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I was in awe of this story and look forward to re-reading it again soon. Broken is a must read!! So Read This Book!!! I forgot to mention this in my original review. For those of you that have read Dirty , Elle makes a few appearance in this book, which was wonderful treat for me.

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Elle is one of my favorite female characters. Follow my reviews at www. View all 61 comments. Jan 29, C. Holy crap. So, holy crap. Last night, the kids were screaming, dinner was burning, homework wasn't getting done, and I was on the couch, glued to my kindle. And it's not like we had killers running around, jumping on trains while secret agents chase them. Oh no. A woman. Her quadriplegic husband. A man she meets for lunch.

And some of the BEST sex scenes ever committed to words. My heart broke for this wom Holy crap. My heart broke for this woman, how much she loved her husband, and how he couldn't touch her. How she longed to be touched. The depth of her sexual imagination. And at one point, I'm saying to myself I'm not giving anything away.

I can't stop thinking about this book, but I have to stop thinking about it, because dinner is burning. View all 3 comments. Jan 27, Penny rated it did not like it Shelves: e-read-erotic-romance , reviewed. I can't say I liked this book, but I can't say I hated it ether. It did make me feel, thou. It made me mad, and in my book mad is better than indifferent any day pun intended. I just have no idea how many stars I should give it, so I'm leaving it clear. The book has a few problems for me. The characters are completely underdeveloped. While reading the book, you have no idea who they really are.

There is no way to emotionally connect with them. Joe: How can I care for his sex stories when I know nothing about him? Reading about it was like watching porn, just strangers going at it. Sadie: Who the hell is she? I know she is the main character and that she got a raw deal in life. But there is so much personal information missing about her that is was impossible for me to connect to her. All we get are facts. Adam: OK, Adam is fine. Still, some more of him wouldn't have hurt. Isn't that nice? I am sorry , but that is just not fair. She should have had to take control of her life herself and face the consequences.

Ether leave her husband since he doesn't make her happy anymore, and thus feel like a selfish bitch, or just continue the way she was, unhappy and pitiful but free of guilt. The writer took the easy way out with the dead of the husband. There is no romance here and I don't appreciate it when I am expecting something I paid for, and instead I get something completely different. I think Megan Hart is just not the writer for me anymore.

View all 6 comments. Aug 13, K. So much is left out of the typical back cover synopsis and the editorial review on it, that I believe it can really put a reader off and lead them astray for the wrong reasons. Contrary to all three names above, this is a book that only deals with the ethics of what is considered chea "Broken" by Megan Hart; Contemporary cross between romance and women's erotic fiction Adam and Sadie and Joe I've needed to write this review for some time now, as it's definitely a book I don't want to forget about.

Contrary to all three names above, this is a book that only deals with the ethics of what is considered cheating, rather than cheating itself. In fact, all three of the participants in this love triangle act with the most honorable and moral decision making that any human could be expected to in the situation. None of us are perfect, but these three people's actions and ability to remain steadfastly faithful under extremely trying circumstances is to be admired. I really felt for and loved all three main characters.

Sadie, our heroine written in first person , meets Adam, the love of her life, at a college frat party. Adam is handsome, charming and ultimately poetic. Sadie is completely captivated by him, and shortly thereafter she decides to sweep him off of HIS feet by uncharacteristically pursuing him in an oh so sweet and subtle way. Adam has a girlfriend at the time Sadie meets him, but without a ring on her finger, Sadie is convinced it couldn't possibly matter since she's certain that Adam is HER fate, and the man she's meant to marry. Fortunately, Adam completely reciprocates the instant chemistry and magical feelings, and the two fall in love and marry.

After five years of wedded and passionate bliss, Sadie's world comes crashing down when Adam breaks his neck in a skiing accident and is rendered quadriplegic. It's a tragedy that no "young and in love" couple should ever have to face.


But Sadie so deeply loves Adam; he's her soul mate and knight in shining armor, so she faces the future and prepares to spend the rest of her life taking care of Adam and morphing their marriage into one that can maintain the true love they've always felt for each other. Unfortunately, sex, a HUGE part of any passionate and loving marriage is no longer feasible in the traditional ways that are so necessary to our existence, and Sadie and Adam's marriage begins to deteriorate. Adam also struggles naturally with the residual effects of going from a virile and fully functioning man to one imprisoned in his own body.

He rejects analysis and hunkers down within himself, drowning in depression issues with few tools to overcome them other than the steadfastness of Sadie's love - not always a good substitute when one's spouse is also trying to come to terms with their own feelings. Unfortunately, as strong and convicted as Sadie is, she is only human, and as time moves on, finding herself lonely and fully comprehending the ramifications of a life without basic, human touch!

