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They placed him under house arrest until his death in , the same year Isaac Newton was born. To say she was ahead of her time would be an understatement. Their collaboration started in the early s, when Lovelace was just 17 and still known by her maiden name of Byron. She was the only legitimate child of poet Lord Byron. Babbage had drawn up plans for an elaborate machine he called the Difference Engine — essentially, a giant mechanical calculator.

In the middle of his work on it, the teenage Lovelace met Babbage at a party. There, he showed off an incomplete prototype of his machine. Miss Byron, young as she was, understood its working, and saw the great beauty of the invention. It was mathematical obsession at first sight. The Analytical Engine was more than a calculator — its intricate mechanisms and the fact that the user fed it commands via a punch card meant the engine could perform nearly any mathematical task ordered. Lovelace even wrote instructions for solving a complex math problem, should the machine ever see the light of day.

Many historians would later deem those instructions the first computer program, and Lovelace the first programmer. Memories of middle or high school geometry invariably include an instructor drawing right triangles on a blackboard to explain the Pythagorean theorem. The lesson was that the square of the hypotenuse, or longest side, is equal to the sum of the squares of the other sides. A proof followed, adding a level of certainty rare in other high school classes, like social studies and English.

Pythagoras, a sixth-century B. Greek philosopher and mathematician, is credited with inventing his namesake theorem and various proofs. But forget about the certainty.

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Babylonian and Egyptian mathematicians used the equation centuries before Pythagoras, says Karen Eva Carr, a retired historian at Portland State University, though many scholars leave open the possibility he developed the first proof. Even so, we know enough to suspect Pythagoras was one of the great mathematicians of antiquity. His influence was widespread and lasting. It started in Sweden: a functional, user-friendly innovation that took over the world, bringing order to chaos. No, not an Ikea closet organizer.

He lived at a time when formal scientific training was scant and there was no system for referring to living things. The 18th century was also a time when European explorers were fanning out across the globe, finding ever more plants and animals new to science. He intended the simple Latin two-word construction for each plant as a kind of shorthand, an easy way to remember what it was. The names moved quickly from the margins of a single book to the center of botany, and then all of biology.

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Linnaeus started a revolution, but it was an unintentional one. Today we regard Linnaeus as the father of taxonomy, which is used to sort the entire living world into evolutionary hierarchies, or family trees. But the systematic Swede was mostly interested in naming things rather than ordering them, an emphasis that arrived the next century with Charles Darwin. But his naming system, so simple and adaptable, remains. Linnaeus gave us a system so we could talk about the natural world. But no one mentioned Rosalind Franklin — arguably the greatest snub of the 20th century.

The British-born Franklin was a firebrand, a perfectionist who worked in isolation. Franklin was also a brilliant chemist and a master of X-ray crystallography, an imaging technique that reveals the molecular structure of matter based on the pattern of scattered X-ray beams. Her early research into the microstructures of carbon and graphite are still cited, but her work with DNA was the most significant — and it may have won three men a Nobel.

But in , in the prime of her career, she developed ovarian cancer — perhaps due to her extensive X-ray work. Franklin continued working in the lab until her death in at age Isaac Asimov — Asimov was my gateway into science fiction, then science, then everything else. A trained biochemist, the Russian-born New Yorker wrote prolifically, producing over books, not all science-related: Of the 10 Dewey Decimal categories, he has books in nine.

Richard Feynman — Feynman played a part in most of the highlights of 20th-century physics. In , he joined the Manhattan Project. As part of the space shuttle Challenger disaster investigation, he explained the problems to the public in easily understandable terms, his trademark. Feynman was also famously irreverent, and his books pack lessons I live by. FitzRoy founded the U.

But after losing his fortunes, suffering from depression and poor health, and facing fierce criticism of his forecasting system, he slit his throat in Jean-Baptiste Lamarck — Lamarck may be remembered as a failure today, but to me, he represents an important step forward for evolutionary thinking. Before he suggested that species could change over time in the early 19th century, no one took the concept of evolution seriously.

