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Spiro of Michigan State. Zachary Sims, the Old Greenwich, Conn. They may be someone in their shed with a conspiracy theory. But you would weigh that. The kinds of skills Zachary has developed — locating information quickly and accurately, corroborating findings on multiple sites — may seem obvious to heavy Web users.

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But the skills can be cognitively demanding. Web readers are persistently weak at judging whether information is trustworthy. In one study, Donald J. Some literacy experts say that reading itself should be redefined. Interpreting videos or pictures, they say, may be as important a skill as analyzing a novel or a poem.

Alvermann, a professor of language and literacy education at the University of Georgia. A Lifelong Struggle. In the case of Hunter Gaudet, the Internet has helped him feel more comfortable with a new kind of reading. A varsity lacrosse player in Somers, Conn. After learning he was dyslexic in the second grade, he was placed in special education classes and a tutor came to his home three hours a week.

When he entered high school, he dropped the special education classes, but he still reads books only when forced, he said. When researching the 19th-century Chief Justice Roger B. Experts on reading difficulties suggest that for struggling readers, the Web may be a better way to glean information. But she is confident that he has the reading skills he needs to succeed. When he was in seventh grade, Hunter was one of 89 students who participated in a study comparing performance on traditional state reading tests with a specially designed Internet reading test.

Hunter, who scored in the lowest 10 percent on the traditional test, spent 12 weeks learning how to use the Web for a science class before taking the Internet test. It was composed of three sets of directions asking the students to search for information online, determine which sites were reliable and explain their reasoning. Hunter scored in the top quartile. In fact, about a third of the students in the study, led by Professor Leu, scored below average on traditional reading tests but did well on the Internet assessment.

The Testing Debate. To date, there have been few large-scale appraisals of Web skills. The Educational Testing Service , which administers the SAT, has developed a digital literacy test known as iSkills that requires students to solve informational problems by searching for answers on the Web. About 80 colleges and a handful of high schools have administered the test so far. So far, the traditionalists have held sway: The next round, to be administered to fourth and eighth graders in , will test only print reading comprehension.

Mary Crovo of the National Assessment Governing Board, which creates policies for the national tests, said several members of a committee that sets guidelines for the reading tests believed large numbers of low-income and rural students might not have regular Internet access, rendering measurements of their online skills unfair. Some simply argue that reading on the Internet is not something that needs to be tested — or taught.

Michael L. Kamil, a professor of education at Stanford who lobbied for an Internet component as chairman of the reading test guidelines committee, disagreed. The United States is diverging from the policies of some other countries. Next year, for the first time, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development , which administers reading, math and science tests to a sample of year-old students in more than 50 countries, will add an electronic reading component. The United States, among other countries, will not participate. A spokeswoman for the Institute of Education Sciences, the research arm of the Department of Education, said an additional test would overburden schools.

Even those who are most concerned about the preservation of books acknowledge that children need a range of reading experiences. Web junkies can occasionally be swept up in a book. Nadia was riveted by heartbreaking details of life in the concentration camps. Hoping to keep up the momentum, Ms. Nadia made it through one chapter before she got engrossed in the Internet fan fiction again. Tell us what you think. Please upgrade your browser.

Ian Callum, Jaguar design director, says, Jaguar design over the next 75 years must respect and refect on the past 75 while continuing to push boundaries of technology, luxury and sporting style. Designing cars with a presence that demands a turn of the head and an allure that pulls at the heart has been central to the Jaguar brand throughout the years. The ffth annual Salon Priv July 21st 23rd is on track to be the best yet, with a furry of big-name super and luxury car brands confrming their attendance. Jaguar is returning to Salon Priv in style.

Having given the all-new XJ its UK public debut last year, the marque is using the event to showcase its latest product range together with a selection of cars from its Heritage Collection some competing in the Salon Priv Concours dElgance. In a further sign of the events growing stature as a premium brand showcase, both Audi and Lexus are attending Salon Priv for the frst time, the latter confrming the presence of their spectacular LFA supercar. Theres even a chance to acquire a very special example of some of the worlds fnest historic models. Masterpiece London, the brand new fair taking place at the former Chelsea Barracks, London SW1 between June 24th and 29th, is introducing two exciting additions to its impressive starting grid with the internationally-acclaimed classic car specialists, Fiskens and Coys joining the line-up.

Some great cars are to be ofered, with a 3 million 3,, Bugatti from Coys in pole position, having successfully raced in some of the most famous early Grands Prix. Coys, the historic motorcar specialists founded by Wilfred E Coy, is one of the world's truly innovative motoring and aviation entrepreneurs. The Bugatti Type 51 Grand Prix motor car is representative of the exceptional calibre of vehicle they ofer, having been raced by legendary driver Jean Pierre Wimille and one of the fnest surviving examples of its kind. Another highlight will be the superb showcase of classic cars from Fiskens, including cars such as a magnifcent Aston Martin DB4 GT, which competed on a multitude occasions at some of the most high- profle Swiss races between and Representing the next generation of fairs by combining fne and decorative art with premium collectors items, restaurants and clubs at Masterpiece London will include satellites of such illustrious establishments as The Ivy, Bam-Bou, Scotts and Harrys Bar, and Le Caprice will have a full restaurant on site.

Setting the scene www. A culmination of all the marques know-how, the One delivers effortless beauty guaranteed to stir the senses with performance potential eclipsing any previous Aston Martin. Underlining the truly bespoke nature of the One, once delivered to its owner, the cars suspension characteristics will be precisely set-up by Aston Martin engineers to suit their exact requirements, from settings suitable for the ultimate long-distance GT, to a machine capable of conquering the Nrburgring Nordschleife.

Top speed is confidently predicted to be in excess of mph, with a mph time in approximately 3. Approx 1,, :: 1. This high-performance sports car has a V10 engine that catapults the two-seater convertible from mph in 4. Technologies like the Audi Space Frame, quattro permanent all-wheel drive and full-LED headlights all belong to the supercars standard spec. At the end of the 20th century, some of the most capable and imaginative minds at Mercedes- Benz took up the challenge to return Maybach to that position.