Something she never bargained for when feeling she could "deal" with Adam's disability for a lifetime. A lifetime is an awful huge commitment to never be "held" in a man's arms again, much less all the other losses associated with an injury as devastating as Adam's. Seeking shelter from a sudden downpour one afternoon on her lunch break, Sadie finds a bench in an alcove and runs into Joe, likewise looking to stay dry.

They sit and find compatability in friendly chat and eat their lunch together. Soon Sadie and Joe find themselves meeting at the bench on a Friday once each month, and begin to know each other more personally. Joe, a single man, slowly begins to open up and relate the stories of his sexual encounters as a bachelor to Sadie, and Sadie finds she absorbs them like a sponge. They somehow fill the void in her sexless existence, but she soon begins to struggle with moral and ethical conscience issues as her feelings grow in a natural progression in relation to Joe -- the type that force one to face whether they are "cheating in their heart" on the one they love.

This book was wonderful. I adored Sadie's journey, fell in love with Joe and Adam both, and found myself in the "what would I do were I in Sadie's shoes" so many times, I can't even count. I've often thought about those circumstances in my own marriage being married to my own prince charming , and all I can say is that Hart writes Sadie in terms we can all both understand and relate to.

Right up to the end of the book, all three characters are honorable and people any of us could admire, and under these circumstances, that's a pretty hard bill to sell, when there are absolutely two heros in this book for the reader. Just a wonderful story that I would recommend to anyone. I felt it had a definite HEA based on the premise of the book, so don't let the unconventionality of it scare you off.

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For all of you that claim you love an "angsty" romance. Another winner for Hart. View all 27 comments. But what she thought would be a long happy marriage screeched to a halt when their relationship was put to the test. Joe Wilder started as a stranger in the park. Soon enough he became an outlet of her sexual frustration through his tale of sexual exploits.

But as things started to become personal, they were heading towards complications neither of them were ready to face. But then it got lost because I forgot the title and author name. I found it again about two years after and took me a while since then to finally get to it. All that wait was worth it though because this book left a mark in my heart. Sadie and Adam were thrown headfirst into a difficult situation. It was sad seeing how it affected them as a couple and as individuals. I could understand what they felt and why they acted a certain way and there was really no right or wrong in this situation.

He might seem like a periphery character but his role had impact. And I liked how he was unapologetic of who he was inside. It takes work and compromise to keep even an untested marriage strong, and ours was anything but untested. Broken is not a romance but a love story nonetheless. It would appeal to readers who want an erotic story with depth. View all 12 comments. May 15, Eastofoz rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Readers looking for an atypical erotic romance.

Shelves: contemporary , 1st-person , erotica. This is a blisteringly hot sizzler of a novel that has a very unusual plot. Told in the first person, Broken is the story of Sadie Danning whose once idyllic and just beautifully perfect life has been shattered in a way This is a blisteringly hot sizzler of a novel that has a very unusual plot. In order to escape the hell that her life is she meets up with Joe Wilder for lunch on the first Friday of every month and he tells her about his latest sexcapades.

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  • Joe holds back nothing. Every vivid and lurid detail is described. The story itself will throw you for a loop more than once and make you feel really conflicting feelings towards the heroine and the two heroes. This is your more serious kind of erotica that takes you waaaay out of your comfort zone, makes you feel gypped, at a loss, mad, hurt but also relieved, happy and, well, you name it, Hart runs the gamut of the emotional spectrum.

    Joe is a bastard in every sense of the word and Adam is a selfish, ungrateful sonofabitch but Hart makes you understand why they are the way they are so you can excuse them all the while hating how they behave sometimes. The guilt just eats away at you in this book but you feel so ripped up for her. Megan Hart is a brilliant writer.

    She describes the mundane as something new and really makes you feel in a gut wrenching kind of way what it might be like to be the heroine. This is a very strong first person kind of writing where all the other characters are in the background but you can still appreciate them. Hart puts your nerves on edge, gives you goosebumps the bad kind , makes you catch your breath and gasp all at the same time. The ending of the novel has the heroine come full-circle and I thought it was very fitting, touching and rewarding. It brought closure and a new beginning.

    Not only do you get a good feeling at the end of the novel but you feel hope for Sadie where there was really only hopelessness. When you're done though, plan for a nice happy-go-lucky, light Julie Quinn read after as a kind of vitamin C to kick start your system and make everything right again in Romanceville ; View all 19 comments. Shelves: zz-reviewed , read-in , tone-dark-or-not-fluffy. Megan Hart is a very emotional writer.

