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This is a great idea for a sideyard or backyard with minimal plants, drought friendly trees, and a creative walkway.

Zeroscape - If This Is The End I Will (FULL ALBUM)

This looks more like a botanical garden than a backyard. What a beautiful use of depth and texture using all desert plants but maintaining a full, colorful garden.

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The result is absolutely stunning. Is zeroscaping is your ultimate goal, consider using different types of gravel in an interesting and eye-catching design. Creative walkways are a beautiful way to integrate different materials into your landscape design.

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Make a dry riverbed to add dimension instead of flat gravel. Simply dig a small trench and fill with river rock to give the look of a winding river.

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Get creative by using drought-friendly plants in shapes that everyone can appreciate and adore. Your email address will not be published. Wins 0.

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Nominations 0. Zeroscape's sound is a melting pot of music, mixing metal, dance hall, reggae, and rock into one solid aggressive groove. As they gazed out the windows of their tour bus they realized that life would never be the same. Home was now the road and forever would be.

Xeriscape vs. Zeroscape ~ Native Tree and Landscaping

Through love and hate, hell and back, and who answer to no one but the music! Read more Some of these plants are perfect for adding year-round greenery and texture. Other native plants are great for adding a splash of seasonal color. The properly planned xeriscape can offer brilliant color from March through October. Select the right plant for the right spot.

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Dig the right size hole. Carefully remove plant from container.