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I will try to point out the new and notable items that I think might interest you. And for those of you lamenting the ending of Descender , Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen will be releasing Ascender 1 in April, set ten years after the conclusion of Descender. To become the super hero monster hunter she always wanted to be, illustrated by Corin X-Files Howell.

Peter J. Now that G. I'll believe that a teenager can invent an advanced polymer of incredible strength, elasticity, and biodegradability, which can be stored in compressed canisters until it hardens upon hitting the air. I'll accept that he can invent bracelets to fire that fluid in directed, variable streams. What I find hard to accept is that some weird spider-serum would give him conveniently spinnerets exactly where the nozzles on his shooters were, shooting webbing that has the exact same properties as the stuff he developed himself.

In the DCU, I might be able to accept that. I'd find it overly convenient and dumb, but I could accept it. But in the Marvel universe? No, that supersaturates my suspension of disbelief. And then, in "Spider-Man: House of M," Peter is demonstrating for his son how he shoots his organic web-shooters which he has for some reason in this universe, despite the fact that he never became a superhero and should never have fought the Queen who gave him the mutative serum thing , which is by tapping his palm twice, the same way he activated the original web-shooter mechanism.

Even the mechanism for activating the spinnerets is the same? Come on! This is worse than Wolverine's bone claws; at least that was a semi-plausible retcon! This is just an overly convenient way to get Spider-Man more like his celluloid counterpart, and take away the most readily apparent sign of his intellect. Oh, and to give him Aquaman's powers, but with insects despite the fact that he's an arachnid. Details, details Someday, when I'm a bigshot comic writer, I'm going to write Spider-Man, and the first story I'm going to tell when they give me carte blanche with the Spider-verse is the one that gets rid of these ridiculous changes and brings Spidey back down to something that resembles earth.

No more weird mysticism, no more New Avengers, no more cosmic threats, just Peter Parker as schoolteacher and freelance photographer, with a superheroic secret identity, a killer rogues gallery, and a host of problems both in and out of costume. I'd get him out after street crimes and normal human criminals and helping children and civilians and trying to get the city to respect him, all while working at a New York Public School, trying to help students get through the same problems that he had in High School.

Maybe he'd even realize how far removed he is from the problems that plagued his teenage life, being a genius married to a supermodel these days. But that's a ways off. Today, I guess I just get to grouse about how moronic these changes are, and how they really oughtn't work in the Marvel universe. Power internalization ain't a bad thing. I think it has fairly simplified Black Lightning and has made Alan Scott a more compelling, interesting character.

When power internalization makes sense within the context of the character and the universe, when it adds to the character, it's not necessarily a bad thing. If handled poorly, sure, you end up with the Red Bee firing killer bees out of his fingertips or something. But when the internalization is unnecessary, implausible, overly confusing, or damaging to the character, then you end up with short-lived Flash villain Replicant or Spider-Man's organic web-shooters.

DC has given its characters an automatic plausibility quotient with the metagene, but Marvel has no such mechanism, leaving them with an extra hurdle to overcome. Marvel also seems to have fewer internalizations, and it appears that that, without the metagene, that hurdle is nigh-insurmountable. If this is what passes for power internalization at Marvel, then I hope they continue the trend of not internalizing their characters' powers. Posted by Tom Foss at PM 2 comments:. So, what's the other half of the battle?

When did real life start taking after episodes of G. Next week: evil terrorist organization forms hypnotic rock band! Monday, November 07, Meme-ries, of the way we were Or something. I tracked it way back, but didn't bother to pay attention to who originally had it. Favorite solo song by a former Beatle: John Lennon's "Imagine," one of my favorite songs ever, if not at the top of my list. Favorite Bob Dylan song: Sung by Dylan? Favorite Metallica song: The one where the singer sounds like he's chewing on beef jerky and using lyrics that were written while at his first kegger in 8th grade.

Favorite Cure song: "Just Like Heaven. There are far better punk bands than the Pistols. I like that they innovated the genre, if only because it led to Green Day and Bad Religion. Favorite Weird Al song: Oh, come on. Favorite cover song: "Gin and Juice" by the Gourds. Favorite U2 song: The one that doesn't sound like all the others. Oh, wait. Well, then "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting. I just think it's more fun than "London Calling.