The result is certainly dramatic. The quiet V12 engine, with its 5. Its evocative superlight badge refers to a driving machine of true sporting character and describes a high- performance and lean automotive athlete. This super sportscar from SantAgata Bolognese handles the dash from mph in 3. The Zenvo ST1 will be a limited edition with only 15 cars to be built S stands for Supercharger, T for Turbo and 1 for model number one. The impressive power is supplied by a seven litre V8 engine and yes, this is the first ever supercar combining the benefits from both a supercharger and turbo.

The ST1 even though extremely powerful, is very drivable, delivering the needs of modern motoring and safety. Top speed is mph with mph reached in just three seconds. This philosophy resonates deeply at Bentley and has, over time, created a legacy that embodies all of these characteristics: record-breaking feats, daring exploits and a host of exquisitely handcrafted and beautifully engineered cars. Now, more than 90 years later, the all-new flagship Bentley Mulsanne embodies W. Bentleys passion. Athough the base configuration is similar to the engineering design classic first built in Crewe 50 years ago, the Mulsanne V8 has been completely redesigned to integrate the latest technologies.

Delivering a top speed of mph, it achieves mph in 5. In keeping with the motto four seasons, four passengers, all-year-round suitability was right at the top of the developers' list of priorities. With the newE-Class Cabriolet, the cabriolet season lasts the whole year because, while many cabriolets tend to disappear from the roads of Western Europe in the autumn, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet provides driving pleasure and comfort whether the roof is open or closed. The E CDI has a mph time in approximately 8. Ghost has been engineered to ride and drive in peerless fashion.

It is more driver-focused than any Rolls-Royce car before it and will effortlessly propel you from 0 to 62mph in 4. While this figure is impressive in its own right, what separates Ghost from other performance cars is how gracefully and smoothly its new twin turbo 6. Both powered by a brand- new 3. Capable of mph in 6. Styled by Pininfarina, its named in honour of Sergio Scaglietti, the Modenese stylist and coachbuilder responsible for bodying some of the most beautiful Ferraris of the s and 60s.

While the Scaglietti has the heart of a sporty coup, its luxurious dimensions and design are that of a surprisingly roomy Granturismo. Capable of mph it gets off to a standing start from mph in four seconds. All have one thing in common: sheer, unadulterated luxury! GO Resorts Destined to become one of the worlds premier luxury resort destinations, Anahita World Class Sanctuary, which opened in June , brings together the best of Mauritian lifestyle, culture and hospitality in one superb domain.

A truly incomparable residential resort, it ofers a wide variety of recreational, cultural and social facilities and activities. All facilities and amenities have been crafted to the highest international standards, while embracing the latest principles of sustainability. The ultimate goal is to create a place that exists in full harmony with its environment. On location Situated on the Indian Ocean pearl of Mauritius, east of Madagascar, Anahita is a gem in itself, crowning a lovely tropical island and ofshore tax haven in the making, with only two to three hours time diference to Europe.

Set on ancient trade routes, this island has welcomed travellers from all over the world, resulting in a legendary blend of Indian, Creole, French and English cultures. Today, sitting on the crossroads of Africa, the Middle East and Asia, it remains ideally located for those who seek the pinnacle of luxury residential resort living. On the east coast of Mauritius, a belt of lush tropical forest rich in indigenous birds and plants, the Anahita site is part of the vast Deep River Beau Champ Sugar Estate: over hectares of pristine nature, fringed by six kilometres of unspoilt mangrove-studded shores.

At your leisure Anahita is a sanctuary for living, where residents experience the perfect balance between laid-back indulgence and more active pursuits such as dining, shopping, entertainment, leisure sports and interaction with nature. Ofering the inimitable Mauritius experience, exquisite dining, and stunning views of the lagoon, mountains and golf course, Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita allows you to indulge body and soul in an environment of sophistication and seclusion.

A masterpiece designed by champion player Ernie Els, the golf course at Anahita has six stunning ocean-side greens ofering some of the worlds most beautiful fnishes. Its complemented by the Four Seasons Golf Club Mauritius and the Four Seasons Golf Academy, equipped to enhance any golfers game, from complete beginner to scratch player. Home away from home comforts Anahita ofers the stuf of paradise its climate, nature, sensory pleasures and, above all, an art of living. Here residents to tap into the rich and consummate Mauritian art of living, ofering an enticing blend of Mauritian hospitality and captivating relaxation and leisure oriented activities.

A rental pool is also operational. Four Seasons Private Residences Forty-fve villas under the management of Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita delivery to homeowners is nearly complete and select two- bedroom villas of m2 are now available for sale. Lunea is just steps away from La Place Belgath Anahitas village centre overlooking the Indian Ocean, golf fairways and the mountains. Solaia is located at the southernmost edge of the resort with splendid views over the lagoon and ocean, on to the fairways of the golf course and beyond to the mountains.

Must see Take a day trip to Ile aux Cerfs, an island that truly earns its reputation as being a little piece of paradise. Its sandy beaches are pure white and you relax in the sun and swim in the warm turquoise waters to your hearts delight. Contact Visit www. The culmination of the two has produced a resort that has not forgotten its origin. Indeed, the authenticity of this inspiration can be found in the billiard room bar Tongkah Tin Syndicate, which not too long ago was still one of the mines surveyor sheds.

There are six categories of rooms, all of which are united by one dominant theme, the design work of Bill Bensley, which through clever use of texture and uncompromising modernity creates a very unusual aesthetic which, in an abstract sense, evokes Phukets origins as a tin mining island.

Nai Yang Beach is only 10 minutes from Phuket International Airport but because its situated next to Sirinath National Park its one of the quietest areas on the island although the hustle and bustle of places like Patong are only 30 minutes away. At your leisure More a lake than a pool, with bridges and natural boulders, the main swimming pool one of three is a dominant architectural feature of the grounds. The open air lounge bar, Rebar, is set in a raised pavilion that catches glimpses of the beach and neatly sums up indigo Pearls ambience funky and blue.

There are four diferent restaurants, the most spectacular being Black Ginger, a traditional Thai building on stilts in a man made lake with an all black interior accented by cobalt blue chandeliers. The Indigo Pearl also boasts a deluxe luxury spa, where you discover a range of relaxing and rejuvenating treatments that use both traditional Thai and modern innovative techniques. Home away from home comforts The interior design throughout can best be described as being a combination of rugged industrial textures and tones expressed in traditional Thai patterns and a modernity which has a focus on the colour indigo.