    When I pick up a book she has penned, I know many things before I even read the description. I know it will not be light and fluffy--I know it will probably not have a happy ending--i know there will be one or more tortured souls--I know there will be some smokin' hot sex--and finally, I know I am going to love it.

    Broken is a heart wrenching story of a man and woman, very much in love. The man suffers a terrible accident that leaves him paralyzed from the n Megan Hart is a very emotional writer. The man suffers a terrible accident that leaves him paralyzed from the neck down. Hart brought tears to my eyes as she describes the feelings the couple experiences--love-hate-jealousy-remorse-just to name a few.

    I can't even begin to imagine how difficult it must be to have the person you love live with you and talk with you and physically be with you, but not able to really experience the life you live. How hard that must be for both parties involved. Sadie needs an outlet, she needs someone to talk to and she finds her escape in Joe--a stranger who shares erotic stories of his one night stands with beautiful women.

    As Joe tells his stories, Sadie imagines herself as the women he speaks of. Sometimes Hart surprises me with an unexpected ending. I thought Broken's ending was bittersweet. This was another emotional but fantastic book by Megan Hart. Check us out! View all 4 comments. Unique and different. It was like an adult version of Me Before You.

    That's the only book I can compare to. Because of you I passed this book over and over again. With that out of the way Like, really though about it? To have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part. From this day forward til dead us do apart is a freaking loooong time. A lot of things can happen beteen now and then.

    We promise to love and to cherish each other, no matter what happens. You picture a happy life together. Sure, there might be some bumps in the road, but you feel confidant enough and think that you could handle those. It all sounds nice. But what would you do if real shit would hit the fan? Have you ever though what those bumps could be?

    How much of yourself would you be willing to sacrifice? Would you truly be able to put your life on hold and dedicate the rest of it to your spouse? Day in and day out, moth after month, year after year I used to think that. I used to think I was a good person, that I would do the right thing. Before I read this book. This book gave me something to think about. Marriages fail all the time from lesser disruptions than the unexpected disability of a spouse.

    This story is about a coupe, Sadie and Adam, who's marriage has been put to the test. It's like someone above got bored and decided to play a cruel joke on them. It's also about a man, Joe, who wants to be accepted for who he is. Who doesn't talk a lot but wants to be heard. Saddie She has been dealt a shitty hand in life and now finds herself at the crossroads. I'm not trying to diminish the fact that her husband wasn't having a blast either, but the story is told from her's pov, it's her journey and her struggles.

    Although, the scenes with him in it were heartbreaking to read. I sympathized with her character, I tried to understand her, to put myself in her shoes, as best as I could. Her struggles were so heathfelt and not easy to read through. I mean, I understand how it would be considered as a happy ending, but for some reason, it left me sad.

    After everything that characters went through Will any of them ever be happy again? I don't know, but I hope so. View all 25 comments. Shelves: genre-contemp-romance , e-pcs , read-in , genre-erotica , recommendations , favorites-of-all-time. I'm not sure how to start except to say that a review can't possibly do this book justice. The blurb outlines one of the major parts of this story, but really can't explain the plot without giving the book away.

    The word 'husband' threw me off. I'm not one to enjoy erotica just for the sake of the taboo, and I was worried that this would downplay the importance of fidelity and trust in you partner or marriage. It doesn't. I thought after the first chapter that I understood the gist of the story. I was comfortable with where it was going. I quickly changed my mind after starting chapter two and getting a punch to the gut when the story took a major turn. As I kept reading, I kept on getting surprises.

    My emotions were all over the place. Then I was crying too hard to see the words, then laughing and feeling so happy for these people. Then back to the anger, and it all felt so real! There was such depth to Sadie and I felt such a connection with her. For a short time, I lived her life. It is also a story about sex, and how important our sexuality can be. It's a story about tragedy and guilt and one woman's desperate attempt to know herself.

    It's beautifully written and extremely honest. My heart hurt for all involved. This is one of those books that makes you both fearful and thankful, and a story I won't forget. This was my first book by Megan Hart, and I had heard good things. Now I know, and I will for sure be reading more by her. She writes a story that is truly captivating. View all 28 comments. Dec 01, Wicked Incognito Now rated it it was amazing. Megan Hart writes erotic romance, but with so much seriousness and reverence I hesitate to call it erotica.

    It can't be.