Lucretius 99 B. My path to the first-century B. Instead, she married rich. She also fought to make her alma mater more accessible to women, leading to an all-female dormitory, allowing more women to enroll. A champion of the national parks enough right there to make him a hero to me! Rolf O. As the wolf population has nearly disappeared and moose numbers have climbed, patience and emotional investment like his are crucial in the quest to learn how nature works.

Marie Tharp — I love maps. So did geologist and cartographer Tharp. In the midth century, before women were permitted aboard research vessels, Tharp explored the oceans from her desk at Columbia University. With the seafloor — then thought to be nearly flat — her canvas, and raw data her inks, she revealed a landscape of mountain ranges and deep trenches. Her keen eye also spotted the first hints of plate tectonics at work beneath the waves.

Science needs to get out of the lab and into the public eye. Over the past hundred years or so, these scientists have made it their mission. Sean M. Carroll — : The physicist and one-time Discover blogger has developed a following among space enthusiasts through his lectures, television appearances and books, including The Particle at the End of the Universe, on the Higgs boson. Rachel Carson — : With her book Silent Spring , the biologist energized a nascent environmental movement.

In , Discover named Silent Spring among the top 25 science books of all time. Richard Dawkins — : The biologist, a charismatic speaker, first gained public notoriety in with his book The Selfish Gene , one of his many works on evolution. Stephen Jay Gould — : In , the paleontologist Gould was a guest on The Simpson s, a testament to his broad appeal.

Among scientists, Gould was controversial for his idea of evolution unfolding in fits and starts rather than in a continuum. You can never be in two places at once. Unless you can move your extended families with you, someone will always be far from home. You will miss birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, births, and festive holidays; in a worst-case scenario, you may even miss your chance to say goodbye to someone who passes away.

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But language can be a minefield. Common words or slang you have grown up with can take a different meaning when strictly taught to a non-native speaker. A mistranslation on either side can quickly redirect a conversation in the wrong direction. Non-verbal communication can play an even bigger role. Besides each person having a unique way of expressing their love, cultural norms will likely be ever-present.

You can read more about the levels of public displays of affection in Europe. Likewise, your non-verbal communication might not be in line with what they interpret as love. Being aware of the message you are portraying in their eyes is important. Despite any missteps that might occur along your journey, true love is never far away.

Getting through these trying times will enrich expat relationships. Additionally, deeply integrating into another culture is a gift you give each other, through teaching and showing the ways of your home country. You learn more about your own culture, and take on the best parts of theirs. Meeting the foreign parents and spending time with your new family provides a local insight that most temporary travellers wish for, besides giving you context to the new world you live in. Even your families benefit when they meet each other and enjoy the foods, stories, and places that they may never have had the opportunity to discover.

This site uses functional cookies and external scripts to improve your experience. Which cookies and scripts are used and how they impact your visit is specified on the left. You may change your settings at any time. I genuinely look forward to coming into work every day. The Meraki Sales Team is a passionate group that brings energy and excitement to the sales floor every day.

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Things move quickly here, and the competitive spirit is evident, with reps gathering around the sales leaderboard throughout the day to see where they stack up. We want you to overachieve and unlike our competitors, commissions are never capped. Meraki reps are trusted to own the entirety of the sales cycle and operate autonomously, forming direct relationships with customers and resellers, while creating loyal customer advocates and an extended network of reseller teams.

I have complete control of my territory and the entire sales cycle from start to finish, and the support from a smart and creative team when I need it. Our Technical Support Team takes pride in providing fantastic support to our customers and partners around the world. Our open floor environment allows our engineers to brainstorm ideas with others who are just as passionate about networking and solving problems. A non—tiered support system ensures all team members are cross—trained on all Meraki products, so regardless of the issue, any team member can handle the case and drive it to resolution.

In our team-oriented and collaborative environment, Support has a strong voice in improving the Meraki product and increasing its value to customers. Informal, cozy, and designed to foster collaboration, our unique office offers a variety of work spaces that support you to do your best. At Cisco Meraki, we support your passions, development, and wellness allowing you to thrive inside and outside of the office. We encourage a healthy work-life balance and make it easy for you to bring your whole self to work. Unconventional team outings are a Meraki tradition.

From helicopter rides to cocktail making classes, we know how to have a good time, and we make happiness a priority. Why do we ask these questions? Learn more here. Departments Life Open Positions Apply. Networking is complicated. Build Something Better Meraki entrusts its engineers with an exceptionally high level of personal responsibility.