Kelly Quarters Each Kelly Quarters terrace overlooks the abundant gardens of the resort. Textural contrasts throughout the postmodern interior create a style imbued with intrigue. Locally crafted furnishings complete the luxurious feel. The name of the room is inspired by Phuket's tin mining past, kelly being pieces of the machinery which were once used throughout the area for drilling in the tin mines. Pearl Bed Suites Embodying the Indigo Pearl experience, these rooms ofer a spectacular interplay of rich wood and stone foors. Postmodern accents are at work in the furnishing, lighting and art.

The expansive terrace makes outdoor relaxation irresistible. Luxurious bathrooms sport walk-in wardrobes and you can enjoy a private view of the garden from the stylish tub discreetly positioned on its own balcony. Rooms ofer m2 of interior space plus two terraces. Private Pool Pavilions Sufused with luxurious detail, the Private Pool Pavilions ofer a spectacular interplay of rich wood and stone. Post-modern accents are at work in the furnishings, lighting and art.

Astounding design drawn from Thai infuences, modern architecture and the architect's own imagination. A cooling plunge pool awaits in the pavilion courtyard, which also sports an outdoor bath, double sun lounger, and sun umbrella. Interiors are 50m2 with a 55m2 terrace and a plunge pool. Prices are per person based on two adults travelling and sharing a Kelly Quarters room, price includes all applicable taxes and fuel surcharges which are subject to change.

Buyers are now being given the opportunity to own a property between the iconic St Lucian Piton Mountains, a protected UNESCO world heritage site where no other building permissions will be granted on the acres of rainforest and pristine beaches. On location Named by Columbus, who frst discovered the island in , St Lucia has changed hands many times. An ex-British colony, St Lucia has been an independent state in the commonwealth since February The island is part of the Lesser Antilles, in the Caribbean Sea and has neighbouring islands of Martinique to the north and St Vincent to the south.

St Lucia is a well-established tourist destination, with a good economy and low crime; its stable political conditions and constant improvement of infrastructure are constantly attracting foreign investors. At your leisure Facilities of the resort will include a luxury spa, three restaurants, four bars and a beach club when it is completed in The name refers not only to the crystal white sand along its shore, but also to the fact that an historic sugar mill is still sited there.

Home away from home comforts The Tides brand is synonymous with prime coastal settings, provocative design, intuitive service and an array of refned and modern amenities designed for the spirited traveller. The Tides Sugar Beach will be using their Personal Assistants service to anticipate guest needs and assist them in enjoying St Lucia to the full. Hotel villas The Tides Sugar Beach ofers 85 luxurious, fully- furnished, freehold hotel villas with expansive ocean, piton and rainforest views.

Private residences The Tides Sugar Beach is also ofering a number of stunning private residences which can be used as little or as much the owner wishes. Each of these meticulously appointed spacious homes afords spectacular, ocean and piton views. Private residence buyers can rent these out as well if they wish. The Tides will manage everything providing the best of all worlds: seclusion of an island paradise, as well as international marketing and management to enhance their rental when these are not in use with exceptional facilities just steps away.

Must see Independence Day February 22nd is a national holiday throughout St Lucia and marked with celebratory events across the island and particularly in the capital, Castries. The day also coincides with the build up to the islands biggest celebration of the year, Carnival, which occurs later in the month.

With superb accommodation, gourmet dining, an award-winning spa and a host of activities, the choice is endless. At your leisure The main building houses a sumptuous cigar lounge, champagne and whisky bar, library, wine cellar and gourmet restaurant, Zacharys. The hotel ofers a number of other exciting dining options. The Boma is the ideal venue for a meal with an authentic African feel.

Sit around the open fre as you watch a spectacular African sunset. As the light begins to fade, allow the sounds of the night to seduce your senses. Then relax at the elegant safari-style table while the staf prepare and serve traditional barbecue fare. The Montrose Castle on the beach ofers hotel guests a stunning beach venue.

Recently renovated, the castle, which was built in the s, is on Noetzie Beach, one of the most unspoilt and secluded beaches on the Garden Route coast. Here hotel guests can enjoy a picnic prepared by Zacharys restaurant while they relax and soak up the sun. The multi-award-winning Pezula Spa is a calm sanctuary that refects the soul of Africa and provides world-class professionalism in the delivery of a superior health and wellness experience.

Facilities include a 12m heated indoor pool, state-of- the-art gymnasium, outdoor Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room, rainforest shower, nail bar, hair salon and nine therapy rooms, as well as a post-treatment room with heated water beds. It ofers a comprehensive range of treatments which combine natural therapies with the most technologically advanced equipment available. Guests of Pezula also have access to a vast range of activities including horse riding and hiking through the ancient indigenous forests, canoeing up the pristine Noetzie River, birding, nature trails and beach activities at secluded Noetzie Beach.

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The estates Field of Dreams sporting complex ofers four world-class tennis courts, a multi-purpose sports oval for soccer, cricket, soft ball and other team sports, facilities for ptanque and archery and a m golf practice range. Younger guests are well catered for with a number of supervised activities and trained, experienced child minders. Pezula Championship Golf Course is a sweeping spectacle of fairways and greens rolling through the pristine Southern Cape landscape.

The clubhouse facilities are in keeping with the overall fve-star experience and include a terrace, restaurant, bar, golf shop, short game practice area and putting green. The Shareholders Lounge houses a library, private lounge, dining area and bar. Golf carts are obligatory and the resorts carts are fully equipped with GPS systems and computerised scoring. Golf lessons are available from the clubs PGA professionals.

Home away from home comforts Eighty-three stylish suites, including two presidential suites, are housed in detached villas and deliver a whole new world of luxury in an elegant African style. Each has its own patio or balcony, individual climate control, satellite television, a DVD player, electronic safe, direct telephone connection, Wi-Fi connectivity and a walk- in wardrobe. A pantry kitchen with delicious deli snacks, a well stocked drinks cabinet and real log freplaces add unparalleled luxury to the accommodation.

