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The bad side: Last week, a group of refugees at a Hungarian registration camp decided to break and run into the wide open country. A blond woman filming this desperation stuck out her leg and tripped a middle-aged man carrying a boy. The man gracelessly fell and tumbled in the grass. The camerawoman filmed their humiliation with chilling indifference.

Seattle Council Members Kshama Sawant and Nick Licata have introduced a resolution asking the state to lift its ban on rent control. This morning, their idea will be discussed at city hall. Kelly O. It would not actually create rent control in Seattle. Even though the concept hasn't yet gotten any serious council consideration, it has been getting plenty of talk. These folks are surely still renting — just somewhere other than Seattle.

Also in the march was Wingate's attorney, Vonda Sargent, farthest left. Heidi Groover. Community organizer Noel Frame argues that progressives need a statewide strategy to win popular votes for more school funding. These Seattle Parents Definitely Want a Strategy: "While Seattle teachers and district officials were still deep in negotiations Sunday, a small group of parents gathered at a Phinney Ridge coffee shop to discuss the underlying issues of the strike that had delayed the start of school," Paige Cornwell reports. Sherman wanted to clarify that he was not the author, but he also shared his thoughts on a variety of topics, including police behavior, violence in black communities and why more athletes should use their platforms to speak out.

Today, they'll start doing the same before their fellow council members. City of Seattle. More than three months after Seattle Council Members Kshama Sawant and Nick Licata introduced a resolution asking the state to lift its ban on rent control, the resolution is finally getting its first discussion at the city council. As time dragged on over the summer, Sawant and Licata claimed that their colleague, John Okamoto, who chairs the council's housing affordability committee and opposes rent control, was intentionally trying to delay or block the resolution. But after Licata threatened to try to reroute the resolution to his own committee, Okamoto finally scheduled it for today at a.

Fairly or unfairly, wrongly or rightly, all eyes are on Trump this evening. Fiorina has promised to give him the business. Paul has threatened to out the billionaire as a fake conservative. Will Trump keep his cool like he says he will, or will it be a bloodbath? Other burning questions: Will Carly Fiorina repeat her command performance in the first debate? Will Rubio do well again and reap no benefits in the polls? Will Jeb! Find out now:. Ben Carson is repping the Lord tonight. Once more, I step aside Lord, let your voice resonate above all.

Trump looks like he's talkin' shit. When you hear their overbearing brags, you know it's a sign that they are not really confident in themselves. They overdo the vanity because they're trying to compensate for their feelings of inadequacy. In the coming weeks, I expect you to express a more lovable kind of self-glorification.

It won't be inflated or arrogant, but will instead be measured and reasonable. If you swagger a bit, you will do it with humor and style, not narcissism and superiority. Thank you in advance for your service to humanity. The world needs more of this benign kind of egotism. Wingate was using a golf club as a cane as he walked, but Whitlatch claims he swung the golf club at her and that dashcam video will prove it.

The dashcam video shows no such thing. Sergeant Joe Lam screens the arrest. Wingate spends the night in jail and later calls it the "most miserable night" he's experienced. Prosecutors at the City Attorney's office file a misdemeanor charge of unlawful use of a weapon against Wingate, based on the SPD's report of the incident. On the advice of a public defender, Wingate agrees to an order of continuance as a way of settling the charge. Essentially, he was admitting guilt and pledging not to commit any crimes for the next two years. Whitlatch sends a message to the city attorney's office inquiring about the outcome of the case, unsuccessfully pressing prosecutors to file an obstruction charge against Wingate.

She accuses him of being a "black racist" in response to comments he made on a post by Officer David Oreiro about protests in Ferguson. The OPA advises that Whitlatch undergo supervisory counseling. Troubled and angered, former State Representative Dawn Mason posts to her personal blog about the arrest of Wingate, explicitly alleging that Whitlatch has a "race bias. Will Santorum be able to come from behind? Welcome to the second of eleven serenity now Republican debates scheduled for this primary season! Despite the unfortunate time slot, the relatively reasonable number of candidates on the debate stage will allow the speakers time to answer their questions more fully.

