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Comes in black heavy records with laser engraved etching on side D. Gatefold jacket. Comes in 6-panel digipack. Comes in transparent blue heavy records with laser engraved etching on side D. Empty streets Substance vortex Respect my solitude Cloud seeder Still yearning Strike up with the dawn Transcending yesterdays Sima Great Lakes Marsh. Robinson Woods. Grand Beach Marsh. Jens Jensen Preserve. Flynn Woods. Turtle Creek Preserve.

Into The Woods’s tracks

The Merritt Family Preserve. The next day, Marcy tells Heather that Ann was taken to a mental institution after attempting to commit suicide, and that she'd been covered in blood. With the help of Marcy, Heather eventually learns to adjust to her new school, even having fun at times and making more friends. Traverse subjects Heather to special tests to see if she is "gifted," telling her that it is all part of her scholarship to the academy. The girls tell Heather a spooky story about the history of Falburn, which includes three young redheaded sisters who arrived at the school and turned out to be witches, killing the headmistress before leaving to the woods.

Meanwhile, Samantha continues to torment Heather, who comes to despise her and fights back.

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Ann returns from the mental institution, and Heather finds her one day, rocking in her bed. Ann reveals that she is afraid she will be taken by the witches. She says she is cold, so Heather climbs on a trunk to try and close the open window over Ann's bed. A low fog rushes into the room and knocks Heather down, twisting her ankle, and she is taken to the infirmary.

The next day, Heather finds Ann's bed empty, her place filled with dead leaves.

An overview

She witnesses the headmistress lying to the police about Ann's disappearance, remarking that she is being taken care of. This leads her to become suspicious and she tries to talk to Marcy about it.

I want to...

But Marcy acts strangely, and is shadowed by one of the teachers. Soon after, Heather finds Marcy's bed empty and covered in leaves. Later, she is confronted in the woods by Samantha, who reveals that she has actually been trying to protect Heather with her antics. She tells Heather that the school is led by a coven of witches who want to take all of the girls away.

Samantha explains that she has called Heather's father to help her escape and that the milk is poisoned. The girls are both caught by a school mistress, who promptly takes Samantha away. Samantha is later found hanging from a bedsheet in the cafeteria.

When a police officer comes to investigate, Heather tells him of the missing students. The officer confronts the headmistress, but she claims that the girls ran away. Another mistress "leads" the officer into the woods to find the girls, where he is killed by the living vines of a tree.

In the Woods

Heather's parents show up to take her home, though the headmistress tries to persuade them otherwise. On the way home, their car is mysteriously flipped and Heather is knocked unconscious. Alice is dragged out of the car by a living vine and kicks Joe in the head, knocking him out. Heather and Joe wake up in a nearby hospital.