Bathrooms are huge with oval-shaped calabash baths and wet rooms big enough for two. Pezula Castle Pezulas latest ofering for the high-end market is Pezula Castle on Noetzie Beach which ofers ultra-luxury accommodation for up to 10 guests in the spacious Main Castle and the romantic Honeymoon Castle.

Built into the rugged coastal clif-face with its ancient milkwood forests the castle ofers panoramic views of the beach and the sea. Guests have every conceivable wish catered for by a team of hand- picked personnel including a resident chef, housekeeper and butler. Menus are selected daily in consultation with the chef according to the freshest available ingredients, and the bar is stocked with guests drinks of choice. A fully equipped gymnasium, heated outdoor pool and thatched gazebo complete the extraordinary facilities. Must see Charter a yacht to watch the sunset while enjoying an oysters and champagne cruise across the Knysna Lagoona and through the Knysna Heads.

As life seems to become increasingly hectic for most of us, having a place in the country where you can escape to recharge your batteries is a tempting proposition. But supposing youve made your decision to change your lifestyle completely with a lock, stock and barrel move to the country or simply decided to invest in a luxurious weekend retreat, just how many of these exclusive properties are available? Lets take Wrenshot House in Cheshire as an example full property details following. There are very few genuine country houses with the combination of having land and equestrian and leisure facilities in this area.

Wrenshot House also has privacy as it sits in the middle of its own land. The scarcity factor comes into play and therefore even in a harder market there are always buyers looking for this exceptional type of property. So what of similar properties in other parts of the country? Rupert Sweeting, Knight Franks head of country department, informs us that the best properties are now attracting competitive bidding on a regular basis. Not only that, guide prices are, in many cases, being exceeded with some houses selling for close to what they would have achieved at the peak of the market.

Ticking all boxes We are, however, some distance from a return to the headiest days of the property boom, he says, when even properties with issues such as road noise would command premium prices. Buyers do remain price sensitive and it is the houses that tick literally every box that are attracting the most competition. The question everybody is now asking is how long the recovery can continue and will prices fall again in The most likely scenario is a levelling o sometime in mid Now could well be the time to make those long held dreams become a reality as you head for the country, you certainly wont be disappointed with the four properties we have selected.

It has mainly double glazed windows and is warmed by oil-fred central heating. Internally the house is absolutely superb and ofers a number of light and spacious entertaining rooms, most of which have oak foors and open freplaces, with large picture windows and French doors leading out to the landscaped gardens. The dining room walls are panelled in red suede, which gives a very opulent feel.

The kitchen is hand-made and comes complete with all the latest fttings with a cloakroom and utility room of. An oak staircase leads to the large frst foor landing with fve bedrooms, all en suite. The master bedroom has a small balcony which overlooks the rear garden, with further stunning views beyond. All of the bathrooms are beautifully fnished with bespoke fttings. The leisure suite incorporates a gym, which overlooks the swimming pool area and terrace, sauna, shower and changing room. Constructed using the best materials and technology, its surrounded by 4.

The main house has six bedroom suites, a cinema room, gymnasium, orangery, wine cellar and three further reception rooms, among many other features. Outside, a range of new and restored outbuildings include an ofce, a games room and bar, staf accommodation, guest accommodation and a tractor store. Hincheslea House comes complete with CAT5 cabling throughout, home entertainment and home automation systems, a ground source heat pump heating and cooling system, camera security monitoring and an electronically controlled gated entrance system complete with security fencing around the perimeter of the entire formal grounds.

Located in a highly sought after area, Sparrwood Farm is built in green oak frame and designed by Roderick James, an award-winning architect who specialises in timber frame buildings. It was built to the very highest of standards and has been fnished with every fne detail and service imaginable. The house has a range of reception rooms and bedrooms, all of which have plasma televisions and integrated sound systems, ideal for both family life and entertaining.

The estate ofers a wide variety of excellent facilities with an exceptional indoor swimming pool complex with changing room and shower, beautiful mature woodland, plentiful pasture, streams and ponds. Open to many uses including riding, fshing, walking and shooting, its very rare to fnd a property of this quality with such beautiful rural surroundings in such a conveniently placed location. Built in circa and remodelled in the late 19th century, the house has an elevated position with stunning views across its gardens, land and the countryside beyond. Its believed that a house has been on the site in some shape or form since the 13th century and the property has remained in the same family until the present day.

The estate, in addition to Noseley Hall, has a private chapel, stunning gardens and grounds, 10 farmhouses and cottages, a range of traditional farm buildings, fully operating walled garden and beautiful parkland, woodland and arable land sustaining a pheasant shoot.

Carved pink sandstone, ornate balustrades and gleaming period sash windows over- looking rolling lawns provide a picturesque welcome for visitors as they sweep up the driveway of the A-Listed property. The stately grandeur of the four-storey mansion provides for four luxury apartments, two lavish duplex residences and three very individual designer homes created from the former East Wing, Chapel and West Wing which range in price from , to , Little more than ve years ago Coodham, which was once one of the most important country estates in Scotland, was a burnt out shell.

However, after ve years of hard work local craftsmen, working with Turkish marble, African oak and West Coast quarried pink sandstone managed to recreate the outside appearance and construct an entirely new interior. Doors and windows were handmade on site from the nest timbers while a contemporary steel balustrade was created to follow the oak panelled stair as it curves upwards from the grand entrance hall towards a source of natural light emanating from a beautifully decorated cupola.

Ornate Georgian-style plasterwork inspired by Robert Adam adds a touch of opulence to the high ceilings of the spacious apartments combining period charm with modern designer kitchens, luxury bathrooms and state-of-the art technology, including cable free audio visual facilities, lighting, satellite TV and a video-voice security system. Outside, the same attention to detail has been lavished on the grounds with three miles of picturesque walks, woodlands and an ornamental lake, almost a mile in circumf- erence, attracting a stunning variety of birds and wildlife.

The gardens, which are regarded as being of considerable national importance, contain a variety of rare plants, including spruce pine, 30 varieties of bamboo and other species imported from the Black Forest and California more than a century ago. Coodham provides an accessible country retreat despite being just 27 miles from Glasgow city centre and six miles from Prestwick International Airport, which has frequent ights daily to London, Dublin, Rome, Paris and more than 30 other world- wide destinations.

