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Kashaya dhara Rhythmic pouring of medicated milk all over the body using a traditional vessel called kindi. This helps to pacify the dosha imbalance. Thalapothichal Application of medicated paste on the head. This treatment helps to calm the mind and is helpful in getting good sleep. With the right herbs, it is good for the hair also.

Thakradhara Pouring of medicated buttermilk over the forehead in a continuous stream. The doctor after diagnosis will determine if the patient requires supporting treatments mentioned below:. Netra Kalpana — Treatment for the eye Sekam pouring or herbal water over closed eye , Aschyothanam Eye drops , Vidalakam Appling paste on eyelid , Anjanam applying medicine inside the eyelid Tharpanam keeping a pool of medicated ghee over the eye etc. Murdha Tailam — Treatment for the head and neck region Sirodhara pouring of oil over forehead , Pichu keeping a piece of cotton soaked in oil over head and Sirovasthy keeping a pool of oil on the head within a contained area, for a prescribed time.

Karna Kalpana — Treatment for the ear a. Karna poornam — Treatment for the ear by keeping oil inside ear b. Karnadhoopanam — Treatment for the ear by fumigation. Oral treatments Gandoosham Holding medicated oil in the mouth without swallowing , Kabalam gargling with oil and Prathisaranam applying paste inside the oral cavity. Vasthy Treatments A treatment for a specific area of the body by keeping medicated oil for a prescribed duration is also called vasthy.

1. Diagnosis

The oil is prevented from flowing down by creating a boundary with black gram dough. Depending on the part of the body, there are different types like Kadeevasthy for lower back, Januvasthy for knee, Greevas vasthy for the neck and Prushta vasthy for back etc. All of the above mentioned treatments are not given to a person at one time.

The doctor will also determine if additional treatments for other ailments are given to the patient. The therapeutic treatments are supported by internal herbal medicines. These are freshly picked for use by the gardeners who care for them with love and attention. This enhances their effectiveness.

The medicines are prepared at the Ayurveda kitchen based on hygienic and traditional practices.

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In fact, a well thought-out scientific principle is applied to the use of all these medicines which are prepared using intensive and lengthy procedures. Specific medicines are also sourced from other reputed Ayurveda Pharmacies in Kerala. Internal medicines used in Ayurvedic treatments typically include:. Oils used as part of Panchakarma and other procedures are prepared with herbal decoction or fresh herbal juice.

They are mixed with a medicinal herbal paste and sesame oil as the base and cooked together. This process is a long procedure taking up to days to prepare ensuring the whole mix reaches a non-sticky stage after continuous stirring. The therapist massages this oil onto the skin making sure it is completely absorbed.

Program Overview

This oil nourishes and regenerates the cells, stimulates the lymphatic system, releases the toxins and carries them to the surface of the skin. After treatment, the skin is washed with a paste made of chicken pea and lentil flour. Diet and lifestyle being core aspects of the Ayurvedic healing process, are integral to the treatment.

There are many specific guidelines to be followed while consuming food as Ayurveda distinguishes six different tastes or Rasas which interact with the five elements in the body. Ayurveda also strongly recommends the consumption of fresh and organic food and encourages mindful or meditative eating by which the full essence of food can be assimilated by the body in an aware, fully engaged and respectful manner.

At CGH Earth Ayurveda these basic principles are strictly followed with the doctor prescribing a specific diet for each person with the focus being on a Sattvic diet that has a corrective and revitalizing effect.

Contributions of Kerala

Yoga is an ancient Indian physical, mental and spiritual practice with the origins dating back to the 5th or 6th century BC. This kind of yoga is accessible to all and is light so as to support the treatment process. There is no age limit and no previous knowledge or experience required. Each one is initially supported on an individual basis until he or she is ready to partake in the group exercises.

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This complete body and mind experience is aimed at improving your health and total well-being. Meditation techniques are used to calm and relax both the mind and the body since both the mind and the body are closely tuned to each other. One of the effective techniques of meditation used here is the Candlelight Meditation in which a group sits around a burning candle and gazes at the flame for several minutes focusing on it as long as possible and praying together.

This helps in gaining clarity, peace and positive energy.

Company of the highest truth, 2. The company of a Guru 3. An assembly of people which listens to, talks about and assimilates the truth. The idea of Satsang may be traced back to Rishis or ancient Indian spiritual masters such as Vedavyasa and Valmiki who explained their value in numerous ways. Satsangs are thus a significant aspect of the CGH Earth Ayurvedic treatments as they add the necessary uplifting edge to the whole recovery process by enhancing positive energy. I shall be looking forward to my 10th visit to Kalari Kovilakom! With my warmest regards!

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In addition, this year the company of guest was very nice which added to the quality of treatment. Thanks to Sir Cherry, Dr Jouhar and the beautiful team that surrounds them. With warm regards. Complete Detox. Stress Management. Weight Management. Healthy Aging.

Specific Ailments And Conditions. Treatment Process 1. Diagnosis Any treatment offered at CGH Earth Ayurveda begins with the three kinds of diagnostic procedures in keeping with the pure Ayurveda treatments. Poorvakarma — Preparatory stage During the preparatory stage, the body is prepared for removal of toxins through two methods namely Snehanam where the body is oleated internally and externally and Swedanam where the body undergoes therapeutic sweating.

Treatment methods in Ayurveda panchakarma, DVD, Invis Multimedia

Dadhupushtiuzhichil Therapeutic massage done to nourish the body with medicated oil. Chavituuzhichil Therapeutic massage of vital points on the body. Parishekam Pizhichil pouring of lukewarm oil , Dhanyamla dhara pouring of specialfermented medicated water , Kashaya dhara-Pouring of decoction on the body 2.

Pinda Swedam: a. Podikizhi b. Pinda Swedam :. Podikizhi -Therapeutic massaging with warm pouches containing herbal powders b. Selected few brahmin households, named generally as Ashtavaidyas, carried forward Ayurvedic tradition by practicing it as a health care service as well as by teaching its principles in the unique Gurukula tradition.

The traditional practitioners of Ayurveda considered Ashtangahridaya as a primary text. Several commentaries were written in Malayalam. More importantly, new texts were written in Kerala both in Malayalam and Sanskrit notably Sahasrayogam, Chikilsamanjari, Vaidyamanorama. These and similar other texts written in Kerala still remain sources of useful information on formulation, medicinal plants and therapies.

Another notable contribution from Kerala is continuation of the practice of panchakarma therapies. Due to congenial climatic conditions, Kerala retained this therapeutic wealth in all its pristine essence. Texts were written here on its practical aspects. More importantly, the Kerala special therapies were evolved which are essentially preparatory for main principal therapies in nature. Dhara, Mukkipizhichil, Navarakkizhiand Chauthitirumal are typical examples. Several formulations and procedures described in the texts of Malayalam language, are now included in the Ayurvedic Formulary of India.

Many of the Ayurvedic physicians of Kerala developing areas of specializations like pediatrics, ophthalmology, martial therapy, and Toxicology.