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Is there a reading epidemic on this blog or what? Always cracks. E up when idiots argue about nothing on the blog. Like anyone gives a fuck you two geeks. Always cracks me up when people comment about other people that argue on a blog and so on and so on and so on…………………. When will people learn to stop judging people based on appearance?

Sometimes the criminals look like the boy next door, and sometimes the scary or mean looking one is the kindest most gentle person ever. I think there is a big difference between judging and commenting. I realize that there is no template for how a gangster should look but when you look at Ranj Cheema,Jamie Bacon,Barzan Tili-Choli and even person Y , who look like what the average person would call a gangster I think to an intelligent person would just read the comment and leave it.

I hear rock machine the Manitoba warriors and guys from red alert are teamin up with the cartels and forming a new canadian super gang. How is it that none of these losers EVER get into a legit shootout?. You either sneak up and shoot someone in the back of the head or get shot in the back of the head. None of these tuff guys has the nuts to get into a real shoot out.

Thoman M still had a partial Baconator in his mouth when he took 4 in the back and Suhk really could not return fire?. You guys are clowns. Coquitlam crews are on Sydney Ave after a male was thrown off a 3 story balcony. Suspects look like every other Surrey jack. Great article Kim. Oh yeah…. One of the hardest guys to come out of West Point grey ever.

I bet he kicks over blue boxes and defies the household cats to do anything about it. Even though he is 10 years older than the picture…. And he should be too scared to sing about his cartel masters. No not the ones picking cranberries.. Lol I remember when everyone laughed about them broke ass mexicans … Looks like the times are a changing they actually wanna come up here and be illegals haha!

Stick to Cali you lawnmower pilots! More lawns and less rats than the lower mainland by population.. Did anything happen at Lougheed Mall? Saw like ten cop cars in the Sears outlet store talking to people. Wonder if someone got it. Half of the people there are crackheads from the skytrain or go to Safeway or Walmart just like Guildford Mall, not shopping. Which is why I was wonder if anyone got shot at. Ten cop cars were there. I feel like so much major drug activity is probably just police setting up the few…they spend so many years bolstering these drug dealers and groups, I wonder if many of them would have half the activity without police and dea funding?

That is some fucked up shit. Well, we except for Kim. Kim knew it? Ie she stumbled upon the criminal case? Or wait you think she was part of this case for 5 years? Fyi many people know this happens. Its been happening in vancouver and every major city in the world for 30 years.

The scurge of criminal activity is not new. Smells like rotten bacon in this beech,. Wheres the proof? That could mean anything. Like ur moms fat ass. Did you even READ the story? Top Sinaloa leaders were meeting with the DEA agent. They asked that their cash be picked up in Vancouver — the cash was collected by the Saveins of the world — and delivered back to the DEA, passed on to the suppliers in Colombia and Ecuador where it was later intercepted. All these transactions were wiretapped or video-taped and surveilled. Sorry kim. A real journalist knows what a pr firm prepared dea statement means is nothing.

Its all heresay. No cartel boss would ever meet some money launderer. Journalism isnt regurjitation. Oh there is proof. There is a lot more evidence than what I could include in these stories due to space restraints. I focused on the Vancouver guys as that was of interest to people. The money was all tracked and led to arrests of the tier of cartel leadership right under Guzman.

Many have pleaded guilty. Savein is one of the last to be prosecuted. He was able to mount a 3-year challenge to the extradition, but ended up pleading guilty within weeks of being sent to California. There is zero proof these children have anything do with these alleged cartels. Since you only are focused on the vancouver aspet please enlighten us why the people who gave the money to these kids are not mentioned or in custody? So they ran this operation for how many years and all they got was a few errand boys picking up money.

Where did the money come from? What happened to all the drugs these proceeds came from? Looks like you fell victim to the drug war propoganda. Well done. Of course DEA is involved because all cartels work with them. The US try to manage the drug trade not stop it. At least Guatemala, Bolivia and now some Mexican politicians are finally admitting the DEA is the problem and the reason why cartels became so powerful. Legalize this shit already and zap the profits from both cartels and cops, the madness will end.

