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We are the Best! Bobo, Klara and Hedvig are three year-old girls who roam the streets. Girls who are brave and tough and strong and weak and confused and weird. Girls who have to take care of themselves way too early. Girls who heat fish fingers in the toaster when mom is at the pub.

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Girls who start a punk band without any instruments, even though everybody says that punk is dead. Le Week-End Roger Michell, United Kingdom World Premiere Nick and Meg Burrows return to Paris, the city where they honeymooned, to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary and rediscover some romance in their long-lived marriage.

The film follows the couple as long-established tensions in their marriage break out in humorous and often painful ways. The Wind Rises Kaze Tachinu Hayao Miyazaki, Japan North American Premiere Hayao Miyazaki brings together aircraft engineer Jiro Horikoshi and author Tatsuo Hori, to create Jiro — a fictional character at the centre of this tale of love, perseverance, and the challenges of living and making choices in a turbulent world.

You Are Here is a contemporary adult comedy about family, friendship, money, and the people who keep it all afloat. Screening in 3D. The documentary explores what it means to be marketed as an icon, and how that life differs from the one of the man behind the logo. The story was the basis for the film Dog Day Afternoon. The Dog captures John, who shares his story for the first time in his own unique, offensive, hilarious and heartbreaking way. There, he encounters remarkable men of mind and meditation, some facing an inextricable dilemma; to embrace the world or to renounce it. Faith Connections explores such diverse and deeply moving stories as a young runaway kid, a Sadhu, a mother desperately looking for her lost son, a yogi who is raising an abandoned baby, and an ascetic who keeps his calm by smoking cannabis — all connected by one faith against the spectacular display of devotion.

Filthy Gorgeous: The Bob Guccione Story Barry Avrich, Canada World Premiere Through his lens, Bob Guccione witnessed, influenced and played a starring role in easily one of the most controversial and socially and sexually revolutionary eras in modern history. Reclusive, yet outspoken, Guccione used his art, his fortune and his outspoken views on sexuality and politics to create scandal, change and debate. Unlike his publishing rivals, Hefner and Flynt, there is more to Guccione than meets the eye. Hi-Ho Mistahey! She brings together the voices of those who have successfully brought the Dream all the way to the United Nations in Geneva.

Ignasi M. It reveals the true face of Eichmann, and exposes without artifice the savage contradictions of the Jewish Councils. He presents himself as an active ruler who is capable of cleaning his municipality of drug cartels without questioning the methods he uses to achieve this. The Mayor describes the wild times of a country that is marked by violence and the complete discredit of the ruling class. Before the navy set up station, this island served for centuries as a breeding ground for hundreds of species of seabird — most notably the Albatross.

Unknowingly, the Albatross feed their chicks our refuse and so the very waters that once sustained them, now threaten their lives. Through stunning imagery and narration, the voice of the island tells their epic tale of survival. Both elegy and warning, the film explores the interconnectedness of species, with the Albatross on Midway as mirror of our humanity.

This is their story and ours, an inspiring tale of how life and love endure despite incredible odds. From the overthrow of a year dictator, through military rule, and culminating with the overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood president in the summer of — follow a group of Egyptian revolutionaries as they battle leaders and regimes, risking their lives to build a society of conscience. The epic research project Jenison embarks on to test his theory is as extraordinary as what he discovers.

Although Rumsfeld has held lofty positions of American political power for half a century, most people know little about him. The Unknown Known is not intended as yet another postmortem on the Iraq War, but rather an illumination of a mystery. When the KGB targets dissenters, the members of the Free Theater find themselves torn between their art and safety.

This compelling documentary showcases the power of art to change the world. Why were all the comedians he watched on TV in the fifties and sixties, Jewish? Starring Savina Alimani. It is wintertime, the hotel is closed and Antonis drifts around alone. He has a lot of time to kill…until the news announces the disappearance of the famous TV host Antonis Paraskevas.

Starring Christos Stergioglou and Maria Kallimani. He then falls into the hands of the predators, ruthless gangsters who traffic children abroad for various reasons, from panhandling to the organ trade. The movie follows J. Miss Violence Alexandros Avranas, Greece North American Premiere On the day of her birthday, year-old Angeliki jumps off the balcony and falls to her death with a smile on her face.

What is the secret that young Angeliki took with her? Why does her family persist in trying to forget her and move on with their lives? The father has made sure nothing is missing and that everything is where it belongs. It seems as if nothing can betray them. She thinks they will live together forever. But unlike Manu, the happy, bustling family does not need her love and affection.

Standing Aside, Watching Na Kathese ke na Kitas Yorgos Servetas, Greece World Premiere Antigone moves to a quiet town in search of an unassuming life, unaware of the silent violence that lurks underneath the peaceful surface. Soon, situations around her will force her to decide whether she should take action or stand aside and watch. Standing Aside, Watching is a meta-Western film about indifference, violence and involvement. One day he decides to be fair with people. He is determined to exonerate every single poor guy who committed a small crime because life was cruel.

In an effort to save an innocent man, Sotiris kills someone. Dora, a lonely cleaning lady, is the only witness to the crime. Will the unrighteous Dora save the virtuous Sotiris? And what about love? A teenage skateboarder sets out for a normal day with his friends. A middle-aged man struggles with raising his family — stuck at a job he dislikes and facing an impending nervous breakdown.

Inspired by true events, this is a portrait of Athens. Starring Harris Markou and Ieronymos Kaletsanos. Wild Duck Yannis Sakaridis, Greece World Premiere Dimitris, an indebted telecommunications engineer, shuts down his business and gets involved in a phone-hacking investigation with an ex-colleague.

Their rigorous search on mobile phone antennas leads them to a suspicious flat in a tower block. Their plan: travel to the ends of the earth, see the world, and live life to the fullest. But the trip soon takes a dark and bloody turn. Just days in, one of the men shows signs of a mysterious affliction which gradually takes over his entire body and being. Now, thousands of miles from home, in a foreign land, they must race to uncover the source of his illness before it consumes him completely.

Footage of their travels meant to document pleasant memories may now become evidence of one of the most shocking discoveries ever captured on film…and may be their only postcard home. Midnight Madness Opening Night Film. His friend Seth Hampton was the last to see him alive. Now a string of grisly, violent murders leads Seth to believe that Mark is back, and something evil is living inside of him. At long last, brother and sister reunite as adults to expose and destroy the paranormal entity they believe is responsible: the Lasser Glass — a legendary mirror their family once owned.