Plus CNN promises to air the best answer to this debate during the primetime show later on in the evening. Wish you could be here, buddy. Lecterns are positioned in front of a retired Air Force One plane. Real pot versus fake pot—can you spot the difference? Jahan Marcu , who researched cannabinoids for his PhD work at Temple University and is now the senior scientist at the nonprofit Americans for Safe Access.

The results are unpredictable.

More than , titles, including many rare and out-of-print titles that are unavailable anywhere else. A nonprofit foundation in It's time to name of a bunch of films, discuss the perils of overstaying your welcome …. We get Spooktober rolling in earnest this week with Susan Hill's The Woman in Black, a ghost story written in the s that intentionally invokes …. Here it is: the big two-hundo! We break down the …. It's my life I ain't gonna live forever!

OR AM I? Natalie Babbitt's beloved children's novel Tuck Everlasting tackles the …. What if magic were real? What if your favorite fantasy world was a place you could actually go? Would you be happy? Could you be happy? These are the …. If you came out to our second-ever live show at the Philadelphia Podcast Festival, you've already heard this one! But for the rest of you, settle in …. Did his satire succeed? Maybe you'll find out on this rather free-wheeling episode. Off-topic topics …. This week's …. What happens when you take some Ray Bradbury, add some undead, stir in a pinch of Doctor Who, sprinkle with dark humor, and bake in the eternal flames of Hell?

You get Jonathan L. Howard's Johannes Cabal the …. James Bond. We also …. Set in Older's modern, magical Brooklyn, …. Scott O'Dell began writing Island of the Blue Dolphins because of "anger, anger at the hunters who [ You asked, we answered! For this month's bonus show we didn't read a specific book, but instead went through some listener-submitted questions about …. Harris sees the Norse pantheon as inherently ….

Is it a romance? Is it spooky? Do we like Mr.

Why Shakespeare remains the necessary poet.

Rochester …. Neither did we! But Craig's fascination with the American Crime Story version of the trial and a …. What if God walked away from it all? And left behind a Gomorrah-like stew of sex and bloodshed out of which emerged a superpowered preacher, seeking revenge on the almighty? That's the set up for Garth Ennis and Steve …. It's alternate universes, murderous plots, and ghostwritten novels all the way down this week—1Q84 is Andrew's first Haruki Murakami novel, and …. We apologize that our Murakami episode will take another week, ….

There are dinosaurs! Lots of dinosaurs! And they rule Jurassic Park! Michael Crichton's techno-thriller classic Jurassic Park kicked off a …. It's wall-to-wall horse talk this week, starting with a blow-by-blow analysis of the Kentucky Derby and moving on to Anna Sewell's classic Black …. News at 11! The Dark is Rising! We repeat: the Dark IS Rising! Did you know that the book and the Disney movie don't end the same way? Also on tap: road trips, games of …. For this month's bonus episode, Suzannah and Laura wives of Andrew and Craig, respectively go on an extended overseas vacation to find themselves.

At least, they try to do so vicariously through Elizabeth Gilbert's …. Do you hear the podcast sing? Eric's staggering …. This week's episode is something a little different: Andrew and Craig were off writing the Two Bossy Dames newsletter last week, so Margaret H.

Willison and Sophie Brookover are taking over the show this week! The Dames …. Aphra Behn's The Rover debuted in to great acclaim. This week, we talk about why a play about the sexual adventures of …. This week's choices include quantum pants, Coffee Boy, and Dick Van …. Terry Tempest Williams' When Women Were Birds is about the power of words, the power of nature, the power of women, and the power of silence.

