plan, Inc. Vantage was established by Dr.

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Jones and a team of local physicians who together wanted to improve care and help lower healthcare costs. The Faces One of the first was Annette Napier. She signed 60 physicians in her first year of employment. Today Annette is the Director of Provider Relations. Provider Relations is responsible for contracting with and credentialing healthcare providers. Provider Relations negotiates case-bycase rates when non-participating providers are required for specific services.

Annette says her biggest accomplishment was contracting with two prominent local hospitals, describing it as a significant benefit for the Vantage members in the community. He oversees the departments responsible for obtaining new employer groups and processing renewals as well as answering member calls regarding eligibility, benefits, and claims. He says. In order to provide quality health coverage, Vantage executives realized that health needs of the members was important.

Melissa Halley came to Vantage as a Registered Nurse with 18 years of experience in critical care and outpatient surgery. What she found, though, was not a normal insurance company. The Medical Management Department is responsible for reviewing all medical services that require preauthorization.

She says that she has enjoyed watching her employees grow and become confident in their positions and hopes they look forward to learning something new every day, just as she has. Rhonda Haygood had over 18 years of accounting and financial reporting experience before being hired at Vantage as its Director of Financial Reporting.

However, after meeting with Dr. Jones and Mike Breard for less than two hours one afternoon back in , she knew she had found a new job she would enjoy. Along with renovations to the Vantage Central Building, a new Central Park was added as a symbol of the rebirth and renewal of downtown Monroe. The park features four large planters and one large brownstone fountain to complement the adjacent terracotta-colored office building.

The formation and balance of this beautiful space were perfected with magnolias, azaleas, day lilies, crepe myrtles, boxwoods, and hibiscuses offering employees a place for relaxation and the citizens of Monroe something to admire. Sissie Jones, wife of Dr. The first office occupied by Vantage staff was a leased building on the corner of Hudson and 18th Street.

With the expansion of Vantage and its insurance products, it soon became evident that more office space was needed. Vantage would remain in this building until the opportunity arose for Vantage to purchase a piece of the Monroe skyline. The Tower was built in and served as the home of Ouachita National Bank for 70 years. During this short period of time, the Tower served in part as the Ouachita Parish Courthouse while the old Courthouse was being renovated. Jones often discussed this plan with his friend and fellow colleague, Dr.

Kerry Anders. Anders, an antique car enthusiast, noticed a photo of the Tower in an. The ad stated the Tower and a collection of cars were going to be auctioned in a small town outside of Baton Rouge. Jones made the trip and was finally able to purchase a piece of local history. Renovations were completed in to house the employees at that time on a few floors. That same year, the Vantage sign was placed on the west side of the building and it was renamed the Vantage Tower. Since then, Vantage has renovated the other Tower floors to occupy the majority of this historic downtown treasure.

With the purchase of the Tower also came the former Monroe Building and Loan location as well as what was known as the old stock exchange building, both on Saint John Street. Originally built in , Vantage repurposed those buildings into a medical office and a state-of-the-art pharmacy. The original Greek revival architecture was preserved as well as other original interior features. Also located inside the pharmacy is a unique coffee shop with a variety of coffee drinks, teas, and sodas.

In , Vantage opened its first satellite office in Shreveport. This office was staffed with three member services representatives and one marketing executive to better serve the growing membership in Northwest Louisiana. In , Vantage expanded the space to allow for six additional representatives as well as two provider relations consultants and two information technology consultants. After several renovations, the Vantage Central Building now features a restored foyer, a new elevator, windows on the east side of the building, and a production room complete with a green screen and professional recording and lighting equipment.

The original marble staircase leading to the Delta Board Room has been restored after. In , Vantage will begin yet more renovations on two other multistory buildings downtown— the former State Office Building and the former Advantage Staffing building, which once housed the Sears and Roebuck store, located at DeSiard Street. These buildings will be used as additional office space for the growing Vantage and Affinity employee base as well as entertainment venues.

Through competitive products and outstanding customer service, Vantage and its subsidiaries have grown steadily over the past 20 years into a leading business in our community with over employees. Vantage provides health insurance coverage for more than 25, members and currently contracts with more than 4, Louisiana healthcare providers. Up until his death, Warren Smiley stayed very involved in his community and with the Vantage board of directors.

He passed away in March of He left behind his wife of 69 years, one daughter, Sherry, son Dale, five grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren. Jo Ann remained in Monroe and continued to participate in the quarterly dinner gatherings until recently when she decided to move north to be closer to Sherry. The employees are pleasant and helpful. They are real people with real answers. Here in Louisiana, the number of sinus sufferers is exceptionally high due to higher year-round humidity and pollen counts. Now available at Glenwood Ear, Nose and Throat is a clinically proven, minimally invasive procedure for treating chronic sinus inflammation.

Most patients feel immediate relief following the procedure and are able to walk out of the office and work without restriction the next day. Until recently, the only surgical option available to correct chronic sinusitis has been standard endoscopic sinus surgery, where bone and tissue are cut and removed from the nasal passages to open obstructed sinuses and promote drainage.

About Dr. Metts: Dr. Metts is one of the few surgeons in the nation who are fellowship trained in minimally invasive and endoscopic assisted thyroid and parathyroid surgeries. He specializes in treatment of sinus disease, thyroid disease, hearing loss, voice care, sleep apnea, throat problems, tonsillitis, and ear infections. This more traditional procedure is usually associated with moderate pain, bleeding and a day recovery time.

Metts passes a small, flexible balloon catheter through the nostril and into the blocked sinus. Metts, call Good health is the key to living a full life. Below are 10 attainable things you can do for your Linda Holyfield, President and health in Get regular check-ups and cancer screenings. A doctor can detect potential health hazards during a routine visit, giving you peace of mind and a healthier future. Maintain social bonds. Spending time with family and friends helps to eliminate stress and goes a long way toward sustaining happiness, which contributes significantly to good health.

Not only will you feel good about helping others, but your actions will make a big difference in our community. Choose one healthy habit and stick to it. Experts maintain that it takes between 30 — 60 days to establish a new habit. Whether it is riding your bike 20 minutes a day or buckling your seat belt, commit to one new healthy habit that over time can result in a healthier you. Expand your mind. Make a list of 10 good books and work your way through them in Take an online course. You will never regret higher education.

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  • Visit: ulm. Francis Medical Center and 55 medical specialists. Resist the urge to Google your medical symptoms. Instead, make an appointment with your personal physician. If you have a health condition, educate yourself. Attain a healthy weight. Weight-loss surgery typically is reserved for those who are at least pounds overweight, or who have a BMI of 40 or higher. Learn about the gastric sleeve procedure at: www.

    Organize your medical records and those belonging to your family. All rights reserved.

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    Transform yourself without diet, exercise or surgery. There are no needles, no special diets, no exercise programs and best of all — no downtime. Results and patient experience may vary. Ask your physician if CoolSculpting is right for you. CoolSculpting for non-invasive fat reduction is cleared for the flank and abdomen. It has been said that inside most of us is a thin person struggling to get out As the New Year begins, fitness club parking lots will be packed and cross-fit classes will be full. But after a few weeks, they will empty out. Then my parking lot will be packed and my waiting room full.

    If only our willpower matched our resolve. Most people think plastic surgery is an alternative to working out. Either you sweat and toil and burn off the fat, or you have it sucked out. Either you tighten skin by building muscle, or you have the skin cut off. I strongly believe that the two things are complimentary.

    The first step in all body contouring is diet and exercise. Patients who are fit and close to their ideal body weight are better surgical candidates for a number of reasons.