The membership lasts for one year only and there is one rule: no cancellation under any circumstance. The man enters into an entirely new and exciting world which he has never before experienced. The Station Blutgletscher Marvin Kren, Austria World Premiere At a climate research station in the Alps, the scientists are stunned as the nearby melting glacier is leaking a red liquid. It quickly turns to be very special juice — with unexpected genetic effects on the local wildlife.

Muto desperately wants to help his daughter Mitsuko star in a movie. Hirata, a filmmaker, and Koji, a young movie-lover, get dragged into this complicated situation that heads into an unexpected direction. Antboy Ask Hasselbalch, Denmark World Premiere Twelve-year-old Pelle accidentally gets bitten by an ant and develops unimaginable superpowers. With help from his friend, comic book nerd Wilhelm, Pelle creates a secret identity as the superhero Antboy and becomes a local crime fighter. When a supervillain, The Flea, enters the scene, Antboy must step up to the challenge.

KHUMBA Anthony Silverston, South Africa North American Premiere Rejected by his superstitious herd, a half-striped zebra embarks on a daring quest to earn his stripes; but when he discovers a tyrannical leopard on his trail, he must find the courage and self-acceptance to save all the animals of the Great Karoo. Despite their acute ineptness, their passion for music knows no bounds.

When the villagers cannot bear to listen to them anymore, both are banished to the same forest. Here, Goopi and Bagha encounter each other and their fates become entwined for life. A strong and immediate bond is forged by these two hapless souls in search of connoisseurs of their musical craft. Zip and Zap and the Marble Gang Oskar Santos, Spain World Premiere Naughty twins Zip and Zap are punished and sent to summer school at Hope, a strict re-education centre run by the eye-patched Headmaster Falconetti, who rules with a heavy hand and forbids all forms of recreation and entertainment.

Guided by intelligence, bravery and unbreakable faith in friendship, they uncover a mysterious secret hidden deep within the school and end up having the most exciting adventure of their lives. It is a feature-length animation based on a real-life hitchhiking trip taken by the two directors, Shayne Ehman and Seth Scriver in the year The film details the hilarious and amazing journey of Bucktooth Cloud and Skeleton Hat as they travel eastward across Canada. Blue Ruin Jeremy Saulnier, USA North American Premiere A classic American revenge story, Blue Ruin follows a mysterious outsider whose quiet life is turned upside down when he returns to his childhood home to carry out an act of vengeance.

Finding himself in a brutal fight to protect his estranged family, he proves to be an amateur assassin. Starring Macon Blair. Is he a dream or a demon, a twisted allegory or an all-too-real embodiment of our fears? Borgman is a sinister arrival in the sealed-off streets of modern suburbia. The Fake Yeon Sang-ho, Korea World Premiere A rural village is determined to be submerged and its residents are compensated for relocation. A swindler named Choi deceives the poor villagers with false religion to make them give up their compensations as church offerings.

Min-chul, an infamous local good-for-nothing waster, discovers the truth, but he is unable to convince anyone; especially against Reverend Sung, who is revered by the people, but who in fact is someone Choi scouted to serve his purpose. Fate conspires to land him a summer job at a nursing home where he develops a tender relationship with Mr. Discovering that the patients are being over-medicated to make them easier to manage, Lake decides to wean him off his medication and help him escape, resulting in a humorous and heartfelt road trip that strengthens their bond.

3 Creepy Cases for Ancient Aliens

Horns Alexandre Aja, USA World Premiere Horns, a supernatural thriller driven by dark comedy, mystery and romance follows Ignatius Perrish as he awakens after a hard night of drinking to find he has grown a pair of horns. Starring Juno Temple and Daniel Radcliffe. People In Places Gente En Sitios Juan Cavestany, Spain World Premiere This kaleidoscopic film weaves together approximately 20 fragmented scenarios that offer a view of contemporary Spain, drawing conclusions about the persistence of the human condition, strangeness, and the chaos within relationships. This horrible event seems to be a blessing in disguise when Esther finds consolation in a support group.

Her life of sadness and solitude is opened up to friendship, understanding, and even acceptance. However, friendship and understanding can be very dangerous things when accepted by the wrong people. What started as just another documentary shoot soon becomes a race to escape with their lives.

Soul Chung Mong-Hong, Taiwan International Premiere A-Chuan, a quiet year-old man working as a chef in a Japanese restaurant, collapses suddenly and is rushed to a hospital. His colleagues send him to his father, who resides in the mountains. One day his father returns from work only to find A-Chuan sitting in the corner with his daughter lying dead in a pool of blood. Her husband inquires into the strange circumstances of her disappearance. Did she leave him? Is she dead? In this town with two suns and three full moons in the sky, Cemal — who has the ability to see through the walls — has no expectations out of life, and looks for a way out with Yasemin — who can move objects with her fingers.

Now Billy Joe, Bobby, and Sue will be taken on a ride that will test love, heartbreak, trust, and crossing that permanent line from adolescence into adulthood. Though widower Shuhei Hirayama Chishu Ryu has been living comfortably for years with his grown daughter, a series of events leads him to accept and encourage her marriage and departure. Digital restoration by Shochiku Co.

Special thanks to Janus Films. Gun Crazy Joseph H. Lewis placed American reverence for firearms in its crosshairs, unloading a sociopathic-erotic crime spree — and setting the template for subsequent lovers-on-the-run thrillers like Bonnie and Clyde. Preserved in cooperation with Warner Bros. It was supervised by the director of photography Renato Berta. Special thanks to Argos Films and Tamasa Distribution. Le Joli Mai is a portrait of Paris and Parisians during May , the first springtime of peace after the ceasefire with Algeria and the first time in 23 years that France was not involved in any war.

Special thanks to Icarus Films. Shot in the streets of Rome during the last days of the war, this legendary film ushered in Italian neorealism, a key development in the history of cinema. Colour correction was supervised by David Cronenberg. As his wife becomes more distant and unreliable, he struggles to raise his daughter on his own, while still striving to help his wife become clean.

In the process, he learns some hard truths about his marriage and his life, which will ultimately test him as a parent, a husband, and a man. Once he finds his prize rooster, which he names Rocky, his life changes. Cory Monteith stars as an ambitious department store manager whose wife Karine Vanasse copes with a loss as co-worker Kevin Zegers battles back from a traumatic injury and cashier Emily Hampshire takes advantage of it all. One night, she ends up in the emergency room with signs of appendicitis.

