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When I left Springfield I asked the people to pray for me. I was not a Christian. When I buried my son, the severest trial of my life, I was not a Christian. But when I went to Gettysburg and saw the graves of thousands of our soldiers, I then and there consecrated myself to Christ. Yes, I do love Jesus. This has been portrayed to have been Lincoln's "reply" to an unnamed Illinois clergyman when asked if he loved Jesus , as quoted in The Lincoln Memorial Album — Immortelles edited by Osborn H. Oldroyd [New York: G. Mr Oldroyd has endeavored to learn for me in what paper he found it and on whose authority it rests, but without result.

He does not remember where he found it. It is inherently improbable, and rests on no adequate testimony. It ought to be wholly disregarded. The earliest reference I have found to the story in which Lincoln is alleged to have said to an unnamed Illinois minister, "I do love Jesus" is in a sermon preached in the Baptist Church of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, April 19, , by Rev. Whitcomb, which was published in the Oshkosh Northwestern , April 21, , and in issued in pamphlet form by John E.

Misattributed [ edit ] Prohibition will work great injury to the cause of temperance. It is a species of intemperance within itself, for it goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to control a man's appetite by legislation, and makes a crime out of things that are not crimes. A Prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our government was founded.

Alledgedly from a speech to the Illinois House of Representatives 18 December its called "a remarkable piece of spurious Lincolniana" by Merrill D. Peterson: Lincoln in American Memory. Oxford UP , books. Spurious archive. He only has the right to criticize who has the heart to help. It will not do to investigate the subject of religion too closely, as it is apt to lead to Infidelity.

Claimed by atheist Franklin Steiner, on p. I hope to have God on my side, but I must have Kentucky! See, for example, Albert D. The quotation is based on a comment by Rev. Moncure D. Conway about the progress of the Civil War. It is evident that the worthy President would like to have God on his side: he must have Kentucky. Conway , The Golden Hour To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.

Sometimes attributed to Lincoln since a speech of Douglas MacArthur citing him as its author, this is actually from a poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. My earlier views on the unsoundness of the Christian scheme of salvation and the human origin of the scriptures have become clearer and stronger with advancing years, and I see no reason for thinking I shall ever change them. Letter to Judge J. Wakefield , after the death of Lincoln's son Willie in , as cited in Abraham Lincoln: was he a Christian? America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.

First attributed to Lincoln in , this seems a paraphrase of a statement in the Lyceum address of , while incorporating language used by Thomas E. Dewey c. They can only fail if they fail to lend their united support to full production in a free society". Now, I say to you, my fellow-citizens, that in my opinion the signers of the Declaration had no reference to the negro whatever when they declared all men to be created equal.

They desired to express by that phrase, white men, men of European birth and European descent, and had no reference either to the negro, the savage Indians, the Fejee, the Malay, or any other inferior and degraded race, when they spoke of the equality of men. One great evidence that such was their understanding, is to be found in the fact that at that time every one of the thirteen colonies was a slaveholding colony, every signer of the Declaration represented a slave-holding constituency, and we know that no one of them emancipated his slaves, much less offered citizenship to them when they signed the Declaration, and yet, if they had intended to declare that the negro was the equal of the white man, and entitled by divine right to an equality with him, they were bound, as honest men, that day and hour to have put their negroes on an equality with themselves.

No historical record of such a debate actually exists, though there was a famous set of speeches by both in Peoria on 16 October , but transcripts of Lincoln's speech on that date do not indicate that he made such a statement.

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It in fact comes from a speech made by Douglas in the third debate against Lincoln at Jonesboro, Illinois on 15 September As a result of the war, corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed. I feel at this moment more anxiety for the safety of my country than ever before, even in the midst of war. God grant that my suspicions may prove groundless.

Purportedly in a letter to Colonel William F. Elkins 21 November after the passage of the National Bank Act 3 June , these remarks were attributed to Lincoln as early as but were denounced by John Nicolay , Lincoln's private secretary and biographer. Nicolay: "This alleged quotation from Mr. Lincoln is a bald, unblushing forgery.

The great President never said it or wrote it, and never said or wrote anything that by the utmost license could be distorted to resemble it. It is more despotic then monarchy. More insolent than autocracy. More selfish then bureaucracy. I see the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. Corporations have been enthroned. An era of corruption will follow and the money power of the country, will endeavor to prolong it's reign by working upon the prejudices of the people.

Until the wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed. Shaw, p. All that and more is to be found within this informative book. Features personal accounts from the author's experiences with many of the species mentioned. Kokoda track: days A fascinating account of the battle for the Kokoda Track in where men of the 39th Militia Battalion slowed, and eventually stopped, the advance of experienced Japanese troops across the massive Owen Stanley Ranges.

It's true: you eat poison every day Facts and accounts about poisons used for cures but often killing people by accident. Teens Lennie is leaving the security of life at home to attend a day school in Sydney. She is full of excitement but life outside her secure house with her younger sisters throws up all sorts of challenges, She finds a best friend in Mabel Jones, a fellow pupil and begins to develop her talents as a writer.

A charming tale of life as a teenage girl in Sydney in the late 's. Storm callers In tiny Miller's Flat, Mike is stuck at the caravan park helping his mum when he'd rather be with mates.

One day, he meets feisty, city girl, Kirsty, who is trying to run away. Together, they escape their boredom and create their own world on a remote beach, beachcombing for treasures and imagining stories about pirates and washed up bodies. Reconciliation in the environment and health Find out about the people, the events, organisations and activities that are working towards reconciliation all around Australia. The book is presented by an Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian, each of whom has a special association with the topic.

My country The poem, My Country, is widely regarded as the universal statement of why Australians love their country. Stunning watercolour illustrations capture the diversity of the landscape and its colours. Sarah, plain and tall Sarah has come from Maine to live on the prairie farm to be mother to two children, but she misses the sea. Painting the wind A young boy watches various artists who come to his island over the summer. He tries to learn something from each one in the hope that he might, one day, be able to paint the wind.

Bloom Beauty. As a little girl in Rome, Elsa Schiaparelli was told she was not pretty. What is beauty Elsa wondered as she grew older. So she sought out beauty around her and found it everywhere: in the colours and scents of the Rome flower market, in the garden, and in the attic of her family home, buried in a chest of old dresses.

