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I popped in the DVDs and plopped down on a chair to get to chair yoga. I went through the body alignment series first, which seemed to focus on loosening up joints and lasts around 40 minutes. There was no residual pain the next morning as well. While I understand that the practice of smiling is good, it does seem a little unnatural to pause and force one, at least at first.

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I got used to that but seeing someone do the same back to me is a little disconcerting. It is one of the focuses of this program but perhaps Howie Sharreff could have done it a little less, especially in the book. He also gives us a side view. However, some of the exercises were really simple enough that this was unnecessary.

Emotional and Social Development: 4 to 7 Months

His pace is quite slow and he aims for a soothing tone of voice to help relax the body and mind. It almost sounds condescending at some times. In terms of pace, I found it just a bit too slow. My first go through, I found it a little difficult to keep my breathing in tune with my movements. Sharreff does constantly remind you when to inhale and exhale, which is good. The first replicates swimming motions, the second imitates the behavior of the sun and the last is the most in-depth of all the series, with 17 steps as compared to the 4 of the swimming medley.

The minute sun salutation is intended to be energizing, so might be best at the beginning of your day, while you could considering winding down with the more calming moon salutation series for 20 minutes before bed.

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The DVD is about 1. The human connection I formed with them was one of the most satisfying one I have ever had. Now that the classes are done for this year, the women at the ashram, reveals Sanjana, have decided to meet at the same time and continue their practice. This is any physical movement that helps bootstrap the more mindful parts of one's thought process.

Yoga is that physical switch for me.

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Having something like yoga in common with a whole spectrum of practitioners from beginners to experienced ones, has been transformative. It helps me become more aware of my self and make that transformation from intention to action. Opinion Columns. Harshini Vakkalanka. Sanjana Raghunath shows how simple yoga postures and pranayamas can become powerful tools of social change Though Sanjana Raghunath has been doing yoga since she was 12, she began practising it regularly only four years ago and somewhere along the line, she felt she was ready to teach.

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To a large extent, these are inborn character traits. Just as infants come in different sizes and shapes, their temperaments differ as well. Their unique character traits include their activity levels, their persistence, and their adaptability to the world around them—and these traits will become increasingly apparent during these months. But in the long run, adapting to her natural personality is best for both of you. An agreeable, even-tempered child, for example, is more likely to make you feel competent as a parent than one who is constantly irritable.

Strong-willed and high-strung babies require an extra dose of patience and gentle guidance. You can reduce the stresses of rearing an infant by recognizing and acknowledging her temperament rather than resisting or working against it. Language and cuddling sometimes will do wonders to calm the nerves of an irritable child.

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Distracting her can help refocus her energy. But a baby like this often needs personal contact even more than other children. She may be overwhelmed easily and needs you to show her how to be assertive and become involved in the activities around her. How should you do this?

Give her plenty of time to warm up to any situation, and make sure that other people approach her slowly. Let her sit on the sidelines before attempting to involve her directly with other children.