Because then it's "Boyz N Tha Hood. Favorite R. Actually, it's "Losing My Religion. At least I didn't say "Blinded By the Light. Favorite Elvis Costello song: "Veronica" is the only one I really know. Favorite Tracy Chapman song: Who? Line dancing: "The Cha-Cha Slide," because it's a terrible song, but it's awesome to watch people try to figure out what the hell "Charlie Brown" and "go to work" and "reverse" mean in the middle of a dance. If we're talking slow dances, then it's "Wonderful Tonight," and if we're talking 'favorite song to dane to,' it's "Build Me Up, Buttercup," by the Foundations.

If you think I can distinguish techno from other techno or house or whatever the hell that all is, then you're mistaken. Except "Dragostea Din Tei. Favorite Squeeze song: "Tempted," I guess. With a passion. And I've given them several chances for non-hateage. Yet, somehow I really like "Busted Stuff," the whole album.

Can't stand any Dave song but the ones on that disc. Weird, huh? Anyway, off that, it's "Big-Eyed Fish. Like me, here. Coming soon: actual content! Saturday, November 05, It's still Superman's fault. Green Lantern went nuts, killed a bunch of Green Lanterns, all the Guardians, and became Parallax or got possessed by some sort of bug thing, whatever, it's all the same.

He then tried to rewrite the universe, make it better, bring back the alternate Earths, etc. His reason for all this? Oh, but you say that's not Superman's fault, it was Cyborg and Mongul. Hank Henshaw was poisoned by radiation and died, hating Superman for not being able to save him. His consciousness lived on, able to inhabit machines, including Kal-El's rocketship, which Superman had stashed in orbit for safe keeping.

From this, he took Kryptonian metal samples and Superman's DNA, and fashioned a body, claiming to be the true Superman after his Death. Mongul was the deposed ruler of Warworld. Deposed by Superman, who escaped his gladiatorial games and stripped him of his position. He vowed revenge and wanted to create a new Warworld, preferrably out of Earth. Teaming up with Cyborg, they chose to start with Coast City.

Two Superman villains blow up Green Lantern's hometown because they've got a beef with the Man of Steel, and because he just left stuff lying around the rocket, Mongul , unguarded and disregarded. Real careless, Kal-El. This means that Zero Hour was Superman's fault, too. If you're going to be ashamed about a Crisis event, be ashamed about that one. And "War of the Gods. Of course, there's also Superboy, who got taken over by Luthor and went berserk. Being taken over? Going berserk? It's in Superman's DNA! Like original, like clone, I guess. Posted by Tom Foss at PM 3 comments:.

Friday, November 04, My blog challenge See, I'm a little of a narcissist. Honestly, I think everyone who blogs is to some degree. You write for a number of reasons, but primarily to satisfy a love of writing, and to be read and recognized by others. I know I go all a-flutter when blog celebrities like Scipio and Brian Cronin respond to my posts on their blog, and on those occasions when someone--anyone! Not the in-crowd that shunned me in high school, but a much cooler in-crowd that debates important issues like Power Girl's cup size and the Avengers' Halloween habits.

So, my challenge to you, bloggers and blogees, is to go out this week, and post something on a blog that you visit regularly, but never or very rarely comment on. Maybe even find a random blog that you've never been to before, and give them some kind of comment, whether it's on the posted topic, or just telling them what you like about their blog, or asking them to visit your site about penis enlargement. Feed the narcissism that fuels the blogohedron! Posted by Tom Foss at PM 5 comments:. Thursday, November 03, Quick reviews. Bulleteer 1 : Fantastic start for this miniseries.

I really like this angle on the reluctant superhero, and Grant Morrison delves into the world of superhero porn, which has only really been touched upon before in little bits She-Hulk and Jade spring to mind , playing with the 'superhero as celebrity' angle that he used a bit in New X-Men. Of the remaining Seven Soldiers miniseries, right now, this one has me the most psyched.

Firestorm 19 : Yep, that's definitely Professor Stein out there in space. Anyway, is it bad that I feel like I've never seen the soul patch best friend kid before? I like that Lorraine Reilly decided to drop by again, and I really liked Jason's apparent schizophrenia, and his friend's comments about DC's buxom super-babes. I do hope this all goes someplace soon, though, because this issue still felt too much like filler, and this series remains the least memorable issue-to-issue series I buy.