    La Amante Imaginaria Especial Erotica Raising happy healthy children a nanny p blueprint by nanny p

    Not the way she writes it. Sure, it's titillating, but it's so so much more. I have never felt so much despair, rage, empathy, sadness, and longing for a fictional character before. This is the story of a woman whose husband suffered an accident leaving him a paraplegic. Sure, his personal suffering is too much to even contemplate, but what happens to the wife? She must be str Megan Hart writes erotic romance, but with so much seriousness and reverence She must be strong, supportive, upbeat, financially responsible To need human touch.

    To need comfort. To need to just be something other than constantly strong and responsible. So heartbreaking. So, she starts these conversations that take place on the first Friday of every month on a park bench, in which she lives vicariously through the sexual escapades of Joe.

    Her bench mate. They never talk about anything other than his sexual conquests. Yet she knows she's being emotionally unfaithful, and she is unable to stop. She craves those stories. They are her lifeline to everything she is not supposed to need to want.


    This passage from Sadie's visit to a massage therapist broke my heart and it resonated with me, as some of the feelings of needing to always be strong, responsible and untouched were similar to my feelings when my husband was in Iraq for 15mos. My hand in hers, my fingers closed and opened involuntarily as she massaged my palm and the back of my hand. She closed both hands over mine, holding it between them for a second of two before massaging between each of my fingers. Emotion rushed into my throat with the force and bitterness of acid.

    When was the last time someone had held my hand this way, with such tenderness and care? Far more realistic and resonant than anything I've read lately. I even love how she weaved characters from her previous novel "Dirty" into this one. She let us catch a glimpse into the lives of Dan and Elle without a corny epilogue. We see that Elle still struggles, still works out her problems, yet she's growing and flourishing.

    Simply beautiful. View all 7 comments. Jan 30, Mandi Schreiner rated it it was amazing. This book is one of the most intense, emotional, dark books I've read. Extremely erotic, extremely painful I loved every page. It is not a typical romance book - it is more a very intimate look inside Sadie and Joe's life View all 49 comments. As circumstances changed, Sadie learned to cope and balance her career with marital demands, but it became quite a lonely and exhausting existence. A dutiful and loving wife, Sadie gave what she had and absorbed her loss gracefully in silence.

    What happens when the weaker becomes the stronger? During this time, she befriends a man named Joe Wilder and becomes immersed in his stories. While not poking into her private life, Joe seems to be an open book in many ways and feels comfort in talking to Sadie as well.

    Additionally, as Joe recounts his sexual escapades, he is revealing so much about himself and hoping not to be judged. As Sadie and Joe share a unique intimacy yet also a sort of measured distance, they need each other for their own reasons. With layers of lust, love, grief and doubt, these characters must find their new purpose while everything continues to change. There were angsty times when Sadie and Joe made certain decisions, but it did serve to enrich their characters with a healthy dose of vulnerability and soul searching.

    Broken is about sacrifice, friendship, love and finding oneself. This book would appeal to those enjoy a thought-provoking plot with a range of genuine heartfelt emotions. I highly recommend! View all 14 comments. The masterful writing kept me enthralled until the hopeful end. It was wonderful to see Elle from Dirty, her storyline was perfectly interwoven with Sadie's. Another emotional read from Ms Hart, but if you enjoy her books, this is a must read! Jun 29, Stacia the club rated it liked it Shelves: adult , dark-or-taboo , romantica-or-erotica , contemporary-romance. I think I shall call this one the tale of two books because this is how I felt when reading Broken.

    Let's start with the book 1 : The good book. Sadie's relationship with Adam is broken. After a skiing accident leaves him paralyzed from the neck down, he retreats inside of himself and becomes a shell of the person he used to be. Sadie longs to be close to her husband, but intimate moments are few and far between. This is the story that I truly enjoyed.

    I'm constantly fascinated with peeking in the I think I shall call this one the tale of two books because this is how I felt when reading Broken. I'm constantly fascinated with peeking in the windows of another person's life and seeing what I find. Watching the struggles of others reminds us that we're not alone in our personal battles. Everything that Sadie and Adam went through tugged at my heartstrings and their story was tragic and emotional.

    I loved to read about these two as a couple. Then we move on to book 2 : The "didn't really care" book. Because Sadie is missing something in her life, she finds herself a "safe" outlet to live out some of the fantasy she's lacking in her own existence. Enter Joe - the mystery man. Once a month, Sadie and Joe meet on a park bench, where he tells her stories of his previous encounters with women.

    As he's telling the stories, Sadie puts herself in the story and imagines it's her. The time they have together lasts for an hour only, just once a month. Sadie never cheats. She doesn't indulge herself with many thoughts of being with Joe, and never really considers leaving Adam. To be honest, I skimmed most of Joe's stories. In my books, I want to connect with my characters. After the first three or so of Joe's "sexcapades" fell extremely flat for me they felt like a bland narrative, not sexy at all , I skimmed every story afterward.