Sad to say but Harper wiped his ass with our rights and has been hosting the DEA and more American agencies for a while … Only gonna get worse kids! They have been in okanagan for just as long. Forgive me if I believe most bloggers here know jack shit but open their mouth like they know sumthin. That is because a lot of the bloggers lately are 15 yr old shit talking know it alls. Lottery scams? Most hardcore in his graduating class at a school Seth Rogen attended?

I stopped reading. Same thing pretty much. The cartel has been in Vancouver forever. I could tell he ran the area. That kid looks so darn tough, I bet he has often ordered ice-cream cones and then left without paying. Grew up on the mean streets of West Point Grey. Where crimes like parking with a permit, rolling through stop signs and not using your blue box recycle bin, are commonplace and right out for impressionable young kids to see. Not just crackheads who crowded his car but also random young gang banger look alikes rocking Air Jordan clothing who randomly came up to the park and waited for twenty minutes before he arrived.

He might not have ran the area but he had a noticeable presence. Well it kind of fits that he would be involved in financial crime, no? Stealing from the elderly, typical white collar stuff. The mexicans are coming the mexicans are coming! And let me be the first! Loco blanco. Share Adjust Comment Print. Some cartel cash was delivered by Savein. So how did Savein get involved with a notorious foreign gang?

Vancouver a lucrative market Vancouver is one of the most lucrative drug markets in the world, police sources say, with millions and millions flowing into the hands of mid-level gangs and those above them who supply their cocaine and other drugs. They headed to their own apartments for the night and returned the next day to get the car. His mom, sister and girlfriend could be kidnapped, mistreated or even killed, Urbina said.

Rollins commented on the huge amounts of cash dropped off by Camet. He told police he wanted to stay in Canada and not be sent to the U. Lilian Calmejane. Albi, Occitanie. Maxime Cam. Landivisiau, Bretagne. Sage Canaday. Fabian Cancellara. Brendan Canty. Eros Capecchi. Professional Rider with Quick Step team. Amaury Capiot. Pro cyclist SVB 26 Years old. Robin Carpenter. Becca Carter. Chichester, England. Courtney Carter. Hamburg, Hamburg. Damiano Caruso. Twan Castelijns. Jaime Castrillo Zapater. Jaca, Aragon.

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Caroline Coble. Tarah Cole. Scottsdale, Arizona. Sophie Coleman. Brighton, England. Daniele Colli.

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Emmie Collinge. Non solo lo Stelvio. Kevin Collington. Benjamin Collins. Seattle, Washington. Professional Triathlete from Seattle, racing for Garmin and Diamondback. Alex Colman. Ash Coning. Daniel Connolly. Loughborough, England. Ben Connor. Larissa Connors. Silverado, CA. Reid Coolsaet. Hamilton, Ontario. Linsey Corbin. Audrey Cordon-Ragot. Rene Corella. Peter Corrigan. Pro cyclist Bahrain-Merida cycling team. Adrien Costa. Racer at Axeon Cycling Team. I enjoy epic bike rides Twitter: AdrienCosta Instagram: costadrien.

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Arnaud Demare. Warluis, Picardy. Bill Demong. Park Centr, Utah. Brett Denney. Park City, Utah. Ashley Dennis. Chris DeNucci. Berkeley, California. Nico Denz. Albbruck, BW.

Killua Zoldyck

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The Lumineers - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

Calp, Comunidad Valenciana. Mieke Docx. Annelies Dom. Antwerp, Flanders. Joe Dombrowski. Mark Donovan. Rider for Wiggins From the UK. Fabien Doubey. Paul Double. Russ Downing. Alex Dowsett. England, UK, England. Ingrid Drexel. Recent college grad, putting my degree to good use by racing my bike. Andres Duarte. Guatemala, Guatemala.

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Nicolas Edet. Drew Edsall Mtbfitness. Denver, Colorado. Grosu Eduard. Nils Eekhoff. Pascal Eenkhoorn. Just a small look into my training rides. Odd Christian Eiking. Bergen, norway. Ivins , UT. Kenny Elissonde. Martin Elmiger. Gracie Elvin. Felix English. International track rider for TrackProject. Lucas Euser. Tom Evans. Dan Evans. Emilia Fahlin. Nicole Falcaro. New York, NY. Dan Falconar. Maxime Farazijn. Robin Farina. Nevada City, CA. Scott Faubs. Also, burrito. Guillaume Faucon. La Haye du Puits, Basse-Normandie. Jesse Featonby. Lavington, NSW.

