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Kevin Hart October 7, She wasn't readyyy!!!! Idk August 22, That guy is amazing. Who is he?? Xander Corvus - so fucking hot, he is my favorite 0 2 Reply Submit Reply. That was until Uusavi had stuck her hand inside her panties which caused the teal eyed girl to freak out a little. My fingers are drenched in your juices… How lovely ".

Uusavi licked her fingers as Ino gave a look of disgust at such an act she committed. This girl is actually raping her. Soon enough, Uusavi's erect penis was standing at full attention as she said " Open your mouth Ino " causing the girl to open her mouth while she was thinking how this girl even had control over her. Inserting her cock inside, Ino knew she couldn't let this bitch get away with this. Ino immediately bit on her dick as she crushed it with her teeth causing Uusavi to feel pleasurable pain as she said " I'm cumming " before she somehow managed to force her schlong down Ino's throat as the girls belly was being invaded by the cum that was being forced into her body.

After her orgasm died down, Uusavi pulled out as Ino started coughing before settled down on the toilet before she then sent a heated glare towards her captor. I mean she just forced herself onto me! Although… her sperm didn't taste that ba- What am I thinking '?! You just started raping me after kidnapping me! I'd never do such a thing "! So I just want you to be honest with me in both mind and body.

Did you enjoy the taste of my cum "? The moment she asked that Ino remained quite as she thought ' There's no way I enjoyed that terrible smell and salty taste… Although it did have a little sweetness to its bitter side. And even though she forced herself upon me She hadn't really raped me like some men or some women would've done.

I actually gave her consent when I opened my mouth so All in all, I guess it wasn't that bad I guess '. If I say yes… You wouldn't mind giving me more right "? As those words left Uusavi's mouth, Ino turned her head to the side only to face Uusavi again. The blonde 10 year old had said " What do I have to do to get more of your sperm " which caused Uusavi to say " It's simple.

All you gotta do is lick my penis and suck on it while bobbing your head back and forth " as the silver haired pre-teen stuck her cock directly in front of the blonde's mouth. Ino opened her mouth as she slowly took it inside and began to move her head, bobbing it back in forth as her tongue circled Uusavi's appendage. Ino opened her mouth to let the yellow eyed pre-teen watch her lick her shaft.

Sliding her tongue across Uusavi's veins in her bulge, Ino earned a few moans from the futa in front of her as the 10 year old started nibbling on her skin. With saliva swimming across her member, Uusavi grunted as Ino took her cock back within her mouth and started moving her head back and forth, the sensation of Uusavi's cock dancing on her tongue was like euphoria. Ino suddenly overlapped her tongue around the tip of the pre-teen's member as she licked the slit of her dick to tease Uusavi who moaned a lot more than before.

As Ino continued to bob her head, she began to slurp on the girl's penis as she rotated it inside of her mouth. The yellow eyed pre-teen had then blown her load inside the blonde 10 year old's mouth as the teal eyed pre-teen started drinking it all before Uusavi suddenly pulled out and sprayed the rest on her face and hair much to her shock.

You could've at least warned me you know ". Uusavi chuckled sheepishly as she pulled Ino towards her and started licking the cum off her face. Ino moaned from the feeling as Uusavi's tongue traced itself across her face as the girl licked her entire beautiful face clean. The blonde then started panting as Uusavi inserted two fingers inside her snatch causing the girl to moan at the feeling of being pumped by her captor's hand as the silver haired pre-teen nibbled on Ino's left ear.

As Uusavi continued to pump her fingers inside of Ino, she twisted her fingers to have a different angle to fuck her with her fingers. Ino moaned as Uusavi spread her fingers and slid them in and out to tease her wet mounds before she made an " eep " sound after the silver haired pre-teen pinched and twisted her clit. Her fingers rubbed over her slit as the pre-teen continued to move her hand faster as Ino started dripping her juices down to the floor, her body drowning in the sensations.

When that question left her mouth, Ino remained in silence as she pondered the question. For what could've been seen like hours, the blonde said " As long as your promise to be the my lover… I'll allow you to do so " which caused the silver haired 10 year old to smile as she started kissing the blonde who was a little stunned but returned the gesture.

Their tongues danced with one another as they battle for dominance to explore the other's mouth. But do to Uusavi actually having experience, Ino lost easily as the yellow eyed pre-teen started exploring her mouth. Her tongue swirled Ino's as she tasted her saliva while she used her hands to pull down her panties and pants before she tossed them to the side. Ino turned around as her back was placed against the door while her legs were placed on her shoulders so if somebody walked in, they wouldn't get suspicious of whoever's in the stall.

Placing her meat at Ino's entrance, Ino generally awaited for Uusavi to push in… And the moment she did was when Ino screamed in pain. It hurts! It hurts "! Everything will be fine ". Taking her words to heart, Ino calmed down as she was breathing heavily while blood leaked out of her pussy and onto Uusavi's member. After a few minutes passed by, the silver haired girl started thrusting at a steady pace as Ino moaned and panted every five seconds as her pussy was still adjusting to the throbbing brute of a package inside of her sacred place.