Little Britain takes place every September in Cowes on the Isle of Wight and this internationally-renowned sailing venue is the ideal location to host what has become Europes largest commercial sailing regatta since the event began in , growing from just three entries to over entries and 3, competitors in recent years. Whether youre a novice or an accomplished sailor, this exhilarating three day event is a versatile crowd-pleaser, involving a three day race programme and unlimited opportunities to unwind after a hard days work when the boats come in, the bonhomie begins!

Sun-soaked evenings are enjoyed on the pontoons and in the bars before the lively throng comes together on the Cowes quayside each night for a spectacular line-up of live entertainment. Speed and spectacle Whether youre sailing a cruising yacht or a Class 0 superfast racing machine, LBCC is an unbeatable experience that works equally well for teambuilding, corporate entertaining and all round industry networking. And with a race programme overseen by the distinguished Royal Yacht Squadron, the full trophy presentation at the Saturday Night Gala Dinner enjoys a heady blend of competition and glamour!

LBCC is non prot making and over the last 22 years has donated in excess of 1m to sailing charities to help disadvantaged or disabled people experience the world of sailing.

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LBCC chairman David Smith, from luxury housebuilders Octagon, is a regular competitor and supporter and looks forward to welcoming all returning competitors and newcomers for what will undoubtedly be another spectacular three-day aair! Log on to www. Next, imagine a shoreline stretching 3, feet along some of the most pristine waterfront with soft, sandy beaches. Then, picture a compound of three separate waterfront residences that watch ships come and go from its two deep water docks. Dream of the deeply dredged, private lagoon with additional docks for safe harbor during storms.

Conjure up an expansive pond, beautiful orchards, indigenous wild life and miles of walking trails to enjoy. No, not the promo for some exotic vacation destination or maybe it is. And not the location for the next Pirate movie but it could be. Nor is it the secluded haunt of a mysterious mega mogul at least not currently.

What is it exactly? Simply put, it is the most beautiful waterfront property now available for sale in the Hamptons today. Contact us for a private tour: Gary DePersia 1. Everything in Houston is big, from the towering skyscrapers, to the huge sports arenas Reliant Arena, Minute Maid Park and Toyota Center that host the Houston Texans, Astros and Rockets, to the citys prominence in aerospace, oil, shipping and nance.

Even the architecture makes big, bold statements, like the Medical Center towers that resemble two giant syringes. Houston never experienced the housing bubble that plagued markets in California, Florida and Nevada. Its economy is very strong given its position in the energy and medical industries and because the cost Heady heights of Houston If youre thinking big, think Texas or more specifically Houston its the fourth largest city in the United States and has much to offer buyers of living is very reasonable beneting in part to no state income tax , employers are relocating to Houston and employees are happy to follow.

Buyers are spoilt for choice as all types of properties are available. Due to the lack of zoning, explains Ms Personette Null, Houston is an expansive market surrounding a number of hubs, e. River Oaks and West University are the established neighbourhoods inside the loop and are primarily made up of large single- family homes and town homes.

Just outside the loop is the Galleria and the established neighbourhoods of Memorial and Tanglewood. To the north are the master planned communities of the Woodlands and Kingwood and to the south is First Colony in Sugar Land. A rapidly growing area to the west is the www. She goes on to say that because Houston is a multi-hub city, not a traditional high-rise market like New York, Chicago or San Diego, there is not a natural residential high- rise market.

That is to say an urban area including shopping, entertainment and restaurants within walking distance. The rst successful high rises in Houston primarily attracted empty-nesters and retirees because of their close proximity to auent neigh- bourhoods like River Oaks, Memorial and Tanglewood, continues Ms Personette Null. These buyers are downsizing and looking for the simplicity of the lock-and-leave lifestyle aorded by high rise living but want to be in or near one of Houstons activity hubs when making this transition from a single-family. In addition, more recent high rises, located in the Galleria and Medical Center areas, are also having success attracting professional singles and couples who understand the benets of homeownership but dont have the time or interest in maintaining a house.

The only downside to Houston seems to be its lack of a mass transit system meaning trac in the hub areas is unavoidable. There are properties that either suered foreclosure or came close enough that developers are making deals. That said, prices have held up very well so the buyers market may be coming to a quick end. They also include large store-front window systems and multiple balconies and are tastefully adorned with designer fnishes and green features. Standard features include hardwood fooring, GE Profle stainless steel appliances and wine coolers.

It is very convenient for those working in the Medical Center, Downtown and Galleria areas and is surrounded by the established single family neighbourhoods of Braes Heights and Ayrshire, Maison Fontaine will ofer a charming neighbourhood setting not commonly found in town home community locations. Opening this May, the high rise condominium features supreme amenities such as foor-to-ceiling windows that overlook Houstons Galleria and Uptown skylines and gourmet kitchens with stainless steel Bosch appliances and Kohler faucets. To enhance the Highland Tower experience, the property features a large resort-inspired oasis with an infnity pool, state-of-the-art ftness centre and private massage therapy room as well as a private dining room, full catering kitchen and private party lounge.

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Vaulted living room, kitchen with granite counters and stainless appliances, 1st foor master, sitting area on 2nd foor with balcony, Bay views. As the worlds leading luxury lifestyle service provider, not only do we offer some of the most luxurious villas available, our Lifestyle Management team will make your stay extra special by making sure your every need is taken care of, from a dedicated chef, private security, to yacht or jet charter.

We also have a dedicated corporate event management division offering a complete service for product launches, promotions and client entertainment. They knew 4hey we naked God casted them from the garden and sent an Angel to guard over it. As for multiplying they had 4 children 2 sets of twins.

Boy and girl each. Cain with abels sister and able with cains anyway read the book and it will explain things. Yes we are seeds of incest. But it has been breeded out of us for a very long time…. I understood that Mary the mother of Jesus was a virgin.. Jesus was the son of the Holy spirit. Joseph took her of course for his wife because she was a pregnant girl….. Joseph was an old man he may have had other children before he married Mary however,he definitely had younger sons with Mary after Jesus was born and they followed his teachings and became disciples.

There were other people in the world outside of the garden of Eden…. Look bible did not say some people exits apart from cain and abel so where did you find this who is folling who you said it was written by only spirit why confusion and omit. If Adam and Eve were the only people in the world, then the world must have been populated by incest. At first even after leaving the Garden their bodies were pure. No sickness or disease. G-d made only 1 couple, then He told them to multiply—which means children.