There she meets Martha, lying on the bed next to her. Moved by the lonely young woman, Martha invites Claudia to come and live with her when she leaves the hospital. At first, Claudia is bewildered by the somewhat chaotic organization of the household, but soon she finds her place in the tribe.

With encouragement from an unconventional American drama teacher Christina Ricci , he confronts his past and eventually takes control of his future. During their senior year of high school, Casper is drawn into smuggling drugs across the Canadian border with his outlaw father, Clayton Aidan Gillen. Meanwhile, Dominic works his final potato harvest, hoping to earn the money he needs to buy a car and take them out of town.

Their friendship and loyalty are put to the test as they are forced to mature and make adult decisions that will forever change the course of their lives. Bethlehem Yuval Adler, Israel North American Premiere Bethlehem tells the story of the unlikely bond between Razi, an Israeli secret service officer, and his Palestinian informant Sanfur, the younger brother of a senior Palestinian militant. Razi recruited Sanfur when he was just 15, and developed a very close, almost fatherly relationship to him. Co-written by director Yuval Adler and Ali Waked—an Arab journalist who spent years in the West Bank—Bethlehem gives an unparalleled, moving and authentic portrait of the complex reality behind the news.

The forced cohabitation between Sofia and Mariama forces them to confront their own private ghosts. The only chance the sisters have to survive is to cross the Turkish border. An Australian fighter pilot shot down in combat awakens suspended in the treetops. As night devours day, he must navigate through dangerous jungle in search of sanctuary. With minimal dialogue and showcasing a remarkable soundscape, Canopy is an immersive, beautifully shot cinematic experience about the collisions of war and nature and its subsequent toll on humanity.

Despite advice from his friends, he is stubbornly set in his ways—but a chance encounter might just give him the motivation he needs. Shot in Boston and financed through crowdfunding , Fat peers into the darkness of depression and obesity, with no apologies. He lives alone with his year old son, Ziad, who has a special bond with the two giraffes in the zoo.

The only zoo that might provide this animal is located in Tel Aviv. Giraffada is the uncanny story of a heist… of a giraffe. Mina is constantly looking for love however none of her relationships bear any hope of lasting very long. Then Mina meets Jesper, and her fortunes seem to change…. After some initial trouble, she forms a unique bond with grade-schooler Jiale, which in turn alters the relationship between her and the other members of the family, as between Jiale and his overstressed parents.

The Militant El Lugar Del Hijo Manolo Nieto, Uruguay World Premiere A university student involved in militant leftist activism is faced with some difficult decisions when his father suddenly dies, leaving him in charge of their troubled ranch and forcing him to take on the role of a middle class landowner.

She yearns for love, but is not allowed to love. Despite all the restrictions, she decides to live her life to the fullest. Of Good Report Jahmil X. But when he falls in love with a young woman only to discover that she is one of his new pupils, their love story goes awry, and secrets and obsession tear them apart. Controversial and uncompromising, Of Good Report is not your typical crime of passion. But communication is so very difficult. They struggle to articulate their feelings. Their parties may be wild and raucous… but they are alone. Feeling out of her element and subconscious about her body, Carmen joins a weight loss program and asks her husband to join.

Ironically, he sheds the pounds and the distance between them grows, putting their relationship to the test. At 15, Aila is the weed princess of Red Crow. Though barely out of their teens, they get married because they want the best scholarships and loans. She was 12 when her older brother Pietro emigrated to Germany and never came back.

One day, Cristiano says that Pietro is dead and he never wants to talk about it again. The Machine is a force of nature, and under his leadership, the men—stripped of modern comfort, convenience and, finally, clothing—must begin their journey into the wild. As he resorts to more and more extreme methods, Manena experiences her first love, deception, and discovers a world that silently co-exists alongside her own: that of the Mapuche Indian workers who claim access to these lands… and who stand up to her father.

One day while out surveying, Qiuming has a brief encounter with an attractive woman who disappears into a quiet alley. He goes back to the area for a second survey…. This initiative pairs five films in the Contemporary World Cinema programme with expert scholars from the Munk School. Bringing with her a photo of a beach where her mother longed to return, Chantal tries to find the place — but her efforts are in vain. After wandering around for days, she runs out of money and finds refuge with Serge, a taciturn farmer, on his small farm in the back country.

Serge hires Chantal, and gradually they take to each other, forming a strong bond. In the political history of independent Ireland it is certainly an important work. At the time it was made it was hugely controversial, the subject of heated argument and debate and had considerable impact. Clann na Poblachta: The political party Clann na Poblachta was established in July as a radical alternative to the Fianna Fail party, which at that point had been in office continuously since early Subsequently he left the organisation and studied law, qualifying as a Barrister.

He 'took silk' became a Senior Counsel in The Clann set out to challenge Fianna Fail on economic and social policy in particular. Under the leadership of Eamon de Valera Fianna Fail had proved to be a thoroughly conservative party on fiscal and social policy. The key question that Clann na Poblachta posed was 'what have we done with the last 25 years of self-rule, independence? The sub-text or implicit answer as far as the Clann was concerned was 'nothing, from the point of view of economic and social advance and the betterment of the nation'.

The party's judgement was that this also was the considered view of a substantial proportion of the electorate. In addition to the privations of war - the siege economy of the WWII years - there was long term structural decline: declining population, massive emigration, stagnant production, rampant disease and a growing problem with poor housing. The film makes the point that tuberculosis TB was killing 4, people every year.

In the winter of came the first big test or opportunity for the Clann and its politics and platform. Three seats in the Dail parliament had fallen vacant. The Fianna Fail government called three by elections, which took place on 29 October Clann na Poblachta candidates stood in all three constituencies - Sean MacBride was the candidate in one of them Dublin County. The party's campaign was highly imaginative - a sign of things to come. It won two of the seats, one being the Dublin County seat, and might have won the third. The outcome stunned the government and in the end, Mr de Valera called a general election for 4 February The general election of Clann na Poblachta fought a stunning general election campaign.

The newspaper advertising was around the slogan 'Put Them Out'. In addition there was this film. The film is clever in that it never mentions Clann na Poblachta or Fianna Fail. In fact there is no mention of any political party or party politics. It is directed at citizens and on the theme of 'public affairs'. Fianna Fail failed to achieve an overall majority in the election although it had re-drawn the constituencies before calling the election.

However it was still the largest single party in the Dail. None the less it was turned out of office when all of the other parties and also independent Deputies reached an agreement to form a coalition under the leadership of the Fine Gael party and including Clann na Poblachta.