Maybe I just have a mental blind spot against Jason. A mediocre issue of an otherwise above average series. I'm not entirely sure what the symbolism is of having an Eastwood look-alike kill a James Dean look-alike in the opening scene of the book, but I'm sure it's saying something. The art's top-notch, and the story's interesting, gruesome, tragic, and generally moving.

Off to a nice start for a book I wasn't planning on picking up. JSA 79 : Wait, this storyline isn't over yet? Just as they got the plot headed to what I thought was a conclusion, the book ended. It was a good issue though I still don't understand why Jakeem went nuts, or what happened to Johnny Thunder's spirit , but way too short.

Spider-Man: House of M 5 : Aside from showing just how ridiculously awful and moronic the organic web-shooters are more on those in a day or two , this was a pretty good issue. Actually, the fact that it showed just how stupid those things are was pretty good, maybe Mark Waid hates them as much as I do. A good wrap-up to an interesting story. Spider-Man Unlimited 12 : The only thing that could have made this issue better is if Tom Beland had done his own art. Christos N. Gage's opening story is a Dan Slott-esque romp which introduces "Vil-Anon," the supervillain rehabilitation step program.

That's awesome. Then Beland gives us a touching story about the Marvel universe's many orphans. Top-notch on both counts. Pick of the week: A lot of good stuff this week, but I have to put Spider-Man Unlimited at the top, for being such a great Spider-Man story in the middle of this "Other" storyline. Erik Larsen, please stop talking. You know, Erik Larsen's column, One Fan's Opinion has been a hotbed of controversy, mainly due to his "other creators should do original work and not whore themselves out to established corporate properties" rant from a few weeks back.

This week, he's ranting about how comic characters don't have consistent faces, and characters like Superman and Bruce Wayne don't have any specific features. The point is that making these characters distinctive and iconic makes them easier to recognize. Batman's shadow cast over a villain makes an effective cover-- Superman's shadow doesn't. If Bruce Wayne had a distinctive, specific face, readers would immediately recognize him when he appeared in a panel or entered a room.

In a crowd scene you can pick out Commissioner Gordon, but not Bruce Wayne, and that's messed up! I guess that all depends on whether it's a panel full of dark-haired tall guys, or a panel of white-haired mustachioed men in trenchcoats, doesn't it? Larsen compares characters like Bruce Wayne to Dick Tracy, suggesting that you would painstakingly recreate Dick Tracy from his creator's artwork, but would have no real model for Bruce Wayne or Superman. Does anyone see the difference there? God of the Eternal Kingdom The Lord of Hosts The Lord Most High God of Abraham The Mighty God The Self-Sufficient God A Compassionate Judge The Almighty Holy One of Israel God of the Aged , 18 The Eternal God The Most High The All Forgiving God , 39 Shepherd of Israel Lord God of Hosts The Lover of Jerusalem The Coming Judge The God of the Cherubim The God of All Nature The God of the Exodus , The Priest after the Order of Melchizedek The Only True God The Rejected Cornerstone The God of the Word of God The Scourged Savior The Merciful God The Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent God There are 34 Psalms with no title, superscription or subscription.

Academic scholarly writings and theories abound regarding these as to meaning, origin, etc. For our purposes we will let the Word itself be the Guide. See notes after Psalm for order of sub and super-scriptions. This title, sometimes misplaced as the super-scription of Psalm 22 is the sub-scription to Psalm The meaning given both in Authorized Version and Revised Version is "the hind of the morning". The expression is a Figure of speech common in the East. It is used of the Day-Dawn, in which the beams of light from the rising sun are seen shooting up like horns above the horizon before the sun actually appears.

It is used in Psalm 21 of the rays of Messiah's coming glory, and tells of the dawn of His approaching coronation which is the one great subject of Psalm It is the sub-scription to Psalm 45, and not as the super-scription of Psalm There is no connection between "maidens" and Psalm 46, but there are many points in the subject-matter of Psalm 45 which link it on to that Psalm. There are references to the "king's daughter", and "honorable women" verse 9.