    We never really got to know anything about Joe, other than he provided an escape for Sadie. I gathered that was the point near the end when it turned out that Sadie was the only one who truly "knew" Joe after all this time, but it wasn't believable or endearing. I think that Hart just isn't the author for me. This is the second book I've read by her, and while I liked this one quite a bit better than the other one, it still didn't hook me as much as I would have liked it to. Her books are tinged with sadness, but it's not even in such a way that you feel like you learned something new or are going to ponder the books for months to come, like the worlds some authors are capable of creating.

    I'm also not crazy that she adds in side characters and family members whose stories are not as connected as you'd like them to be. The reason for this, I think, is because the characters cameo in other books of Hart's, but since you're not reading these in a series order it feels strange and disjointed, like these people were just dropped into the book for no reason.

    Did I like the book? I really did - just not enough to want to continue with this author. Two books is a fair enough shot. View 2 comments. Dec 10, Susan rated it it was amazing. Through this fully developed and honest character, the author opens the readers eyes to the traumas large and small, as well as, the overarching wholesale change in all aspects of our heroine, Sadie's life that happened in the blink of the eye. It was a devastating accident that stole the mobility of her husband and altered their rela "I lived for the stories"-Sadie This is an excruciatingly beautiful story of the cost in pain that one woman had to bear for her deep love of her lover, her spouse.

    It was a devastating accident that stole the mobility of her husband and altered their relationship forever. Sadie was no saint, yet most of the time she was patient. She never slept through the night, ever on guard for the well being of her "broken" husband, Adam. She withstood his moods, his despair, his rage, his meanness and prayed for the days when she could catch a glimpse of his former charm.

    She looked for ways to love him even sexually but There was one lifeline, a gorgeous storyteller, Joe whom she meets on a park bench. He regaled her with delicious salacious tales of his sexual conquests. The reader becomes Sadie as this author employs a clever literary plot device which makes these hot, hawt, hot diverse erotic stories not only an escape for Sadie but for the reader whose heart is breaking for the disintegration of Sadie and Adam's marriage.

    Sadie begins to get to know Joe. She challenges him. She studies him. She falls a little in love with him and she feels as guilty as if she is having an affair. As a reader, I was torn. I am all in when it comes to fidelity. I could not find it my heart to judge her for her desire for Joe. Her need to have someone hold her in their arms again I know my understanding of the type of pain Sadie suffered was enlarged by this book. I enjoyed the "funhouse" mirror point of view the author employed as Joe told Sadie his stories from the woman's perspective.

    As graphic and gripping the sex was described is how tender she treated the delicate layer of skin exposed by raw emotion. This mastery of the story is worth high praise. My last comment is more about me and how I wish for more and more when it comes to a love story. I personally felt I was left standing whole but lonely and uncertain after reading the end. In my mind it was the real and right end for these characters With all that said this is a work that should be part of your read list simply for the fact that it furthers the reader's understanding of what it means and what it takes to love someone through the worst life can give while trying not to lose yourself.

    View all 8 comments. May 07, P. Lupton rated it it was amazing Shelves: best-books-i-read-in Do you ever wonder how many different stories can be written? How many different ways can a person say the same thing. Rico es el que sabe contentarse. Conciencia total. Identidad infinita. El hombre que tiene Tao no se vale de ellas. El imperio es un aparato muy espiritual. Cogerlo es ya perderlo. La flexibilidad y la blandura son cualidades de la vida. No hay regla. La rectitud se vuelve extravagancia y lo bueno monstruosidad. Sin mirar por la ventana se ven los caminos del Cielo.

    Las aportaciones de Russell Kirkland. Mi padre escuchaba. Libre ya de esta vida. Creo que ese consejo es clave para entender el vaciado del que habla el Tao Te Ching. No sentido como sagrado. Lo fabuloso de la vida este camino que ahora piso es su plasticidad. Fe en esa cosa inefable, descomunal, omnipotente, que llevamos dentro ese Tao sin forma que es capaz de automodelarse en infinitos mundos. Esa cosa capaz poetizarse de cualquier forma: de ser cualquier Logos. Ninguna de ellas puede vivir sin la otra. La luz se vuelve oscuridad y la oscuridad luz.

    El infierno se hace cielo. Y el cielo infierno. Punto medio. Evitar los extremos, los excesos. Estos conceptos alcanzaron un lugar decisivo en el pensamiento de Zou Yan a. La idea fundamental de este libro fundamental es la de cambio. Todo cambia sin cesar. Con este libro, dentro de este libro, he vivido momentos decisivos en mi existencia.