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  • Saalfield, Adah Louise Sutton.
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The film in the campaign: There was an expectation that the film would be banned by the Censor as subversive. However the ban did not materialise. At that point Fianna Fail put pressure on film distributors and cinema circuits. In this they had some success - Rank and Odeon refused to put it on their circuits. MacEntee was particularly vicious about the staging of the shop scene in which Liam O Leary played the role of shop attendant.

This, MacEntee contended, showed the film to be a fabrication and bogus. It includes a detailed accnt. Eithne MacDermott, 'Clann na Poblachta'. Cork University Press, A true glimpse of the great town's past. Francis, ed: James Anderson, RT? Some of the films contain highlights of the Minor Championship Final which is played before the Senior Final. The opening shows the Tipperary team in training at Thurles, with shots of the town, and the Laois team in training at O'Moore Park.

Scenes include the arrival of pioneers at Dublin Airport, a procession from the Jesuit church in Gardiner St to O'Connell St, and bishops and clergy from all over Ireland gathered at Cork Park for the celebrations. A boy visits his cousin, a ship's officer, who explains to him that as Irish is an island, shipping is essential to its prosperity. The film traces the role of the Department of Supplies, established in , to ensure the importation of fuel and materials during World War Two, and which owned nine, and chartered two, ships.

Irish Shipping, the state company, is seen as an important employer of dockers and ship's crews, as well as commissioning ships. Maguire, c: George Fleischmann, Denis Courtney, a. Another driver has an accident while passing school children. Mr Careless is told to move on by a Garda having parked in a 'No Waiting' area.

Later he parks at a bus stop and goes to a pub. He has an accident and appears in court. Shotlist Road safety film opens with an accident at night and the injured motorist. Following this there is a another driver who, because of speed, has an accident while passing school children. Diagram inserts of braking distances are included here. Next we have Mr. Careless being told to move on from a "no waiting" area by a guard. He drives through the city and is stopped by a traffic policeman at Butt Bridge.

Diag- ram inserts of left and right turns. Mr Careless then parks at a bus stop and goes drinking in a pub. Driving later he has an accident and has to appear in court. Wicklow, Avoca. The film gives a brief overview of the history of the bicycle and its importance in modern transport. It then details the casualties suffered by cyclists on the road. That these accidents are frequently the cyclist's fault is demonstrated by numerous examples of careless and dangerous cycling.

A commentary advises cyclists of the correct procedure. The central section of the film shows the making of the factory's products, while the last section shows the annual three day retreat and how a young couple will not need to emigrate because of work at the factory. Note Sister Mary Arsenius of the Irish Sisters of Charity founded the mills the year after she arrived in Foxford, hoping they would alleviate poverty in the area. She ran the Foxford Mill until her death in This film promotes the use of lime on the land. Empty, run- down houses and cattle in a barren landscape are shown as a man walks and observes this desolation.

Use is made of inter-titles to present summaries: 'Why is this land impoverished, the farm deserted, the people gone? Lime quarrying and lime spreading are depicted. A film about the Brosna drainage scheme and the development of turf cutting and processing into peat briquettes and peat-moss. Location Brosna. Marshall, c: Brendan Stafford, e: Dudley Birch, a. Shotlist At the time this film was made, about rural vocational schools were catering for year olds who were taught a variety of skills.

While girls learn domestic science: bread-making, ironing, washing, cleaning, and looking after hens, boys are seen in a laboratory, at woodwork classes, training to be blacksmiths, and in the fields learning the best use of the land and correct crop rotation. A Young Farmers Club and its Rural Science Discussion Group, a Rural Building Construction class, where concrete blocks are manufactured, and a Rural Husbandry Summer course, which shows the cleanest methods of milk production, are also featured.

The film also shows a drama class and emphasises the importance of maintaining home crafts and the Irish language. A religious instruction class given by a priest carries the message that vocational education should remain in harmony with the Irish Christian tradition. A motoring holiday in Ireland. Scenes at the Kinsealy Centre. The film also shows engineering processes at Unidare Factory, Finglas, Dublin. Note The IFA holds only original rushes for this film. Lazenby, col, rt? Limerick Film Archive holds a 16mm print of this film.

The film takes the form of a drama in which a girl becomes ill with the disease due to her mother's ignorance and neglect in not having her daughter immunized. The daughter, with the assistance of the Fever Hospital's sophisticated treatment, recovers, and returns to school, leaving the parents with a firm lesson and a renewed awareness of the disease, immunization and treatment programs.

The film concludes with a statement of the 'classlessness" of the disease. Shotlist This dramatised film opens in a playground - possibly in Mountjoy Square. Young girls play games while singing "Wallflowers, wallflowers, growing up so high". One young girl sits on a bench, clearly unwell and is comfoRTEd by an older girl and teacher The girl is sent home. The family doctor diagnoses dyptheria. The girl spends time in a fever hospital where she needs a special apparatus to help her breath. She recovers and re- turns to join her school friends.

Intercut with the girl's illness and recovery are scenes which include the parents' remorse for not having the girl immunised blamed on the mother's laziness , the parents being worried and depressed and a final scene where the doctor explains the immunisat- ion and treatment programmes. Note This is the English-language version of this film. The film outlines the inequalities faced by the poorer, and usually nationalist, inhabitants, and details how new council houses are being given to unionists residents who are in less need of the houses than nationalists.

The film argues that the discrimination is motivated by the desire to maintain a majority of unionist voters in certain constituencies. Shotlist In Northern Ireland - "the six north eastern counties of Ireland" - there is official discrimination practiced as a matter of policy against nationalists Catholics. One aspect of this policy is dealt with - discrimination as practiced in the area of public housing allocation. The location chosen to illustrate the story is the small town of Fintona in County Tyrone in the west of Northern Ireland.

The town is predominantly Catholic they accnt. Therefore one might expect that they would accnt. This is not the case. A number of Catholic families are featured. They are in poverty, have large families and live in very poor quality accomodation. New houses are being built by the local authority - Omagh Rural District Council. They are being mostly allocated to Protestants unionists households - even to childless couples. Only one quarter of those being allocated housing are Catholics. Stark images of large impoverished nationalist families standing outside their small cottage homes some children barefoot and undernourished are contrasted with images of new two-storey council houses which are being allocated mainly to unionist residents some spinsters and childless couples who do not clearly qualify as being in need of state assistance.

