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Who in the first century went further into Hungary and Serbia, to Settle in what was back then called Dacia. First of all at the time of the great flood not all people were destroyed. Just as there were other peoples when Adam and Eve were in the garden of Eden.

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When Cain killed his brother Abel he was terrified that, he would be killed by others from outside the Garden. After the great flood the world was repopulated by the three sons of Noah, Japheth, Shem and Ham.

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The second group are the Hamitic group that belong to the African people and, parts of India and the Asiatic peoples etc. The Japhetic group belongs to the ones known as the Indo- Europeans consisting of the Iranians, Indians and Europeans. From which son of Japheth did the Serbian people come from? The book of jubilees stated that Tiras inherited four huge lands along the ocean. There were other Thracian nations that went further north, up to the Carpathian mountains in the lands named Dacia by the Romans. There is no way of knowing what the Thracians called themselves.

Now comes that, which shocked me I am a proud Serb and love my country of birth the Thracians and the Illyrians are said to be the same people.

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Most of the population of Serbia and Montenegro is of southern origin and these slavic tribes entered the region from the north during the 5th and 7th century A. They did encounter the Illyrians and the Slavs acculturated large numbers, of Illyrians into the Slavic culture. Many Illyrians retained their distinctive language and customs, due to their isolation, of complex hills and valleys.

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The present day Albanians claim the Illyrians as their ancestors. Many Jews moved to Belgrade or emigrated, often to Israel. Many assimilated, losing their Jewish identity.

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Former synagogues were gradually either demolished or put to new uses. Many cemeteries were abandoned; some were pillaged and their gravestones used for construction. Others became overgrown and almost forgotten until researchers began to identify them in the s.

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About 20 synagogues, and many other Jewish sites, survive in one form or another. Today, most synagogue buildings that remain — such as the grand structures at Novi Sad and Subotica — are protected monuments.

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This book is claiming that the Serbs have Hebrew origins!!! Jews and Slavs are brothers, as I posted earlier.

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Many Jews have Slavic ancestry, which they bring to Israel, and this is why we see Slavic culture flourishing in a part the Middle East- because of Jews. Jews have also made undeniable contributions to Slavic culture. Can I get an executive summary?