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If you have access to the internet, you can work online. Travel is a million different things to a million different people. Travel is about weird food and intoxicating cultures.

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Travel is about freezing your ass off in a tent, catching the cute girls eye across the bar, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone on your journey. The freedom to live an alternative lifestyle, to break the mold and step away from a traditional, predictable existence. The really exciting thing about becoming a digital nomad is that this is a constantly evolving space and as an entrepreneur part of your job is to come up with new niches, new ways to monetise, new plans for world domination!

I want to start my own blog! OK, might as well start with this and get it out of the way. Blogging has completely transformed my life. You should note that whilst I do not recommend aspiring digital nomads necessarily go down the travel blog route, you will almost certainly need a website or blog to make money — you should just focus on choosing a less saturated and more profitable niche than travel blogging.

Affiliate marketing is one of my favourite ways to make money online as if you set it up properly it will run in the background as a passive income stream. The biggest affiliate program in the world is the Amazon affiliate program. I make a decent chunk of my income from this affiliate program as well as several others.

You can drive the traffic through either your own website, Facebook adverts or Google ads. Driving traffic through your own website is the best option in my opinion. Check out this post all about Affiliate Marketing. Dropshipping is a very exciting way to make money as a digital nomad but it usually requires capital to get started. Dropshipping is when you ship products to customers, usually in Europe or the USA, from somewhere cheap, usually China.

You send products, from China, to an Amazon warehouse. Amazon handles storage and individual shipment of the products to your customers and, of course, charges a fee. The second method involves only shipping products once you have already sold them, this requires you to have a Shopify store which will not convert as well as Amazon so you can push your products and take payment. You can automate much of the process but it can be tough to drive traffic, and see conversions, to a Shopify site.

Customers also do not usually like the long delivery times. A year ago, I looked at which products I sold the most of through my website and then decided to make my own version of those products and to dropship them from China as I KNEW I would sell X of each product per month. I already had the traffic, and I wanted to max out the income from that traffic. So far, this has been a successful mission — check out my case study on dropshipping. An oldie but a goodie, digital nomads have been making money online for a long time by designing and then selling their own digital products.

Right now, I only have the one digital product — The Backpacker Bible — this took nearly a year to write and, honestly, probably took me over a thousand hours as I wanted it to be perfect. If you produce multiple digital products, each bringing in a couple of hundred bucks every month, this can be enough money to travel the world as a digital nomad. You can make a TON of money if you know your SEO because it allows you to push your posts to the front page of Google, snap up lots of free tasty traffic and make bank on your affiliate or dropshipping content.

Check out this post for more info on becoming a freelance web designer. I first started trading Cryptocurrency in December I want to really hammer this home — this is NOT a reliable source of income and you should do a LOT of research before you decide if this is a path you want to walk. Find out more about how I built my cryptocurrency portfolio. You can make really good money doing this if you get some clients on monthly retainers as you can outsource all the work to talented yet cheap labour in The Philippines….

My friend Louise, who is one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs that I know, makes a killing selling her tailored Pinterest growth and traffic driving services. There are SO many different paths to becoming a digital nomad and earning money while traveling the world but the above eight are the digital nomad jobs which I personally hold in the highest regard… These are all accessible and with a lot of hard work it is possible to succeed at any of these.

When I first hit the road, I had just one goal — to travel the world, non-stop, until I got myself killed on one of my adventures. My life plans were thrown out of whack and so I had nothing to lose. I was determined, young, battling some issues in my head and convinced that the road was the best place for me to recalibrate. I totally reinvented myself on the road and grew into somebody else; a calmer, more able, and more confident person. I traveled the world with glee, sleeping rough on cardboard in train stations, camping out in fields, working behind bars and in hostels, Couchsurfing with strangers, volunteering on farms all while learning new skills along the way.

I learnt how to sleep anywhere, how to take down my tent in the dark, how to make small talk without speaking the language, how to fix broken shoes and clothes, how to hunt, how to make new friends, how to make yoghurt, how to sell, how to negotiate, how to sail, how to wield a pickaxe, how to flirt, how to stay calm. I was often hungry, cold, wet, whatever — you name some kind of discomfort and I experienced it. My whole goal was to travel and to prove to myself that I could handle discomfort. It was a small price to pay to see the world. I look back on my broke-ass hobo days with fondness.

I make a killing online working as a digital nomad. But being broke, on the road, by myself was the single biggest learning curve of my life and it presented me with incredible experiences, friendships and connections along the way. I honestly think that everybody should travel broke at some point in their life. After years of traveling the world broke, I decided I was mostly done with sleeping rough. But I was not done with travel, I wanted to continue backpacking and exploring the world and myself.

Rewind to five years ago.

See a Problem?

I was broke. I was hungry. I was in India, out of weed, and in need of somewhere to sleep. I picked up random work wherever I could; I herded goats, I planted never-ending fields, I laid foundations, I served beers, I flipped colourful shirts in festivals, I sold marijuana on the beaches of Goa. There are plenty of these types of travel-jobs. Cruise ships, tour guides, English teachers. All of these help bring in a backpacker income… but none of these offer the same kind of freedom as becoming a digital nomad and earning money online.

