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    A marathon game of generational torture Tue, Nov 16, , Adam Brophy. Good luck on the day. Sponsored The reinvention of customer service experience with applied intelligence. She leads a tough life full of rough sex and drug use and has no chance of escape, no power against her tormentor. Because of the style and the wholesale devotion of Getsic and Refro, The Bunny Game is captivating, but ultimately not an experience worth having.

    Trailers : The trailers for The Bunny Game are just stripped-down, condensed versions of the film itself. The Alt Trailer is a little less explicit and probably geared toward more of a general audience, including blurbs from reviews that praise the film for its realism. Others are more mundane and seem like random screencaps. A simple slideshow feature allows you to view all the images with minimal effort. Interviews with filmmakers Adam Rehmeier and Radleen Getsic give them a chance to say what they were trying to do by making this film.

    Adam seems more intent on making something shocking and unorthodox, with an unsettling intensity surrounding him — an interview with someone originally involved in the production reveals that he had to drop out because of how uncomfortable he was with the content and Adam himself.


    All of those involved repeatedly insist that their product is an art piece birthed out of passion and negative energy which they wanted. Their dialogue is awkward and tense; they constantly dispute who was in control on set and who had which creative ideas.

    About the only thing they agree on is their inflated sense of self-importance, their insistence that The Bunny Game has a deep message that requires a devout viewing to understand.