Dan Feeney. Boulder , CO. Andy Fenn. Wetteren, Belgium. Professional Cyclist for AquaBlue Sport. Max Fennell. Menlo Park, CA. Vigo, GA. Barcelona, CT. Robson Ferreira. Tiago Ferreira. Viseu, Viseu. Ian Field. Paula Findlay. Dion Finocchiaro. Brighton, VIC.

Russell Finsterwald. Steve Fisher. Bellingham, Washington. Robbie Fitzgibbon. Matt Flaherty. Bloomington, IN. Ben Flanagan. Bryan Fletcher. Heber City, Utah. Taylor Fletcher. Andy Flickinger. Mainz, Germany. Julian Fluegel. Anna Mae Flynn. Complimentry wine and cheese will conclude the event. Call 02 for bookings and more info. Telephone 03 or email gallery benalla.

We are very excited to be at this fantastic festival, only a short skip and a jump from the mighty town of Melbourne Bookings are essential, and tickets are strictly limited, so book quickly to avoid disappointment by clicking on the Stickytickets link below. Call 02 to book your table.

Book online through the link below and email info easternriverinaarts. The Historic Courthouse, Albury St. Programmed as part of the Newstead Live! Festival weekend th Jan, see website for details we will be performing music from 'Talk' in the beautiful acoustic of the Newstead Uniting Church where the album was recorded. Tickets can be pre-purchased online at www. Our last concert here sold out, so book early for a unique concert experience, with acoustics like no other venue we have ever played!

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Phone: 02 Email: information weejaspercaves. Held over the weekend of 28th Sept - 1st Oct in the beautiful Grampians, this weekend of music and dance gets booked out quickly - for more details click the link below and get in early! Based in Tanzania, the project aims to replace smoky charcoal and wood burning stoves with smokeless pellet burning pyrolytic stoves. For further information about the project visit www. The show will include a special preview of new material selected from our upcoming album 'Talk', bringing fresh sounds to our loyal Melbourne fans!

We've been wood-shedding hard folks, so come out and hear the results Book early, as The Flying Saucer is buzzing, and could take off at any time Please come along to hear us play in the natural acoustics of the Court House. If you are interested in having The String Contingent for a workshop at your school or university please get in touch at thestringcontingent googlemail.

If you are interested in having The String Contingent for a workshop at your school please get in touch at thestringcontingent googlemail. Contact Janice Wright on for more info, otherwise see you there! Catch us on the Saturday of the festival as we begin our Spring Stint tour! Book now by clicking the button below or email thestringcontingent googlemail.

Join us for an evening of music, dance and food in support of our friend Sebastian Loeda as he undertakes the Great Ocean Road marathon to raise money for Cure Cancer Australia. Click the link below for more information and to by your tickets - early bird prices available before April 7th! They will be joined by Holly, Graham and Brisbane guitarist Tony Vandemeer to perform a selection of Scottish tunes discovered in the NLA archives and will be launching a CD and music book of the material at the festival.

The String Contingent will be at the festival all Easter long weekend, so look out for posters detailing our special festival concerts slots! Doors at 7pm, show starts 7. Come along to The Vic Theatre to experience a smorgasbord of some of Auckland's burgeoning talent in new acoustic music, with special guests from Australia, The String Contingent. Held in the comfort of their well known venue on Richmond St, the WBS are renowned for the quality of events that they hold, and entrance fee includes complimentary tea, coffee and refreshments.

Licensed bar also open. For bookings and information email bluegrass paradise. If you've been before we'll see you back again! Dinner and drinks available before the show - contact The Boathouse on 03 or info theboathousenelson. Numbers limited so get in touch with us on thestringcontingent googlemail. Christchurch - address provided on booking March 28, pm - NZ Tour — Concert at The Church Join us for a great concert - dinner and drinks available at this great venue, so bring your friends and make a night of it!