It is stated that the discrimination extends to other aspects of life - such as employment - that it is maintened with the connivance of the British government Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom and that the ultimate purpose of the policy is to maintain the political division of the island of Ireland Partition. The immediate purpose of the housing policy is to create an artificial Protestant unionist majority in the local council gerrymandering. The film was shot in - in part, according to Kevin Rockett in Cinema and Irish, published by Croom Helm, , using a hidden camera.

It was distributed in in Britain by the Anti Partition League. This prompted the Northern Ireland provincial government to complain to the British government, asking it to lodge a complaint with the Irish government. This film is remarkable in its originator effectively the Irish government , its subject matter housing discrimination in the North , its argument discrimination represents a conspiracy against the people of Ireland by a ruling clique acting in concert with the British government and its language virulently Irish nationalist and anti-British.

The film may be seen to evidence a 'politicisation' of Northern Ireland within the politics of the Republic. That process began in and was in sharp contrast with the low key approach to Northern Ireland that characterised the previous twenty and more years within mainstream southern Irish politics.

Historical background: Between and Fianna Fail under the leadership of Eamon de Valera governed southern Irish. During this period also de Valera fashioned a policy that repealed many aspects of the Anglo Irish Treaty of deemed unacceptable to the Anti Treaty side. The culmination of the policy was the Constitution. This, inter alia, established a republic de facto but, calculatedly, without formally declaring it. Irish furthermore remained in the British Commonwealth although it did not attend Commonwealth Conferences and maintained an 'external' link with the British Crown.

All of this was a realisation of de Valera's formulation of External Association with the Crown. Among other things the ambiguity of External Association was seen by de Valera as keeping open to the Unionists of Northern Ireland a bridge over which some day they would walk, thus uniting Irish. This low key, ambiguous approach unravelled in with the defeat in the general election of Fianna Fail and de Valera's and the party's loss of office. The new coalition government included the political party Clann na Poblachta, conceived on both partition and socio-economic issues as a radical alternative to Fianna Fail.

MacBride personally was strongly anti partitionist, prior to entering constitutional politics he had been a long time member of the clandestine IRA, of its Army Council and had been in the mid s Chief of Staff. He was also strongly antipathetic to de Valera. MacBride soon established a new Information Division within the Department of External Affairs, giving the Division a strong propagandising mission internationally against partition.

The Division was headed up, ironically given his subsequent political development, by Connor Cruise O Brien, then a civil servant in the Department. There was also established under the Division's direction the Irish News Agency. The Agency was intended as an alternative and challenge to British newsagencies as a source of news about Irish. In the autumn of repeal of the External Relations Act was announced by the new government in still controversial and disputed circumstances. Two consequences were formal withdrawal from the Commonwealth and the declaration of the Republic of Ireland.

Anti-Partititionism became a live feature of politics in the Republic with government and opposition vying to outdo each other in their commitment to the cause. The coalition lost power in Fianna Fail, without an overall majority, formed the new government which lasted until May when de Valera called a general election, the outcome of which was the formation of a new Fine Gael led coalition. Through the political upheaval, the change of government and indeed growing economic problems Anti-Partitionism remained alive and the Information Division continued in existence under the administrative direction of Cruise O Brien.

The film: Housing Discrimination was made during the period of the Fianna Fail government of to The Minister for External affairs was Frank Aiken. The film was intended as the first of two, the second film was to be on gerrymandering. It was never made. The duration of the film is just over ten minutes. It opens with a voiceover on black of nearly 3 minutes the text of which is, by the standards of today, remarkably partisan and nationalistic.

These counties were separated from the rest of Ireland by a British Act of Parliament and are held and governed as a part of Britain in spite of the desire of a great majority of the people of Ireland to have the Irish nation restored to its natural historical unity. Note A fortnightly film magazine from and about Ulster - looking at aspects of life and culture in Northern Ireland. The series ran from to Victoria Road Station, Derry.

PM Brookborough's visit to Australia. Keywords Housing. A horse tram at Fintona. Erecting an Orange Banner in Belfast street. Copeland Bird Observatory. Alfred Neubauer watches his Mercedes cars unloaded. Stirling Moss arrives by air. Lurgan hand-loom linen weaving. Sequence about summer flax harvest. Sequence about Royal Household table linen. Balmoral Championship Dog Show. Anne's Cathedral, Belfast, Lord Wakehurst lays foundation stone for extension. The demolishment of slums to make way for new housing.

State Opening of Ireland Parliament at Stormont. Lord and Lady Wakehurst arrive at Stormont. Lord Chandos arrives at Belfast law courts to chair a meeting of the Northern Ireland Development Council and later visits Belfast dockland. New industries around Kilkeel.

  • Was that a laugh or a cry? Just a break in my unsteady voice..
  • Yours to Measure Ours to Treasure.
  • Saavedra, Angel de, duque de Rivas!
  • Black Cat, Vol. 7: Time For Vengeance!

Embroidery factory, detailed shots of work involved. Portland Stone being cut, dressed and polished. Queen's University, Belfast in construction, detailed building work. Irish beating Wales at Rugby International. Note Check against the earlier film of the same title: Production Date Includes coverage of the Milltown Cemetery attack, the killing of two British soldiers in the aftermath, and the shootings of three IRA members in Gibraltar. Features men working in a granite quarry in Ballyknockan, Close-ups of tools and men chiseling dominate the film. Keywords Crafts Ballyknockan Quarries Production credits p.

Dramatised comic events are used to put the message across. O'Sioradain John D. Sheridan , s. O Brogain Harry Brogan , A.

New Hi There Cycle 4

O Nuanan Angela Newman , D. Sheridan, s. After showing various images of Irish life, from industrial work to farming, shopping and home life, gambling and drinking, the film exhorts people to save money through a Post Office Savings Account as security for family, illness, holidays and old age. Shotlist Various images of everyday life in Ireland are shown, including: men clocking in and out of work; women working on an assembly line, a man ploughing with a tractor, a man fishing, Moore St.

Market, a woman in a butcher's shop etc. The film states that spending money on make-up in the case of women or, horses and drinks for men, is "frivolous" and "wasteful". Saving through the Post Office gives the best value for money and provides security for family illness, holidays and old age. Note See also Irish-language version titled ca n-iomainn an t-airgead?

Was the film produced in as cited in Stevens? This film includes highlights of the semi-finals between Dublin and Mayo, and between Cavan and Kerry. Keywords Gaelic Football Production credits p. Produced by 2nd Lord Wakehurst while he was Governer of Ireland.

