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When a creature called the Jagkar attacks, Tony must take one for the team and let it do what it wants to him, all while Steve and Natasha are trying to stop it. Natasha never thought she'd have to work with a sentient raccoon, a space assassin, or the equivalent of a nuclear bomb in the form a flaming gay grunge relic from the 90s with a monster cat.

But she promised Steve she'd be a great Avengers leader, so her, Rhodey, and Okoye are just going to make the insanity work. The pleasure slave meets the creature that lives in a lake under the brothel and gets pumped full of eggs. Shen Qingqiu gets pulled into a dreamscape of a slightly different kind.

Luo Binghe knows what he'll see, but there's no way back now, only forward. Pure smut, intended for fantasy fulfilment purposes. Only read if you've taken note of all the listed tags. I do not condone sexual assault or violence.

~ dark & passionate erotica

This story is not a reflection of anything realistic. Each chapter is titled with the kinks it contains, so if you're sensitive to any of the tags you know which chapters to skip. Proceed carefully, and please know that I advocate for responsible exploration of kinks and fantasies.

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This story won't be to everybody's taste- which is fine. Just don't leave hate comments. All warnings are tagged. Stay away from stuff that'll trigger you. BDSM has rules you must follow, if you ever intend to explore dark sexual fantasies with another person. Jeongguk just wants to stuff his dick and his hands too into that not so tight hole.

The Omegas cunt is clenching, his pregnant belly hanging heavy and it's heaven to the Alpha. Laura She gets an unexpected visitor in the night. Clara's Exotic Massage An erotic spa treatment that's worth every penny. Aphrodisiac Slime Slimey tentacles won't let this woman cum! Grandaunt Sarah's Grimoire Ch. Steel and Rubber Skyrim holds many dangers to the unwary. Bound into Service Ch. The Pleasure of being Emily Pt. The Island Ch. What could go wrong? Ruby in the Woods Pt. The Witches Noir Two young witches make a mistake. The City Pt.

Spell, Crook and Handle Pt.

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Jacuzzi A girl ponders her forced breeding with strange creatures. Leila's Garden Leila is about to receive a transformation from her garden The Middener's Curse Adria is ravished by tentacles. Voluptus Ludum Ch. Outsiders Pt. Mad Clown Ch. The Five Forms of Kimber Ch. Claimed by the Futanari Ali meets a monster in the woods. Commander Pinter Ch. The Library Ch. The Goddess Ch. Reverse Predator Ch. Hard Bigfoot Breeding. Tentacle Breeder. Artemis Damodred.

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