Contact Peter Madill on for more information. Contact bradmac woosh. Invercargill - address provided on booking March 24, am - Yackandandah Folk Festival Come along to this great festival in Yack - we'll be around on the Saturday and Sunday - hope to see you there! Book Now: 03 or artspace cowwarr. Last minute decision on the night are still welcome. We would hate you to miss out. The Artists Bar will be open serving our favourite Narkoojee wine's and the Coffee Machine will be hot.

Book tickets through the venue at the link below - Dinner available before the show, call to reserve your table on 03 Keep and eye out for more WA dates around this time! Doors open 7pm. Tea, coffee and nibbles provided, BYO other drinks. Seats are limited, so bookings are essential! Venue address will be provided on booking. Book tickets via paypal on Lucy Wise's website at www. We would love to see you all there! Hamilton Hill February 25, am - Cobargo Folk Festival A great festival situated in a lovely part of the world.

The String Contingent will be playing on both the Saturday and Sunday of this festival - see you there. Bookings essential, email our lovely hosts Ueli and Martina on info mickeysbay. Click the link below to book your tickets cheaper then paying at the door! See you there. BBQ provided - byo food, drinks and chairs! Leith near Devonport February 12, pm - Concert in Woolongong Join us for a great afternoon of music combined with fine Turkish fare - email Mark to book your spot or for further info: mark aej.

We value the co-operation of the many venue managers with whom we have worked in the past in order to present the best quality live music in an accommodating atmosphere. Unfortunately, it has become evident that this will not be possible at Sturt Cafe. This is the first concert in over two years of touring that we have had to cancel, and we do apologise for the inconvenience.

However factors beyond our control have given us no option. All pre-sales we will be refunded through Paypal. We hope to return to the area soon at a more suitable venue. More soon, but check Chaika out: www. Multiple tickets may be selected on the paypal checkout page.

John Constantine

No physical ticket shall be sent to save the forests - instead your name and booking details will be checked at the door on the night - see you then! Supported by the wonderful Lucy Wise - www. Tickets will be sold at the door only, so please arrive early to ensure you get a seat. Join us at this great venue for a night of good music. Call 02 for more information or check The Royal Exchange website. This promises to be a great evening with convivial atmosphere. Join us for this great house concert event - all welcome! Email Paul Kimmel at houseconcertsos aol. See you there Call Barb on for more info and see www.

See you there! Their performances are engaging, enlivening and equally refined and boisterous where appropriate! Tickets through The Boite boite. We are playing a concert following an afternoon of workshops with the students.

Killua Zoldyck | Hunterpedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

More details soon! Holbrook Public School October 21, am - Wellington Folk Festival We're delighted to be heading across 'the ditch' for this long weekend festival. Come along for a great night of music and dancing! First up is local band Cider Jam, followed by a String Contingent concert set and then breaking into a traditional Scottish Ceilidh dance led by our guitarist, the authentic Graham McLeod - An inclusive, fun form of dance where prior experience is unnecessary For more information call Ronnie or Sue on 02 Complimentary supper provided - yes, that means baked goods!

Email us at thestringcontingent googlemail. Full details at www. Abbotsford Hall, Gipps St. Tune in to hear what the presenter, Doug Spencer, has to say about our music. Radio National, tune in to your local frequency or listen live or in retrospect on the web.

Second WA gig! BYO drinks and nibbles, tea and coffee provided. For further information and table bookings contact Barry Parks at bpparks tpg. Triple H Come along for an epic night of great music at this new festival celebrating new directions in the Australian Folk scene. More info at www. Bookings essential, contact Sassafras on 02 for more info and to reserve your place!

Visit the bands on line at: The String Contingent: www. Last minute decision on the night welcome. The Artists Bar will be open and the Coffee will be hot! Come along for a fantastic night of dancing, fun and games of a Scottish nature - As you may or may not know, a Ceilidh is a social event and dance, originating in Scotland or Ireland, depending upon who you ask. This one will feature awesome traditional tunes from The String Contingent and relaxed, simple dances, taught in an authentic manner by Scotsman Graham McLeod, who has been playing for and calling ceilidhs for many years throughout Scotland, the UK, and Europe.

No dancing experience or partner is required - we promise! Visit www. We may tangle for a tango or two We're honored to be supporting the award winning Jonathan Zwarts Quintet. Support by The Shiny Bum Singers - public servants at their best! Call Jeff Donovan for more information on Those attending the concert will receive a copy of this limited edition DVD So please invite your friends and come along for this one off evening of outrageously good music!