A long rolling title outlines the history of the village of Ross Carbery. Wide shot of a church with the harbour in background; slight zoom. Various shots of different species of fauna; a small thatched cottage; farmer and his wife and children outside cottage - plough horse standing outside door. Close ups of feeding chickens and hen; geese. Woman leads flock of turkey through meadow; close-ups of turkey. Feeding pigs. Goat resting on hillside. Children playing with lambs on hill.

Various shots of sea and cliffs. Wide shot taken from beach looking out to sea; incoming waves; starfish and dead crabs stranded in sand; shells. Various striking shots of sunset over the bay. Close up of horse feeding on hay. Three farmers chatting on village street on fair day.

Hatted farmer lighting pipe at side of street. Group of farmers chat beside trailer. Man balancing bottles on his head watched by farmers on street. Brief shots of geese on ground; children on village street with horse. Man staggering drunkenly across street followed by rolling titles explaining that the fair has ended.

Woman leading two cows up hill; she holds a small switch in her hand. Man moves through harvest on thresher under blue sky with fluffy white clouds. Shot of the bay at sunset. Shots of old country church and graveyard. Elegant pan across bay terminates on Celtic Cross; close up details of Celtic Cross; a man walks up a hill with a scythe over his shoulder - town is visible back ground. Various elegant shots of sunset over the bay - ends with silhouette of Celtic Cross against richly-coloured sky IFA.

Note A rough cut of this film is held at the Irish Film Archive - intertitles are included. Shotlist A young woman stands on a stone bridge in St Stephens Green; a tourist information brochure falls from her handbag; a young man approaches the woman to return the brochure; they chat for a while in the Green, watched by bystanders. The couple walk through St Patrick's Cathedral Park. Various shots of facades of buildings within Dublin Castle?

Shots of Grafton St, the Shelbourne Hotel a green bus passes. Corner of Grafton St as seen from beneath the arch at St Stephens Green; the couple are seen walking beneath the arch. Pigeons in St Patrick's Park. Custom House with barrel-laden ships docked on City Quay. Green No 2 bus with destination: 'Cabra'. The film aims to raise public awareness of the need to donate blood and proceeds on the analogy between turf banks, piggy, banks, and "daddy of them all - the big bank", but assures the audience that 'there is only one bank that can save a life VO explains that these are kinds of banks, but the most important is the blood bank.

Bank of Ireland, Dame St. A scenario in which an accident victim is in serious condition, where a delivery of blood from the Blood Bank can save his life; the process of determining his blood type, through information on his donor card, and matching it up with supplies held in the blood bank. The remainder of the film depicts work done by the Blood Bank, including the cleaning and maintenance of equipment; the storage of blood supplies; the negotiating and processing of blood donors, seen in the waiting room at Pelican House.

Shots of the mobile unit, including: the van going along a country road; A community hall in a small town; setting up the mobile blood bank unit inside the hall; a nurse with a patient and potential blood donor? The process of blood testing back at the Blood Bank: testing samples; matching samples to various blood groups. Shot of newborn babies as those who would benefit most from donated blood. Gallery interior visitors strolling through Gallery attendant in view. Man and boy looking at painting inserts from Poussant painting shot looking through the various rooms in Gallery.

Two women observe painting by El Greco. Zoom in on Rembrandt self-portrait. Inserts of 'The Holy Family' by Michelangelo. Girl observing Gainsborough's portrait of Mrs Hawkins. Painting by Reubens. Man studying Breugel's 'A Peasant Wedding' long passage featuring inserts from the painting accompanied by analysis in Two boys looking at wooden crucifixion sculpture. CU timetable for Free Public Lectures. High-angle shot of guide identified on commentary as James White leading group of schoolgirls through gallery James Barry portrait and details and commentary analysis of painting by Hieronymus Bosch.

Inserts from Gainsborough's 'View of Suffolk'. Yeats' 'Above the fair' and 'Landscape' by Thomas Roberts. A series of representations of the figure of the horse in various paintings follows, ending on the abstract representations of horses in Yeats' 'Above the Fair'. Two boys look at wooden crucifixion sculpture. CU Timetable for Free Public Lectures High angle shot of guide leading group of schoolgirls through gallery James Barry portrait and details and commentary analysis of painting by Hieronymus Bosch. Commentary identifies the guide as James White Closer shot of visitor in seat as above.

Two boys look at paint by Jan Stein and painting of boy playing flute by Nathaniel Hone. A series of representations of horses in various paintings follows, culminating in details of horses in Jack B. Yeats' 'Above the Fair'. The date of this film has elsewhere been cited as Note Screened at the Galway Film Fleadh in Reference Galway Film Fleadh Programme Screened at the 17th Galway Film Fleadh, Cameras follow everywhere". Is she seeking his inheritance? This film will make you laugh, cry and fall head over heels in love with its main character and the world of Frank Ned McCafferty.

Frank Ned McClafferty, a 70 year old bachelor farmer living alone in a remote part of North-West Donegal, thinks his days of dirty laundry, unwashed dishes and cold dinners are over with the arrival of Lizzie, a door to door saleswoman, who 'adopts' him. Hilary Dully has been making documentaries for the past 15 years. She originally worked with the independent company Picture House in Dublin, which she set up and ran along with Fintan Connolly for ten years.

During those years she co-produced and directed a number of acclaimed documentaries including, smack heroin use in Dublin , 50, secret journeys a landmark documentary in which Irish women who had abortions in Britain spoke openly about their experiences , notice to quit eviction of elderly tenants to make way for up market office development and many more.

Since re-locating to Clare Hilary has continued to direct documentaries including images of ourselves three generations of women in Connemara from three different families recount the huge changes in the lives of women, from grandmother to grand-daughter and most recently tollain dhubha looking at suicide in Ireland.

Repeated on TG4 on 17th June Eye-witness testimony, reminiscence, and interpretive comment are interwoven with archive footage to document the struggle between the Irish and Finnish workers who united against the copper barons and the US establishment at the start of the war. When the disaffected Catholic and Nationalist population in the Bogside area of Derry took to the streets to confront the Royal Ulster Constabulary, in the wake of a Protestant Apprentice Boys parade in the city the riots continued for almost 3 days and saw over 1, people injured.

They were not a sudden unforeseen event as the pot had been simmering for some time before August. The 'Battle' ended when, in an unprecedented step, British troops were deployed into Derry. This decision by the British Government was to shape the future of Northern Ireland for over thirty years. Through the use of previously unseen archive footage as well as exclusive broadcast clips of the pirate 'Radio Free Derry', Battle Of The Bogside takes us behind the barricades, into Stormont and Westminster, to reveal the inside stories surrounding the Battle and the political response to it.