Suddenly, Ino was attacked with another kiss as she kept being pounded into by the silver haired girl as she sped up her thrusts by every second that passed. With her G-Spot being hit, Ino continued to drown in ecstasy as Uusavi caressed her petite ass with both hands as she rubbed it in circles. Ino grabbed Uusavi as she hugged the girl closer to her petite body as she continued to wrestle her tongue with the futa in front of her. Suddenly, cum started leaking out of Ino's pussy as both of them came without warning, one another's cum mixing together as Uusavi pulled out of her new lover as she put Ino down who was standing up on shaky legs.

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After all, I think I might get you used to this because of you ". Anyways, my name is Uusavi Angel ". From now, I declare you as my girlfriend in secret ". With those words coming out each other's mouth the duo shared one more passionate kiss as they put the rest of their clothes on and cleaned up as best as they could. After the bathroom scene, some time had passed as where we could now see Uusavi following a specific mother-daughter duo. She was lucky to even be following these two due to one simple fact. And no it was not because of it being hard to find them… Well it actually was hard to find them but that's not it.

The reason why, was because of Naruko and Ino. Uusavi couldn't take Ino home with her hair and her clothes covered in and smelling like cum so she took her back to Naruko's apartment to fix that problem. However, the two ended getting into an argument about who Uusavi loves more as they paraded the house naked.

Due to that, they decided to settle it with 5 hours of sex in which case it ended up in a draw as it was late in the afternoon. But that doesn't mean the two are on good terms with each other. Time to make my move then ". Making her way out of the alley, Uusavi walked behind the two as the two beings walked towards the front of their house, a few bags of clothes and groceries in their hand. Stepping in front of their door, the mother managed to pull out her key and unlocked the door causing the woman and the pre-teen to step inside.

When the pre-teen had closed the door, she wasn't aware that someone blocked the door while she went to the kitchen to place the groceries down.

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On the other hand, the mother had walked upstairs to place down the bags of clothes in her room. She had no idea of what was happening downstairs as Uusavi was about to commit the next sex scene of her plan on both of these girls. Meanwhile, back downstairs, a certain pink haired 10 year old girl was putting away the groceries as she was humming a little tune.

However, she didn't realize that her captor was right behind her as Uusavi walked towards the green eyed girl and chopped the back of her neck, effectively knocking the girl unconscious as she fell forward. Catching her unconscious body, Uusavi threw the girl on her shoulders before she tossed her body on the couch. The silver haired girl smirked as she made her way upstairs to the mother of her future pink haired slut. Soon enough, Uusavi arrived at the mother's room as she peeked inside to discover her target putting away the clothes she bought. So with that, Uusavi crept her way inside the room.

I could've sworn that I sensed someone. Oh well, I just hope Sakura is almost done downstairs. Anyways, I better finish putting away the- " she was interrupted by a chop to the back of her neck as she fell to the floor unconscious. Uusavi smirked as she said " Now that I got the two unconscious, I better check my stats to see what I got from Ino " as she slid her right hand down to see the menu as a notification popped up.

Congrats: You fucked a female from an important clan that features an important role as a heiress! You have also been given another special present as well. Ok everyone, the present she received were actually pictures so I have to describe them a little Or be blunt as fuck. It's saved ". Uusavi said as she decided to go back to the main menu as she clicked the achievements to see what the two names she received from Ino were. Even if it's not sex related, she will still become submissive as long as you pressure her.

Now the last thing I need to do is check out the perks and see what I unlocked from fucking Ino earlier ". Uusavi then closed the achievement page as she went to the perk page to check out the new perks she received. Adamantine Sealing Chain - Golden chains of the Uzumaki Clan that can bind targets, cast protective barriers, be used in combat, and even restrain tailed beasts.

Users can communicate with targets while possessing their body.

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Clicking on the perk, Uusavi discovered it was worth one perk point as she she confirmed that she wanted the perk and smiled as she received a scroll before it disappeared signaling that she received the jutsu from the Yamanaka Bloodline. Scrolling down, the pre-teen started checking out the newest XXX Perk that was available as she clicked on the info below.

Once rolled, the user can cast the target s Targets: 5 minimum under a type of saimin jutsu where they are forced to the dark recesses of the mind as they will have no sense of consciousness. However, everything the bodies feels through sexual desires changes all aspects of how they think and feel.

The duration of this ability is based on minutes and the number you rolled. I'm definitely buying this. Although, I'll wait to use it though. So for now, I'll just rape these two. But first, let me search up their stats ". After buying the perk, Uusavi closed the menu as she started observing her " victims " as she started setting up her plan. It was quiet in the Haruno Residence as no one and nothing made a single sound.

Yet that would soon come to an end as both Haruno's began to stir from their slumber. It was still late in the afternoon so there was some time still left before it would show the slightest chance of becoming night time. Anyways, as both of them began to stir from their sleep, they lifted their heads up to stare at each other. While their vision became clear, both of them witnessed each other being naked and bound together as they started panicking trying to escape, but it was futile. Their arms were held up in the air as they were bound by ninja wire as the wire was tied to the kunais that pierced the ceiling.