Doing it the hard(er) way

Hack the Full Stack Since Meraki builds cloud-managed hardware, our engineers hack a technology stack impressive in breadth as well as depth. Winners Wanted The Meraki Sales Team is a passionate group that brings energy and excitement to the sales floor every day. How We Solve Our Technical Support Team takes pride in providing fantastic support to our customers and partners around the world. Meraki HQ Informal, cozy, and designed to foster collaboration, our unique office offers a variety of work spaces that support you to do your best.

Photos by Jasper Sanidad. Well-Balanced Merakians At Cisco Meraki, we support your passions, development, and wellness allowing you to thrive inside and outside of the office. We offer robust learning opportunities that cover a wide spectrum of topics from leadership to programming. Making a difference in the world is a key part of our culture. With our Time2Give benefit, you can take up to five paid days a year to contribute your time and talent to a cause that matters to you.

We take pride in our supportive, inclusive community and work environment. Excellent medical, dental, and vision insurance. Happiness Unconventional team outings are a Meraki tradition. Our mission is to simplify technology so our customers can focus on what's most meaningful to them: their students, patients, customers, and businesses. Meraki's cloud-managed model offers an unmatched opportunity to draw upon data from hundreds of thousands of networks to identify new threats and learn new ways to optimize traffic in real time.

You will lead your team in leveraging this advantage to drive industry-leading innovation in both security and SD-WAN technology. You will seek to align everyone to our most important objectives, offering a vision for the team and product that keeps them motivated and looking forward. You will have the opportunity to split your time between our San Francisco and San Jose offices.

Everybody is accepted and valued here, and we are a team that works as one towards our goals. Cisco will consider for employment, on a case by case basis, qualified applicants with arrest and conviction records. Choose Job Location First Name. How did you hear about Meraki?

You will provide architectural leadership, review designs, and prioritize the growth and development of your team members. You will be a strong mentor, nurturing an encouraging environment where your team can do their best work. You will enable a positive relationship between your team, product management, and other engineering teams. Our full stack teams build and maintain our web application, which manages millions of network devices from our cloud.

Our customers use the Meraki dashboard to monitor and configure critical IT infrastructure that serves tens of millions of people every single day. With the help of product managers and UX designers, you will construct intuitive and powerful workflows to solve important problems for IT professionals around the world. Our full stack engineers are well versed in a wide array of CS concepts and excited to jump around languages, platforms, and all levels of the Meraki stack!

We're looking for leaders, whether that means you want to be a strong leading individual contributor or you want to grow into a tech lead role. Everybody In means we listen to each other's opinions. We recognize that diverse teams make the strongest teams, and we encourage people from all backgrounds to apply. With the help of product managers and UX designers, you will construct intuitive but powerful workflows to tackle the meaningful problems that IT professionals face every day. You will solve the networking challenges faced by small businesses.

Meraki makes setting up, managing, and maintaining that infrastructure easier than it has ever been before. Meraki enables connectivity everywhere from neighborhood cafes to education institutions to global hospitality groups operating thousands of sites. From Dashboard, our customers can control their entire Meraki stack: access points, switches, firewalls, client devices, cameras, and more.

You will work across the stack with other developers, UX designers, and product management to build and improve the Dashboard web application. Meraki engineers put the customer experience first, own projects from beginning to end, and are empowered to make impactful decisions. We place a high value on nurturing the growth and development of everyone on our team. We foster an open and supportive workplace where everybody is given the opportunity to succeed. Projects are cross functional, which allow insight into new languages and technologies, help encourage professional growth within engineering, and allow a sense of ownership within the team.

Each intern and co-op is matched with a mentor who provides continual feedback and guidance throughout the duration of the program. Mentors help with introductions to other team members, overviews of tools and processes, and provide a seamless integration into Meraki life. Our new Data Center Operations team will build and manage scalable and secure data centers across the globe that powers Dashboard and many other applications. Meraki SRE is looking for a manager to build and support an operations team as the company continues to grow and expand into new regions. Assess employee performance frequently, address under-performance, and recognize and promote accordingly.