AND while in the garden. There has been a lot of crap passed down. God created men and women , in his likeness. Then he created Adam and Eve to live in the Garden , innocent without knowledge of sin. Separate from the original first humans created. Read Genesis carefully. And he moved to a city ….. Where did this city come from? The other humans God had created. The children in the Bible are not products of incest.. Did it rain for 40 days and 40 nights or days and nights?

The Bible states both. What did Noah feed the lions on the ark? You could quite literally find every answer on those things in about 15 minutes doing some BING searching. I agree. It was written by men who are flawed. People love to read books, and when their minds go to sleep for a few paragraphs or chapters they yawn and refocus. But The Word of God is worth our full attention. And the Bible does not let us down, the confusion you find is your own. Yet, answers DO exist; the question is are you satisfied with the lies the world is feeding you? Show me the book, chapter and verse where this things are mentioned and I will give you the answer.

Any clarity on this. Please research the Hebrew lunar calendar. Of course, it is only natural to know that He was the eldest. What gave you the idea he did? He had younger half-brothers, yes. How you ever thought he had older siblings is curious, as it is easily disproved in scripture. I really appreciate That!

Challenges with the Back to Eden Method

They are people who are posting things on these social networks just to discourage Christian, and what they do is; they write half of the thext or hide where the story start or end just to play with our belief! God bless people who believe in Jesus. The wisdom of Solomon is still in the Bible. Catholic bibles still have the apocrypha. Protestant bibles do not. The crux of the matter is that these books exist in Greek and Latin translation, not in the Hebrew originals.

Hence they are not recognised by Jews either. Whoever wr0te this is a t0tal m0r0n.

A Whole Load of Trouble

Th0se parts and b00ks are all still in the Cath0lic Bible, if y0u had ever stopped t0 check. Ah, modern journalism. These books are in the Dead Sea Scrolls which proves they are part of the sacred inspired Old Testament scripture. The Jews who threw them out did that after the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD. Yes, the same Jews who rejected Jesus Christ as Messiah and Lord then turned around and rejected those books.

They rejected them because they said they were not written in Hebrew. Well the Dead Sea Scrolls, found in the twentieth century, proved that they were indeed part of the Hebrew scriptures. Yeah, those who deny Jesus are usually not on the side of truth, are they? And it was the Protestants who threw these books out of the bible.


So they sided with the Jews who rejected Christ. Go figure. As usual, the Catholic Church is on the side of truth. Ha ha no I think that You will find that it was a pope who called the council of nicea who chose the books to go into the new testament. I am unsure of the wicked picture of Solomon, son of David. I think the figure of speech, son of god, has much to do with it. Note, for example, in the gospel of Thomas, it is written that when you know your selves, then you will know that you are the sons of the living Father.

And, Son of the most high is Solomon, himself, in the text. In other texts, you will see god being referred to as light and those who shun the world as children of light. Actually, in Aramaic, Ellah is not a name because none came before Him to name Him. Time itself is His creature following His command. Ellah means the one worthy of all worship; it is a meaning. In the text, the ungodly were talking about killing Solomon with a shameful death because Solomon did not identify his self with his body as the ungodly identified the end of their body with the end of their spirit.

In fact, the Old Testament reading this past Sunday in mass was in Eccliastasticus, which is also called Sirach in most Catholic Bibles. The Catholic Church never took those texts out of scripture. What you might be referring to is the fact that Seven of those books, the Deuterocanon of the Catholic Church, was rejected by the early reformer of Protestantism, Martin Luther. I would recommend reading and re searching a little deeper next time, before publishing a sensationalist article full of nonsense. It deeply discredits online journalism. Well atleast its got people talking and informing each other which is the true way of learning anyways thx for your input, when people get proper input it stops all the bad advice going around.

Absolutely correct. My Catholic bible also has these books. This article is so bad that it is laughable. I am still gasping for breath. As you also seem to have agreed, there have been removals, mergers, reinventings etc over the course of time. All of these are full-circle contradictions to all the teachings I have received since childhood. It tells me very clearly, at least, that nothing seems incontrovertible…including my faith.

That was powerful Tee, and so true… I was brought up Catholic and when I learned of all the tampering and downright mutilation that has been done to the bible I, too, was floored and blown away, hence began my spiritual journey… thanks for your honesty and openness.

The entire new testament that we read today was written before 71 AD, the proof is in the text. No place in the ENTIRE new testament did any writer mention the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem which would have been the headlines in every major city in the then known world! It does raise interesting questions about timelines though. Such uneducated, poorly researched crap! What facts are here have been manipulated into a very misleading narrative. But get the facts, folks. I have tried to come to terms with that myself.

As you see all the so called bible scholars blew right past your comment. Be fair. They were pretty reactionary on other matters, but good on slavery. Mind you, I doubt whether they would have succeeded had British capitalism not developed to the point where it needed the profits of slave production including the trade in slaves no longer. No need to wonder. The Bible has many examples of how slaves were treated. And it was nothing like 18th century slavery. Some slaves preferred slavery to freedom, which is what the verse about nailing the ear to the door was about.

Deut And it shall be, if he say unto thee, I will not go away from thee; because he loveth thee and thine house, because he is well with thee; 17 Then thou shalt take an aul, and thrust it through his ear unto the door, and he shall be thy servant for ever. And also unto thy maidservant thou shalt do likewise. Even then, there was appalling exploitation of slaves, possibly worse than in the future American cotton fields, in the mineral mines of the ancient world. Slavery appears to be their intent. Religion appears to be the weapon.

They took away the mother tongue that spur the internal combustion of scientific thinking and innovations. The religion preaching created the division, diversion and ultimately resulted in the inglorious defeat and the thousands of years of rapes, slavery, depletion and looting of Africa. The language ensured the obliterations of the rich history and created the gaps between ancestors and their offsprings. History cannot be suppressed forever! One day, true account of how Europe utilised the same but perfected Roman tactics to mastermind and underdevelop Africa.