    Y viceversa. Hasta el infinito. Esto no debe olvidarse. Antonio S. Cua, Routledge, Cambio permanente. Y reglado. El sistema Yin-Yang permite sobrevivir en un cosmos de palabras, pero no permite ver. Para ver hay que estar en silencio. Ser el silencio. Esa mariposa descomunal. We all contemplate, astonished, bewildered, also fascinated, the incessant turns of our inner and outer realities.

    We all have suffered the shocking mutations of our own soul and of the souls of others: the good-natured turns out to be a devil, and the devil, suddenly, looks at us with infinite tenderness. Nature, at times, loves us and raises us with its beauty, and, at other times, it crushes and denigrates us without mercy.

    The slopes of the mountains of the soul are lit and also darkened under a sky that can not be quiet. The stupid suddenly becomes a mighty sage, and the wise, or the saint, suddenly behave in the lowest, ugliest limits of the human condition. Change, contradiction, interpenetration, complementarity of opposites. I believe that we are dealing with a single but also bicephalous word that, according to Chinese tradition, symbolizes the internal machinery that moves the world. And that intimate dance reflects a terrible but also fertile tension.

    We are not facing two opposing forces, but complementary ones. Neither of them can live without the other. They never grow or decrease together: when one of them expands it is because the other one is reduced. But these expansion and reduction immediately triggers a change to its opposite: what goes up starts to fall if it reaches its maximum, and what goes down, when it gets enough denigration, begins to ascend. Light becomes darkness and darkness becomes light. Hell becomes heaven. And hell heaven. Everything is permanently turning, changing.

    So, installing in its consciousness, through the word, always through the word, the metaphysical reality of this eternal dance, Chinese wisdom may be able to combine hope any hell will transmute into paradise with prudence beware, you should consider that everything will change; take precautions, do not relax too much in boom times. Middle point. Avoid extremes, excesses. Be wise…. In the beginning of that chapter the great philosopher deems China as a top civilized country, and does so primarily on the grounds of its high -and permanently increasing- population: millions in Today that population has reached 1.

    I also find remarkable the relative self-sufficiency of China. Perhaps China was always, in general, communist and bureaucratist.

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    Except for the irruption of Buddhism that Indian program , I do not see that this fabulous living system segregated by the Yellow River has opened its consciousness to concepts such as freedom or creativity. In the amazing I Ching or Yijing according to the pinyin phonetic transcription we find a very efficient use of two types of strokes: a The broken stroke or two consecutive strokes that would correspond to the Yin concept perhaps due to its similarity with the vagina ; and b The continuous stroke, which would correspond to Yang perhaps because of its similarity with the penis.

    This concept reached a decisive place in the thought of Zou Yan BC. In this work a model of totality is shown in which the Earth, the sky and the human being are intimately connected. Everything changes. And that change would be produced by the interaction of the Yin-Yang opposites. The I Ching is a strange, beautiful and abyssal being that has been part of my life for many years.

    I use the translation of Richard Wilhelm, with the brilliant introduction of Karl Jung. With this book, within this book, I have lived and leaded decisive moments of my life. The introduction made by Jung is part of the masterpieces of the philosophical art.

    I think that, for the subject that concerns us now, there are two fundamental symbols: Qian and Kun. The first is pure Yang, is active and refers to the sky. The second is pure Yin, which is passive and refers to the Earth. We can think of the duality between the Mediterranean goddesses of the Earth and the gods of heaven. We can also think of the purusa-prakriti duality of the Indian Samkya. But from the Chinese worldview at least that which is implicit in the Yin-Yang doctrine , it is not possible to speak of dualisms: within the goddesses of the Earth there would be gods of heaven.

    And vice versa. All together, interwoven, inter-fertilized. It is a symbol that shows polarity and movement; and that also appears, with few morphological differences, in the Celtic, Etruscan and Roman cultures. As far as China is concerned, I believe that a great philosophical expressiveness has been achieved by including within each color a circle of the opposite color, which, according to the Chinese sages, could always be subdivided into another diagram of two interlaced colours. And so on to infinity. To infinity. This must not be forgotten. I suggest these two internet sites:.

    This last site is edited by Victor H. Permanent and also metaphysically regulated change. But, if we do really philosophize if we do really think we discover that change is impossible, illogical. In fact, everything that happens seems to be impossible maybe because everything that happens is purely magical, the masterpiece, the outcome of the unlimited power and creativity of a prodigious magician.