The internet has changed everything. No longer are we tied down to jobs. No longer do we need to be shackled by the chains of corporate slavery. As long as you have a wifi connection, a travel friendly laptop , a bit of resourcefulness and a fuck ton of dedication, you can create a very successful online business in under two years.

You can learn to blog, dropship, create niche markets, trade Cryptocurrency or dive deep into the fascinating world of SEO. And it may just be the best investment you ever make… By the end of , I expect to be crushing 20k a month online — if I can do it, you can too.

There is a ton of money out there, just waiting to be made. The sky is the fucking limit here guys, you can set up a digital nomad career that will fund whatever kind of lifestyle you want…. With that information… how could a normal job be acceptable? But there is a path, and it is being walked by people like you every single day. When many backpackers think of making money online they automatically gravitate towards starting a travel blog but the truth is, travel blogging is one of the hardest but also one of the most rewarding ways to make money online as a digital nomad.

Why does everybody wants to start a travel blog? Everyone and their mother probably follows a perpetual traveller or two on Instagram, flying their drones around, sipping cocktails on rooftops. But the fact of the matter is that travel blogs are rarely profitable and very rarely really profitable. If you have a passion for storytelling then go for it!

You may make an awesome travel blogger.

If you want to have a chance in hell of being successful and making money, you need to be incredibly passionate because this is one mega-competitive space. I can even tell you how to start a travel blog , and I can tell you that like any niche in life there are still plenty of paths to success.

This might be a surprise to you. It seemed like a dream job. There are many ways to become a digital nomad but, since I had been on the road for years, I decided to go down the travel blog route. It took me just four months to make my first hundred bucks. Now, I make more than enough money to travel indefinitely, worry free, and to save up cash in the background for my grand project; backpacker hostels around the world. Ultimately, I want to live an off-the-grid existence.

My objective is to earn enough money over the next four years and to teach others how to become a digital nomad along the way, so that I can delete social media forever, buy a large chunk of land somewhere in South America and set up a commune in the jungle. I am a blogger, sure. I am a Digital Nomad. I make a comfortable income running multiple income streams — all while traveling the world. My lifestyle looks pretty magical and people often tell me how lucky I am. And it has nothing to do with luck. The biggest part was knowing what I wanted.

It was discovering my desired lifestyle. I knew that no matter what happened in the future, travel had changed me. I would never be the same, and I would never want to stop. So I made a decision. I wanted this to be my life. I wanted to wake up every day with the freedom of choice to be wherever I wanted to be. I started my blog in November ; it was crunch time, I had years of adventures up my sleeve and was ready to teach people how to travel the world on a budget. As I learnt everything I could about building an online income, i t was very much a case of two steps forward, one step back.

But finally after two years, I made it to where I wanted to be and I am now earning five figures a month. Thousands of hours of learning and failing and researching and struggling… but now, here I am. Living the Digital Nomad dream! Get in the game. Making money online might seem new and scary, but anyone who is willing to learn will quickly realise just how fascinating it is, and just how many opportunities there are.

Start your own journey and learn how to become a digital nomad… the sooner you start, the better. We are in the midst of the internet-gold-rush. Let me tell you something about myself. Before starting my travel blog, I had no online experience. I could barely even operate a computer. To save up for my travels I worked whatever paid me the best, and in England that meant waking up at 4am in the brisk cold to freeze my ass off unloading trucks into a giant walk in death-freezer.

The funny thing is that the majority of people making money online are just like you and I — with little to no experience. The hungrier you are, the harder you work. There are no college programs teaching SEO or facebook marketing. There are no universities specializing in blogging, and there are no high schools teaching the intricacies of Pinterest marketing. What does this mean? Nobody has a competitive edge on you. Have you done it? Welcome to my greatest project to date — Ditch Your Desk.

We want to show you the exact blueprint to building a life of freedom, and that with hard work, persistence and drive, the digital nomad lifestyle is accessible to everybody. Aaron and I look at the internet scape as a whole and show you the paths that generate the highest and most sustainable success for newbie entrepreneurs. If this is the case then Ditch Your Desk will show you the ropes of becoming a digital nomad. You want to build a life of freedom. Now the question is, will you do what it takes to take your life and make it your own?

Do you want to become a digital nomad? Do you want to b the master of your destiny? You can live a lifestyle of perpetual travel. You can live a life of freedom. You can be your own boss, make money online, and join the millions of people who are taking control of their lives as part of the digital nomad revolution. Writer and hustler. Adventurer and vagabond. Master of the handstand pushup. Conqueror of mountains, survivor of deserts and crusader for cheap escapades. Will has been on the road for nine years, travelling to far-flung lands on a budget.