It is a "daughter" that is addressed as the bride verse There is the "daughter of Tyre" verse 12 ; "the king's daughter" verse 13 ; and "the virgins her companions" verse There are four Psalms which have this sub-scription, namely 56, 57, 58, and 74 not Psalms 57, 58, 59, and 75, which some versions have it as the super-scription. The first three are David's, the fourth is by Asaph. The two by David 56 and 57 are each connected with a crisis in his life, while the third belongs to a specific time of trouble. It is a cry of distress, a cry at a crisis.

There are three Psalms which have this word in the sub-scription. They are 7, 80, and 83 not 8, 81, and 84, as the super-scription. In it is transliterated "Higgaion". In it is translated "meditation"; and In it is rendered "solemn sound". The word occurs also in Lam. It is derived from hagah, and means to soliloquize, to speak to one's self; hence, to meditate Josh. So Pss. As a noun, it would mean a meditation, or a speaking in premeditated words; and therefore worthy of memory or repetition.

If the three Psalms be read in the light of this word, we shall note the subjects which are so worthy of meditation, and not think about music. In Ps. The three sons of Aaron were thus represented by the three men whose names occur in this category. That there was an "Ethan", a Merarite, is seen from 1Chronicles ; In 2Chronicles he is called "the king's seer"; and in 1Chronicles it was the duty of these three men "to prophesy" and "to confess, and to praise Jehovah" verse 3.

This was according to the king's order verse 6. Properly aligning the subscriptions eliminates the confusion caused by two of these Psalms appearing to have the names of two different authors. The sub-scription of each Psalm now stands "To the chief Musician -Jeduthun. There is only one Psalm with this sub-scription, that is, Psalm 55 not Psalm 56, as the super-scription or title. There is a general agreement that this Title means "Relating to the dove in the distant terebinths or oaks ". David is the "dove". He is far away in the distant woods, moaning over the trouble that has come upon him through the rebellion of Absalom, recorded in 2Samuel There is no reference to a dove in Psalm 56, but there is in Psalm In verse 2 he says, "I mourn in my complaint, and moan" Revised Version.

This is the sub-scription of Psalm 52, and not the super-scription or title of Psalm This connects Psalm 52 with 1Samuel , 7, the occasion being celebrated and known afterwards as "the great dancing". Twice, later in David's life, this event is referred to as a landmark in David's history 1Samuel ; If we read Psalm 52, we shall note the references to Doeg's mischievous tongue in verses ; to David's assertion 1Samuel in verse 5; to David's words, "all this assembly shall know" 1Samuel ; in verses 6, 7 "the righteous also shall see and fear". The victory is ascribed to God in verse 9, as it is in 1Samuel The sub-scription to Psalm 87 not the super-scription or title to Psalm Compare Exodus , 21; , Numbers Ezra In verse 2 there is a distinct allusion to the other places where the Ark had found a temporary dwelling, Shiloh 1Samuel ; ; But none of these was the dwelling-place Jehovah had chosen.

Hence, Zion is celebrated as "the Mount Zion which He loved". Six are by David 32, 52, 53, 54, 55, and Three are by the sons of Korah 42, 44, and Two are by Asaph 74 and One by Heman the Ezrahite One by Ethan the Ezrahite Maschil is from sakal, to look at, scrutinise, to look well into anything 1Samuel ; hence the noun means understanding arising from deep consideration Proverbs Nehemiah It is the Old English verb to skill.

The first of these Psalms 32 gives the basis of all true instruction and understanding. Be not as the horse, or as the mule, which have no understanding". All are by David. The last five form a group by themselves.

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The word, therefore, points to a graven and therefore a permanent writing; graven on account of its importance compare Job What that importance is can be gathered only from the Michtam Psalms themselves. The Michtam Psalms are all pervaded by the common characteristic of being Personal, Direct, and more or less Private.

The reference is to David's Son and David's Lord; and especially to His death and resurrection; or to a deliverance from imminent danger, or death, or even from the grave itself. See Psalms , 11; ; ; , 11; ; , It is David who, "being a prophet" Acts , knew that God "would raise up Messiah to sit on his throne". Hence this is the truth engraven in the first of these Michtam Psalms As to the other word labben, the matter is not so simple. For ben means son, but there is nothing about a "son" in either Psalm 8 or 9 : and, as it must relate like the other Titles to subject-matter, and not to the name of a "song", or a "tune", or a "musical instrument", there must be another explanation of ben.