Many of the contributors are speaking for the first time about those three days in August Screened at the Cork Film Festival, Screened at the 44 Cork Film Festival, 10 - 17 October, John Wall, Professor P. And thanks to those who contributed to the film in the form of interviews, time or spirt. In memory of James 'Ship' Evans. The film also charts the changing face of the North Wall and Sheriff Street. Shotlist Black and white footage of North wall docks and men working there. Voiceovers of ex-dockers. Footage of Sheriff Street. Archive photographs of ship yards and footage from various stages during the first half of the centuary.

Footage of North Wall. Register showing how community went from full employment to total unemployment. Footage of area from the s. Interview: Gerry Fay with photographs from the launch of the urban renewal act. Interview: Johnny Walsh. Interview: Brian Dunleavy. Interview: Tony Gregory. Interview: Fay. Interview: Gregory. Interview: Fay with photographs and footage from protest. Modern Sheriff Street. Interview: Maary Cummins. Footage of anti-drug vigils. Super imposition of planned Spencer Dock devopments.

Interview: Millie Masterson. Interview: Cummins.

TIFF List 2013: A Complete Guide To All The Films At The Toronto International Film Festival

Interview: Marie O'Reilly. Voiceover: Masterson. No high rise campaign Protests around the area. Illustrations of plans and news paper headlines. Interview: Dunleavy. Fay in shop putting up campaign posters. Interview: Mark Candon, principle and shots of school. North Wall Women's Centre. Interview: Celine Howard. Shots of area. Margaret Hennesy at work in the I.

Interview: Coyne. Shots of children in area. Interview: Walsh. Shots of Sheriff street. And thanks to those who contributed to the film in the form of interviews, time or spirit. Copyright End of the World Productions Ltd. Shots of Clondalkin. Interview: with model plans for area. Text: "Is it anyway. Text: "Fight the power.

Miniature model of the future of area. Text: "Who knows best? Text: "Planning for real. Interview: John Kiernan, Resident, Jobstown. Voiceover: Duff. Residents place suggestion cards on model of area. Interview: Duff. Interview: Conroy. Interview: Kiernan. Interview: Rochford. Text: Urban Democracy. Conroy at work with residents, including Rochford, interview: Conroy, Conroy and residents. Market being set up at down and interview: residents and marketers.

Market during day. Photographs of Taoiseach launching indoor market. Information processing TEFC. The Information machine: or creative man and the data Seventh rail report: speed the payload. The Seventh mandarin K. Seven o'clock news. Setting up an overseas post. Setting the stage for learning TEFC : teaching the 3's, 4's and 5's. Social Denmark. The Seventh age. Rockschool: Programmes Water country, south of the Changjiang River.

Currajong: a different way TEFC. Doing it right the fork lift way. Cane toads: an unnatural history. Arguing the Toss of a Cat. Down there Turkish version. Down there Vietnamese version. Little athletics: sprinting. Edited version. The Thermal wilderness. Little athletics: discus throwing. Little athletics: high jump. Little athletics: hurdling. Little athletics: long jump. Adventure Island: The Diamond Tree.

Mother and Son: Arthur's Night Out. The Diary of Mr. N: Glove puppetry - making the heads. Glove puppetry - Painting and dressing. The Global struggle for food. Glimpses of Western India. A Glimpse at a thousand points. Glimpses of enchanting Japan. Panama: the crossroads of the western world. Pakistan: a two-part nation. Paintings in a low voice. Painting with calligraphy. Prisoners of Conscience. Foodways: more than milk. Cell division in closterium. Consequences: spinal cord injury. Cell division in the diatom hantzschia amphioxys. Cell division in the diatom pinnularia.

Election year: electing Australia's federal parliament. Wild Australia Captioned. The Human Jigsaw Captioned. That's Democracy Captioned. Seeing through commercials. Feeling good about yourself. Mediterranean Cookery-France,Italy and Spain. Madhur Jaffrey's Indian Cookery. Evolution: the four billion year legacy. It's an outdoor world. In search of the Japanese.

Building Political Leadership. British Sporting Personalities. Skiing at Chateau Tongariro. Black music in America: the 70's. Oasis in space: population time-bomb. The Mole and the chewing gum. Black music in America: from then till now. The Cross country event. Hunters of the seal: a time of change. Animals see in many ways. Amphibians: frogs, toads and salamanders. Boo Boo monster enters a beauty contest. Desert regions: nomads and traders. Electricity: a first film. Malaya: land of tin and rubber.

The Making of woollen and worsted cloth. The Malay Peninsula: people and products. Malaysia: sparrow with sparrow, raven with raven. Commonwealth Meeting, Commonwealth Review. Commonwealth of Nations.

ACMI Collection Data Explorer

Commonsense behind the wheel. Commonwealth Games, Cardiff, Commonwealth Arts Festival. Mineral sands of Eastern Australia. Mineral deficiencies: copper and cobalt. The Snowy Mountain Scheme: the first achievement. Australian Fibreboard Container. Let's visit Rum Jungle [Colour]. Hawaii: Sights and Sounds of the Islands. Lights, Camera, Los Angeles. Japan: The Island Empire. Hop on Pop ; Marvin K.

New Caledonia: a land in search of itself. Samoa: I can get another wife but I can't get any parents. The Wizard of Oz. S Captioned. Genetic engineering and protein synthesis. The Maltese falcon Captioned. The Story of Rosy Dock [text]. Peter Allen: the boy from Oz.

The Remarkable school house. Part III: beyond art. Reliability: an introduction. The Reluctant delinquent. Remarkable Occurrences: being the life and journeys of Captain James Cook. Regulating body temperature. Reinforcement in learning and extinction. Sweet sweetback's baadasssss song E. Voyage a travers l'impossible. Bobwhite: through the year. Cicero: the queen's drum horse. Claymation: three dimensional clay animation TEFC. Cults: choice or coercion.

The Beacons and beyond. Degas in the Metropolitan. Eat, drink and be wary. How green was my valley. The Devil at your heels. Everyday people TEFC. Volcano: an inquiry into the life and death of Malcolm Lowry. Boys will be boys TEFC. The Lost pharaoh: the search for Akhenaten. The Kid who couldn't miss. Loyal tubthumper: Minnie Appleby.