She found affection from her dear uncle in Milano. She developed an artist's eye and imagination. These bloomed in the wildly imaginative dresses, hats, shoes, and jewellery that made her an important name in fashion. Defining beauty on her own creative and rebellious terms was the key to Elsa Schiaparelli's happiness and success, and is still seen today in her legacy of wild imagination.

Daring and different, Elsa Schiaparelli used art to make fashion, and it was quite marvellous. I'm being stalked by a moon shadow Seth Parrot lives in a dung-covered house with his brother and not so ex-hippy parents. Seth dreams of muscular girls and knows lots of quirky facts, more from reading teenage girls' magazines than from listening to his eccentric dad. Kevin the troll Kevin, the troll, is crafty and cranky, mysterious and moody and he wants children pie for his seven-hundredth birthday.

When trolls and humans make contact, amazing events occur. Life of a teenage body-snatcher, The Thomas Timewell is sixteen, living in England in , where body-snatching is rife, cut-throats are about and terrible novelists are absorbing the lives of wealthy women with nothing better to do. Contains some horror and mature themes. Usually read by students in Years 9, 10 and above. Siggy and Amber Siggy learns the pitfalls of alcohol abuse and not considering the consequences before embarking on what looks like a good idea at the time.

Growing up in a sleepy coastal town full of characters, with the girl he loves only a long bike ride away, Siggy is on a quest for the perfect girlfriend. He also has to survive the cool kids at school and build family ties with a mum, an arty sister and a potential stepfather. Tigers on the beach Adam is assistant manager at his parents holiday park, where, after the death of his grandfather, his grandmother has started scaring off the visitors and his parents have started fighting.

Once he stops getting into embarrassing situations involving public nudity and work out what's so funny about two tigers on a beach, then maybe he can hope to figure out Samantha. Tumble turn At an embarrassing stage of life, Dominic is burdened with a worrying mother, a father who fancies his teacher, an annoying sister and an embarrasiing friend. Dominic is practising Buddhism and resorts to emailing his estranged uncle for support. Sister Madge's book of nuns An hilarious and irreverent account of convent life, told in cheeky verse. How nearly everything was invented by the Brainwaves Through labelled diagrams, the Brainwaves present the inventing of the lens, steam engine, light bulb, generator, internal combustion engine, transistor, gunpowder, and many other everyday inventions and scientific discoveries.

Ocean In this exploration of oceans, see ocean research vessels in operation and discover how jellyfish catch prey with their slime. Includes photographs of deep-sea creatures and models of the sea floor providing insight into marine life. Death in a nut When Jack's mother is very sick, he is able to prevent her dying by squeezing Old Man Death into an empty hazelnut. But, trouble begins for the people and the food in the village and Jack learns a powerful lesson about life and death. Rust: a collection of short stories Twelve short, engaging stories send readers on some humorous, tough and thought provoking journeys.

The stories suit a wide range of reading abilities. Mr Tom takes him in and turns his sad life around. Just Henry Set in post-war Britain in , fourteen year old Henry has no friends and misses his war-hero father. He resents his stepfather and stepsister, and escapes by going to the cinema, his passion. When Henry develops an old camera film, he uncovers a mystery and events spiral until Henry's life resembles the drama of the big screen. Egg and spoon Elena Rudina lives with her dying mother in the impoverished Russian countryside. One day, a train arrives carrying untold wealth, a cornucopia of food, and Ekaterina, a girl of Elena's age.

When the two girls' lives collide, an adventure begins that includes mistaken identity, a monk locked in a tower, a prince travelling incognito and a wise-cracking Baba Yaga, a witch who lives in a house perched on chicken legs. China: land of dragons and emperors Paper, gunpowder, silk, porcelain, stirrups for riding horses and many other wonderful and extraordinary things were first used in China.

Read about the rise and fall of dynasties, the superstitions and beliefs of the people and the famous people who are part of the great story of China. Chinese Cinderella The plight of a young girl who, because of traditional Chinese beliefs, is rejected by her family at birth. Chinese Cinderella and the secret dragon society A young girl is thrown out of her home by her cruel stepmother onto the dangerous streets of Shanghai.

She takes refuge in a Martial Arts Academy and becomes part of a new family. A secret mission changes her life dramatically. Chinese Cinderella: the mystery of the Song Dynasty painting Following a fall, and in hospital where Chinese Cinderella sees a copy of an ancient painting. She is haunted by vivid dreams that seem strange, yet somehow familiar, recalling a life lived eight hundred years ago during the Song Dynasty.

Hypnosis is used, leaving open the concept of reincarnation. Aliens in the family Jake helps her new step-sister and step-brother to protect an alien from another dimension. Changeover, The Laura has premonitions and senses what is about to happen. She is encouraged to 'change over' and become a witch so that she can help save her brother from an evil spirit. Dangerous spaces Athena finds a box covered with green material. Inside it, she sees a dream world which draws her and her cousins in. Haunting, The A child begins to receive strange messages and learns about a family legacy.

Maddigan's quest Garland Maddigan, twelve year old daughter of Fantasia's ringmaster, has made this trip before.

Mission: Soldier to Daddy

The journey has frightening new challenges when three mysterious children join the travellers and sinister strangers follow them. Underrunners Kidnapping and suspense highlight this story of two children who have to rely on courage and resourcefulness to escape from a bleak house. How I alienated my grandmother After discovering a long buried, mysterious device in his back yard, Michael inadvertently causes his Gran to become inhabited by an alien.

Michael and his best friend, Elvis set out to remedy the situation, only to discover the future of the Earth is at stake. Elvis is the expert in science fiction and technology, while Michael is quick thinking and can scheme his way out of trouble, as quickly as he gets into it. When I was little, like you A precious recount of growing up in the early days of the Papunya settlement in central Australia. The author tells about going bush with her family and learning about her culture and way of life.

Secrets in the fire Based on a true account of a young refugee girl's determination to overcome the loss of her legs in a Mozambique landmine accident. A deeply moving and unforgettable story. Samsara dog Samsara Dog lived many lives. Some were long, while others lasted only a few days. Dog never remembered them. He lived each life as it came until he learned the most important lesson of all. Tiger stone In Java in the fourteenth century, the villagers are fearful of Mbah Merapi, the rumbling volcano that overshadows their lives. Kancil, the lowliest kitchen servant, knows the real danger is human but she is fatherless and mute.

