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Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser

Basecamp of Inspiration. After Ferdinand's abdication in , the original lyrics were used again because his successor Francis Joseph was also named Francis. There were versions of the hymn in several languages of the Austro-Hungarian Empire e. At the end of the First World War in , the Austro-Hungarian Empire was abolished and divided into multiple states, one of them being the residual state of Austria, which was a republic and had no emperor. The tune ceased to be used for official purposes. When the last Emperor, Charles I , died in , monarchists created an original stanza for his son Otto von Habsburg.

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Since the emperor was in fact never restored, this version never attained official standing. The hymn was revived in with completely new lyrics, known as Sei gesegnet ohne Ende , which remained the national anthem of Austria until the Anschluss. The first stanza of the hymn's version was sung in during the funeral of Empress Zita of Austria [14] and again in during the funeral of her son Otto von Habsburg [15] as a tribute to the family.

Long after Haydn's death, his melody was used as the tune for Hoffmann von Fallersleben 's poem "Das Lied der Deutschen" The third stanza "Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit" , sung to the melody, is the national anthem of Germany, the " Deutschlandlied ".

In the ordinary nomenclature of hymn tunes , the melody of "Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser" is classified as When employed in a hymn it is sometimes known as Austria. It has been paired with various lyrics. Various American schools, colleges, and universities use Haydn's music as the tune for their university or school hymns. Here is a partial list. In China, the Ningbo No. Dein Gesetz sei stets sein Wille, Dieser uns Gesetzen gleich. Seh' sie, Eins durch Bruderbande, Ragen allen andern vor! God keep Francis the emperor, Our good Emperor Francis!

Long live Francis the emperor, In the brightest splendour of happiness! May sprigs of laurel bloom for him As a garland of honour, wherever he goes. From the tips of his flag May victory and fruitfulness shine! In his council May knowledge, wisdom and honesty sit! And with his Highness's lightning May justice but prevail! May the abundance of thy gifts Pour over him, his house and Empire! Break the power of wickedness, and reveal Every trick of rogues and knaves! May thy Law always be his Will, And may this be like laws to us.

May he gladly experience the highest bloom Of his land and of his peoples! May he see them, united by the bonds of brothers, Loom over all others! And may he hear at the edge Of his late tomb his grandchildren's chorus. During Haydn's lifetime, his friend the musicologist Charles Burney , made an English translation of the first verse which is more felicitous if less literal than the one given above:.

God preserve our Emp'ror Francis! Sov'reign ever good and great.

Uta Kargel spricht über den Karpaten-Dreh - Sturm der Liebe

Burney's penultimate couplet about sheep has no counterpart in the original German and appears to be Burney's own contribution. For translations into several of the languages that were spoken in the Austrian Empire, see Translations of Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser. Er zerbrach der Knechtschaft Bande, Hob zur Freiheit uns empor! God save Emperor Francis, Our good Emperor Francis, A ruler high, a high sage, Stands he in fame's radiance; A laurel wreath woven with love May it be ever green for him.

German Verse from the Trenches

Over flourishing realms Extends his scepter far and wide; His throne is supported by gentleness, Rectitude and probity, And from his heraldic shield Justice shines. To adorn himself with virtues He heeds all worthy concerns Not to repress peoples Flames the sword in his hand: To bless them, to delight them Is the prize he desires, God save Francis the Emperor, Our good Emperor Francis! He shattered the fetters of bondage Lifted us aloft to freedom!

Early may he witness German lands and German peoples highest bloom And may he still hear at the edge Of a late tomb the grandchildren's chorus: God save Francis the Emperor, Our good Emperor Francis! Powerful through the support of the Faith, He leads us with a wise hand! Let the Crown of his Fathers shield us against any foe!