It's not always fun to read, but it's always got something to say. That's not …. You've seen the movie s. But have you read the novel of J. Barrie's Peter Pan? It's chockablock with mommy wives, nanny dogs, and more adventures than you can shake a pretend stick at. This is one of those episodes where the author threatens …. We are doomed to remember a podcast about a book about a boy with a wrecked voice. John Irving's seminal bildungsroman A Prayer for Owen Meany weaves together themes of American disillusionment and religious destiny ….

Stephen King's It deserves most of the praise it gets - it's an incredibly long, incredibly detailed book that tells two long intertwined stories and a bunch of short ones besides, and in one section it made Andrew …. Along the way, we …. Le Guin and The Forbidden Words …. Widely regarded as one of the best, and most important books, of the last half-century, Toni Morrison's Beloved is an unflinching examination of how ….

This week's book manages to combine eerily accurate biology with a Margaret Atwood-esque dystopia, a potent mixture that you need to read to believe. Miller, Jr. It's one of those books where it's as fun to chew on the turns of phrase as it is to find out what happens, which is …. Odd's fish! It's time to reveal the identity of the Scarlet Pimpernel, the hero of Baroness Emma Orczy's novel. No seriously, we're going to tell you who he or she is. Other spoilers during our Reign of Terror ….

This month, first-ever patron guest host Asma walks us through Edith Wharton's The Age of Innocence, a story about upper-class people of marriageable age in 19th century New York City. It's not the harshest criticism …. What exactly IS a Cormoran Strike? Did J. Rowling's publisher leak her pen name to make big big bucks?

To answer these questions and more, we invited on friend of the show Margaret H. Willison to talk The Cuckoo's …. Welcome to the wild world of movie novelizations! This week, we read Todd Strasser's mostly faithful novelization of the hit family comedy …. We're back to finish the fight - this week we take on the third and final book in EL James' Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. It's not that a book about a BDSM relationship complete with graphic sex scenes can't be good, …. This week we're going around the world -- in 80 days, no less! Well, actually, Andrew read Jules Verne's classic globetrotting adventure Around the ….

But it does get more and more absurd the deeper you dive into Joseph Heller's Catch Join us for a discussion of potato tips, alternate podcast titles, double binds and logic traps, and the …. Flannery O'Connor was a master of the Southern Gothic short story. Her characters are vivid, her turns of phrase equal parts memorable and chilling. These stories make you laugh, make you cringe, and sometimes make you …. Every once in awhile you read a character study about a character who is uniquely unpleasant to study—such is the case with John Kennedy Toole's A …. It is historical fiction filled with war, political intrigue, ….

To close out Spooktober, we thought it only appropriate that we gather around the digital campfire and swap some spooooooky stories. Tales told …. Though not conventionally spooky, Daphne du Maurier's classic novel Rebecca is a perfect fit for Spooktober.

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It takes place at a big creepy but …. We make some dubious choices in this week's episode: …. Our …. Andy Weir's The Martian is about a man who gets trapped on Mars. It's about all of the actually plausible-sounding science he uses to get himself out of one scrape after another. It's about the efforts of people back on …. Many goodbyes are said; scores are settled; …. We spend time talking about why this book is more satisfying ….

Join us for the second installment in our four-part journey down to Mordor with J. Tolkien and his Lord of the Rings series. Craig's sister …. The follow-up-slash-first-draft, Go Set a Watchman, …. There's a reason why words like "Orwellian" and "thoughtcrime" have stuck in the public consciousness for more than 65 years, and that reason is George Orwell's A denser, more complex read than Orwell's also-famous …. This is the first entry in our four-part journey down the J. Tolkien rabbit hole that so many of you wanted us to journey down.

Andrew and Craig …. Robert Penn Warren's Pulitzer Prize winning novel All the King's Men has been called "uneven as a corduroy road," "sloppy," and "one of American …. Not all mystery novels are about stolen jewels, secret passageways, and shifty butlers. Sometimes, they're just about a man in a hospital bed who …. Few books so accurately capture the extremely important, unimportant minutiae of ….