She will lose everything if her identity is revealed. But, Kancil must warn the villagers of the danger they are facing. Thaddeus Bix and the Pirates of Pepperjack When Thaddeus Bix is kidnapped by a gang of pirates and thrown inside a magical sea chest, he thinks things have gone pretty bad. Little does he know they are just about to get worse. A swashbuckling adventure on the high seas awaits, with Thaddeus and his new friends Molly and Juniper as they attempt to outwit and escape a crew of stinking pirates, wizards, witches, giant talking spiders and worse.

Oberon and his servant, Puck, cast a spell which causes Titania to fall magically in love with Nick Bottom, a weaver who has been given the head of a donkey. Oberon sees the error of his ways and seeks a way to reverse the spell and restore harmony. Hairs in the palm of the hand A story that features civil rights for women. Handles A girl, who is mad about motor bikes, finds happiness in a run-down bike shop. This is the incredible story of Scott's adventures and the animals he saw along the way.

This is the story five brothers who served, compiled from over five hundred letters and postcards, written from the battle front. From the training grounds of Victoria, Egypt and England, to the Western Front battlefields, this compelling, true story was compiled by the granddaughter of a surviving brother. This is a story of mateship, bravery and sacrifice, and a heartbreaking account of a family torn apart by war. Daughter of the flames A sweeping fantasy chronicling a courageous girl's sometimes violent fight for freedom in a world ravaged by war and religious fanaticism.

Tackles themes such as religion and terrorism as well as unconventional love. Usually read by students in Year 10 and above. Swan kingdom, The Alexandra is a princess, albeit by her own description, a very plain looking one. She lives happily with the Queen and her three talented brothers but less happily with her father, the King. After her mother is killed by a terrible beast, Alexandra is banished to stay with her aunt and her brothers are exiled. Alexandra must find the inner strength to oppose her step-mother, restore her brothers and, thereby, heal the land.

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Children of the new forest, The Cavaliers and Roundheads battle it out in the turbulent setting of the English Civil war, providing the background for this classic tale of four orphans trying to survive in the forest. Head book, The A quick-fix guide to general knowledge and trivia. Everything you needed to know, and maybe didn't even know to ask, explained with wit and clarity. So much to tell you Marina's face is shockingly scarred. She has not spoken since her father threw acid at her mother, hitting Marina instead. As part of a writing assignment, she has to keep a journal.

In it, she deals realistically with her post-traumatic stress. Staying alive in year 5 Mr Murlin is not an ordinary teacher. His rules are amazing, like eating chocolate in class is compulsory. Johnny and Max love being in his class but still get into lots of scrapes. Contains language and actions that may offend some readers. Take my word for it In a Year 9 boarding school dormitory, introspective Laura pours out her observations of friends, family, her frustrations and successes, her thoughts and feelings in her writing.

She also befriends Marina who readers met in 'So much to tell you'. Tomorrow, when the war began The first book in the Tomorrow series. A group of teenagers return from a camping trip to find their town invaded and their parents imprisoned. They must mature quickly, deal with teenage angst and become combative to ensure their own survival. Year my life broke, The Josh and his family have moved from a nice city house, to a boring street in the country. There are dangerous strangers in his backyard and bullets flying past his ears. At his new school everyone thinks he is hopeless and he has no clue about sport, like cricket, but they are in for the shock of their lives.

Home and away Everyone wants a safe place, a place to share with people they love and to call home. Torn from everything they know and love, a young boy and his family struggle to survive the harsh realities of living life as refugees. A harrowing read for refugees from other lands, a disturbingly thought-provoking read for those of us who have always lived in peace and with plenty.

Rabbits, The A sophisticated picture book depicting the invasion and multiplying of the rabbits. The threat that this poses is symbolic of the coming of white civilisation to Australia. I can jump puddles Alan Marshall's classic autobiography shows how someone who contracted polio at the age of six, in , and was permanently crippled can still lead a fulfilling life.

Star, The Marion, a wooden doll, has her loyal friends, Harley, and Polka, the dog. Marion longs for adventure and is lured by the world of glamour and fame. She becomes a glamorous Star but learns, painfully, that stardom has a use-by-date. Stories from the billabong Ten Aboriginal dreaming stories of the Yorta-Yorta people, with beautiful illustrations and information about the animals. Santa Claus in Baghdad and other stories about teens in the Arab world Eight short stories that provide a window into the little known world of teenagers growing up in different parts of the Arab world, including Iraq, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan.

Life of Pi The son of a zookeeper, Pi Patel has an encyclopedic knowledge of animal behavior and a fervent love of stories. When Pi is sixteen, his family emigrates from India to North America aboard a Japanese cargo ship, along with their zoo animals bound for new homes. The ship sinks. Pi finds himself alone in a lifeboat, his only companions a hyena, an orangutan, a wounded zebra, and Richard Parker, a pound Bengal tiger. Soon the tiger has dispatched all but Pi, whose fear, knowledge, and cunning allow him to coexist with Richard Parker for days while lost at sea. When they finally reach the coast of Mexico, Richard Parker flees to the jungle, never to be seen again.

The Japanese authorities who interrogate Pi refuse to believe his story and press him to tell them "the truth. Bird Let your imagination fly in this evocative, wordless picture book. Lionheart: a journey of the human spirit The inspirational sailing adventure of Jesse Martin's solo voyage around the world. Sci-fi Junior High It isn't easy being the son of two of the smartest people in the galaxy, especially when everyone at your new school expects you to be a genuius too! Kelvin Klosmo and his interterrestial friends will need to work together to save the universe, because you never know in a science space station, if one of the scientists will turn out to be a mad robot.

Edge of extinction The age of man is over, reintroducing dinosaurs to Earth was an unsurprisingly bad idea. Sky Munday breaks free from her compound to face the surface, the dinosaurs and maybe even to find her missing father. Who will kill her first, her former compound community, or the reptilian predators above? Lots Come on a guided tour around the world and discover the many things that make each place unique. Sleepy sloths, colourful cows, prolific pastries, staggering skylines and teeming traffic; you'll be surprised what you find along the way.

