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Un rapide examen de son discours montre quelques formes syntaxiques. Cette phrase a en effet un sujet, un verbe et un objet. Le magazine Gbich! La formalisation du nouchi est en cours. Ahua, Blaise Muchi. Lafage, Suzanne. Abby Murphy In the world of cartoons, the American series Steven Universe stands out for its groundbreaking and award-winning content. Steven Universe is currently being broadcast on Cartoon Network, following the adventures of its titular protagonist.

The show also introduces kids to themes such as abuse and consent as well as being an LGBTQ-inclusive series. The show has earned many accolades for its content, including three Emmy nominations. France is far from the only country with this issue , but has a history especially with song adaptations gone wrong. The unsung parts of the episode were dubbed as usual in French, but all the songs were kept in the original English, with loosely translated French subtitles. War and glory, reinvention Fusion, freedom, her attention Out in daylight, my potential Bold, precise, experimental.

L'anamour (French/English) Lyrics Serge Gainsbourg

Who am I now in this world without her? Petty and dull, with the nerve to doubt her What does it matter? Despite not having to worry about the dubbing process, the translators created a version that mischaracterizes Pearl and misrepresents her relationships. Instead of having Pearl question why she cannot move on, CNF has her say how much she still misses Rose, a point the whole song implies.

And while this mischaracterization may be a result of subpar translation, the stakes are high when translating a song about a lesbian singing of her past love in a show that is known for its inclusive programming and nuanced LGBTQ representation. However, the official CNF translation is not the only one French subtitle option, and this option allows for a look into how subtitling can be far from corrupt, instead promoting the original and bringing its themes to a larger audience.

Guerre et gloire! Qui suis-je dans ce monde sans elle? Quelle importance? However, fansites like Steven Universe Fantasy allow for an alternative: subtitles that remain in tune with how characters, representing the LGBTQ community, are originally portrayed. JStor, www. Accessed 11 April Sugar, Rebecca. A joke linked to French gastronomy? Faites-moi savoir dans les commentaires. The reason the way we talk about the language Creole is still problematic is that we speak about it as if it was one uniform language.

In Haiti, there are four spoken varieties of Creole and the perception of each one by their own speakers shows what a complicated relationship still exists between French, Creole and identity in Haiti. We have discussed the differences in Parisian French, the French of those living in more rural areas of France, and Quebecois French. However, the reason the way we talk about the language Creole is still problematic is that we speak about it as if it was one uniform language. The lexicology of this term is very interesting.

It is a term that is primarily used to describe hair. Haitian society considers these people closer to the civilized French, those that do have smooth, straight hair and apply that beauty standard to their colonies, inhabited by descendants of Africans who have curly, kinky hair. This assertion is supported by the second adjectival use of the word. The majority tend to be monolingual. What is interesting is that in modern times those who grew up speaking one of these aim to speak the other.

It is the version that most closely resembles French. Should schooling continue traditionally in French? Nonetheless, despite apparent diversity, three main kinds of proposals can be identified: 1 Those who take a pro-etymological or anti-phonemic view; 2 those who support a pro-phonemic approach; 3 those in an intermediary camp, proposing a phonemic orthography but with some concessions to French spelling Schieffelin and Doucet, Pg. Who has the authority to establish a standardized orthography for the entire language?

Brutal hate crimes draw international attention to antisemitism, but violence comes from quiet, insidious hatred of Jews. Who was Mireille Knoll? After the war, she returned to Paris to live out the rest of her life—cut short when she was stabbed eleven times and her body set on fire. The murder of Mireille Knoll took place as part of a robbery, in which the men who committed the murder believed that she had to have money because she was Jewish. Mireille Knoll is just another casualty of French antisemitism. Other casualties include Sarah Halimi , Ilan Halimi , the hostages in the Hypercacher kosher supermarket siege …the list goes on.

Before finding the answer, it is necessary to define the problem. Rather, antisemitism often is expressed through negative attitudes and stereotypes. The first two statements in particular showcase two of the most common stereotypes about Jews: they are incapable of loyalty towards anyone and anything but their own interests, and they secretly control all major institutions. I read a book written about anti-Semitic language in contemporary Germany, in which the authors discussed various terms and ideas of modern German antisemitism.

The examples used are German, but the concepts embodied by the examples are, unfortunately, universal to all anti-Semites. In fact, I was struck by how much the quotes and ideas referenced matched up to my personal experience of antisemitism, as well as papers I wrote in the past about antisemitism in nineteenth century Europe and America. Speaking of loyalty to Israel, Anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism are often conflated in anti-Semitic thought. I have never been to Israel, nor do I have any family or personal ties to the country. Asking me my opinion on the right of Israel to exist because I am Jewish is no more useful than asking an English Protestant his or her opinion on whether the United States deserves to exist.

Politically active people often hold Israel to much higher standards of behavior than they hold other countries, particularly other aggressive, imperialist, but predominantly Christian countries such as the United States. And unlike other violent countries, where the blame for imperialism is placed on the government, many critics of Israel make no distinction between political entities and civilians.

A Glasgow view of Americana and related music and writings.