You will improve our existing networking technology to enable our customers to deploy our products in new and innovative ways. You will have the opportunity to work across our stack developing software that spans from device drivers and routing code all the way up to our distributed, cloud-hosted backend.

At Meraki, we allow engineers the opportunity to experience multiple technology areas and problem domains. Whether you have a passion for user interfaces, scalable, high-performance backend services, new platform bring-up, or prefer to work across the full stack, you can feel free to dive as deep as you want or build your own features top-to-bottom and help craft the suite of innovative products that make Meraki unique. We leverage real-time telemetry from thousands of deployed networks spanning the globe to continuously improve the performance and stability of our products.

Our device firmware is built on Linux and open-source software. We work individually and in small teams to release several new products each year. We're looking for potential leaders, whether that means you want to be a strong leading individual contributor or you want to grow into a tech lead role. Our projects are driven by technological innovation and developer creativity in addition to market demands, giving you the structure and freedom to pursue projects you are most passionate about.

With millions of people using Meraki products around the world, your work will have a significant impact from the day it is deployed. We enable organizations everywhere, from local libraries to hotels operating worldwide, to focus on their mission and have technology that simply works. As a senior product designer at Meraki, you will lead UX projects and own the design of a product area or cross-product features. Working with partners in product management and engineering, you will identify the right problems to solve and use design methods to choose and iterate on solutions. You will work to understand the complex needs of IT administrators, help set a vision for the product grounded in those needs, and collaborate with a cross-functional team to build it iteratively.

On the design team, we give and get feedback early and often, share what we know, and learn from each other. Build effective working relationships and bring the wider team into the design process. Be able to tell the story of a project and to precisely articulate design rationale. Provide helpful feedback to other designers. You are eager to learn new skills and deepen your areas of expertise.

You build software and systems to monitor, scale and deploy our distributed cloud services. You will make crucial decisions about how to manage and scale complex, high-performance distributed systems. You will also provide your own perspective on our backend systems and constantly develop innovative ways to improve the way we manage the underlying infrastructure. This might include anything from digging into source code our own or from open source projects , hunting memory leaks, tracing bottlenecks in upstream networks, or database query optimization.

You have experience supporting an externally-facing production environment. This role requires being part of a one-week-in-eight on-call rotation. You build large systems out of small components that each do one job and do it well. We run Debian. The Infrastructure Site Reliability Engineering team's mission is to make Infrastructure as a Service IaaS a reality at Cisco Meraki and to ensure it meets the needs of the various platforms supported within Software Engineering. We believe in automating manual tasks with the right tools. You will design, build and run automated systems written in ruby.

You will work closely with our existing vendors to coordinate all hands on work. This role requires being part of a workday on-call rotation. As a Senior Site Reliability Engineer on the Observability team you will be responsible for designing useful, scalable and secure monitoring systems that make sure we stay online. Our customers depend on our products to run their critical infrastructure of network switches, security appliances, wireless APs and security cameras. You have experience supporting an externally-facing production environment, ideally in a team that follows the sun.

The Meraki MV security camera system is powerful, secure, and does not rely on any on-premise servers, making it easy to deploy and scale from one to hundreds of cameras per site. The Meraki dashboard is a simple but powerful application in an industry where unfriendly command line interfaces are the norm. Dashboard provides rich visualizations that allow our customers to manage and deploy their networks and cameras easily, rapidly identify and resolve issues, and scale their lean IT networks to large deployments because all the configuration lives within the cloud.

The mobile app augments this experience for users who are away from their desks. Dashboard drastically simplifies the process of deploying and configuring distributed networks, enabling customers to debug networking issues in real time from anywhere. Its rich data visualizations help users detect trends in network traffic and foot traffic alike. Meraki Engineers put the customer experience first, own projects from beginning to end, and are problem solvers. At first your duties will be to understand the existing testing framework in place and their potential but you will research and experiment with other frameworks and assess their viability to achieve best results, aiming for efficiency, scalability, extensibility, reliability and robustness.

With the large footprint that we have, quality is our highest priority. We are looking for a test automation engineer who is as passionate about quality as we are. Your contributions will make direct impact to the success of our business.