Thanks to prosperity that at least major disagreements are starting to well up among our traducers. They scrambled and evaporated the human and material resources of Africa to create the grounds for the so-called industrial revolution. The same looters are the ones saying Africa is the least-developed region of the world. Africans have always worshipped God. In Yorubaland, we call him Olodumare. The craft was to forcefully deceive us that the messanger and deities through which our fathers worshiped God and never faltered were idolatrous and diabolical.

May God forgive them, if he can. Why the silence on the only valid point brought out by Tee?? It was the Muslims who invaded Africa who captured and sold slaves to the British colonies, and continue to do so today! Christian missionaries are fighting slavery, and even buying back women and children taken into slavery in Darfour. Please, you must state truth, not ideological propaganda. Please look up Open Doors website,. Dean, you should dig a bit deeper.

The Church did in fact participate in the transatlantic slave trade. No one group is innocent in this world, and you should approach knowledge with that basic understanding. We need some clarification on the books and added chapters of books listed. The Roman Church, until the time of the Reformation, had all these included in the Bible. It is likely that Jesus was familiar with the Septuagint. The Septuagint contains these writings, and they were printed and published in English when the King James Bible was issued in However, due to printing costs, they were eventually omitted.

Jerome, for instance, placed them in between the Old and New Testaments when he officially translated the scriptures into Latin. I believe Luther did likewise when he translated the scriptures into German. They nearly always cost more than the cheaply produced Protestant Bibles. This is the best explanation. The Church never removed those books! They remain in the Catholic Nible. Martin Luther removed them.

Someone needs to research instead of believing the article! No you do not have to hunt for them. Any good Catholic Bookshop has a normal Catholic Bible that has all these books. It is not the Catholics that removed the books it was the protestant. So we have these books in our bibles as Catholics. I highly recommend the book o Tobit as an inspiration and comforting book. Are you insane? The second paragraph of your article contains too many historically factual errors to list in this space and it just keeps going.

Ichtios was another name from greeks for Jesus and the latin form Iesus but the nord part of Eu was reading from the latin text Jesus with J no with I, its just a mistake that was passed down by generations. In the eastern europen they pronounce it with an I. What is interesting is that Shin has the form of a crown and without shin it only: yod he vav he meaning Yehova. The 5 pointed star teaches us about the achivement of nobility in man crown when he begins to hold control over the 4 elements that constitutes our world.

It is in Vulgate Latin which was the lingua franca of the day. It did and does contain these additional Books. In the revised common lectionary these books are now included in the regular Sunday morning readings so their rightful place has been restored to the whole church. Only the Torah is given that distinction the rest are inspired. This whole article was literally a copy paste from another article published in May 29th Iseus is not pronounced Yahshua it is pronounced Jesus. If you knew Greek you would know how to pronounce it. Joshua is the Hebrew name of Jesus.

Yet everyone even in his day on earth called him Jesus as Greek was the dominant language. Just as English is dominant today in this world. He is speaking metaphorically about he who proclaimeth himself to be righteous. People who are so busy trying to observe every letter of the law, that their life becomes an imprisonment and a discussion of the law, they forget to live for themselves, and become pre-occupied with judging others. Accordingly the Ethopian Bible is more ancient and possess the truth more than the Latin version Since we know the Queen of Sheba reigned there and eden was also in Ethopia also known as Cush in the Bible.

Blessed be. To the author of this text, you are so sadly misinformed and did such a bad job of research that you should be ashamed of yourself. As was pointed out above, all but two of these books remain canonical in the Catholic bible. Do you know who yanked these books? Martin Luther. Indeed, Luther wanted to delete entire sections of the epistle of James because James emphasized the fact that faith without works is dead. If you had any integrity, you would delete this piece of poorly researched trash, and do a much better job in the future.

Actually, not quite right… those books ARE in the bible! Liz Koppert is dead right! It is actually the protestant churches that removed them from their bibles. Those books are still in the Catholic bibles. The value of the other books is dubious, albeit that there is some Godly wisdom in some and legendary material in others. Clearly anti-Catholic article! LEARN about thise things you wish to write! Go figure hey! The catholics changed the name and the image. Jesus was not the true name. Jesus was added in Study for yourselves and discover the hidden truth. The slaves never heard of Jesus until they got on a slave ship.

Names do matter. Laws have been forgotten. Ask yourselves why do they have european names in Bible. I hear a lot of talk about contradictions in the Bible. No self respecting person; much less anyone who identifies as Christian, would entertain such an outlandish, preposterous claim. What is the Bible? We know these truths. Are there parts that SEEM to contradict?? Yes, but all the answers have been given to us already.

Need I remind you, that entertaining the idea of a perfect Being making mistakes collapses upon itself. We hold that God is perfect. Everything He created is perfect. So why would God allow discrepancies to happen with His book? Hi everyone. Suprisingly, those books where present except for the book of The Song of Manasses.

Compared to my new english bible, some books were retained and some were eliminated. Thank you and God bless us all. There IS an edition with those books. In other words, the author of this article LIED. Except for the Song of Manasses, all other books are present. The Ecclesiasticus has been renamed thanks to recent studies the Book of Qohelet, but the writings remain the same.

Take the example of psalms. You can sometimes read about a vengeful Lord and later of a most benevolent forgiving One. Theses differences serve for the edification of the faithful at different moments in their lives. It is not a Catholic Bible. It was not translated from Latin, but from Hebrew, Greek and Chaldean.

And the books you are referring to are in every Catholic Bible. They are called the Deuterocanonicals or the Apocrypha. You can look it up. Martin Luther took them out of the Old Testament and placed them between the Testaments. The King James also placed them there. Or gone to Bible Gateway and looked at the Table of Contents? The name Jesus never existed until , mek ur research well. The Israelite no matter hw dey were slaved never lost their language, they spoke majorly Hebrew nd Aramaic, even Yeshua spoke Aramaic not greek or Latin, the truth still remain that there was a meeting in the council of Nisei other by pope Constantine on wen to worship, images to worship nd as a result the name Jesus came into play, name of two gods joined to form Jesus Christ.

The roman church? Fee we are on the same page that no man ever existed by the name jesus up until Constantine calle bishops in AD, thats where Jesus was created, from the Deity of King Alexandra Serapis Christus so thats where Jesus was created from, yet the person who lived on earth and did what they say it was done by jesus, was actually done by African from Egypt by the name of Horus son on Osiris and Isis the virgin not Marry. U guys have equally forgotten that Luther was a roman scholar before he protested nd the church? This is not surprising read 1st kings 11 And it is more missing books than that, where is the books of Yasher, aka Jasher?