There' so much to discover, experience and learn from our planet. Celebrating Australia: a year in poetry A collection of poems connected by many of the key days and celebrations throughout the year in Australia. Leave taking Toby and his mum and dad are leaving their family farm after the death of Toby's younger sister Leah. Together they sort through all of their belongings and put things aside to sell or throw out. Toby doesn't want to leave the only place he's called home.

As his last day on the farm approaches, Toby has a plan to say goodbye to all the things and places that mean something special to him and Leah. With the help of his best friend, Trigger the dog, he learns what it means to take your leave. Note on the door Full of warmth and humour, the poems provide snapshots of everyday family life, the fun of a beach holiday, raiding the fridge after school, fighting over whose turn it is to do the dishes, camping in the backyard and much more.

Ratwhiskers and me A prose-verse novel, set amidst the chaos and brutality of the Victorian goldfields in the s. The narrator, traumatised by a fire in which her family died, and her mangy dog, Ratwhiskers, are befriended by a Chinese boy. Posing as a boy, she flees to the Chinese camp, pretending to be Chinese and taking a new name. Redback mansion A collection of well-crafted literary poems with a rural theme. Star jumps Ruby's family and the dairy farm are struggling through the drought. Life isn't easy, but Ruby is determined to do her own bit to help save her family and the farm.

Guinea pig town and other animal poems With sections on birds, Australian animals, pets, marine animals, farm animals, 'creepy crawly' ones and those in the wild, here is a huge variety of subject matter in many poetic forms including haiku, rhyming and non-rhyming verse using language to create wonderful word pictures for all who love animals as well as those who don't. What's Biology all about? Discover what life is, how it works and why Biology is more exciting today then ever before Blading Advice to the beginner blader, whether young or old, on what equipment to use, where to skate and styles of blading, competitions and sponsorship.

Introduces sports that use blading like hockey and speed skating. Birdie in the sky Birdie and her dad love being up in the sky in their Tiger Moth plane, Peggybelle. That is, until a terrible accident makes it a matter of life and death, and Birdie finds herself flying the plane alone. Camel rider Set in the panic and confusion of a wartime attack, two boys from different cultures must rely on each other to survive in the desert.

Zafir: through my eyes Zafir has a comfortable life in Syria with his doctor father and journalist mother. But, everything changes after the Day of Rage, when Zafir's father is arrested, his mother is injured and their house is bombed.

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Zafir's cousin takes him in but, that too, becomes dangerous as the city becomes more and more besieged. Zafir fears that his family may never be reunited to live in peace again. Bob Livy has visited her maternal grandmother before, on her farm outside of Melbourne, Victoria - but, she was only five years old then, and she can't seem to remember much.

Her grandmother shows her around, reminding her of all the fun they had last time she stayed, but only Livy seems to recall a 'wrong chicken' But, when a bomb explodes and the heir to the Austrian Empire is assassinated, Europe descends into war. Louis travels to the front as a war correspondent. In northern France, he witnesses the war's first battles and the beginning of trench warfare. Louis' friends join the war effort too, with and against each other.

Birds of a feather Year 6 schoolgirls must deal with issues of bullying. Boggle hunters: Game on Sam comes from a family of boggle hunters, although he is unaware of this when he is sent to stay with his English relatives. Computer games are Sam's passion and he cannot believe his eyes when he receives an invitation to become part of the role-playing game, 'Grim's castle'. Parallel stories ensue with Sam being led through a dangerous game and cousin Jenny searching for her missing parents.

Fantasy and magic weave throughout this exciting quest. Cold iron Tattercoat's only friends include Pug, the gooseherd, and Malkin, the serving maid. They devise a way to smuggle Tattercoat in to a birthday ball from which her grandfather has excluded her. In hollow lands A group of teens are abducted into the land of the Korrigans. The human world continues to search for the group, who have now been separated into the two worlds.

The heroic journeys of all the characters are akin to those journeys of the literature of old. Malvolio's revenge An English theatre troupe travelling in the New Orleans area, in a world of voodoo, black magic and gangsters, are dragged into a suspenseful mystery that involves murder, blackmail and intrigue. Determined to make their fortune, they head to Beechworth, straight into the midst of the search for Ned Kelly, the most notorious bushranger of all time. There are two views of Ned Kelly, a hero wronged by the police or a cold-blooded murderer.

My Australian story: My father's war Marie's dad has been away for two years, fighting on the Somme battlefields in northern France. There hasn't been any word from him for months, no letters or postcards. Marie and her mother decide to travel to France, to try and find out what has happened to him. Marie experiences first-hand what war is like, as she tries to piece together the clues behind her dad's disappearance.

My Australian story: the Phar Lap mystery Prior to the Melbourne Cup horse race, an attempt was made to kill Phar Lap, the horse who won the race. Eleven year old Sally Fieldling's father is investigating and she documents the case, or what she learns of it, in her diary. Ned Kelly's secret Hugo and his father have come to Australia to research life in the gold fields.

When the coach they are travelling on is bailed up by a bushranger, they decide to find out all they can about bushrangers. Little does Hugo know that when he befriends fifteen year old Ned Kelly, he is much closer to bushrangers that he expected. His comfortable travels with is father are about to lead to exciting and dangerous places.

Tempestuous voyage of Hopewell Shakespeare, The Hopewell Shakespeare craves adventure and he joins the crew of a notorious buccaneer hunting for the Lost Island of the Lord of Alchemists where dreams come true. Tiger, The Java is the setting for this story about an Indonesian family and an old mystery surrounding Nick's grandmother. Understudy's revenge, The Millie Osborne is an errand girl for King's company, the famous troupe of actors who, beset by misfortune, have decided to put on a spectacular performance of Hamlet to announce their comeback.

When mysterious Oliver Parry arrives to audition for Hamlet, Millie is intrigued and wonders why he is so secretive. She investigates and Millie uncovers secret identities, betrayal, lies, revenge and, perhaps, even murder. Case of the diamond shadow, The Daisy and George find themselves caught up in a world of mystery and glamour when they try to unmask the jewel thief before it's too late. But, when his police-officer cousin arrives, flanked by a tall man in the uniform of the Federal Police, Emilio's long nightmare begins.

