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Businesses and governments have gotten involved this celebration stronger than have in the past but often more to enhance their brand rather than embracing the messages behind it. This strikes me as the same. The rules of Relevo CMLL is two people in the ring at a time, they can tag out to either of the two people on the apron, and the first person to get a pinfall wins.

This sounds like a four-way match to me. It also sounded like a four-way match to Caristico, who attempted to point that out to Julio Cesar Rivera. JCR insisted that this match type, a common one in most every other promotion in the world, was a new invention of CMLL. It was weird. It is at least a different way of getting all those luchadors a final match with Lyger.

BAJO LA LLUVIA (RAIN, 1932, Full Movie, Spanish, Cinetel)

The MSG card the chat room collectively put together was, charitably, not great. Twitch Plays AAA was not quite as successful as Twitch Plays Pokemon as a draw either; there were only about the usual live viewers for the bit. I did take a couple of things out of it. The or so people participating are not totally representative of the entire AAA fanbase, but you have to be a pretty dedicated fan of the product to be watching a wrestling Twitch channel where there is no wrestling going on. At least for the fans in the chat room last night, having a disconnect card like that is no problem. The other deal is — at the suggestion of Adrian, one of the hosts — the main event included Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks.

The participants are all a surprise and I believe the songs will be picked by the Twitch chat. His footwork is there. Everything is there, his footwork, his striking, all his transitions, ground mobility. Disco is also high on Velasquez, praising his ability to pick up things very quickly. Apparently, Vampiro came to the FSW and told the owner he had a lot of big money investors who wanted to buy it, and all he just had to do was fire everyone who worked there. Ex-AAA luchador Elegido is in the news!

It is a bit funny. Elegido was among a group of Monterrey luchadors hired to wrestle at a birthday party. That went fine. There is no video. The consensus on Facebook is this is a story to build up a combined show. Lucha Talk has a new episode of their podcast. Segunda Caida watches some recent lucha, including Blue Panther in Alabama.

Lorenzo Silva - The English Page

Lineup order is probably not exactly right; are together as Mexico vs the World matches. I half paid attention the lightning match, but not enough to see Super Astro Jr. Those two are two guys who are probably better facing rudos at this point. There sure were a lot of rudo wins this show. I assume Volador skipped the show to avoid being drawn into yet another singles match. He takes the place of Gilbert el Boricua in the semi-final. These two things are probably related.

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That seems like a funny thought but it may actually make worth for him. The AAA guys were people who are getting pushed or at least have hope of it. Maybe Nacion will do something with Mesias, or maybe it falls apart and the door will be open for him to return to CMLL. CMLL mentioning him in the card change suggests the door is still open. That wrestler was intended to have a singles match with Ramses Silver King on the early show and then return later. Gardenia says both he and Silver King missed their original flight because of issues with their travel papers.

Silver King told Gardenia the next day that the promoter had bought an additional flight for him but not for Gardenia and gave him a speech saying better days would come for him. Gardenia is a single father of three kids, though it sounds like those children are living back in Torreon right now. Rush beat LA Park in their cage match in Tijuana this past weekend. The building looks decently full, which is better than I thought would be for the debut show of a new promotion in a busy market. The tecnico winning was the expected outcome.

Chamaco Valaguez, as head of the Cuernavaca lucha libre commission, met with El Fantasma, as the head of the Mexico City lucha libre commission, about ways they can work together.

Rob is relaunching his YouTube channel after this old one got striked out of existence for never explained reasons earlier this year. Toro Bill Jr. Second defense. Stigma replaced Soberano. Triton took a superkick from Tiger midway thru the first fall and was done for a good 30 seconds. He eventually was able to tag to Esfinge and get to the apron, where the ringside doctor talked to him for a while. The best guess is Triton hit the back of his head taking a bump.

It still felt like they were taking it a bit safe and Esfinge was working more of the match than originally planned. CMLL could and may already be planning to stick a Kawato match in that spot. Ivan did the ring announcing last night instead. Someone else did the Twitter. It appeared to be someone taking photos of their screen and even artistically turning them black and white. I see this as a good thing because I was unsure anyone with CMLL had actually seen one of their broadcasts. Soberano is supposed to wrestle tonight too.

Hope he makes it this time. Super Astro Jr. Magnus is listed in the second match, but I think Magnus might not be in Mexico right now. A minis match opens the show.

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It all streams at pm. As always, CMLL is capable of uploading this show themselves if this was an important thing. The Lyger show on the 19th is meant to be the one for July. Wagner doing press yesterday to promote their TripleMania match. Notimex has an interview with Caristico talking about his career , with his Mistico debut coming fifteen years ago this month.

Soberano Jr. That seems a Felino haircut if it happens as scheduled. They probably know either way. LuchaWorld has the latest podcast and Poster-Mania.

Como Lluvia (English translation)

If Kawato is defending his hair later this summer — against Audaz or anyone else — he should win the title here. Arez should offer to buy some plastic cups and request no beer bottles anywhere in the venue. Fenix vs Freelance is dream match of insane flyers from different generations. It was good, not great — the Munoz vs Lucha Brothers matches never work out quite as well as it looks on paper and you need to go in expecting a bad finish. Video Un equipo de North Miami Beach con grandes estrellas femeninas. Video Abre nuevo parque de agua en el sur de Florida.

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El uso de este sitio web significa que aceptas a la normativa de confidencialidad y las condiciones de servicio. Balacera deja personas heridas en Miami. Puro Gol. MasterChef Latino. Viaja y explora. A La Carta. Serie especial: Valientes. Vida y Hogar. Copa Mundial Femenina: resultados de los partidos de hoy.

Las autoridades de salud confirmaron cuatro contagios en menores de edad. Video Demanda por restringir derecho al voto a ex convictos. Video Incendio forestal en Kendall causa grandes destrozos. Glossy purple dust jacket with picture of Lorenzo Snow on face. Light rubbing to edges corners. Red hardboards gold lettering clean minor wear.


Clean pages. Good - Cash. Wear to edges and corners. Secure binding. General wear to the surface edges corners and ends. DJ has surface rubbing edgewear and a few edge tears. Text has scattered pencil underlining. Imitation Leather. Very Good - Cash. Very little wear to book.

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Text is clean binding is tight. Excellent copy! Sticker residue on front cover. Paperback Paperback. Clean covers minor wear. Pages unmarked. Pamphlet 21 pages.