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Mark, you never learn from your mistakes, do you?

What Are We Reading and Reviewing in January 12222?

You just Keep repeating the same old garbage, revealing yourself as just another Lone Nutter with an agenda to discredit my work. But I give you credit for at least trying to refute the math when you know nothing. That takes balls. Unfortunately, your lack of mathematical training is exposed along with your agenda.

Just what are your math credentials, anyway? Allow me an analogy. According to Mr. Charnin, it does, because how can those 42 weathermen ALL be wrong? The contradiction should be obvious to most 7th graders, perhaps even to Charnin. If witness impressions really were so accurate, then why would virtually all of them be wrong? How does Charnin explain this inconsistency?

To admit that gunshots can be confusing to the human ear or that the acoustical environment of the Plaza was particularly confusing would be the same as admitting that he has no argument at all. The TSBD also happens to be the only shooter location supported by credible physical evidence. Richard Charnin Mark Ulrik, you have just proved once again that you completely lack the ability to think logically. Of course, weather forecasters can err because they are predicting a future event.

Hetta Coffey is a sassy Texan with a snazzy yacht, and she's not afraid to use it!

Any or all predictions can turn out wrong since weather forecasting is an inexact science. I cannot believe that I must explain to you the difference between a forecast and a survey of witness observations. The Dealey Plaza witnesses voiced their observations on what they saw or heard. They were not predicting anything! You truly have no clue.

Ninety-three observers cannot all be wrong in saying shots came from the knoll area. It is statistically impossible. Do you know what the definition of a witness is?

Chris Benoit Conspiracy Theories Debunked: What Really Happened?

Keep it up. You are promoting my book by confirming what i wrote about lone nutter charlatans just like you. Mark Ulrik In Mr. In reality, however, the main difference between polling assassination ear-witnesses and weathermen is that the accuracy of weather predictions is easier to evaluate. Richard Charnin Mark Ulrik, you fail once again. You completely misstate my conclusions. I have stated that the vast majority of witnesses 93 said that shots were fired from the front.

I did not say that there were no shots from the back. Obviously there were 45 witnesses who said so. There is no conflict. You cannot even read. You continue to expose your ignorance. And yes, more than three shots were fired. The acoustics picked up 6, but only 4 were noted in the HSCA report. I will let you in on a secret: rifles have silencers. Lee Oswald was not on the street watching the motorcade. The man misidentified as Oswald is Billy Lovejoy and various people have identified him.

Richard Charnin Can you read? Where do you think Oswald was when JFK was shot? I bet you believe the Warren Commission. Tell us. Also, I did not say he was on the street. This is confirmed when you look at detailed witness testimonies of others who were standing there — although none say Oswald was there since the WC would not allow the testimony or they were otherwise intimidated. Now read their testimonies and try and refute them. Lovelady was in front — on the steps. Oswald was at the Doorway entrance — the top level first floor.

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So are you just another Lone nutter who believes the Warren Commission fairy tale? Yes or No? The Fritz notes were not mentioned by the Warren Commission and were hidden from the public until Ask yourself why. If Oswald was lying to Fritz, what was his motive? After all, he already had an alibi: he was seen on the second floor 90 seconds after the shooting by TSBD manager Roy Truly and policeman Marrion Baker.

He was holding a coke and not out of breath. If Oswald was not on the 6th floor, why would he not be out front watching the motorcade? And how would he know Bill Shelley was out in front unless he saw him there? Oswald deniers say that he told Fritz he changed his shirt. Could it have been his tee shirt? The shirt he was wearing at the TSBD is the same style open in a V pattern as the one he was wearing at the police station.

Lovelady did not open his shirt in a V-pattern to show a tee, assuming he wore one. He was in the Black area and not visible.

Newsletter #92 December, 2010 — February, 2011

This is a Psuedo-scientific account. Not worth the time or money. Ok, Badger, point out just what in the book is Garbage in. And prove that the data and math are incorrect. If you cannot do so — and you surely cannot, it will prove that your review was pure garbage. Oh, and answer this question while you are at it.

Do you believe the Single Bullet Theory? Wisconsin Badger I think it is hilarious that the author comes and starts arguments with his readers about their opinion of his book. A review is an opinion. My opinion is that this book is awful. The author is so deep down the rabbit hole that he comes off as a crank. The math is jejune. It is not based on substance. Your agenda is exposed.

Unpunished (Gardiner and Renner Series #2)

You refused to answer whether or not you believe the SBT. You have not cited a single factual error in the book. Thanks for your inane comment. You confirmed the chapter on disinformationists. I can sum up the entire book in a paragraph. This is not to say the author is wrong. Richard Charnin There is a lot more in the book than that and you know it. Well, you accomplished your goal: one star brings down the average rating.

You must have done the math on that, right? In addition, many of the names on the list have little to no direct link to the assassination. By including the dead brother of one witness but not the living siblings and other close relatives this witness and all the other witnesses , Charnin increases the number of dead in his universe by one and the number of living in his universe by one as well.

This also establishes his numbers are fudged by a pre-selection bias that exposes his calculations as nonsense. Morrison is on the list exactly why? His only connection to the assassination is that he was the mayor of the city Oswald lived in for a portion of He has NO other association with the assassination.

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  • Throwing Morrison onto the list is done only to inflate the list of dead, and make the odds more astounding. It again shows the selection bias at work. One look no further than this discussion on Amazon with the author to see the logical errors of Charnin exposed:. Richard Charnin Caution, Henry Sienzant is a Lone Nutter who has zero knowledge of rational analysis, much less mathematics.

    Yes, go to the Amazon Discussion Forum and see for yourself why Henry Sienzant is a total fraud who makes a fool of himself over and over again. Henry calls my list self-selected. To any thinking observer, they were obviously relevant. According to Penn Jones Jr. Domingo Benavides was driving his pickup truck along Tenth Street in Oak Cliff on 22nd November, when he witnessed the Tippit murder.

