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Steven Cherry: Do you think a lot of year-olds happen to be reading about piezoelectric materials?

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Raymond Wang: Well, I guess it depends on your interests. Raymond Wang: Yes. I actually got the inspiration from going to science fairs way back in grade three, when one of the students that were in grade seven at that time went to the Canada-wide science fair. And back then I thought [that] when I get to the senior grades, I wanted to do a project like that.

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And so I began brainstorming things a long time ago, and things like the Google Science Fair—and I was really eager to enter a project into it. Steven Cherry: So a lot of people have a great idea. I have, on average, 1. Then you have to actually do something with them.


So, what did you do next? Raymond Wang: Well, so basically I compared the piezoelectric materials. And so I took the time and compared all of them—well, the most popular ones. And then I thought, what was I looking for?

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I needed something to be very sensitive in order to collect the energy of things like wind and rain, and so I settled on this one material. And basically with that, the mechanical energy of precipitation and wind can be converted into electricity and can be effectively collected and stored for use by a load. And later on, after doing the initial experiments to see if the idea works or not, which indeed it did, I went further.

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You will receive both the Mac and Windows versions of the software. You will need to register on the Electric Rain website in order to download the software and receive your serial number. Deal expired. By Vectorbox Studio - Ends in. By The Artifex Forge - Ends in.

Raymond Wang’s Google Science Fair project harvests wind as well

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K-Electric Restores Electricity after Rain, Power Supply Normal in Most Areas

Electric Rain is an eclectic album for sure. The tracks as a whole are not of a specific genre. This is eccentric. But, given the improvisational nature of the album, is also expected.