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Proms 2013 Prom 4: Les Siècles – The Rite of Spring

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Rite of the Womb

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  6. Give out paper and coloured pens. As you listen again, ask your children to draw the scene. Challenge them to quickly draw a flower, leaf, animal etc. Warn them that by the end of the 3 minutes their page should be full! Look at their artwork; perhaps play the movement again as you wander around the classroom like in an art gallery.

    You might like to give the children more time to finish their pictures keep the music playing for inspiration and then make them into a display. The beginning of The Rite of Spring is a musical portrayal of the world waking up to spring and then the tremendous excitement of the first sunny day. Begin by telling your class a little about The Rite of Spring and explain that they are going to compose, in groups, their own version of the very opening.

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    Explain further that Stravinsky uses a lot of simple solo tunes to create feeling of the world waking up to spring or remind them of the listening task. Stravinsky changes the rhythm of this idea and shifts it around so that every time you hear it it sounds slightly different. Like this:.

    The Rite of the Twisted Sun

    Try saying this with your children emphasising the words in BOLD — emphasise them by stretching the word out a little and saying it louder. Using the pitches above on a xylophone, ask a volunteer to come forward and create their own fragment of melody, using any combination of those five notes. Now ask them to perform it again stressing a different note just as you did with the words. Can they do it a third time with a different note emphasised? It may help to add words to their initial idea and say them with the group.

    The Rite of Spring | NASA Solar System Exploration

    By doing this they have just done exactly what Stravinsky does during that very famous opening you can hear the opening in track 1 of the playlist above. Split your class into small working groups. If you are short of instruments, groups can do this using their voice or by creating a rhythm on unpitched percussion or body percussion.

    Bring the class back together and have a quick brainstorm on the board of "spring sounds. Challenge each group to add at least one of these spring sound effects underneath their melody using unpitched percussion or body percussion. Make sure that everyone has a role in each piece. When this is achieved, hear each group in turn and encourage the class to give constructive feedback.

    Now challenge the class to put their group pieces together to make one bigger piece, but maintaining the same feeling of gradual awakening. They may notice that the texture fills up, when it is loud and busy it abruptly stops and after a pause of silence the original bassoon tune is heard alone once more. Encourage the class to choose a couple of their ideas to do this. You can listen to the beginning of this in track 2 of the playlist above. Begin by asking your class to tap a quick pulse and count to 8 softly out loud over and over as they do so, like this:.

    Show them the grid below and ask them to count and tap again but to shout out or emphasise the numbers that are large:. This is a tricky task but it will be very impressive if you can do it neatly, so do take some time to practise it.