    In February , his brother Edward Benavides, who resembled him, was shot in the back of the head in a club in Dallas. Domingo Benavides was an eyewitness to the Tippit murder who could not identify Oswald to the Warren Commission. His brother Edward was murdered by an unknown assailant in Feb. Domingo was anonymously threatened after the Tippit killing. He then changed his story and identified Oswald. In mid-February his brother Eddy, who resembled him, was fatally shot in the back of the head in a beer joint on Second Avenue in Dallas.

    Two weeks later Jackson was shot at in his home. The assailant secreted himself in the carport, fired once into the house, and when Jackson ran outside, fired one more time, just missing his head. As the gunman clambered into an automobile in a nearby driveway, Jackson saw a police car coming down the block.


    Henry, take these tests. Note that he did not buy the book and fails to refute any of the facts in it. This charlatan still defends the Warren Commission and the Single Bullet theory. He claims that I have a serious lack of research and knowledge of the assassination? The troll has a serious lack of integrity and shame. Charnin, a former consultant and quantitative programmer for investment banks, has written a mathematical masterpiece which uses Poisson analysis to show a significant number of witness deaths in the wake of the JFK assassination were indeed unnatural.

    This is important given how the matter of JFK witness deaths represents what many serious researchers regard as one component of the ongoing cover up. It is also important because the issue is rife with disinformation and misinformation from know-nothings. Thus, one sees there would have been ample reason to eliminate Kilgallen, as much or more as the reasons to eliminate David Ferrie when the Garrison investigation started and William Bruce Pitzer, the lab specialist at Bethesda who vowed to expose the actual autopsy photos and chicanery.

    And note, imho, this could only have been done using a Poisson -type analysis. Much of this harkens back to statistics shown at the end of the excellent movie, Executive Action which I strongly recommend to any interested person. In other words, , trillion to 1 against being coincidence! At least 42 JFK-related witnesses died unnaturally in the three years following the assassination.

    Using the 0. Linked to the issue of witness deaths is how they could have been accomplished with so many seeming objective observers being none the wiser. I lived in New Orleans at the time, in Feb. There are also 38 pages comprising nine appendices- ending with a quiz on the assassination. Something every would — be bloviator or opinion provider needs to take — to prove he is worthy of making comments!

    Sam Clemens Richard, thanks for your rebuttal of this insipid, vapid criticism.. Anyone with any intelligence and integrity and no occult agenda must concede that the WC conclusions were politically motivated and baloney. The Committee was very guarded in its use of language, but the reality of four shots is prima facie evidence of a conspiracy. A less guarded and more honest and competent position would recognize—and admit—the existence of several VOLLEYS of shots, comprising something like ten shots and the absolute certainly of a conspiracy to remove a sitting American president…one which might not even include the suspect Oswald.

    Martin J Eichler Typical attack by an uniformed uneducated person who believes in the lone nut fallacy and has a closed mind. And speaking of tools, yes you are one Davinroy. Maringelli Unfortunately what has clouded and slowed down the exposure of Government guilt in this heinous crime are the people who work for the Government such as Mike Davinroy.

    He and people like him try and confuse the issue for people that have never researched all the true facts in this case. All one has to do is look at the thousands of pieces of evidence. Richard Charnin does an amazing job at showing proof from a mathematical viewpoint. Davinroy, Your remarks about the book sparked my attention and purchase.

    Thank you for that. The book is a five out of five if there ever was one. Well done Mr. I see the JFK case not just as a murder but worse than that — it was and still is a monstrous assault on the constitution. We must not go on living this terrible, ugly lie. Do not fault Mr.

    Unpunished (Gardiner and Renner Series #2) by Lisa Black, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

    He is probably a good patriotic American. Remove this dissonance now and forever by the release of ALL files and evidence immediately. Of course, there have also been individuals very willing to act in a complicit way with these agencies…for whatever reason…e. Louis Whitney Richard… I have just ordered your book and look forward to reading it. Though I know of your work already and have studied many of your posts. I would like to share how I go about dealing with shills these days. They are not worth it. Arguing with them is a waste of valuable time… and life is short.

    That is not to say that they should not be exposed. They should be. But arguing their flawed theories? No way. Talk about numbers not lying! There simply is no longer a reasonable doubt that there was a conspiracy in the assassination of JFK… it is a certainty. JFK Blog Posts. In this post, I have selected just a few of his numerous writings on the JFK assassination.

    They focus on and expose the liberal and conservative Warren Commission apologists in the media who claim that conspiracies do not exist — and ridicule rationalists who cite overwhelming historical evidence proving that conspiracies are the norm, not the exception. There is no one more qualified to peer-review my work.

    Because science is what we need here to counter the flood of disinformation that first arrived with the Warren Commission Report — not to mention the efforts of all its apologists to defend it. I showed much of that in my FAQ Part 5 addressing the bullets and wounds back in November of last year, e. Howler Alert! Island of the Dolls Votes: 1 7. Dead Mountain Votes: 4 Total voters 14 Poll closed Mar 28, Last edited: Mar 21, I was hearing rumors about a Dyatlov Pass Incident movie not too long ago.

    Sadly nothing since then. Kind of surprised the slasher film studios haven't milked this story into a nauseating sequel stream of sex, co-ed titties and blood. They're always looking for 'based on true events Anybody want to make a movie series??? I love a good horror book. I am always looking for a new one to read. I am going to have to check these out Congrats to Kiowaprincess! PM me a preferred email address and I will have your two e-books sent from Amazon. Muriel Schwenck polyracial ecosexual Bold Member! LFODBiker said:. You must log in or register to reply here.

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