Emilio's mother has been kidnapped in broad daylight by unidentified criminals, who appear to know a great deal about her business and who have mistaken her for a wealthy businesswoman. Road to Camelot, The Short stories from a range of authors using characters from the life and times of the legendary King Arthur. Each tells the story of a turning point or magical moment in the early life of that character and the consequence for the future.

Beautiful lie, A In , Bilal is shields his dying father from the truth about the violence that is threatening India and their formerly peaceful community. With determination and help from friends, Bilal persuades others to collude with him in this deception, even printing false pages of the local newspaper. Bilal just wants his father to die in peace but that means Bilal has a complicated relationship with the truth. How to hang a witch The trials of high school start to feel like modern day witch hunt for Samantha Mather, who has all the wrong connections to Salem's past.

To say Sam is unwelcome in Salem would be an understatement. She is the target of the Descendants, a mysterious group of girls whose ancestors were persecuted in the Witch Trials. Complicating her life further is Elijah, an inconveniently handsome resident ghost, and her cute new neighbour, Jaxon. When a centuries old curse is rekindled, Sam finds herself in the centre of it. Can she stop history repeating itself? This series gives young readers the chance to discover Shakespeare for themselves.

Also included are useful notes on the themes within the stories and a background to the Globe Theatre. As you like it: a Shakespeare story Duke Senior has been forced into exile from the court by the usurping Duke Frederick. He takes refuge in the Forest of Arden with a band of faithful lords, and what follows is a hilarious tale of love and mistaken identity. Hamlet: a Shakespeare story Murder most foul. An action packed retelling of the blood-soaked story of Hamlet.

Julius Caesar: a Shakespeare story Rome's greatest general, Julius Caesar, returns to the city celebrating a glorious victory. But among the cheering crowds a group of conspirators are determined to prevent Caesar becoming king King Lear: A Shakespeare story Foolish and bad-tempered, King Lear divides the kingdom between his two wicked daughters, disowns his honest youngest daughter and banishes his friends. As the kingdom falls apart and Learn's humiliation turns him mad, will he finally realise what he has done?

Macbeth: a Shakespeare story A brilliant retelling of this wonderful tale of witches, murder and madness. Merchant of Venice, The: a Shakespeare story This charming series gives young readers the chance to discover the magic of Shakespeare for themselves. In Venice, the merchant Antonio borrows money so his friend can woo a beautiful lady. He agrees that if he doesn't repay Shylock the moneylender, Shylock can take a pound of his flesh. When Antonio's ships sink and he loses his fortune, Shylock insists on the gruesome payment Midsummer night's dream: a Shakespeare story, A The course of true love never did run smooth A magical retelling of the classic love story of Hermia, Helen, Demetrius and Lysander - and of the impish fairy Puck, who meddles in their tangled web of love with hilarious consequences.

Much ado about nothing: a Shakespeare story The hilarious tale of two couples, one in love and one in hatred. Othello: a Shakespeare story Who can you trust? Othello grapples with this question, as his right hand man tries to convince him that his wife is unfaithful. Richard III: a Shakespeare story Richard 3 was an unpopular king, and this tale explores how he gained, then lost, power during his reign. Romeo and Juliet: a Shakespeare story The classic tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet, two young lovers from warring families. Shakespeare stories series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books.

Or, you can search for a series name or the individual titles by using the Search function on the top left hand corner of the screen. But her older sister, Katharina, must get married first. Katharina has such a fiery temper she is known as 'the shrew', and no man is brave enough to propose. Can Petruchio tame her with his outrageous behaviour? Tempest: a Shakespeare story, The Stranded on an island, Prospero causes a storm to destroy the ship carrying his enemies.

Twelfth night: a Shakespeare story A classic tale of romance from Shakespeare. Different like Coco Coco Chanel rose from poverty to become the founder of the famous fashion house of Chanel. The original and appealing illustrations give an extra dimension to the biography. Still mourning the loss of his mother and baby brother, Henry helps his father mine their claim, hoping to strike it rich. But they can't afford a mining licence so are at the mercy of corrupt police.

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When Henry meets a new friend, he enters a world of politics, riots and rebellion that will lead him to Eureka Stockade, one of the defining moments in Australian history. Finch For years, Audrey has always believed she is destined to be alone. Even her younger sister calls her 'Nerd Girl'. However, her life is about change forever following her family's relocation to a vineyard in outback Australia. Upon arrival, Audrey meets a mysterious boy named Finch, who seems to understand her like no one else. There's just one problem, no one in the town even knows Finch exists.

Girl like me, A In a Victorian farming community, Emmie's mother takes on Bertha to help with the chores and the two girls become friends. Emmie discovers Bertha's terrible secrets and their lives intertwine. Based on true events and containing adult themes. Heart of magic Stacey wishes she could be more like her friend, Twyla. Twyla is confident, Stacey isn't.

Twyla is daring, Stacey isn't. When a gypsy gives Stacey a gold heart pin, everything changes and Stacey starts behaving like the person she has always wanted to be. As she gets ready for her twelfth birthday party, Ruby has never been happier. But, the world she knows is collapsing and people everywhere are losing their jobs and their homes. Soon Ruby's comfortable life will fall apart in ways she could never have imagined.

Meet Ruby and join her adventure in the first of four stories about a happy-go-lucky girl in a time of great change. Nellie's Quest It's and Nellie's best friend, Mary, is gravely ill. To provide Mary with the care she needs, Nellie must break a promise and go on a quest to find the Thompson family.

Nellie's not sure if they will be able to help. Then Nellie's problems compound when her own life is in danger. Ruby and the country cousins It's and Ruby and her family have lost everything in the Great Depression. Leaving behind her dad, her school friends and everything she knows, Ruby moves to Kettle Farm to stay with her cousins. Life in the country is new and strange, and Ruby has never felt like such an outsider.

Thankfully, she has her much-loved dog, Baxter, for company. But, when he gets up to mischief, everything goes horribly wrong. But, she is still desperately worried about her dad. He hasn't written for weeks and nobody knows where he is. Ruby wonders if Dad will ever come back to them. When nobody will give Ruby any answers, she sets out to find him herself. School days for Ruby It's When a desperately poor family moves to the area, no-one wants to be friends with them. Ruby will have to choose sides and she has already made one enemy at school, Doris Spinks.

