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This has worked for me every single time I have had hiccups. I have had the hic cups for over 8 weeks now and the remedies posted here may work for occasional episodes, but not for chronic hiccups. I have had every test my 3 doctors could think of and all of my results came back normal. I would really like to get rid of these maddening hiccups for good. Does anyone know of something for this serious? My husband has had the chronic hiccups for 7 years. They never stop. Tried every surgery out there. He sticks a spoon down his throat gagging himself. Along with taking baclofen to give him temporary relief.

Noticed your post was from about 7 years ago. Would love to hear if you have had them stop. Steve, my uncle had chronic hiccups that he was able to manage by using a homemade version of the "Hic Cup". Put a metal spoon in a glass of water so that the handle is in the water. Hold the spoon part to your temple and drink the water slowly, without taking any breaths.

Usually works on the first attempt, though it sometimes takes two glasses of water to get it right. So if you can do it, you will be cured. If you inhale as much air into your lungs as possible, then force a bit more air down there much like you would force air into your stomach to make yourself belch like you were in grammer school, except you're forcing it into your lungs instead This expands the lungs beyond their normal capacity a bit. Hold that for about seconds, then exhale.

You will get a very big natural high, but your hiccups will be gone. I have seen a ton of ideas about how to cure the hiccups. I believe that I have found the true cure for hiccups. To start you must find a straight back chair and sit down with your back fully pressed to the back of the chair. Now slowly squeeze your arms and try to squeeze your body and hold your breath for seconds and release. Stay in the same position but relax then repeat this procedure again for at least 2 to 3 times again. Then slowly sit back up. This should have cured the problem the first time but if not try this again.

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Because of this procedure I have never had the hiccups for a long period of time and neither has any I shown this technique to. I was about to mention that trick. My friend tried it on me, and it worked, it was amazing! Maybe it's cause I was thinking, yeah right, as if you'll give me a hundred dollars as well as yeah right, as if this is going to work, but it did!

I'had them really bad the other day after I ate dinner I took a nap and they stopped but as soon as I got up again they started. About every 20 min or so. I get them a bit more right after i eat and i get them really bad when drinking carbonated drinks. I have had this for the last year and they wont go away.

Ok, so last night I went to a party and had the hiccups the whole night and it was a horrible experience. Trust me, trying to shoot vodka while your constantly hiccuping doesn't work. So anyways, I ended up falling asleep with my hiccups and woke up with them the next morning.

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I had them several hours into the day as well. I thought this was peculiar because I've never experienced hiccups lasting more than an hour or two. My friend handed me a full glass of water and told me to bend my upper body as far down to the ground as I could and drink from the glass upside down. I did and took as many gulps of the water as I could. It really did work and my hiccups were cured. Okay, you all are going to think this is the craziest hiccup cure you have heard If you can stomach a small amount tsp of vinegar or even pickle juice will work.

I had been urging him all this time to try some vinegar, and at the last minute, as he was getting into the elevator, hiccups and all, he finally told me to hurry and get him some vinegar. I found a packet in our nourishment room and ran it to the elevator. His hiccups stopped immediately, and he became a believer!!

It has never failed to work for me or my daughters, and I am not sure where I heard of using vinegar, but it DOES work!! TRY IT! I am experiencing a hiccup right now and have tried all the remedies I saw at the internet, but to no avail. Is there any medicines that couls stop hiccups? A lot of paople say that taking one's mind off of hiccups is a good cure. For me, the opposite is true.

When I get the hiccups, I can go a while before I actually realize I've been hiccuping. Once I notice it, and wait for the next one, they stop. It's great. My friends know this, and when they see me hiccuping, they tell me "you're hiccuping" and it always works to cure the problem. I'm sure its a mind over matter thing; I believe that it will work, so it does. Also, the focus on my breathing and my stomach that comes from waiting for the next hiccup might also play a role.

Been tested for many years and never failed once. No gimmicks, nothing to buy. Just follow these simple steps:. Go get a glass of water 2. Now, take a big drink, a big mouthful, of water, but do not swallow it. Set the glass down 3. With the water still in your mouth, plug your nose tightly. Do not swallow yet. Tilt your head back. Way back. Now tilt it back further. Your nose is still plugged.

