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Nathan Latka: The four rules you need to break to become a multimillionaire. Kevin O'Leary: This is the best business book on the market. The two words that will kill any job interview. Here's why investing while paying off student loans is smart. Melinda Gates shares Buffett's advice and what she and Bill won't spend on. Here's what U. Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon carries in his wallet. Yet another way of earning more profits with affiliate marketing is through residual affiliate programs.

Residual affiliate programs are affiliate programs where the affiliate gets paid a number of times for as long as the merchant keeps the customer the affiliate has referred to his site.

Another form of residual affiliate program gets the affiliate paid a percentage every month for as long as the company keeps the referred customer. As to how much money one can get from affiliate marketing actually depends on the affiliate. A dedicated and hardworking affiliate would certainly get more from the program compared to those affiliates who would simply sign up and forget about the program later.

Name required. Mail will not be published required. Posted in Make Money Online. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. As I learned more over the past couple of years I realized there is no shipping, customs, manufacturing or postage costs on Information products. It has been a great ride the last few years, now it is time to cash in! And of course I have picked up some great tips from the Product Launch King over the last couple of years!

Jeff, this is the first blog I have read and it has motivated me to do something different. I want to start an online business but not to sure what to do or where to start. I recently came across an interview with you and Anthony Robbins talking about how you got started. It was excellent. I need your help, as Tony said we all need a coach or to be part of a mastermind group. He also said and you agree we need to find people who have already done it.

So I want to do what you did. Please let me know how I can get started. I do not know anything about internet marketing but willing to learn. Jeff, I think the two ways you mention are not much different than the two ways you can make money offline. To distinguish the ways of making money online, I think you have to get more into email marketing, blogging, keyword analysis, link building, social media etc. But even these, when you think about it, can have a sort of offline counterpart.

I guess one could say, generating business has certain fundamental components and there are many ways of building these components both in the physical an in the digital worlds. I made my first euros not dollars… lol… well… er… French 2 months ago. I hope to be able to live from online activites by the end of the year.

But for now, I plan on building a list too, and earn some bucks through it. I had a question for you.. I am a passionate personal development blogger and I have great content on my website.. I love taking self help at a deeper level and writing about attitude and mindset applied to everyday life.. I come from an entrepreneurial family and I was taking to my father about it.. Do you think it is worth promoting through banners ads on other personal development website as well as facebook initially to get people to check out my website and build relationships with them?

I feel like SEO and submitting to social book marking sites takes too much time and I am not getting the traffic I want.. Hi Jeff, You never mist with wonderful and interesting post,my first dollar online goes a way back it was only seven dollars affiliate earning, from a good company but i was trying to make a start from my little island home in the Caribbean.

How ever these days life gets better i your sure right. Selling for your self is good, very good,buy in the net world you need friends and great partners so we should help each other and get payed while doing so.

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As for me these days l believe is membership site selling service products. Jeff i have been with you since the incubator days of U tube videos early , but these days i cant even get on your friends list at face book, i am asked if i know you and your list is too full to accommodate me, anyway i am growing in this business, and i am the future Entrepreneur.

My 1st online money was made through ACN back in I ended up receiving a monthly residual for well over a year even after I quit working it. My biggest weekly check was just over 1 grand and I remember how good that felt … it was all residual and it was SWEET!

How to Make Money Selling Other Peoples Products

My lucrative product were empty chianti bottles, 5 sizes, which I collected as empty from a few restaurants, and I completely cleaned them up and prepped for sale — whew lots of sweat over that endeavor! Anyway, was referred to you by my current mentor, Stevi.

Thanks for your info and love to share your knowledge and experience with all! I guess the first sales that I made online were with Google. Then I hooked up with affiliates — then I started offering services. This is my third year at it, and hope to keep growing. It looks great. I guess you are right Jeff, I took a few minutes to brainstorm on what you said and it seems whatever online business model you consider falls into one of these two simple categories.

Even those who provide freelance online professional services are actually selling their products because every service could still be considered as a product. A blog is a product even if it is not directly sold and it only makes money advertising other peoples products. Great post, keep up the good work. I started selling posters and stickers that I created. I have sold over 1,, posters since When someone else is selling your physical good, what is the best affiliate tracking system for this?

Andy: hmmm… not sure what was happening, this was the only comment that actually made it through. Sorry about that! No problem, Jeff. I had a lengthy response with links… so maybe that was the issue. No biggie. I was astonished that people around the country would send hundreds of dollars, buy plane tickets, and rent hotel rooms based on getting an e-mail.

The Only Two Ways to Make Money Online | Jeff Walker

Spot on with this write-up, I actually think this website needs much more consideration. Jeff, I really enjoyed this post. One of my goals is to create a how to ebook and sell it on my brick n mortar business site.. My first was back in when i was like 15 , I made a free. I earned from adsense then Have a good day everyone. Hello, Master Jeff. Secondly, since there is something called affiliate as I know, by selling other stuff for commission. Will you still recommend a newbie work on two ways? I am a licensed architect building design my first job as an architect came from a guy searching for an architect using google.

Any suggestions? I hope it helped a little Charles. Just give people a chance to get a call back, and how quickly you call them back or respond to their email is how they feel your service will be. Answer slowly and you probably work slowly.

The Art of Selling Other People’s Products and Services

Thanks for the helpful advice. I can see the similarity you mentioned. Since I am a one man show at this point, I need to be able to both market my services and do the work at the same time. Tremendously enlightening appreciate it, I reckon your current subscribers might want even more reviews similar to this carry on the good work.

I have been beavering away since and now earn a small income enough to live off anyway — just. I tried the CPA networks but found the competition to be fierce. Hi Jeff. We are experienced residential real estate brokers in Toronto, Canada working for the largest firm in the city. Our challenge is finding new clients. More than 95 percent of our business comes from previous clients and referrals. Being in a service business, we only have our service to offer. It entails a truly comprehensive service designed to save up to one hundred thousand dollars on the purchase of a Toronto Home.

Nobody is offering a similar service. Hi Jeff! Thank you very much. You are really inspiering me to start up a business which i want to do for a long time already. Thank you very much, Wish me luck! I agree. I have way more experience in this than most people posting not to devalue their comments , but you are absolutely correct. Enough said on my part. Magnificent information and clever thinking, thank you so much.

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But I was thinking. What I am afraid of with own product. Any advice about it? I desire to begin a JV partnership with several brands so they can sell my program during my next launch. The selling window is 6 days as you already know. What software do you recommend, or the best way to track the leads and sales that are sent to me from my JV partners? I have been searching Google however I continue to find results about becoming an affiliate that seem way more involved with year round marketing. I desire something more specific to a launch. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Related Posts. Comments Sorry, that is rubbish. For example: Providing data or analysis services, Indexes or directories, Adding value or a function to non-web-based products with a web-based element, Products that add value to others web services, and so on. Would love your feedback on this comment. Thanks for everything. Thanks again for the great post, John O. Best regards. Yes, I can only agree with you.

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Thanks for much for this Jeff! I loved it! Lastly, LOL Keir. Regards, Renee. At the time I made money by offering technical services. Now I make money as an affiliate and by creating my own products.

How to Sell Other People's Products - Episode 165

Had my first product launch recently and it was awesome! Next step is to create a higher-priced product… Sara. Sara: Wow! I only know a few people who actually made any money as far back as Often there is an acre of diamonds very close by if they only know where and how to look. Cheers Richard. Thanks for the awesome post Jeff! Thank you again and continued success!