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It is a time for a practitioner to focus as much as possible through word and deed on the communications between creator and creation.

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It's a time to be patient and yielding. It's an opportunity to have a month long discourse with the creator. It's very, very personal. Do Muslims abstain from anything else, like television or other entertainment? Many do, but not all. The encouragement is to abstain from things that are not pertinent, not necessary. Those things make it hard to focus. You're crowding out the influences of what you're reading by adding this other stuff in.

The significance of the month of Ramadan

It's kind of a retreat. You're in the world but not of it. You're just moving through.


It's a bit of work. Aside from fasting, what traditions are observed during Ramadan? There is congregational prayer.

The spiritual significance of Ramadan

We recite the entire Quran from cover to cover in that setting over the course of the month. What do you do to get through the day? You do what you have to do. You calm down, you minimize physical activity. At a certain point it becomes mind over matter. Do you endure the discomfort and move on? If your intention is strong enough and your commitment is strong enough, you move through it.

At the end of the day there is this reward and celebration. How can non-Muslims be considerate of their Muslims friends and colleagues during the next four weeks? For the non-Muslim who is aware it would be helpful not to put too much emphasis on the fact that the Muslim is fasting. Go on about as you do. We are not here to be accommodated, we are here to accommodate God's command on us, and that is to endure whatever is going on around us. We're not asking anyone to change on our behalf. If you know someone was fasting, you wouldn't want to do things that would annoy them.

But the onus is on the believer. Are there any common misconceptions about Ramadan you'd like to clear up?

Understanding the true meaning of Ramadan

You hit it right at the beginning. Most people focus on the food, but it's not the most important thing to the fasting person. People ask sometimes about people who are ill or young or old. Those who are ill, those who are on a journey away from their home, women who are nursing -- people have exceptions and they have charity that they give to compensate. Children are not forced to fast. There are built in exceptions to difficult circumstances. God knows what's in their hearts. Although we have faced such struggles in the past, they have not been of this magnitude.

At a cursory level it would seem as though the time has come for our eradication, but those communities which exist for the sake of God are never destroyed.

16/04/2019 -- The significance of the month of Ramadan -- মাহে রমজানের তাৎপর্য -- Hafizur Rahman

Thus this is a critical moment. The Muslim leadership has abandoned us and the ulema seethe with hostility, though everyday Muslims stand with us and their eyes are opening up to the truth about who is and who is not serving the cause of Islam. And this is a cause of happiness because it is usually this segment of society which turns to the right path.

What Is Ramadan? Everything You Need to Know (But Were Afraid to Ask)

Therefore, because the Muslims now perceive this matter more clearly, they should be appreciated for this as it is a source of joy for us. Owing to a sore throat, I cannot speak for too long and this is an incredibly important subject. In any case, the members of our community do not require lengthy addresses to remind them of the value of prayer. But keeping in view the significance of the moment, I still wanted to draw attention to this subject.

Pray with great fervour, both today, and for the rest of the final ten days of Ramadan. May Allah the exalted remove our failings. Also pray that we witness with our own eyes the fulfilment of the promises of God and that it is through us that Islam is able to rise to victory. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. From The Archives. To China, with love. The true successorship of the Promised Messiah a.

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