Join us for a discussion of his …. We go out in the wilderness for this month's bonus episode, living off the land and making friends with animals and playing homemade flutes with our new bestest buddy Bando. We also talk about our secrets, the ways an …. It's Me, Margaret is one of the best known. It's such a significant work that we invited our pal Margaret H. Willison back to help us through …. Most people familiar with C. Lewis' work will have come to him via the Chronicles of Narnia, a series of fantasy books that's defined for better or worse by its heavy-handed Biblical allegory.

Till We Have Faces, …. Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse is a modernist classic. Our fourth Choose Your Own Adventure outing takes us into deep space and …. Harlan Ellison is a man whose reputation precedes him. His long and storied career as a sci-fi and speculative fiction writer is peppered with …. What would you do for a better life?

Where would you go? Who would you leave behind? And what does "better" mean, anyway? Reyna Grande poses these …. Cormac McCarthy is a writer in the vein of Hemingway or Faulkner, a person whose prose you can spot from a mile away. That can be a good or a bad ….

Live not really from Craig's kitchen, we're happy to bring …. Hey, jabronis! Craig tackles Jorge Luis Borges this week, and what results is a pile of conversations about fake novels and encyclopedias, WIkipedia hoaxes, the way ….

Qui sommes-nous?

This is our first monthly bonus episode, brought to you by our supporters on Patreon! If you want these shows one week earlier than everyone else, visit patreon. It's Children's Book Week …. Why do we let the messy implications of our beliefs keep us from shouting them the rooftops?

Why is it difficult for a movement like feminism to be …. At this point we've read a lot of novels, but we haven't tried to write our own just yet. Howard Mittelmark and Sandra Newman's ….


A young man goes …. What preceded her death is too reprehensible to print …. One of the reasons we read is because books can give us perspective—good ones can fully transport us to times and places where we've never been and, …. Ernest Hemingway is celebrated for the economy of his prose. Mary Doria Russell's The …. What's that doing there? And such has been the reaction ….

It's so entrenched in the modern canon that it's hard to believe Hurston fell into …. Our odometer has rolled over, but the show's the same: this week we take you through the alternate history presented by Philip K. Dick's The Man in …. That means we've read and talked about books, which isn't a lot in the grand scheme of things but it sure feels like a lot for our little podcast. Luigi Pirandello's most notable contribution to the Western canon is a play about six characters come to life, intruding on a theater rehearsal in search of - get this - an author. Please join us as we grapple with the ….

Usually books try to make you root for the protagonist. Even if he or she is flawed in some crucial way, most stories try to make you feel something for the person whose mind you're inhabiting. That is not the case in …. What're the holidays without children's stories? Every year, families gather around their yule rocks and Festivus poles to hear their favorite tales ….

We hope you like awesome horses and sobbing cowboys, because this week special guest host Casey Johnston is walking us through Larry McMurtry's Lonesome Dove. It's a kind-of-subversive western that blends cowboy …. What happens when you mix the Russian Revolution with a bunch of farm animals and more than a dash of …. Have you read Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl, or seen the major motion picture currently in theaters? Because if not, you probably should turn back: we're …. Michael Chabon is no stranger to genre fiction. He has a Lovecraftesque alter ego.

He's written essays decrying navel-gazing trends in the short …. However, his books are often rife with references to …. If you missed our previous CYA episode, do check it out. We cover the series' inception, as well as …. Spooktober rolls on with this week's story, an Anne Rice novel that's about spooky mummies and the women who love them. For real, though, people in …. If you've ever heard of a Cthulu, read about the Necronomicon, or been creeped out by sleepy towns in New England, you likely have H.