The String Contingent will be supported by the wonderful Lucy Wise, who sings original songs rooted in Appalachian and Irish folk music and influenced by pop and whatever else has floated by throughout her musical years. She started out playing and singing with her family in the Wise Family Band, and is now amongst the most renowned young players and songwriters in the Australian folk music scene. We'll be there for the whole festival, so come up for some fun festival action No dancing experience or partner required.

All ages welcome. Dress and attitude: casual. Contact: www. Reservations required - email info stargazersbb. Bennetts of Mangawhai, 52 Moir Street, Mangawhai, New Zealand January 9, pm - House Concert Join us for a great night of music with great hosts - Reservations essential - email us at thestringcontingent googlemail. Great food, great acoustics, will be a great evening. The festival features the best in international and national musicians and dance.

This is an affordable, enjoyable and safe event for the whole family where the accent is on participation and inclusiveness. This year's guests include: Mara!

One drug dealer, two corrupt cops and a risky FBI sting

We want to meet all his old school friends who can tell us all the old stories about him Accomplished Glenfinnan musician and Blazin' Fiddler, Iain MacFarlane has created a stunning show of music, song and visuals celebrating our national drink. Originally commissioned and debuted at the Blas Festival , this show combines Gaelic and English song with traditional and contemporary Highland music all relating to 'uisge-beatha', the water of life. Interwoven with the musical sets are stories, recitations and anecdotes which give a humorous yet informative look into the world of Scotland's most famous export.

House concert on the Central Coast. Contact Chris on or email us at thestringcontingent googlemail. For dinner reservations contact the Scottish Arms on 02 or info scottisharms. Join us for a evening of music in the tranquil setting of Kurrajong Village. Canapes provided and drinks available. Playing for our passage back to the North Island, from Picton to Wellington. Contact Patricia Heatherington on patricia masc. Apologies for the time change people!

Also look out for us performing at other blackboard venues or lurking in the session bar in the wee hours. Keep your eyes peeled for posters around the festival site for more details. We're looking forward to going to South Australia for such a great concert! Northcote Uniting Church, High St.

Matthew's current research and performance interests embrace Afro-Cuban religious and folkloric drumming styles and their integration with contemporary classical and jazz languages. In addition, he is an avid student of the traditional music of Ireland and Newfoundland and an active participant in the Melbourne session scene as well as an inveterate busker on tin whistles, uilleann pipes and Irish flute.

Richmond Uniting Church, Church St. Wine and food platters available. Please go to www. See www.

‘Progress is painfully uneven’: Baltimore, 15 years after The Wire

Music and dance fills all the intervening hours at workshops, concerts and sessions. Bluegrass musicians have been known to session for fifteen hours straight, a characteristic welcomed by publicans and coffee houses. Join us. Bookings Essential - email thestringcontingent googlemail. Skip to content. Upcoming gigs. April 27, pm - Candelo Village Festival. April 22, am - National Folk Festival. Don't miss our last concert for this years festival! See you at the Fitzroy venue. April 20, pm - National Folk Festival. April 19, pm - National Folk Festival.

April 18, pm - National Folk Festival. April 14, pm - Cullulleraine Music Festival. April 12, pm - Melbourne Recital Centre. If you're in this area and would like to come along, please email us at thestringcontingent gmail. Bookings and enquiries please call 02 Stoked to be finally returning to the fantastic 'Wellyfest' - we have very fond memories of playing at this festival back in Our band mascot Wally T. Wombat even had his first sleep over with a five year old fan after stage diving at the end of our last gig!

October 18, pm - Concert in Tauranga, New Zealand. October 17, pm - Concert in Auckland, New Zealand. Bookings through the venue on or pop in. Looking forward to performing in Yack, hosted by Arts Yackandandah - click the link below for all the details. October 6, pm - Stringmania Finale Concert. September 30, - Stringmaina! Music Camp. Directed by the renowned fiddle player Alasdair Fraser, join The String Contingent and a host of amazing tutors to explore music together in the beautiful Yarra Valley. Click the link below to learn more about the camp.

