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KDP Terms and Conditions. Privacy Notice. Community Guidelines. Faint internal lamina, which corresponds to exterior groove, can be seen in cut specimens. A similar process in coarser-grained sediments created the latitudinal ridges and grooves exhibited by innumerable iron oxide concretions found within the Navajo Sandstone of southern Utah called "Moqui marbles". Latitudinal grooves are also found on carbonate concretions found in Schoharie County, New York. The latitudinal ridges and grooves of the Moqui marbles are more pronounced and irregular than seen in the Klerksdorp Ottosdal concretions because they formed in sand that was more permeable than the fine-grained volcanic material in which the Klerksdorp Ottosdal concretions grew.

Very similar concretions have been found within strata, as old as 2.

Stone spheres of Costa Rica

The Australian concretions and the Klerksdorp spheres are among the oldest known examples of concretions created by microbial activity during the diagenesis of sediments [12]. The various claims [1] [2] [4] [6] that these objects are either "perfectly round" or perfect spheres is now known to be incorrect as directly observed by Heinrich. As illustrated by Heinrich, [9] [10] some of the Klerksdorp spheres are intergrown with each other, like a mass of soap bubbles.

The observations and figure refute claims that these objects are either always spherical or isolated in their occurrence. As noted by Heinrich, [9] [10] even grooved spheres are not perfect spheres and some consist of intergrown spheres. Similarly, the claims that these objects consist of metal, e.

  1. Table of contents.
  2. Moqui Marbles of Utah!
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  4. Orpheus in der Unterwelt: Die Opern der Welt (German Edition).
  5. Une ville (13 boucles): la ville, la mer, lenfance, bâtir, circuler, rêver (Temps Réel) (French Edition).
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Heinrich [14] notes that one of Michael Cremo's sources regarding the allegedly anomalous spheres was the Weekly World News , a satirical tabloid, which he described as an "unreliable source of data for discussing the origins of the South African spheres described as used by Forbidden Archeology". As noted by Cairncross, [7] it appears that the source of the Weekly World News article is an earlier article by Barritt. Scope was a South African tabloid-style magazine that, like the Weekly World News , cannot be regarded as being a credible source. Additionally, Roelf Marx, as quoted in Cairncross [7] and Pope and Cairncross, [15] former curator of the Klerksdorp Museum, reports that he was misquoted regarding these objects.

Marx was quoted in popular articles as saying that the objects rotated by themselves in vibration-free display cases in the Klerksdorp Museum.

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Instead, Roelf Marx stated that they rotated because of the numerous earth tremors generated by underground blasting in local gold mining. Similarly, inquiries of scientists, who studied these objects, have found that the claims that NASA found these objects to be either perfectly balanced, unnatural, or puzzling are unsubstantiated. Published descriptions [2] [5] [6] of these spheres being harder than steel are meaningless in terms of Mohs scale of mineral hardness.

Steel can vary from 4 to 8 on the Mohs scale, depending on the type of alloy, heat treatment, and whether it is case-hardened or not.

Were They Naturally Formed?

An examination of several Klerksdorp spheres found none to be harder than 5. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Small mineral objects, often spherical to disc-shaped, found in pyrophyllite deposits near Ottosdal, South Africa. Full text via ResearchGate.

Klerksdorp sphere

National Center for Science Education Reports, v. Jacobs, J. Allen and G. Bozzoli