    In any case, in order to just testify about changes, an observer should remain immutable precisely the one who affirmed that something has changed… the one who is supposed to have noticed that the reality surrounding him has changed. But that observer, according to the Chinese tradition, at least as far as I get, and, even according to the current world view of Physics, is also constantly shaken by the great dance that moves everything.

    Therefore, there would be no place to locate even to think a fixed point from which to affirm that, a few minutes ago, there was not a hawk in the sky and now there is. Change is fantasy chemical-biological fantasy, for those who do not want to abandon the neurophysiological worldview. And there, only there — in that fantasy- it is possible to visualize the tension of complementary opposites. However, this tension seems to me finally linguistic like everything that can appear in sentences : the Yin-Yang presupposes a certain structure of words.

    It is said that Yang would be the luminous slope of a mountain, and Yin the shadowy one. The opposite of something requires assuming the ontological reality of that something. Think of the possible tension between God and the Devil which requires a theism , or of the tension between matter and antimatter a tension only possible if the models offered by current Physics are assumed to represent reality. They are artistic needs. They are necessary for it to happen -for us to feel- a world in our consciousness.

    In meditation state we are aware of our infinite quietness and unchangeability. We become aware that we are that immobile Being which Parmenides considered the true, only reality. I do not see in Chinese philosophy-sotoriology a quest for transcendence. The Chinese sage wants to optimize his stay in immanence. The Chinese seek accommodation in a changing cosmos that changes according to an order that the wise must detect, but not modify, erase or re-create. In general, system-escapes are not sought, but optimization in the system. Confucians seem to be willing to incorporate human society and even its bureaucracy into a cosmic and sacred whole.

    Taoists, in general, seem to reject that radical pure-human-socialism, but they also seem to aspire to a fusion with a kind of cosmic-natural-metaphysical bureaucracy. In both cases, individual freedom seems to be meaningless. We are facing legaliform metaphysics. Buddhism -that Indian sotoriology- would perhaps be the only form of freedom of freedom in the absolute sense that the Chinese spirit would have known.

    It could be said that Chinese wisdom is an imposing Apara-Vidya [See]. I mean the opposite of the whole model of totality that that symbol wants to subject. The Yin-Yang system allows human being to survive inside a cosmos, inside a cosmos of words, but it does not allow to see beyond. In order to see beyond the theatres of our consciousness we have got to be silent. To be the silence. In any case, I hope to have time enough so as to contemplate with calm the majestic flutter of Chinese civilization: that huge, astonishing butterfly.

    Lo mundos. Entremos ahora en un fabuloso laberinto de espejos. Veamos lo que dicen los siguientes pensadores individuales cerebros individuales sobre el cerebro:. La paradoja del cerebro. Urbana IL: Universidad de Illinois, El cerebro: Maturana dice que la rana no puede ver a todos los animales no ve los que son especialmente grandes y lentos. De hecho, es posible que en un futuro muy cercano surja un nuevo modelo de cerebro.

    Imposible de ver. Impossible de imaginar siquiera. Y yo dentro de ella. Es suficiente. It is supposed to be the crucial but also imaginary organ of this sculpture of Rodin. As physical, tangible reality, the brain is the most sophisticated and dazzling object of the known universe.

    Carlota Caulfield Curriculum Vitae | Mills College

    I have one of those inside me. And you, by the very fact that you are reading these words, have another one. Another one of such amazing living diamonds. Do we own such a jewel or are we owned by it? The purpose of this philosophical dictionary is not to give meanings to words, is not to confine their semantics, but to calibrate their spell ability: their strength to configure contents of consciousness.

    One first step: Who or what wants to study, to see, to consider, to measure, to modelize, etc. Who or what wants to create in its own brain an image, an idea, an atlas, of its own brain? Can the brain be object and subject of knowledge at the same time? It can be stated as follows: the brain, as a thing between things, is part of the world like trees or snails or cars or stars. Seen like this, as a concrete cut of the visual impact of the world, it appears as something three-dimensional, tiny, vulnerable, and apparently created, configured and also pitiless submitted by the laws of Nature.

    The theories of a neurophysiologist if we accept and follow those same theories are phenomena within the electrical and viscous inner-cosmos of their own galaxies of neurones. That inner-cosmos would be the habitat of the models of brain of a neurophysiologist. It could be said, from the current scientistic materialism, that the brain is one of the things that can be contemplated inside the brain if the brain works properly inside that magic box can also happen an Autumn breeze that bristles the skin of memory.

    And from that materialism it can also be said that we will be more cognizant of the brain the closer we get to a certain neuronal conexions-path, to a certain form, or dance if you want, in the matter of our brain: the precise one that propitiates a suitable representation of what is the brain in itself. The great intellectual ecstasy of Philosophy begins.