When you are all the way back, stand still for a moment and then swallow the water. Your hiccups are gone. But occasionally the person has had to repeat the process twice. The reasons that it did not work initially were either because not enough water was in the mouth or the person did not lean his head back far enough. So if the first time failed, add these steps:. Get a much bigger gulp of water in your mouth 8. Plug your nose again 9.

After you have plugged your nose, lean way, way back even to the point that your back is arched Pause a moment, nose still plugged, then swallow. Only two people have had to go to a third try, and only one, a girl named Allie, needed four tries. But both these people's hiccuping episodes were cured by these extra attempts. Nobody has ever needed five attempts and every single person has had their hiccups stopped after this easy solution. It works every time. I know that the cure for hiccups is to: 1.

Filll a cup with water. Cover the glass of water with a dish towel. Hold the dish towel down agianst the side of the cup. Drink the water through the towel.

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Repeat if needed. It never is! Take a massive breath in and hold it for about 5 secs then breathe out and in really fast but make sure you breathe right out do this about times but go a little slower each time. When you think they have gone breath out really slowly and relax. Well what I do is grab a straw and put in water. Puff my cheeks while drinking it and keep it like that then I drink for ten seconds.

And gone.

Got the cure? What to do about hiccups | Science Buzz

A teaspoon ofsugar works everytime for me. I get hiccups at least 10 times or more a day. What I want to know is if it an actual medical condition and if there is an actual medicine that works and what the name of it is.

I tell them to prove it. They sware they have them and I will say well if you have them hiccup then. When they try, I guess that gets rid of them because suddenly they are gone. My kids will be amazed every time, saying how did you do that mommy? Dont know how it works but it has for us. Hiccups are all in the mind, if you read back a little ways you will see a bunch of crazy cures that could not logically cure hiccups, but they work because the people that were using them hoped and believed that they would. I think your kids believe that you have some kind of power or something and that's how it helps them.

If you want to find out for sure just ask them if they think you are "super mom" and if they say yes then, we got it figured out. I have twice received cortisone shots for carpal tunnel and both times got hiccups that started about 12 hours after injection and lasted 48 to 72 hours. The doctor said he had never heard of this but I know it is because of the injection. This is a very wierd side-effect.

I have had the hicups for the last 12 hours after a cortizone shot yesterday. How long did they last and what did you do to finally stop them? The ultiimate and most effective way of alleviating hiccups is to take ur mind of it Then, she turned to the student, and the girl said her hiccups were gone! All the class had joined into the cure, not knowing that it was the cure itself.

Ooooh, I have a good way to get rid of hiccps. Have a friend cover your ears and drink a glass of water while they do. Works every time! If you get someone to help you, get a glass of water but I suppose anything would work and get the other person to say sip, swallow, sip, sip, sip ,swallow, swallow etc and just do what they say. I have never seen it fail I swear :. There are some old cures for hiccups which include gulping down of water or yawning, but I am not sure if any of them actually works. Though if your hiccup starts to hurt or lasts a long period of time, it is a sign to see a doctor.

I have been able to get rid of anyone's hiccups with just four words. It has never failed me. Does anyone else have this bizarre talent? It is scary to anyone whom I use it on, but to date, it always works. Any comments? Mind power? Positive thinking? Wish it would work on other problems! Hiccup Curer. Fill a large glass with lukewarm water.

Drink it down steadily, but not fast. Do not pause. Take at least 30 seconds to drink the water. Breathe through your nose as you are drinking. Works every time. The plugging thumbs in ears and pinching the nostrils close with the middle fingers, and drinking water from the tap works, my dad had hypper acidity and he is taking medicines since 4 days to stop hiccups, all remedies failed when last nite I came across this site, we tried it and it worked. I am so thankfull to this site that it cured my fathers hiccups and when all other methods relieved him for maximum 2 hours, this method has worked for more than 12 hours and still no hiccups.