Ruby wants to do what she believes is right. And she wonders what Doris knows about Ruby's beloved dad who is missing. Nellie and her best friend, Mary, have left the famine in Ireland far behind and are full of hopes and dreams about getting a new job, and a new future. Nellie longs to learn to read, to be part of a family once more, and to never be hungry again. Nellie and the secret letter It's and Nellie and her best friend, Mary, are starting new lives as kitchen maids in a grand Adelaide house. But Nellie's desire to live out her dreams soon leads to a battle with the spiteful cook, Bessie Rudge.

Nellie must try to keep her temper and avoid being thrown out to beg on the streets. And she doesn't know why Mary is acting so strangely. Nellie's greatest wish It's and Nellie is returning to Adelaide after searching for the Thompson family at the Burra. She's keen to get back to her best friend, Mary, who is ill in hospital. But she's in for a terrible shock. Even Nellie begins to feel that all is lost and that she might never achieve her dreams. Will her spirit be crushed, or can she turn her fate around? Fairy four-eyes A star ballerina doesn't want to wear glasses with her tutu or dance with the only boy in ballet class who is new and who has become the teacher's favourite.

Amazing and bizarre - ten wonderfully weird stories A collection of ten, strange stories, including one about a person who swam so much, he grew fins. Explorer Be an eyewitness to the daring and danger-filled adventures of explorers who risked all to set out across oceans, ice and space. Chelonia Green: champion of turtles Michelle, alias Chellie, Chelonia is the scientific name for the green turtle , lives with her parents on a remote island off the coast of Queensland.

When a cherished loggerhead turtle dies after being choked by a carelessly discarded fishing line, Chellie sets out on a clean-up campaign, using some very effective letter writing and emailing. Maralinga's long shadow Yvonne Edwards, a highly respected Aboriginal artist and community leader, was just six years old when the first bombs of the nuclear tests at Maralinga were detonated in Australia in The tests continued until and their consequences profoundly affected her family and the community.

Sack, The When Shane's dad loses his job, everything begins to change. No gun for Asmir Asmir and his family are trying to escape from the war in Sarajevo. Forward march On ANZAC Day in Australia, people of all ages and nationalities gather at war memorials for the dawn service and line city streets to watch the march.

This national day of mourning and commemoration honours the men and women who returned from war, and those who did not. Angel with a mouth-organ, The Two children listen to their mother's memories of wartime. Maralinga: the Anangu story In words and pictures, Yalata and Oak Valley community members, with author Christobel Mattingley, describe what happened in the Maralinga Tjarutja lands of South Australia, before the bombs and after. Ring of bright water Set in the wilds of Scotland, this story follows the adventures of Mijbil, an adorable and mischievous otter.

Shoutykid series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. Shoutykid: How Harry Riddles got nearly almost famous My name is Harry Riddles and I live with my parents, my evil sister and my twin baby brothers in Cornwall.

But, my dad has this crazy idea to take us sailing round the world. I guess swimming with dolphins, learning to scuba dive and climbing volcanoes could be pretty cool. But, I want to win the school Battle of the Bands competition and get Jess to go out with me. I can't do that if I'm stuck on a boat in the middle of the ocean. Shoutykid: How Harry Riddles made a mega amount of money Ok, here's the deal.

My school is running out of money and might even have to close, but then my friend Jessica told everyone I could raise the mega-bucks and keep it open! But Ed Bigstock was like, "Harry's just a dumb gamer! The only thing he knows how to save is his last score! But Bigstock's the real doughnut here, and I'll show him and everybody else- right after I finish playing and slaying at the new World of Zombies Run! Shoutykid: how Harry Riddles made a mega-amazing zombie movie Ten-year-old Harry has an older sister who is a constant source of irritation and a father who is a film writer, currently in a slump, so finances are extremely tight.

To add to this, Jessica is the new girl at school to whom he is too shy to speak and online bullies in has favourite game. Harry's claim to fame is his computer gaming and his love of Zombies, which he decides to combine and make an animated movie. This song is a tribute to singer Billie Holiday. So long Angel of Harlem Blue light on the avenue God knows they got to you An empty glass, the lady sings Eyes swollen like a bee sting Blinded you lost your way Artist wrote this song from the point of view of Lynyrd Skynyrd members and what they may have been thinking right before their plane crashed.

These angels I see in the trees are waiting for me. The engines have stopped now. We all know we are going down Angels and fuselage Artist wrote this song for her two brothers, Alan and Shawn, who died from cystic fibrosis. They were angels in waiting. Waiting for wings to fly from this world. Away from their pain Sometimes the body is weaker than the soul This song is a tribute to Annie Jump Cannon the woman who developed the system for classifying stellar spectra.

She was a human computer at the Harvard College Observatory classifying stellar spectra she was the world's leading expert. She created the spectral class system we all love and use today! Annie's Anorexia By The Huntington's. About a "perfect" girl who seems to have everything going for her in life.

In reality she is suffering from the eating disorder anorexia. The star of every young boy's dream. I surely would not have guessed she starved herself to fit that dress She never skipped class in her life but she skipped dinner everytime Annie's anorexic Annie's Song By John Denver. Song was written by the artist as a tribute to his wife Annie.

Come let me love you. Let me give my life to you Let me always be with with you A man with a drinking problem tries to remain sober but gives in to his cravings for alcohol. Everybody's having fun, so why be the one left out in the cold?

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You said you'd never take another drop. Your craving's big, your liver's shot You've got to dry out But it's martini time Anorexic Beauty By Pulp. Song is about society's unhealthy obsession with weight and how many models have developed eating disorders.

We don't need no thought control. No dark sarcasm in the classroom. All in all it's just another brick in the wall Song reveals a person's disregard for another who is less fortunate. About the importance of community and social responsibility and compassion for the homeless. He walks on doesn't look back, he pretends he can't hear her. Starts to whistle as he crosses the street seems embarassed to be there Reference to using alcohol as a remedy for solving problems. A person in denial. Countin on a remedy I've counted on before.

Goin' with a cure that's never failed me. What you call the disease , I call the remedy. What you're callin' the cause, I call the cure Looking back and reflecting on the significance or importance of one's life and work. I don't know, I may go down or up or anywhere. But I feel like this scribbling might stay So when you think of me, if and when you do. Just say, well another man's done gone Another Spill By Human Greed. Another spill battered environment Sinking tanker, encrusted beaches, dying seabirds coated in oil.