    Sobre Nosotros - Cómics y Manga

    But, what do those models say? I will focus on the human brain. As far as I know, it is said that the brain is a concrete part of the human body, an organ which is considered the centre of the nervous system. I have read that the neurones can cooperate in societies of millions of members and that it is still uncovered the mystery of the way that cooperation really works. It is also said that the brain tissue produces energy, electricity indeed like a small, organic nuclear power station , which, if many neurones work together, can be powerful enough to get out of the skull the box of the brain and be measured outside.

    Actually, some current models of neuroscience use that comparison to improve their insight of the brain. And they do it on the grounds that the brain is a centre of perception and processing of data. It is also said that learning and memory are core activities of the brain. Santiago Ramon y Cajal might have explain such capacities arguing that they were just changes in the synaptic connexions between neurones.

    Thousands of millions of neurones capable, willing to connect among each other… What might occur if that total connexion takes place? The brain that huge mystery being completely conscious of itself? Philosophy, viewed from the current models of neurophysiology, could be described as a bomb of conscious thoughts set inside those galaxies of neurones in order to trigger its final, ecstatic connexion: the infinite synaptic plasticity.

    The scientific models of reality I have just shown are the framework of some amazing projects that I would like to mention and to thank too :. Our civilization is now fascinated with the human brains: with those complex pieces of organized matter. Inside those cosmic jewels might be the key of everything. The paradox of the brain. The philosophical system of Schopenhauer overcomes such paradox placing the physical brain as part of the created world, as a kind of tool used by our deepest I in order to contemplate our own creation.

    Urbana IL: University of Illinois, The brain: Maturana says the frog can not see all the animals it does not see those that are especially large and slow. The activity of the brain is the result of the demands of the living system that nourishes it. Reality is made by living systems. Searle does focus its criticism on digital computers.

    But, what kind of machines are still to be created? Schopenhauer already considered the brain as our most sophisticated artificial creation. That error was to believe that the most refined operations of the mind are separated from the structure and functioning of the biological organism. The brain and the rest of the body constitute an inseparable organism composed of biochemical and neural regulatory circuits that relate to the environment as a whole, and mental activity arises from that interaction.

    Do we think with all that? From the groove of his own burqa, and always through the kaleidoscopic lens of scientist materialism, Dawkins states that what we see of the real world is not the real world, but a model of the real world, regulated and adjusted by sense data a model that is constructed in such a way that it is useful to deal with the real world.

    According to that theory we could ask: Is not that very theory the model of reality that Richard Dawkins exposes just something useful that his brain his body needs in order to deal with the real world? So: Do brains reflect reality or create it? Now I will try to convey what seem to be my own thoughts the secretions of my own brain about the mystery of the brain:. Nothing else.

    I see no brain beyond a certain mental software if we use the metaphor of Hilary Putnam. It is said that from the last third of the twentieth century the philosophy of the mind is acquiring a privileged place in what we call philosophical reflection. But the leading idelogy nowadays is the one which asserts the material dimension of the brain. But every physical object, according to current Physics M-Theory , is supposed to have eleven dimensions, not only three. Impossible to see. Even impossible to imagine.

    And I can also send it calm, silence, even love… That is something I do almost everyday. The question is: From where do I feel my own brain? Where really am I? That beautiful ballerina is part of a mighty dream: the dream of scientific materialism, which offers fabulous worlds, and fabulous expectations.

    Es prodigioso que eso ocurra. Porque finalmente es incapaz de abarcar lo que hay en palabra alguna, en sistema alguno. La experiencia total. De pronto me doy cuenta, algo asustado y aturdido, de que esa no es exactamente mi casa. Se lo digo a mi hermano. Me decido a hacer la prueba que siempre me funciona: levanto los brazos y me dispongo a volar. No lo hago. Me es igual. No me quiero distraer. Llego a una casa grande en cuyo tejado hay grandes cristaleras.

    Ellos me descubren. Al resto les doy igual. Entonces se me ocurre animarlos a jugar conmigo. Siento angustia. Quiero despertar. Es un mensaje de voz. En el mensaje ella se lamenta de que yo no devolviera sus llamadas. Su voz es angustiosa. El despierto. Y ponerse a su servicio: aumentar sus hechizos Nietzsche. Pero no se puede vivir sin ellas. Porque vivir es estar hechizado. Die Traumdeutung. Unos mundos nutriendo a otros. Dios se aprieta pero no se ahoga. Fue una experiencia incomunicable ahora.