Their legs were also tied together by the wire while the wire was tied to two kunais stabbed into the floor. The mother and daughter looked at each other in fear as someone said " The sluts are awake I see " as they turned their heads to see Uusavi standing in the doorway naked with her erect cock poking out straight at Sakura's body. I need some sexual relief and your the only two who can provide it.

All you gotta do… Is let me rape your pussy and asshole on both of your bodies ". Uusavi suddenly walked over to Sakura as she spanked the girl's small ass causing her to yelp through a cloth as it was painful. Meanwhile, Mebuki was shouting through the cloth that was strapped to her mouth. Yet her screams only came out as muffled words. Ignoring her pleases of letting them go, because the girl tell, the yellow eyed female watched as a giant blush adorned the pink haired pre-teen's face with that cloth still in her mouth as she mumbled something.

Thoughts from MY SHOWER!

She whispered under her breath as she got down on her knees. The girl then pressed her hands firmly onto Sakura's tight petite ass as she started tracing circles around her butt with her fingers. As she was doing this, Sakura started twisting and turning as she tried to escape from the sensations of Uusavi's hands. Ultimately, that was useless as she grabbed Sakura's ass and groped it furiously. The silver haired girl then watched as Sakura screamed through the cloth from her touch as she came all over her legs while Mebuki watched in horror and lust.

Suddenly, Uusavi started licking her dainty butt which only made the pink haired girl struggle more as she tried to escape. As Mebuki watched this, her body felt really hot as she leaked tears from her eyes, her heavy breathing not really being seen do to the cloth in her mouth. Meanwhile, at the Hokage Tower, a man that looked to be in his late 60's or early 70's was looking through a crystal ball as he was sitting down in his chair, ignoring the stacks of paperwork that was on his desk.

Through the crystal ball, the man was watching his surrogate grandchild, AKA, Naruko Uzumaki, who was currently asleep at the moment inside her room. For some reason, he didn't know why, but when he was watching Naruko at the park yesterday, his signal with the crystal ball had suddenly gotten interrupted as he couldn't see her anymore from that point which made him suspicious. He didn't know why, but he guessed that a new source of someone's chakra pattern was interfering with the signal. Deciding to take another effective approach, the man had called two of his most trusted anbu, Neko and Dog, to go and check on her, which they left the tower in pursuit of the blonde.

After a few minutes, the two returned with some bad news that Naruko wasn't anywhere to be seen where someone would normally find her. This in return worried Hiruzen as he ordered the two to search the entire village causing them to vanish in a shunshin. And just like that, a few minutes later he received no good news of her location. After hearing that, he grabbed every anbu he could that was free of orders at the moment to search outside the village for her just in case she got lost or kidnapped.

Others had searched all the places of Konoha that Neko and Dog weren't able to as night was striking fast. It was until a few hours later, all the anbu came back with a shake of their heads, signaling they never found her. The man sighed as he requested them to leave him in silence which they complied as they vanished via shunshin. Right now, the old man hoped she was ok and that she would show up soon as he continued to work throughout the night. Earlier that day, Hiruzen tried to find her again, yet received no luck as he felt like panicking but remained composed.

It wasn't until a few hours later that his crystal ball began to glitch out as he took notice and immediately picked it up. Suddenly it became clear as he saw Naruko was in her room eating ramen… Naked. The old man would have immediately sent anbu to her if he didn't notice two things. Did she get to that point where she would start walking around the house naked? I smell like outdoors and an armpit " as she left towards the bathroom. However, I need to talk with her later about the people she might have met within the village. It's obvious who ever she met didn't have a similar chakra pattern like she did ".

He could tell that much. Keeping that in mind, he continued to watch Naruko carefully as he would soon catch the person that was interfering with the signal. Meanwhile, back with Uusavi, the yellow eyed girl was already fucking Sakura in the ass while she moved fast and thrusted into her tight hole with a lot of force. As for Sakura, the girl was barely conscious as she had semen running down her legs from her pussy, and was getting ass raped for the third time in a row.

The girl had already lost all feeling in her legs as she was gonna be sore for a few days at least. She suddenly moaned when Uusavi spanked her and kept thrusting before she unloaded one last shot into her ass for a third anal creampie. Sakura's body spasmed as she came from her pussy and her rectum before she passed out, her bottom holes covered in cum as it ran down her legs. However, I'm just gonna save myself the torment of giving you large amounts of pleasure by my touch. I'll just have you be mine by your body meeting my thrusts ". Mebuki panicked as she tried to free herself while the silver haired pre-teen started walking over to her.

Suddenly, the girl walked behind her as she was about to give her the anal special before she suddenly received a message. Hurry up and finish things here before he meets her. Otherwise, things could get hairy. Looks like I can't have that much fun with Mebuki. But I can have fun with that thick ass of hers. And I'll do it with my newest perk '.