Lovecraft to …. Our spooky October Spooktober? It's a laugh a minute! This book …. Born just …. The stuff in these show notes is just as important as the stuff that isn't in these show notes. At least, that would be the case if they were written …. We're trying something a little different this week on Overdue. To hear more, turn to page To go back, turn to page OK, this episode listing doesn't actually have branching paths based on page numbers, but this …. Richard Feynman was many things in addition to being a Nobel Prize-winning physicist, and he seemed to enjoy the incongruities of his varied interests.

His …. And I'll bust youse in de jaw if you don't lay off kiddin' me. This week we wanted to go to the source material and read the original memoir, not just to …. This week, we take another run at Jane Austen. This week's book, Tracy Chevalier's Girl With a Pearl Earring, is historical fiction that purports to tell the story of the painting of the same name. If that's not a good elevator pitch for a book, we haven't heard …. Robin Sloan's debut novel, Mr. Penumbra's Hour Bookstore, tackles the literary world's imminent digital future with an adventure tale that Andrew describes as "like a Dan Brown book but good.

Tina Fey is a prolific, talented, outspoken comedian with a track record to rival the best in the business. William Shakespeare's reputation is basically secure at this point. He was hugely influential, his works are widely studied, and although he's over …. Winner of the ….

In honor of Children's Book Week, we each decided to read a Dr. Seuss book for this episode—that's right, Andrew had somehow managed to avoid the Lorax, and Craig knew nothing about the Places He'll Go. Seuss himself is …. What if superheroes were real? Would we still revere them so much? Or would they be too frightening for us to handle, too unstable for us to ….

Mark Twain is an incredibly prolific, incredibly distinctive author. This week's read is just a short story and it's one of Twain's first major …. Justin Cronin got his start publishing quiet but moving "literary" fiction. Tell the Wolves I'm Home, author Carol Rifka Brunt's first novel, is multi-faceted: it's about different kinds of love. It's about siblinghood, and …. For the two of you who aren't familiar, it's …. What is it like for an American author to set a story in a sleepy Irish suburb? Will our …. We double-dip a bit in this week's show, reading two short stories and proving that you don't have to have a ton of time to read something thought-provoking.

The theme is "female authors writing about …. And what better way to celebrate America's former pastime than to document the annual occurrence of Craig …. Would you try to recreate the life you had lost? Would you game …. Boy are they sorry! A warning up front in case you're not familiar: this is a …. Join us for a talk about the evolution of the vampire, …. What's all this then?!

Adventures With J.P. Donleavy

What does it mean to be a woman? We don't know the answer to that question, and it's doubtful we ever will. But reading Kate Chopin's revolutionary …. Have you ever revisited a classic from your childhood only to find a whole pile of weird subtext you've never noticed before? Andrew's never read …. Nothing screams New Year's like a guy sitting in his study, missing his beloved, wishing an obnoxious, repetitive bird would just leave him the heck ….

What do you do when your meth-cooking father goes missing in the Missouri Ozarks? Ask your relatives? Go to the cops? Dig for evidence yourself? These …. Sometimes an author's personality or legend, even grows to the point that it's just as interesting as the work they produced. This is certainly true in the case of JD Salinger—the stories that sprang up around the …. Andrew and Craig both come at P.

No plot, no characters, no setting. Beckett, a Nobel Laureate, is …. Another Hunger Games movie is right around the corner, but you just can't wait. You need to read a heartwarming tale about tweens and teens who are all dropped down on an island by a repressive government and forced to …. Hell is sheeple, hot cocoa, interventions, mannequins, French pronunciations, and gin. Also, hell is other people. Or so wrote Jean-Paul Sartre in …. We tried something a little different this week—instead of reading a novel or play, Andrew read Kio Stark's crowdfunded handbook Don't Go Back to ….

Did you know that Stephen King's The Stand isn't a taut legal thriller? It's just one of the many things that Andrew and Craig learned about the book this week!