The National tree program. Equal bytes: your future's in computing. The Energy crisis thing. Decisions, Decisions! Oh what a lovely report. Kermit and the Monster. More awkward customers NP. The Time of your life: the fundamentals of time management. Sharpening and tempering farm tools. The Secret life of twins. Part one. Farm work: equipment maintenance. Reconditioning a two-bottom tractor plow. New government in Victoria. All the king's men. Willie Mouse: sailor boy.

A Record of pre-school play. Australian feature films PC. Touch the Sun : Devil's Hill K. Myths of childhood. Dealing with Alzheimer's Disease: a commonsense approach to communication. Atomic structure and correlations within the Periodic Table. Between two wars: twilight of an era The Buildings already begun. What did you do in the Great War Mummy? Part 2. Myths of Childhood. Part 3. Something for everyone. Federation Square time lapse project. Solar power for industry. The Music album: hillbilly hits. Tahere Tikitiki: the making of a Maori canoe. This week in Britain: fashion parade. This week in Britain: design control.

Three phase motor. Preparing to rewind. This week in Britain: Hyperion. Ezra Pound: poets' poet. E E Cummings: the making of a poet. Rice: biggest small grain on earth. How to give exceptional customer service. Motivating people in today's workplace. The World according to Garp. Exploring our solar system.

The Bones and muscles. Etoiles 3: Le Cafe des reves. The Power of positive influence. Dinosaurs on earth: then and now. Etoiles 4: Jeunes Francophones. The Brain: the lungs: the heart. Spartacus Bolshoi Ballet [Widescreen]. Night of the living dead. Sense of home: getting older in a new country. The Voice of the organ. New Zealand weekly review. Using the Verifax printer type 1. The Week in pictures. Issue no. Why didn't somebody tell me? Swimming for beginners. The Westward movement: an instructional sound film. Produktionsfrasmaschine PFV Japan's living craft.

No: 3: The Pacific hurricane season summer Baboon social organization. Megalopolis: cradle of the future. The Marked time-table. Germination and growth of a plant. Tasmanian magazine. The Task before the building industry. Round the twist: skeleton on the dunny. SBS Insight: millennium bug. Tchaikovsky's Overture. New twists on ocean currents. Round the twist: birdsdo. The Crow: City of angels. Directors of the future. Yes Minister : the compassionate society. Attack of the strange insects from Uranus. Negotiation for positive results.

Red sands, blue seas A. Snowtime at Mt Buffalo. A Star is born [Streisand]. Teaching the way they learn: remediation of learning disabilities. Bowling for Columbine [DVD]. John Canemaker: marching to a different toon [DVD]. By Brakhage: an anthology [DVD]. Standing in the shadows of Motown [DVD]. Electra, my love [DVD]. Setting the scene iPod tour: designer interviews.

Grierson Lecture Screen literacy and cultural morality in the digital era. Speaking from experience. How do you spell my name in chinese? Western stories: expressions for the future : Digital Storytelling project. The Eyes have it Progress report on Pakistan. Progress: the story of the Rootes Group. The Progressive era: reform works in America. Profit, you gotta be out of your cotton pickin' mind.

Gallery of the great. The Bitter tea of General Yen. The Agony and the ecstasy. Prisoner [Cell block H]. Not so fast Songololo. Beatrix Potter: artist, storyteller and countrywoman. The Ladies sing the blues. Canberra today and tomorrow. The Siege of Barton's bathroom K. Selection interview. Interview with the boss. Donald's fire survival plan. Counting by 10's and 5's. Gumdrop makes a start. Rolf Harris' water safety. Uncle Smiley goes to the beach. All around us: radiation. Northern Territory mining. The Northern Territory. Gould League snake show. Gould League reptile show. Norwegian architecture and applied arts.

The Aviator's generosity. My own private Idaho [DVD]. Prisoner: the early years [DVD]. Prisoner: the terrorist siege [DVD]. Prisoner: the end [DVD]. Sexy girls, sexy appliances. Fashions in wool for ' Fashion means business. Farnborough looks forward Farnborough International Farnborough fly past Destruction on the wing. The Destruction of St. Patrick's College Designing with everyday materials: corrugated paper. Designing for the disabled. Antigone by Sophocles: a discussion. Slow death of desert water.

Italian in the primary School. Slavery and slave resistance. The Sleeping beauty Lotte Reininger. The Slide rule: multiplication and division. Slide rule: percentage, proportion, squares and square roots. Sebastian the fox: the sleepwalkers. Five Go to Smuggler's Top. Issues in education: the Chief Executive - schooling P Kid's Picks: Porky Pig. Kids' Picks: Bugs Bunny. Paddington's birthday bonanza. Kids' Picks: Elmer Fudd. Paddington and the Christmas shopping; Christmas. Paddington goes to the movies K. Paddington goes to school. Give yourself the green light. Girl's sports: on the right track.

Drugs: some get busted. The Greatest run on earth. Making sum-think happen. Strategies for teaching social studies. The Making of the river. Making glass for houses. Making films that teach. The Making of a gallery. The Making of a documentary. Hassan's homecoming. Harold's fairy tale. Harold and the purple crayon. Harry's half crown. Plas Newydd, Angelsey, Wales. A Place for everything. A Place for Aunt Lois. A Long hour's walk. The Long Christmas dinner by Thornton Wilder. Les Maries de L'an II. Surviving sexual assault. Leave me alone: sexual harassment in the workplace.

Long live the king: the Wally Lewis story. Whatever happened to Baby Jane? The history of Australian tennis. Ferris Bueller's day off. The Allan Border tribute match. San Francisco; Hollywood; Beverly Hills. Fireman Sam. Treasure hunt. The Great Canadian train ride. Exam technique: economics. Poland: a proud heritage. English at Work. Ghost of the Spanish Warrior. The Enormous Crocodile.

Did You Used to Be R. The Soul of a man [DVD]. Warming by the devil's fire [DVD]. Budgie the little helicopter. Noddy and the naughty tail. Brazil: the north east. Katharine Hepburn: all about me: a self portrait. Clash of the carnivores. Window on the wild. Pocahontas Captioned. Giant bears of Kodiak island.

Scott Tinley's triathlon training: with Juli Brening. Death of a nation: the Timor conspiracy. My first nature video. Doctor De Soto and 5 other funny stories. Where the wild things are and 5 other stories. Altonaer Musium walkthru. Cape Otway Light Station. The Last piece in the puzzle: Westgate Bridge Metamorphs: 1st year Swinburne Multimedia Design Project. Godfathers and sons [DVD].