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At first he lived in Jerusalem but settled in Tiberias shortly before his death. Sources: Encyclopaedia Judaica. All Rights Reserved. Shatzky, Geshikhte fun Yidn in Varshe , 2 ; M. Newman, Hasidic Anthology , index.

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Download our mobile app for on-the-go access to the Jewish Virtual Library. Orthodox Judaism Today. Adass Jeshurun, Adass Jisroel. Degel Hattorah. Lithuanian Yeshivot. National Council of Young Israel. Orthodox Union. Rabbinical Alliance of America. Rabbinical Council of America.

Yeshiva University. Branches of Orthodox Judaism. Musar Movement. Hasidim and Mitnagdim. Belz Hasidim. Breslov Hasidism. Koidanov Hasidim. Lelov Hasidim.

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Lyubeshov Hasidim. Browse Abstracts 51 total 1 2 3 Next Last. The greatest blessings by Isaacs, Mark Fame, Fortune, and Power are brothers who decide how well all people in their kingdom will fare in life - especially Boy who is an abused and abandoned child. In this tale, Boy spurns the three brothers in favor of family, friendship, and brotherhood. Armadilly chili by Ketteman, Helen Billie decides to make armadilly chili. She asks her friends to help her but they are all busy and do not want to help.

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After Billie makes the chili, all of her friends knock on her door. Billie will not let them eat because they wouldn't help. She soon realizes her chili is missing something: her friends! For sure! Come read about one chick that plucks out her feathers, supposedly to look good and impress her rooster. After one of her feathers is plucker, an owl sees her actions and spreads the word. The story gets turned around and exaggerated especially when the newspaper prints it.

Big jabe by Nolan, Jerdine Momma Mary goes back in time and tells stories of a unique young man named Jabe, who is responsible for creating magic among the slaves of the Plenty Plantation.

He is described as a hero with the strength of fifty men, a big heart, and a wondrous gift at leading slaves away to freedom. The golden rain by Mashiri, Pascal A young child learns from his mother's stories about decision making and choices.

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He comes to understand that choices make some people happy and leave some disapointed. The child also realizes that help is sometimes needed for the decision making, but ultimately it is up to the individual. Off to the sweet shores of africa: And other talking drum rhymes by Unobagha, Uzo African-inspired nursery rhymes. Shadow by Brown, Marcia The village storytellers and shamans of African expound on the important, mysterious, haunted, and enchanted life of shadows.

Jamari grows older and becomes the drummer of the djembe. He eventually gets caught up in other aspects of village life. When the village is once again threatened by the nearby angry mountain, Jamari returns to his post as drummer for village peace. Burro's tortillas by Fields, Terri Burro finds it hard to get any help from his friends as he diligently works to turn corn into tortillas. Expect repetition, puns, and an accurate picture of the traditional way that tortillas are made.

Bitter bananas by Olaleye, Isaac Yusuf is a boy who lives in a jungle in Africa. A family of baboons begins to steal his sap, so he tries many things to keep the baboons away. The villagers keep talking about a big, bad wolf and describe him.

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Their details are accurate, but skewed a little. The wolf has a family just like them and kisses his children good night after a run in the forest. A country mouse in the town house: A hide-and-seek fable by Henrietta A content country mouse receives an invitation from a friend in the city.

A new biography explores one of the twentieth century’s most tortured writers.

Her friend promises delightful foods but fails to mention a prowling dog and cat. Goldilocks and the three bears by Aylesworth, Jim A curious little girl sometimes forgets what her mother tells her. Sometimes this gets her into trouble. One such time found her deep into the woods at a cottage belonging to three bears. You probably know the rest of the story. The marshmallow incident by Barrett, Judi The town of Right and the town of Left do not have anything to do with one another. Someone had even painted a yellow line that nobody ever dared cross.

The Order of the Ambidextrous Knights of the Dotted Yellow Line, watch over the line as well as guarding their marshmallows.