Another ecosystem you've just destroyed Antarctica By Al Stewart. Song is about the human desire and urge to explore uncharted lands and regions, in particular, Antarctica. I felt the chill of mystery with one foot on your shore, and then and there resolved to go where no man had before Seduced by this ambition I easily forget, the hopeless quest of Shackleton , the dreamlike death of Scott The Anthem By Good Charlotte.

An anti-establishment or teen angst song about about identity, individuality, and rebellion. At my high school It felt more to me Like a jail cell, a penitentiary My time spent there, it only made me see That I don't ever wanna be like you I don't wanna do the things you do I'm never gonna hear the words you say And I don't ever wanna, I don't ever wanna be I'm gonna get by And just do my time Out of step while They all get in line I'm just a minor threat so pay no mind A protest song about the Vietnam War and government proceedings of that time period.

I'm the fool, I'm waiting. Twenty five years of anticipating. I'm tired of your treating all of my children the same. Spending all that money on a stupid war in Vietnam. When we need it at home. I'm an anti-establishment man Anti-Homophobe By Brutal Truth. Song speaks out against homophobia and homophobics in general. You don't have the right to force your own opinion We believe in freedom. Whatever turns you on An environmental awareness song. Main theme of the song is about recycling and taking care of our planet. Keep your planet clean and neat. Put your wrappers in the round bin.

Recycle cans that are made of tin Apache By Nuclear Valdez. About the longing for youth and the safety and security associated with childhood. Life was different in so many ways And the wind always blew away my fears Now I'm always looking back. Why happiness got a little off track. Why simple things just disappear. And the wind stopped blowing away my fears Even though I'm lost inside. Then I'll find my road. I'll find the wind. Find the missing boy within Apache Tears By Johnny Cash. About the mistreatment and painful legacy of Native Americans. Song is about the love and special bond between a father and his infant daughter.

And when you turned into two, I was happy when you said I love you. Held you in my arms so tight. I'd never forget the best years of my life April 29, By Sublime. About the Los Angeles Riot that erupted after the announcement of the verdict in the trial of the officers accused of beating Rodney King. I was participating in some anarchy. First spot we hit was my liquor store, finally got all that alcohol I can't afford Arachnophobiac By Michael Schenker Group.

About arachnophobia , the fear of spiders. This is an infestation Changin the sheets won't do! It needs a fumigation And I don't wanna be there when they come out! Argon Mill By Si Kahn. Song is about the closing of a mill and the effect on people's lives. Army Dreamers By Kate Bush. An anti-war song about a grieving mother and her son's loss of innocence. Mourning in the aerodome Four men in uniform carry home my little soldier Never made it into his twenties.

What a waste Army dreamers Arthur, he does as he pleases. All his life he's mastered choices. Deep in his heart, he's just, he's just a boy. Living his life one day at a time Artificial World By J. A song about how we create images of the natural things we love, but don't seem to realize that we are destroying them at a terrifying pace. It used to be a special place to walk among the trees and listen to the falling of the leaves.

But that's no more, its all gone now About self esteem and breaking free of unhealthy relationships. You tried to make me doubt, to make me guess, tried to make me feel like a little less, Oh, I liked you when your soul was bared, I thought you knew how to be scared, And now it's amazing what you did to make me stay, But truth is just like time, it catches up and it just keeps going. And so I'm leaving About job dissatisfaction and feeling or receiving little recognition for your efforts from your superiors. I'm working at my job More boring by the day. But they pay me. All that time spent at school Glad you gave us your best years About "sock hops" , popular high school dances held during the 's.

Well you can rock it, you can roll it. You can stop it and you can stroll it at the hop. When the record starts spinnin' At the hop Atlantic City By Bruce Springsteen. About people struggling to get by and hoping for redemption and a second chance in life. Song also deals with the rejuvenation of Atlantic City , N. Now I been lookin' for a job but it's hard to find. Down here it's just winners and losers and don't get caught on the wrong side of that line Well I guess everything dies baby that's a fact.

But maybe everything that dies someday comes back Atomic Power By Uncle Tupelo. Song is about the potential destruction caused by the use of nuclear weapons. Atticus By Doug Hoekstra. Based on a true story. A social responsibility song about the importance of compassion, empathy, love, and kindness. It didn't take much for her to show this man some dignity. I had to ask myself if I'd danced so gracefully. On the clouds around a corner somewhere in the night. Where angels fly and grown men cry, it's such a pretty sight.

A piece of human kindness , unrequited love. A beautiful white pigeon, a charcoal-colored dove. On the corner Attila By Iced Earth. Attitude Dancing By Carly Simon. About rediscovering oneself, reclaiming a positive attitude and improving your self-esteem and self. You just leave yourself behind Cop a different pose SHine a different attitude from underneath your skin Song raises concerns about the scientific practice of "test tube" babies.

We had natural child births From test tube to womb, a new life beginning. Sterile injected but doomed to be freak. Experiment with life, genetic confusion Song relates to social health. About the importance of good friendships and forming bonds with other people. And you need a friend just to be around. I will comfort you, I will take your hand. And I'll pull you through, I will understand The Auction By Tanya Tucker. Song is about a farmer who loses his livelihood due to high operation costs and poor crop prices.

Johnson, we're sorry to inform you. You're request for a second loan has been refused. And the board of directors in the city have instructed us to take the farm from you The fallin' price of wheat's not our concern Authority Song By John Mellencamp. About nonconformists , rebellion, and the age old adolescent struggle for autonomy, freedom and independence. They think they're so cute when they got you in that condition I fight authority , authority always wins.

I fight authority , authority always wins Awakened Tears By Mandy Brakel. Inspired by actual events , song is dedicated to a friend who died from Cystic Fibrosis in The artist is also living with this disease. We were singing and laughing as if life was fine. Suddenly I felt a tear streaming down my face. I turned around to say goodbye but it was just too late A-Whalin' By Roy Zimmerman. A protest song raising awareness about whaling. We'll wipe out the whales in a couple short years. And then we'll start killing Greenpeace volunteers When the whales have been wiped out from both hemispheres then we can spend our retirement years harpooning and skinning Greenpeace volunteers B top.