Now ben may be beyn, written what is called "defective", that is to say, without the full sign for its vowel which is very often found in Hebrew. Hence, labben "for the son" may be read labbeyn, "for the duellist" or "the champion", or "the one standing between". Indeed, this is exactly how the words are given in the ancient Jewish commentary called the Targum: "To praise; relating to the death of the man who went between the camps". That is to say, the champion, as he is called in 1Samuel , We may compare with this Psalm , which in the Septuagint version has this remarkable title, "by David, concerning Goliath": in verse 3 of which Psalm we have the very words of Psalm And in verse 10 the words, "Who delivereth David His servant from the hateful sword": that is, of Goliath.

Not in the super-scriptions of Psalms 4, 6, 54, 55, 61 singular with 'al instead of Beth , 67, and Traditionally associated with the striking of the strings of some musical instrument, but it Scripturally refers to the stroke of affliction, or smiting with words. In Lamentations "I am he whom they smite [with their words]". In all these Neginoth Psalms there is the note of deliverance from personal smitings.

See ; ; ; ; , 5, 11; ; , 5. We have the verb again in , "I call to remembrance my song", or my stroke of affliction. In Habakkuk it is used as "relating to my smitings", that is to say, those referred to in verse This is the sub-scription to Psalm 4, not the super-scription of Psalm 5. NehaLoTH means, inheritances, or the great inheritance.

In Psalm 4 this reference is quite clear. Jehovah was the inheritance of His People Psalm ; compare ; ; Jeremiah Lamentations Hence, in Psalm , the question is asked, "Who will show us [what] good [is]"? And the answer which follows is "Thou". For, joy in Jehovah is greater than joy in harvest. The same truth is seen in Psalm See verses , with the true answer in verse This word is used in the super-scriptions forty-four times in all Psalms 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 12, 13, 15, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 29, 31, 38, 39, 40, 41, 47, 49, 50, 51, 62, 63, 64, 73, 77, 79, 80, 82, 84, 85, 98, , , , , , , , Mizmor means, and is invariably rendered, "a Psalm", and occurs nowhere but in the Psalm-Titles.

It differs from Shir see below , which is "a Song": that is to say, for singing, whereas Mizmor may be for meditation, etc. Mizmor is joined with Shir in thirteen Psalms 30, 65, 67, 68, 75, 76, 87, 92, preceding it; and 48, 66, 83, 88, , following it. This is often associated with musical terms. It is properly understood by connection with subject matter, not with music; and with truth, not with tunes. It does not always occur at the beginning of a verse or at the end. The outstanding fact is that in four cases it comes in the middle of a verse, i.

This helps us understand. Selah does connect the end of one segment with the beginning of the next; and, indeed, in four cases it connects the end of one Psalm with the beginning of the next, thus uniting the two Psalms see Pss. We will articulate what this connection is with each occurrence. It is neither the pausing on one subject; nor the passing on from one subject to another: but it is the connecting of the two subjects together. Sometimes it is the Structures which are connected. Sometimes it adds a development of thought by connecting a prayer with that which forms the basis of it.

Sometimes it adds a contrast. Sometimes it connects a cause with an effect, or an effect with a cause. It is a thought-link, which looks back at what has been said, and marks its connection with what is to follow; or to some additional consequent teaching.

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Thus, if it be derived from salah, to pause, it is not the instruments of music which are to pause while the voices continue to sing; but it is our hearts which are to pause and to note the connection of precious truths. If it be derived from salal, to lift up, then, it is not the instruments which are to lift up their sound in a louder degree, but our hearts which are to be lifted up to consider more solemnly the two truths which are about to be connected.

Of these, seventy-one are in the Book of Psalms, and three are in the model Psalm, "the prayer of Habakkuk", ch. The use of the word is confined to thirty-nine Psalms out of the In sixteen of these thirty-nine it occurs once 7, 20, 21, 44, 47, 48, 50, 54,60, 61, 75, 81, 82, 83, 85, and : of these thirty-nine Psalms, thirtyone are in Psalms handed over to "the chief Musician". See Ap. In fifteen Psalms it occurs twice 4, 9, 24, 39, 49, 52, 55, 57, 59, 62, 67, 76, 84, 87, and In seven Psalms it occurs thrice 3, 32, 46, 66, 68, 77, and In one Psalm it occurs four times, Psalm Book II , thirty times in seventeen Psalms.