Where is the book of Hanok, aka Enock both of which are mentioned in scripture? This could be referring to the Crucifixion, or the Plan thereof. It could have been removed due to the possible reference to Jesus being Married to Mary Magdalen.

A Load Of Trouble

This is all such nonsense. Peace to all… The Holy Bible is made to read and believe what is written there, not to be debated. Read these verse.. Matthew Hope all understand these verse spiritually.. God Bless. All but the last three of those books are known as the deuterocanonical books, and are considered canonical by Catholics and included to this day in the Catholic Bible. Nevertheless, Protestant Bibles do often include all of these these books in a separate section called he Apocrypha.

In the Catholic church, the council of Hippo in , and the third or sixth council of Carthage in included the deuterocanonical books when they determined the catholic canon of the Holy Scriptures. The canon was sanctioned in the sixteenth century by the council of Trent, and has remained undisturbed ever since. They will come to rob steal and destroy. Read the the bible. More documents have been found since and scholarship has found some translations errors that have been corrected or have been acknowledged as Hebrew and Greek words whose meaning has not yet been determined.

Athansius of Alexandria. Others are more strange than wonderful. The first 2 chapters of Genesis disagree on whether Adam was created before or after the animals. Very interesting, but neither Solomon nor David ever existed. Not a shred of evidence to the contrary. Fictitious characters of mythology. Wise people do not keep other human beings in bondage. Wise people do not rape — not even once, let alone women. He wanted to access more. This is a big lie.

The link u gave is not going thru. If u are sure of what u are saying, give the true PDF and I will help publish it. Satan sent you, not Our Father. You are misleading people. How did you even get a job to write an article that you clearly LACK understanding in? Is that not foolish? How embarrassing. Allow me to help you. Ya clearly missed it. He said just that smh!! He basically said these are NOT my words, but the words of those who do not believe in Elohim.

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  • Like I can say what the above comentor said. Read the first line of the text and come back and rewrite your article. You are embarrassing yourself and this website. So now we all know this site contains lies, misunderstandings, is also biased, and must be fact-checked prior to believing any productions from you and your site.

    How unfortunate. This is all wrong. Clearly, this author wrote a very biased, uneducated, painfully incorrect article. Even a non-believer can understand this. Well, we are reading the same thing but for some reason this author either is not reading and paying attention to the words or was in haste to write something to discredit the scriptures.

    And I assume this has to be approved prior to publishing so this entire website is now deemed unreliable to now many. This article is so counterproductive to you. There is so much fake news, opinionated articles, incorrect articles, biased articles, lying articles, evil articles and this one makes the cut for all of the above. But think about the long-term impact his will have on this site. Thanks for proving the scriptures although you tried to discredit them and our ancient African leaders.

    Bless You all. Maybe You might wish to look at the original texts and find out and get to know the god of Abraham and see how the original texts describe the relationship between Jahweh and jesus…You might be a bit shocked. Happy research people and I am grateful to be able to put You on to an original track. I will be interested to know Your thoughts. The Protestants translated the bible to English. The Geneva Bible was translated by followers of Wycliffe who predated Luther. We have a copy that was donated to our local lodge. I must get a good look at it….

    They also were first to translate to Irish Gaelic and Scots Gaelic. The Catholic had the books removed but do they still appear in the Jewish and Muslim verses? I have no idea does anyone else? This is such a big lie. One thing im very sure of is that Solomon never wrote this book, God almighty will never allow that to happen. Holy spirit is d author of d bible, so ders no way dat things lyk dese will be said in d bible.

    Now there are multiple versions of bible, n catholics follow 2 bibles, one given 2 d crowd, n one d real one only d priest uses. D real bible contains only 66 books,it was organised verse by verse. Sorry, Doug Machin, it clearly sounds like your just a pawn and have no clout in the FMs. Go back to sleep and keep paying your dues! They are still there in the Catholic Bible. It is the Protestants who removed them, claiming that they were not included in the Jewish Bible following the decision of the Council of Jamnia to remove them from the Septuagint simply because these were being used by Christians for their doctrinal claims.

    So, in effect wht the Protestants have adopted is an Old Testament that is, from the Jewish standpoint, anti Christian. I am confused. If the the old testament contained 80 books why they removed 14 books …we know the bible is a wholly book ,nobody can Chang or amends or edit ,coz this is the book from God..

    He does not judge. So then no one willl check that when the Hebrews were captive in Babylon they saw the much older Sumerian tablets and adopted these creation and flood stories etc? Check verse 1. He is quoting what the ungodly are saying. He is not saying these words. Get understanding. This is wrong and completely backwards. All of those books are IN the Catholic bible — they were removed from all copies of the Protestant bible. Solomon is not saying he does these things. He is saying the unrighteous and unspiritual do those things. Many plants and some creatures are poisonous to humans, but the pig is not one of them.

    It makes is I than any other organization. Also……Council of Nicea….. Conspiratorial nonsense. Those books were always known in the Latin edition as the Apocrypha and were not included in the English translation because of that. James version either. Judaism and Christianity are two different ideologies and therefore 2 religion. The God the Israelites worshipped was Marduk.. The catholic have those books as part of their canon. It is the Protestant that removed them. Believe me, the council acted wisely. Do all of you believe in fairy tales? The bible is the biggest fairy tale of all.

    These books were written by mortal men who had vivid imaginations and who wished to control the masses. Can anyone explain why God asked a guy to kill his own son? Why he flooded the planet cause he was pissed? And where the fvck is the Garden of Eden? At what point was it no longer in vogue to sacrifice animals to God?

    When did God change from a vindictive, wrathful, harsh entity as depicted in the Old testament to the All loving, forgiving, merciful God of the new testament. When was the Old Testament written? Were all 5 books written at the same time period? When was the New Testament written? Why did a NEW testament had to be written? It grieves my heart when people say the bible contradicts itself.

    It is not to be read as a newspaper. The bible has deeper meaning to every single sentence and it takes the holy spirit to lead you to understand.