Song was originally conceived as part of the Lifehouse Project. A teenage angst song, lyrics address a variety of adolescent issues including; acceptance, freedom, identity, independence, and rebellion. I don't need to fight to prove I'm right. I don't need to be forgiven The exodus is here. The happy ones are near. Let's get together before we get much older It's only teenage wasteland Song is about child labor an all too common practice of factories in the early 's during the early stages of the Industrial Revolution.

To their jobs those little one's was strictly forced to go. Those babies had to be on time through rain, sleet and snow Many times those little ones was kicked and shoved around They never learned to read and write, they learned to spin and spool This song is about the Cuban boy Elian Gonzalaz who was at the center of an international custody dispute between Cuba and the United States.

The Bay of Pigs or baby Elian. Operation Peter Pan. America the devil's playground. Baby Elian Baby Elian About the extinction of small businesses as corporations slowly kill off specialty stores. Well, the hardware store was the first to go. Those prices just got way too low. Soon the other stores were closed. And the lights went out on main street. Whatever happened to our little town? Wal-Mart has run it into the ground Daniel Ahlborn. About using alcohol to deal with your problems. Hey bartender. I'm heading for the lost and found.

If I have just one more round. So sad to see me this way. Back Off! By Monty Harper. This song was written by the artist for "Project Reach", a program designed to help kids think about cigarette advertising which was aimed at them. References made to Joe Camel, a marketing tool used by RJ Reynolds in order to get young kids hooked on cigarettes. I run into a camel next to register four. He's wearing a tuxedo and a sneaky pair of shades Buy two packs, I'll give you the lighter free.

I said back off camel Song is a tribute to former band mate James Honeymoon-Scott who tragically died from a heroin overdose. Written in response to the massive floods of in the state of Mississippi that killed many and left , homeless. I got up one morning, poor me I couldn't even get out the door Thousands of poor people at that time didn't have no place to go The song is a a not so flattering tribute to President Bill Clinton.

Like JFK but like Elvis too. Wearing those shades playing saxophone. With secrets to hide, sins to atone for About the brutality of incest, molestation and sexual abuse. Bad Connection By Cheryl Wheeler. A married couple stays together even though they are both unhappy.

He's wearing the same old face. She hates him half the time and swears he doesn't mind. No kind word, no fond embrace According to lead singer Michael Stipe this song is an indictment of 24 hour news media. Go away. Shits so thick you could stir it with a stick- free Teflon whitewashed presidency We're sick of being jerked around Wear that on your sleeve Bad Habit By Offspring. About "Road Rage" and the problem of aggressive driving. But when I'm in my car don't give me no crap.

Cause the slightest thing and I just might snap. When I go driving I stay in my lane, but getting cut off makes me insane Well they say the roads a dangerous place. If you flip me off I'm the danger you'll face Badlands By Bruce Springsteen. Song is about feeling trapped or stuck in a situation, waiting for something better to come along, and wanting more out of life. Talk about a dream, try to make it real.

You wake up in the night, with a fear so real. Spend your life waiting, for a moment that just don't come. Well, don't waste your time waiting Badlands By Metal Church. About a person wandering aimlessly in the Badlands region range of the United States. Badlands is also the title of a movie that was inspired by actual events.

I feel a dry wind, dust in my eyes, the arctic cold at night God in heaven my only friend, will I live to see my journey's end Patiently waiting, they wait for me to die About the dangers of alcohol. Make you lose your money. Make you lose your best friend Wake up in the morning feeling bad Better stop that drinking before it goes to your head.

Wake up some morning, find yourself dead About using alcohol to help solve your problems. The liver is the primary organ in the body that breaks down alcohol. Yes, I drunk me a river since you tore me apart. And I have a drinking problem 'cept when I can't drink About despair and struggling through disappointment and difficult times. Bad Magick By Godsmack. About addiction and the dangers of drug use.

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About alcoholism. I drink so much whiskey I stagger home in my sleep The way I keep on worryin', I stay drunk all the time If I can't get no whiskey give me some gin or good wine Bagheera By Blues Traveler. Inspired by Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book , song is about loss of innocence, maturing, and gaining new insights or understandings. The time has come now for your awareness to change forever and there's a choice for you to make The only thing you must do is what you feel in your heart is true Bag Lady By Erykah Badu. About the struggles of homeless people who carry all of their worldly possessions around with them.

Draggin' all them bags like that When they see you comin', they gon' take off runnin' Bag Lady By Todd Rundgren. Fifty cents rent goes pretty far when you live in a subway car Crawling up the basement drain. Misfits and black sheep No one cares about sad old ladies with bags full of tatters Baker Street By Gerry Rafferty. A person searches for happiness and fails to realize that true contentment must come from within and not from external sources.

As the saying goes "the grass is always greener It has taken you so long to find out you were wrong when you thought it held everything Another year and then you'd be happy. Just one more year and then you'd be happy. But your cryin', you're cryin' now Song is about guide Alfred Packer who in was lost with some companions in a blizzard.

He later was convicted of killing and eating his companions in order to survive. Their guide was Alfred Packer and they trusted him too long. For his character was weak and his appetite was strong. They called him a murderer, a cannibal, a thief A tribute to the American steel worker. Song also looks at the economic futility of the American steel industry as foreign companies have taken over a large bulk of steel manufacturing. American steel companies are the best in the land.

Making this world a better place, doing the best we can Stand up president and give us back the dignity we once had. This song is about one of the most notorious female outlaws in the Southwest United States, Belle Starr. Her name was well respected until she turned outlaw She picked up men's bad habits and was handy with a gun. She robbed and she plundered and thought it was great fun Belle Starr A tribute to the legendary outlaw Billy the Kid. Well he robbed his way from Utah to Oklahoma and the law just could not seem to track him down.

And it served his legend well for the folks they'd love to tell 'bout when Billy the Kid came to town An anti-smoking and anti-littering song. Butthead Start carrying your load, Mrs. This song was inspired by an actual event which took place at the University of Texas, August 1, A protest song about the Cuban Missile Crisis , a major confrontation that happened in between the United States and the Soviet Union.

Song mentions the infamous "Bay of Pigs" invasion.