Book III , twenty times in eleven Psalms. Book IV , four times in two Psalms. This is the sub-scription of two Psalms 5 and 11, not the super-scription of Psalms 6 and There is a general agreement that it means "the eighth", and in its thirty-one occurrences it is always so rendered, except in 1Chronicles and in these two sub-scriptions Psalms 5 and 11 , where it is transliterated "Sheminith".

Though it is agreed that the word means "eighth", it is not agreed as to what "the eighth" refers to. The 'Alamoth being maidens verse 20 , it would seem obvious that the Sheminith must be men verse But what class of men? The Talmud suggests a class of true Israelites, that is to say, those circumcised on the eighth day, and thus distinguished from all other Jews or Gentiles; for other nations who practise circumcision always do so on a later day, never on the eighth day.

Everything points to divisional order in such processions compare Exodus Numbers ; So also in 1Chronicles ; , The definite article seems conclusive. This is its general meaning see 1Chronicles Ezra , 9 , where it is rendered "set forward". An examination of Psalms 5 and 11 show us that there is special emphasis on "righteous worshippers" as distinct from others.

Compare , 11 with and 7, and see the Structures of those Psalms. This word occurs only in the super-scription of Psalm 7, and in the super-scription of the prayer in Habakkuk , where it is in its right place. It comes from sha'ag, to cry aloud, in trouble, danger, or pain, and not shagah, which means to wander, or go astray. There is nothing in the Psalm to agree with the latter, and everything that points to the loud cry of David when he was in danger of being torn in pieces, and to the loud cries plural of Habakkuk: of pain in verse 16 and of praise in verse We have already seen under "GITTITH" Number IV that, as the spring and autumn were appropriately represented by flowers and fruit respectively, so lilies and winepresses were singled out from each.

The Passover and Feast of Tabernacles divided the year into two fairly equal parts; the former being the spring festival and the latter the autumn. Lilies and pomegranates spring flowers and autumn fruits were everywhere seen in the Temple 1Kings The Hebrew shekel had, on one side, sometimes a lamb Passover , and, on the other side, a wine-bowl Tabernacles.

SAIC Motor

The half-shekel had a triple lily and a wine-bowl. The first of these two words refers to the Spring Festival see under Number XXI above , the latter refers to some testimony concerning it. There is no dispute as to the 'Eduth meaning "testimony". It is one of "the ten words" found twenty-three times in Psalm But what is the "testimony" to which these two Psalms refer?

It must be concerning something connected with the Spring Festival Passover , respecting the keeping of the Passover in the second month, when, under special circumstances, it could not be kept in the first month see Numbers , 11, and compare 2Chronicles Psalms 59 and 79 refer to enemies being then in the land, which might well have created a difficulty in keeping the Passover in the first month. It is joined with Mizmor thirteen times see above.

It is used by itself fifteen times in the Songs of the degrees ; and in Psalms 18 shirah , 45 with Maschil , and Psalm 1 - Genesis - Divine blessing on Man. Psalms 1 and 2 are linked by having no titles. The 1st Beatitude in the Psalms. The verse begins in the negative, with what the righteous do not do. Sanctification by omission. The Word of God defines the faith and practice of the righteous. A process over time. See the same Hebrew words in Pr Psalm 2 -The rebellious man.

Understand Deu relating to Rev See Ro and Phil See Mt , and Heb Quoted in Ac and Heb See Ro , 4; Col ; Rev Psalm 3 -The 1st Psalm with a historical title. For background read 2 Samuel Future certainty through faith. See Phil After prayer. See 2 Sa , Unfamiliar with ancient worship and faced with no spacing or punctuation delineating the Psalms, they decided that it belonged at the beginning of Psalm 4.

This led to misalignment throughout the Psalms. By using the Word itself. There are 2 independent Psalms which solve the mystery. Isa and Habbakuk 3 are the models for placement at the end, not at the beginning. Here, a reference to words v. The Grace-Mercy-Peace connection of 2 Jn 3.