But then you see yourselves as the chosen people. Mireille Knoll was not killed by antisemitism, per se: she was killed by two men who based their action on stereotypes. However, justifiable distrust of Israel provides a cover for active anti-Semites, and many gentiles who are against Israel unknowingly reference anti-Semitic ideas. The language of antisemitism is never new. Knobel, Marc. Schwarz-Friesel, Monika, and Jehuda Reinharz. Brandeis University Press, Weiss, Bari. Although French once reigned supreme as the sole language of diplomacy across Europe, English is slowly but surely replacing French in international workplaces across the continent.

With Brexit on the horizon, should diplomats working within the EU prepare to speak French or any other EU language for that matter on the job? You may have been surprised to hear announcements in French alongside English and Korean during the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang this February. Often, this means that French is accorded official status equal to English, but not used as much in practice. French has lost ground to English as a lingua franca in recent decades, and not only in international affairs. While most of the first 10 winners of the competition sang in French, no song performed in French has emerged victorious since !

Despite this rising tide of English, advocates are rallying around French and other languages across the bloc. The European Union is unique in its language policies, with 24 languages co-official. While important documents are translated into all of these official languages, French, English and German dominate to varying degrees as the main working languages within the bloc.

Like in other spheres, English has been overtaking these other two official working languages in recent decades. In light of the Brexit vote in , this dominance of English has been called into question once again. This leaves the smaller Malta and Ireland as the only nations where English has official status, as compared to France, Luxembourg and Belgium for French. French has been on a long decline in the EU over the last few decades.

While French was the dominant language of Eurovision entrants in the early years of the competition up to the s , its popularity waned as countries in Central and Eastern Europe joined in. With these countries in the EU, both German and English are more widely-known than French including those who learned them as a second language. Seemingly overnight, French went from being widely-spoken throughout the EU, to a language of regional importance within the bloc. It simply became harder to do business in French. Most of them speak English as a second or third language with varying levels of competency, so the variant of English spoken features some simplified forms and innovated terms derived from the other languages that MPs speak.

To increase efficiency, meetings across almost all branches of the EU are now held only in English.

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In some areas of the EU, French used to be the only language used, but English is being introduced even in those areas. Alas, a recent announcement suggests they may consider hearing cases in English in the future. While it does seem unlikely that French will overtake English as the main working language of the European Union anytime soon, it may be becoming more important.

Francophone leaders in important positions within the EU are pushing for the increased use of French today. He went on to deliver the rest of his address in French. A native of Luxembourg, Juncker speaks his native Luxembourgish, French, German and English as do all alumni of the public school system in Luxembourg.

In a recent meeting of the Multiannual Financial Network, diplomats were asked to sign off on a document that stipulated the use of English in future meetings. The language is not without its advocates in high places. However, there is still widespread resistance among Central and Eastern European countries to adopting French as the working language. After having invested in educating so many students in English, they are just not ready to make the switch.

While French will remain one of the most widely spoken languages in the EU, it will almost certainly not recapture its old role as the sole language of diplomacy. It is useful and powerful within the EU offices in Strasbourg and Brussels, and in communities throughout the bloc, but it is not enough to unite all the EU countries without the help of other languages. Davis, Charlotte. De la Baume, Maia.

Serge Gainsbourg N° 4

De la Baume, Maia, and David M. Try au revoir, French ambassador tells Council. Devlin, Kat. Johnston, Ian. European Union, 07 May last updated. Van Parys, Jonathan. Furthermore, I want to look at how these attitudes affect Filipinos who migrate to the U. Section 6. The national language of the Philippines is Filipino. Section 7. For purposes of communication and instruction, the official languages of the Philippines are Filipino and, until otherwise provided by law, English. Belvez, My interest is not on her engagement but more on the public response to the her English-speaking skills.

More specifically, I was fascinated by the way people criticized her in the comments. Interestingly, the majority of the people mocking her English were Filipino natives, all of who are well aware of the quality of the English curricula in many poor provincial schools. Influenced by our past as a colonized nation, many Filipinos see the English language as a tool that they could use to advance their social status in the Philippines.

Filipino Migration and Chasing the American Dream. The history of Filipino migration to the United States traces all the way to the late 19 th century and has fluctuated ever since. The United States first saw a huge influx of Filipino immigrants after the country annexed the Philippines in During this period of American imperialism, many Filipinos travelled to the United States to either study or work Figure 1.

The United States has always been seen as a symbol of hope and opportunity for the Philippines. Today, many people move to the U. Taking a close look at the present Filipino and Filipino-American cultures can provide deep insight into the long lasting effects of American colonialism on the Filipino identity.

In my personal research, I asked some friends who were born here in the U.

Luce (singer)

My focus was to understand whether this feeling of personal detachment constructed by the language barrier from their Filipino-speaking families is shared among many first generation Filipino-Americans. True enough; many of them expressed how challenging it was trying to communicate with their parents and with their extended family members during family gatherings. One of my friends explains that the reason her parents never taught her Tagalog a Filipino dialect was the fear that developing an accent would only attract discrimination.

When I asked my mom why she never taught me a second language, she said she did not want me to get bullied in school if I had an accent since I went to private, predominantly white schools. Her unwillingness, however, was more personal, as it stemmed from her own experience struggling to find a job in the United States because of her accent.

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