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Electronic editions include links to additional information on external websites and to email addresses for RSOs and other resources. Periodic email updates keep electronic subscribers updated between editions. To subscribe to the email updates, use our subscription form.

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Old editions are posted here and can be downloaded again if lost or deleted. Previously, Retired Soldiers received information through inserts in their paychecks. As publication and mailing costs have increased, the Army is shifting to more electronic publication. Comments concerning Army Echoes can be emailed to: ArmyEchoes mail. Army Echoes Army Echoes informs Retired Soldiers, surviving spouses, and their Families on changes to their benefits and entitlements, developments within the Army, and how they can continue to support the Army.

She can also control an impressive list of smart-home devices. Thanks to an aggressive expansion plan from Amazon, Alexa gets support for new products and digital services weekly. It's surprisingly easy to add multiple Alexa devices to a single Amazon account.


If you sync control of any smart home devices to one Echo unit, any other Echo products tied to the same account will also recognize them. Thanks to an audio line-in on the Tap and the magic of Bluetooth, you can link the Tap to the Dot either over a cable or wirelessly. This combination gets you the better speakers and the portability of the Tap with the always-listening Alexa feature via the Dot.

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Another way to extend Alexa is a single Echo and a Voice Remote. I placed an Echo on the top floor, went one floor down into the basement, and the Echo still responded to my commands via the remote. The most affordable way to extend Alexa to multiple rooms is to buy the Echo Dot and extend it with the Remote. This makes sense if you already have a speaker system for the Dot, or if you don't care about using Alexa for music streaming. Although adding multiple devices to your Alexa app is seamless, you can't combine two Echo devices to create a stereo effect or surround sound audio setup like you can with Sonos speakers.

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The Echo's main competitor -- Google Home -- does let you group speakers for synched audio, so Alexa's trailing behind here. Putting multiple Echoes too close together used to lead to another annoyance -- if you told the Echo in your kitchen to play a song, the Dot in your living room might also have heard the command, and then you would get both speakers playing the same tune, but without syncing up. Now, if you have multiple Alexa devices in hearing range, only the one that hears you best will respond. You'll need to have them all synched to the same account for this to work, so you could still get overlap if your kids or significant other have their own Amazon accounts and they're logged into one of your Echos.

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The guidelines below will help you plan for complete coverage with minimal overlap. You don't need to be as cautious anymore, thanks to the ESP feature.

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  • If you do have a family member with a different account and an Echo device in an adjoining room to yours, simply switch the wake word for one of the units. In the app, you can program Alexa to respond to "Amazon," "Echo" or " Computer. The Dot is our favorite. It's the best, most affordable choice if you don't care about music quality and just want an always-listening assistant. It's also the best choice if you care a lot about the sound quality of music. In that case, you probably have your own speaker setup, and the Dot can just plug right in.

    The original Echo's a fine choice if you want a virtual assistant, and a device to fill a large space with only decent-sounding music. The Tap loses some of the charm of the other two since it's not always-listening. It's a good option if you want Alexa and a portable speaker in the garage or patio from time to time. That said, the Voice Remote is a cheaper way to fill in the gaps in if you just want to bring Alexa to the far corners of your home.

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    As always with planning out a smart home set up, your best bet is to start small with one or two Alexa devices to see how you and your family will really use them. Build out only once you get a feel for them. Then, if you find yourself wanting to talk to Alexa in both the kitchen and the bedroom on a regular basis, put an Echo or a Dot in both rooms.

    It no longer matters how close the rooms are. One always-listening Alexa device should cover it. Put either an Echo or an Echo Dot in a central spot in the room you inhabit most often, and you'll rarely be out of shouting distance.