See 2 Sa The other Nehiloth Psalm is See vv.

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Psalm 5 - Prayer in view of Psalm 2. The night of is followed by the morning in See Ex , All that is offered to the Lord must meet His standards for acceptance. See Ps All other occ. Psalm 6 - Prayer in view of Psalm 2. The morning of Ps followed by night A model of Phil , 7. Trials are used by God to stimulate submission, reliance and awareness of God.

See Paul in 2 Co It is favor because it is undeserved. David cannot make this request on any other basis. Also Isa , 19 6, 7 - Exhaustion joined by tears and grief. Phil Both meanings in this Psalm. Ex In this case, He comes down to minister and returns for judgment. Compare Jas , Also note Pr ; The background is 1 Sa The companion is Ps Lost by man in the Fall. Furthermore, there are words in Ps 9 and words in Ps 10 so that the total acrostic of words is split almost exactly evenly between the two psalms.

If we leave out this and the one from , then Ps 9 also has words. The acrostic is split exactly in the middle both in its division of letters of the alphabet and in terms of word count. It is statistically significant that the word count for Ps 9, which contains ten of the first eleven letters of the alphabet, should be exactly equal to the word count of Ps 10, which includes only five of the last eleven letters of the alphabet. This is a first indication that that no words have been deleted in the text, and that the aberrations in the acrostic structure are intentional.

The problem of the omission of seven letters is compounded by the inconsistent verse distribution for the fifteen recognizable letters. Based on the pattern set out in the first four verses and in the majority of this psalm, we expect each letter of the alphabet to span two verses: a primary verse which begins with that letter of the alphabet, and an attached verse which apparently can begin with any letter. This is similar to the structure of Ps 37 which also has a primary and attached verse for most letters of the alphabet.

However, this pattern is not followed consistently. Since most of the letters have one primary and one attached verse we can call that the norm and view the rest as deviations. As a second indication that the text is reliable, there are a few formal features of the acrostic. A third proof that the text is not missing any words is the realization that word counts are an essential part of the structure of this acrostic. Each of these verses contains the same number of words as the numerical value of the letter of the acrostic which begins that verse.

Furthermore if we take v. The King must be approached properly. Ps Same distinction found in Mt When one is blotted out of the book of life, their accomplishments also disappear. See Stephen in Ac Praise and prayer before and after deliverance. Psalm 10 - The actions and thoughts of the wicked lawless one. The earthly man ultimately embodied by the Antichrist. Our spiritual armor allows us to not lose focus, time or energy addressing everything that comes against us. The thoughts of fools. This mouth cannot bless in accordance with God.

See Jas Jn Eze 8. Rev I have retreated to a position of strength. Gal The decrease of the godly vs. Those who receive the grace that flows through faith. An expression of grief. A lamentation. See Mic See Deu , 7 and Judges Based on the world population of 7. Be not deceived by those who wrongly divide the Word! Study to shew thyself approved 2 Ti Prove all things 1 Th He does not arise with futile efforts. The verse is dative case indirect relationship , not genitive case direct. Silver was sometimes purified in pits dug into the ground, hence the confusion. This verse refers to an actual container crucible used for refining providing the highest heat and degree of purification.

Every word of God, sent from God to and concerning Earth is pure and holy. The need for spiritual armor. Psalm 13 - Despair to Joy. Repeated 4 times. Having faith is not enough. We must abide in it. God has His own timing. For the righteous, to look within ourselves is discouraging, because we know the Source of our strength.

By contrast, the prideful always look within. To be moved is to be defeated. David is actually putting the Lord in remembrance. The LORD values and rewards obedience, prayer, praise, worship and patience. See Ex and Ps This psalm is private. Quoted in Ro Not limited to the heathen. Salvation is never merited. It is only by grace. Common figure of speech.

Calaméo - Messianic Teaching - Glossary

Includes rumor, gossip and slander the tongue. It is calling us to value others in terms of character instead of wealth, etc. We must be mindful of our associations and beware of leaven. Mt and Hag See Mt and Jas Psalm 16 - His place of suffering. They address death crucifixion , resurrection and ascension. The One Who knows all and performs all things for His people Ps The process in Jos Understand Phil Concerning the Messiah connecting to Ps Insincerity has no place in prayer.