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If you have a largely female audience, you should keep this in mind when designing Pins or targeting your content. For example, women tend to have a preference for different colors than men. Pinterest users love to use mobile devices so you need to make sure your content is mobile friendly. This will not only give provide data on top metro areas, but also the top countries that are engaging with your account. This can be useful to decide if you want to use local marketing strategies or perhaps paid ads.

Get insight into the interests of your Pinterest audience. This can help you with your content calendar. Just know that without this valuable Pinterest data, your not going to learn what are your best strategies to grow your audience. So dig in and find out what is working and what is not.

2. Profile Cleanup and Optimization

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Thanks so much for sharing your story!! My goal for is to set up a Pinterest Management business so this post is SUPER helpful, thank you and if you have a course on how to set up and run such a business, even better!

5 Brilliant Ways To Make Money With Pinterest

Leah and Michelle, thanks for sharing your experiences and expertise! I am a fairly new blogger, but I have over 20k Pinterest followers. Where should I start? Thanks for the tips!!! This is a general question but do you think Pinterest still and will carry weight as a social media and search platform in the future?

How To Make More Money On Pinterest Fast

Thanks Leah and Michelle. I headed over Pinterest For Travel Bloggers and read it through. I love Pinterest and it is fantastic that you are able to earn from something you love. I easily spend 2 hrs on Pinterest a day as a rule just because I love the visual content available. I use it as a search engine too.

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Lovely tips and I will be sure to implement these. Awesome article! Thanks for sharing! I never thought of pinterest in this way before. I definitely need to up my game and find out how to drive more traffic using the platform. I think this is amazing and am ALL. My problem is, with my full time job floating in the background, finding the time to study, read your course on blogging which I signed up for and all my other duties as a wife and mother, is finding the tiime.

How did you manage to find the time to do all this?? Again, finding the time to start it and then follow through, in adition to everything else going on in my life, is what my hang-up seems to be in this situation. Do you have any advice for the extremely busy, modern woman?? Any advice you can provide will be greatly appreciated!! Thank you so much for your time which I know first hand is extremely valuable!!!! I have on average k views per month on my page, daily impressions, and daily viewers with followers.

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  • However, I am an avid Pinner lol. Thoughts, suggestions? What business can survive nowadays without using Pinterest for business? Doing so allows you to command large sums of traffic in longevity. And I would like to sell my services. How can I make it possible? I just checked that i have been getting 7 thousand monthly views on Pinterest from past few months.

    I have a blog too. Great read! This article inspired me to continue my dream of working remotely. I love pinterest and this I too can make it into a steady income over time! This was such an awesome post!! I am so excited to use this information to build!! Any pointers would be great of course!! Thank you so much for sharing this!!

    I found your information inspiring. Enjoying Pinterest and other social media platforms. How can you help? Now that affiliate links are commonplace on Pinterest, simply listing the product name and price isn't gonna cut it! Here's what I mean by that: If an affiliate pin doesn't naturally fall into the categories of one of your boards, don't put it there just because you can.

    You still need to keep up your Pinterest standards, after all. Throwing in random pins here and there is only going to lessen your credibility. Sure, you might make an extra buck or two, but is it worth it if you lose your most faithful and loyal followers in the process?

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    With that said, if there's a product you really, really love, but it doesn't fit onto any of your boards, that's where Tip 4 comes in Yep, you have my permission to create a board specifically for your favorite tools, resources, products, and courses. This is where you can share those affiliate links and products that don't fit in anywhere else. If your Pinterest graphics is orange, but the affiliate product you want to promote is perched on a dark green background which would totally clash with your branding and disrupt your Pinterest aesthetic , what do you do?

    This, friends, is when you need to step it up a notch and create your own pin image for the product you love oh so much.

    8 Effective Ways To Make Money Using Pinterest

    No cutting corners and screen-shotting something right from the company's website unless it fits in well with your branding. People will appreciate your extra effort! This probably sounds silly, but trust me — there's been a time or two when I've gone to click on a pin leading to my own blog, and there was no link to be found. Double check that for every affiliate pin you upload, you've gone back and manually added in your affiliate link. Otherwise — no moula for you, babe!