September 22, pm - Concert in Darwin, NT. Delighted to be finally playing in the 'big smoke' of the north, at the renowned Darwin Entertainment Centre. Click the link below to book your tickets now. After our exploratory tour across the top of Australia we are exciting to be finally heading to 'The Middle' and can't wait to perform at the renowned Araluen Arts Centre. Click the link below for more info and to book your tickets! September 16, pm - Concert in Broome, WA. So excited to be heading up the Dampier Penisula as part of our exploratory tour across the top of Australia!

Full details soon. September 1, - Concert in Kunnanurra, NT. We'll be passing through Kunnanurra as part of our exploratory tour across the top of Australia and are stoked to be playing a concert there. Full details soon! August 31, pm - Concert in Katherine, NT. Full details coming soon. Looking forward to performing a matinee concert at the Clink Theatre. Tickets available through the link below, see you there :.

We are delighted to be heading up to Cooktown to perform a sunset concert in the botanic gardens at Nature's Powerhouse. No charge for young people under Call Chris on to pre-book or for further information. Hope you can join us at the Silo Road Theatre! Tickets through the link below and also available in town at Uptown Music, 7 Atherton-Herberton Rd, Atherton, call For more information please call We are so excited to begin our Savannah Way exploratory tour!

We're heading from Cairns all the way across to Broome in WA, and for us there is no better way to start then with a concert. Join us in the beautiful acoustics of St Monica's Cathedral, under the unique 'creation windows' - epic stained glass works by Gerry Cummins and Jill Stehn. We're delighted to be starting our tour in Central West NSW with a series of concerts and workshops hosted by the Mitchell Conservatorium. Last stop is Lithgow, details and tickets through the link below. Playing in The Orchard Room in Bathurst! Details and tickets through the link below.

First up is Forbes! The camp offers an opportunity to explore different genres on violin, viola, cello or double bass as well as improvisation and self-expression through music in a fun and supportive environment. Click the link below to read more! Holly and Chris will be teaching at Stringmania - a celebration and exploration of the traditional arts - music, dance, language and song. Chris is the Australian director, head to the website for all the info and come along!

July 19, pm - Concert in Kalmar, Sweden. We are looking forward to playing in this Swedish seaside city, near it's famous castle! We are delighted to be returning to perform at this wonderful festival in Finland again. We are delighted to be playing a concert in Helsinki featuring collaborations with our friend and Kantele player, Senni Valtonen.

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  8. Chris and Holly are both teaching at the inaugural Winter camp for strings run by the Young Music Society in Canberra. This is a fantastic new initiative for young string players to explore different styles of music and techniques. With Chris as director it is sure to be a lot of fun! April 17, pm - Concert at the National Folk Festival. We're playing at the Majestic - come and hear some new music from our latest album 'Iterations' alongside some older favourites!

    April 16, pm - Concert at the National Folk Festival. We're playing at the Trocadero - come and hear some new music from our latest album 'Iterations' alongside some older favourites! Come along to hear us play something totally different Part of the very entertaining yearly competition at the Folk Festival that features versions of different popular artists or genres. Cheer loudly to get us through to the finals! Join us at the Budawang to help launch our fifth album 'Iterations' out into the stratosphere! April 9, pm - Majors Creek House Concert. If you are in the area and are interested in coming along email us at thestringcontingent gmail.

    We are looking forward to returning to perform in the unique cabaret cinema setting of Nest Cafe. Dessert canapes are inclusive in ticket price and bookings welcome for pre-show dinner to make it an extra special night out. Book your ticket now through the link below or check out www. Come along to the Sound Shell at the Temora Railway Precinct to share an evening of music with someone older that you - grandparent, sibling, neighbour, aunt or uncle Free event, bring your own chair, drinks and nibbles too!

    April 2, pm - House Concert in Batemans Bay. If you are in the South Coast region and would like to come along, please get in touch for more information - info thestringcontingent. April 1, pm - Pretty Beach House Concert. March 31, pm - Wauchope House Concert. March 20, - Residency — Gunnedah Conservatorium.

    We are delighted to be returning to Gunnedah for a week long residency facilitated by Gunnedah Conservatorium in celebration of their 30th anniversary, including performances and workshops throughout the week. More details coming soon!