Photographing Tutankhamun: How the Camera Helped Create “King Tut”

Special guest Giaco Furino walks Andrew and Craig through …. The relationship between interior evil and its effect o one's external appearance isn't new to the show, but it's explored pretty explicitly in Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray. A much darker affair than The …. What's there to enjoy about a year-old tragedy? Is it the ekkyklemas? The god-chariots? Or is it the protagonist so wounded by her husband's …. Andrew wanted something short and funny for his selection this week, and he got it in Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest. It's up for debate whether Wilde actually meant to say anything with this farcical ….

Eggers' tale of two young men who travel around the world and give away …. Craig's never read Jane Austen.

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Yes, it's unbelievable. Yes, it's sort of shameful. But making up for that kind of thing is what this show's all about! Intelligence is a wonderful thing, but as this week's book shows us it isn't the only thing. In Daniel Keyes' classic, developmentally disabled man …. The conventional wisdom is to pick tragedy, but this messy entry in the later chapters of Shakespeare's canon dances between the Bard's genres like a …. One note for this one: while every episode has a general spoiler warning attached to it, we spoil Yann Martel's Life of Pi in a pretty big way in this show, so if you have the movie next in your Netflix queue or something ….

Jekyll and Mr. Well, not really. We're back from our hiatus, and to kick the rust off we're diving right into a thorny discussion about race, sexuality, and poverty with Alice …. Milne's famous bear is almost ninety years old. The first collection of Winnie-the-Pooh stories was published in , yet many of us first …. Max Brooks' World War Z, soon to be a not-awesome-looking motion picture, takes an interesting approach to the zombie apocalypse story: it's told …. When you talk about a witch-hunt, you aren't normally referring to sane, procedural, and fair trials. You're talking about a fear-driven investigation driven by suspicions rather than facts, where personal agendas can ….

Ernest J. Breaking a three-show "books from circa " streak, Andrew tackles Jeffrey Eugenides' Pulitzer Prize winning Middlesex, a tale of love, incest, …. Wells' classic "scientific romance" The War of the Worlds is perhaps the earliest known example of Martian invasion fiction. Of course, it's more than just early science fiction. Wells uses the invaders to put …. You've probably seen the movie, but have you read the book? What makes a good ghost story? If you said creepy children, gothic architecture, and unreliable narrators, then Henry James has you covered The Turn of the Screw.

This week Andrew mangles words, Craig gets lost in …. Good science fiction uses fantastical characters, locations, and technology to comment intelligently on problems that we face in the real world, but …. How would you and your family react if you awoke one morning changed into a huge bug? In our kafkaesque discussion of Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis, …. What book could possible be more overdue for a read than Beowulf, one of the oldest extant works of Anglo-Saxon literature?

Join us as we revel in …. Here on Overdue, it's definitely not going to be multi-layered critiques of religion and missives on love and cholera every week. Take this book as a …. When first performed on Broadway in , Edward Albee's Tiny Alice frustrated and discomfited audiences with its metaphysical critiques on faith and religion.

It is no less opaque today at least for Craig , and …. Did you pay attention in ninth grade English? Craig did, sort of. Topics of conversation include …. Start listening. Is this your podcast? Episode description We head back to the Choose Your Own Adventure well this week to solve some rock and roll mysteries - will we get brainwashed by a cult? More Episodes. Caveat lictor: this episode contains mild spoilers for Drowning Ruth. Christina Schwarz's debut novel weaves together three main threads: historical …. Just a heads up - this one has explicit language! Ep - The Time Machine, by H.

Wells April 15th, With the help of Milan Kundera, we …. Ep - Goosebumps: Say Cheese and Die! Stine October 15th, Join us for a slightly longer than normal conversation about ….

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This …. NOTE: This episode does contain explicit language. Dixon August 13th, Schwab July 9th, We hope you enjoy our …. Ep - Childhood's End, by Arthur C. Clarke June 11th, Will …. Ep - Mrs. If your kid's all strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? Ep - Austerlitz, by W.