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He wanted to prompt his colleagues to think creatively about big strategic issues. Create the space for people to air their own thoughts.

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One benefit of standing in front of your organization asking questions is that it models for everyone that framing the right questions is an important part of leadership. Appropriately, Catmull left plenty of time at the end of his comments for his colleagues to speak up and pose questions of their own. Display undiminished curiosity.

Timeless Leadership Wisdom We All Need to Forget

Catmull ended each talk with a complete digression into territory he personally found fascinating. The effect was to finish the session not with a sad curtain call, but with the positive image of an ever-curious mind that will keep producing creative output. So, why were these conversations valuable to the company?

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And third, the sessions honored how important this transition point was. My point here is not to present leaders with a cookie-cutter approach to a farewell talk, but to urge them, when the time comes to make their exit, to be generous. Sometimes a creative act by one leader can put a new question on the table for others.

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  • The question is: How will you share your hard-earned wisdom at the end of a long career? It provides insights into the Gospel, inspiring stories, practical advice and specific examples of how to apply the Beatitudes to leadership.

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    In Blessings for Leaders, Dan Ebener brings over 40 years of leadership and management experience and draws from the Beatitudes as a source of wisdom for leaders in any type of profession or business. As Dan points out, the Beatitudes of Jesus are indeed blessings for leaders. They provide incredible insight into Christian life and leadership.

    We can only hope that more and more people adapt the approach of servant leadership. Your examination of the Beatitudes was always instructive, unique, bold, and thought provoking. Liu holds a B. Free Access. Summary PDF Request permissions.

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