Thanks a loads guys thanks a lot. My hiccups use to come about every 3 months or so and would last from 1 to 3 weeks. Now they have been coming every few days or I should say I have them nearly all the time but they fo away for a day or so every now and then. They get so bad that I'll have in a row and can't breath when I have them. Now it is like my diapragm seizes up and I can't inhale or exhale till nearly passing out.

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The other night the only thing that got me breathing was when I started vomiting. My wife has called paramedic times and taken me to er but they can't find what it is. They scheduled tests with a specialist but then canceled due to there being a national shortage of barium, which is the contract substance they use during the x-rays. They sometimes stop at night when I fall asleep but the second I stand up they start up again I am at my wits end not knowing what to do or how to get rid of them.

None of the home remedies work. Thorazine use to help but not anymore. Cough syrup with codiene and another substance used to work also but now only helps for short periods. I had surgery about 4 years ago on my neck when my cervical spine was fused togegther in my neck. They went in through the front of my neck and pushed my vocal cords aside to get to my spine, don't know if that had anything to do with it or not.

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I am at a loss. I know this is from years ago but did you ever find the cause? Blarkins, to respond to your post I've got to let you in in my favorite little secret Trust me I'm in the same boat as you This is basically what I was trying to tell you: " So I just did away with the trick part of the cure. It never comes. The WAIT is the cure.

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Anyone can mentally think away their hiccups. It works, perfectly. You may not believe it till you try it. On the old site,. Lives have been changed. Take a q-tip and rub it on the roof of your mouth for about 30 seconds to a minute. It works everytime!!! Thank god i found this page, got hiccup since til And then came across this page, said to increase by CO2 in blood, so i pull out a plastic bag and breath inside it, didn't work that fast took about 1min and by then i'm startng to feel dizzy but the hiccup stop.

Breathing in a plastic bag could be a bad idea if for some reason you pass out and it stuck onto your face it can kill you. I had hiccups for 29 hours. I surfed the internet for solution but none seems to work out. My boss asked me to do this. It came back after 6hrs. I repeated the procedure and its gone again for good. Hold your breath for 20 seconds works like magic.

I had hiccups for two streight days Guess what I was freaking out! So scared. I have been trying everything. I can't believe this just worked. It's been 3 hours every 4 seconds. It took 3 sips with my ears and nose plugged and boom gone. Why did this work and nothing else did??? I'm so relieved and grateful!! Best cure for hiccups ever. I have tried all methods for two days and nothing worked, but this one the hiccups were gun within seconds. Thank you so much. Thank you so much buddy!!! I was suffering from last two days.. It always works for me to hold my breath while I swallow three times and then keep holding my breath 5 more seconds after.

I suffer from chronic hiccups - the kind that begin to hurt. Let me tell you, I have tried nearly every weird folk remedy under the sun Drinking water upside down, eating raw garlic, holding my breath. None have "really" worked. After doing some digging recently I came across a strange little product - Hiccupops. Apparently they are lollipops that stop hiccups. I was a little skeptical but found the main ingredients - apple cidar vinegar and unprocessed sugar - and realized that they stimulate the vagus nerve endings in your throat.

This helps "reset" your diaphragms spasm, stopping hiccups. Eat salted soda crackers. Works every time for me and my daughters. Might take a few crackers but works. After I have hiccuped, I gulp 3 times before the next hiccup and it goes away instantly every single time. It's quite difficult to do, but completely fail safe! Connect with Science Buzz on Facebook and Twitter. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed using any newsreader software.

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Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Description this book As advertised, this book is about cures for craziness at work. Most people cannot lick their elbow. Truth be told, it is a crazy idea. However, the good thing about trying to lick your elbow is that it is so crazy, even those who try it quickly abandon the idea and move on to more productive uses of their time and energy. A lot of things people try to do at work are just as unproductive as trying to lick their elbow - but people keep on trying to do them anyhow. For example, overloading a workday will not work, excessive multitasking will not work, focusing on low-value activities while ignoring things that really matter will not work.

That is what this book is about.