Engineering – Software

We have millions of devices deployed and because they are managed from the cloud, we are able to use real-time data to continuously improve the performance and stability of our products. The team works closely with a number of other teams in Engineering and in other departments, such as Product Management and Hardware. You will work on growing our automated testing framework for the MR Access Point, an enterprise wireless product with industry leading features. You will also assist developers in writing tests for new features, analyze test results for making firmware release decisions, and automate performance testing for publishing benchmarks.

In addition to the technical work you will also have the opportunity to act as a mentor to other developers on the team. We manage millions of devices on all major operating systems to help with security and workflow for end users. Our product manages millions of devices over a wide range of operating systems and quality is the highest priority. Your initial responsibilities will be very hand-on: helping build out new frameworks, testbeds, and tests, as well as testing evangelism within the team.

There are clear growth opportunities as we plan on building out a testing team; supporting 5 platforms isn't a one-person job and there will be plenty of chances for both technical and leadership growth. You will design, build and run automated network systems written in ruby. The Meraki cloud serves more than 2. Our customers depend on the Meraki cloud to manage and monitor their critical infrastructure of network switches, security appliances, wireless APs, security cameras, and phones. However, a key part of an IT team's toolbox is making networks intuitive to setup and manage.

Essential to achieving this goal is simplifying the world of Mobile Device Management as our world becomes an increasingly mobile place. Our Systems Manager development team is dedicated to achieving this simplicity by streamlining the control of devices at an enterprise level.

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We work as a small and lean team, and wear many hats. You will have a strong hand in not just building the technology, but also defining what we should be building. As an mobile software engineer you will work on building apps that facilitate management, inventory, and policy enforcement on both company and personally owned Android devices. These apps have both user facing features and background services to talk to the Meraki cloud, so you will have the opportunity to work anywhere from pixel perfect front ends to high performance backend algorithms.

Your work will run on hundreds of thousands of devices and you will have the ownership to impact customers who touch this tool on a global level. Our devices are some of the most popular in the world, and, in the last three years alone, the number of active Meraki devices has increased by nearly four-fold. You will represent and lead the team by providing input on and making decisions about team direction and projects. You will build out the team by recruiting, interviewing, and hiring. You will mentor and develop engineers through meaningful career development and continuous feedback.

You will review high-level technical designs and architectural decisions. You will be exposed to numerous domains—networking, databases, web app development, and systems—and all parts of the stack—from the Dashboard UI and backend down to the device firmware itself. Finally, you will make a significant impact on our customers and users that rely on Meraki access points, switches, security appliances, and cameras every single day. We believe in fostering a positive culture by hiring, coaching, and empowering smart, helpful, humble people and providing equal opportunities for all employees to thrive.

With the support of management, we constantly look within for ways to improve organizationally. We maintain a positive relationship with Cisco that gives us the stability and resources of a larger company without sacrificing our startup vibe—including a beautiful office overlooking the Bay Bridge with delicious catered meals, fully-stocked kitchens, an onsite gym, and paid time off to volunteer. We are confident you will love it here. Meraki makes setting up, managing, and maintaining that infrastructure easy to do from anywhere. Meraki enables connectivity everywhere from neighborhood cafes to renowned universities to global hospitality groups operating thousands of sites.

Dashboard provides rich visualizations that allow our customers to manage and deploy their networks easily, rapidly identify and resolve issues, and scale their lean IT networks to large deployments because all the configuration lives within the cloud. This mobile-first solution will give you the opportunity to develop a consumer grade application to help small businesses access enterprise grade WiFi. You will ensure clear communication of key deliverables across cross-functional teams including Hardware, Software, Product Management, and Support.

Excellent communication, interpersonal and presentation skills. At first your duties will be very hands on, with a bit of testing evangelism thrown in. On other days you may be teaching other teams about new ways to test their code. You will get to learn some of the cool technologies inside the box. Through testing you will gain firsthand knowledge about the performance and be able to guide the team in improving the quality before we release the product. Meraki makes setting up, managing, and maintaining networks easier than it has ever been before.

Simplified and smarter networking means that businesses run more smoothly, and more people have reliable access to the information they need. We handle all types of testing projects for our cloud managed products; from nightly feature tests across the latest firmware images to performance testing of all kinds.