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The playable range of the instrument depends on which registers have been selected.

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The blue keys on the Kontakt keyboard show the playable range of the tonal registers. The very light blue keys from G 0 to B0 show the playable range of the percussion section. We have maintained the character of our sampled organs by capturing all the nuances of the original instruments. The samples include all of the character and noises from the organs which will ensure that your organ parts sound as realistic as possible.

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Self-Publishing: The Carnival of the Indies

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The game has no overarching story as such; each puzzle shows a small section of Hazard Park , an amusement park with woeful disdain for its customers. Completing the puzzles in a particular section displays the fate of the unfortunate guests at a given ride, attraction, or location for that particular section. In later years the author made the game freely downloadable Freeware on his website. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Carnival Of Light

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