Today, he runs a number of online ventures. He is passionate about teaching others how to ditch their desks, hit the road and achieve real freedom by earning money online. Currently, Will is based in Bali where he plans to open his first Tribal Hostel in Very inspirational! Thank you for sharing your experiences as a digital nomad. We started our journey earlier this year. Going to check out your other site now. I find your post really inspiring.

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I am presently travelling as a seafafer aboard a cargo ship and luck has it, good thing we have internet 24hours. My passion includes music, travelling, engineering. I am in a sea of dilemma on what exactly will work for me. Hope that you can shed light and give some valuable tips and ideas that will work with my given information. All the best. Trouble is the rules keep changing. China fails to ship.

The Shoestring Girl

I to am trying to ditch the desk and travel more. Since there are no monthly fees, CIT Bank is a double win for me. Click here if you want your money to grow with CIT Bank. How to live cheap and make extra money: Cut unnecessary expenses and negotiate bills without sacrificing your needs. Don't know where to start living cheap?

Start by getting rid of the things you no longer need or use. Believe me, it can be done easily. But how? I don't want to call it magic, but it kinda is one. Trim is a must for those who want to save money fast and still get the same level of benefit from their service providers. Click here now to start using Trim. How to live cheap and make extra money: Save on credit card fees as such late fees, penalty, and interest. There are the interest, penalty, annual fees, and others that come with credit card debt. Credit card debt is like a disease that doesn't go away easily.

It is pure evil even in its simplest state. How to live cheap and make extra money: Get rewarded for stopping by your favorite stores. Whether you stop by the stores to buy groceries or for something else and whether it's by purpose or accident, you can be rewarded to go there. You can redeem your points for gift cards or merchandise see image above for samples.

You can also earn extra points by scanning products and shopping in-store and online. If you are like me who goes to stores to buy groceries and other things, you are going to make some good rewards from Shopkick. Check out and be part of these Facebook group communities. They are the frugal-type communities with people sharing their saving hacks and store glitches:. Opening up an Amazon baby registry is good. As someone who tries to squeeze the most value from even a penny, FREE stuff, especially from Amazon, is divine.

My wife recently opened an account, and these are see image below what she got. She got swaddle, diapers, baby wipes, and a lot more. They're all FREE. You'd want to get these before buying things in bulk so you don't waste spending money on things you may not like for your newborn. I once thought that having a ton of shows to watch is a dream come true. I realized that I was wasting money by having a cable subscription.

Shop now and earn 2 points per $1

Cable companies charge a whole lot. What do I do if I want to watch TV shows? It's the perfect entertainment deal we've gotten so far. Click here to start using Hulu.

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How to live cheap and make extra money: Get grocery food by using coupons. I was once addicted to couponing, but it has gone to a steady level now. But in all seriousness, I use coupons all the time. I get free products just by using coupons. Yes, I got a lot for zero dollars. I donated most of the goods , reserved some for my family, and gave the rest to my extended family.

Everyone was happy. How to live cheap and make extra money: Save money by choosing store brands, which are comparable in value with those of branded products. They are as good as their branded counterparts, and they are cheaper, too. For me, I don't need to buy branded ones because the cheaper, non-branded ones provide me the benefits I need.

There have been a lot of studies, which indicate that tap water is healthier, better, or as good as the water products bought in-store. On the other hand, bottled water is governed by the FDA to be safe when bottled. Plus, tap water is almost free. I say practically free because I still get charged for the water, which is included in the water and sewer fees I pay every month. If you do prefer bottled water, make sure to buy the caseload instead of the individual ones because the individual ones cost a lot more.

How to live cheap and make extra money: Stick with one car when possible. But I chose to stick with what I have. My car runs well. I make sure all the car maintenance are current and that I drive or whoever drives my car drives sensibly. I live cheap by not wasting food. I never waste food not even the tiniest grain of rice on my plate. That's what I learned from the PlateJoy plan. My plate is always clean, and I like it that way. I learned from my parents to not waste food. As a result, every single meal I have gets devoured completely. When it comes to parties, I only take what I think I can finish.

If I finish the food and my stomach needs some more, then, I would go back. My father-in-law who is absolutely a great chef would re-invent our leftovers into something. Good thing everyone is open to new food and new taste. How to live cheap and make extra money: Re-use or repurpose old, worn out things. I live cheap because I make my stuff. It's one of those money savings tips that work like a magic.

I love to DIY. I put my creative mind to use and create beautiful pieces of art that my family uses in the house. If I can get away with re-purposing old stuff, then, I would do it. I don't feel like buying new stuff when I still have those things in my possession that can be re-used for something else. If you are looking for ideas for your new project, I recommend you check out another blog of mine.

The DIY projects and frugal recipes are growing in numbers week by week. How to live cheap and make extra money: Take advantage of your gym subscription. I live cheap because I take showers at the gym. It's one of the money saving tips people don't really take seriously, but they should. Plus, going to the gym has another benefit than having to take a shower, that is, I can work out and keep myself active. How to live cheap and make extra money: Stop buying baked goods. Create them from scratch.