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Join Date Jul Posts 1, Yes, a very good and informative book. Val Howells is, of course, the only surviving competitor from the race - alive and kicking in west Wales. Join Date Jan Posts Thanks for the feedback Malcome. Would you give it five stars "an absolute must read"?

England Conquers France in Ascension Island :) - Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 159

Originally Posted by co Join Date Mar Posts I agree fab book. Join Date Jul Posts 19, The moment that you enter this incredible rental yacht in Ibiza , you will be embraced with a breeze that will cool you off from the summer heat that quickly overwhelms you in Ibiza and Formentera. Has the idea of living at sea perpetually begun to surface on your mind yet? If so, you will be even more ecstatic to hear that this luxurious vessel for hire removes the need for those time wasting return trips to the port for charging the batteries and filling the water tanks.

New Lagoon 42 catamaran with air conditioning

With a water-maker constantly working to give you the fresh water you need throughout your stay and solar panels that give the necessary power to the electronics on board, your full time and effort can be used for enjoying this magnificent boat and the transparent Mediterranean waters we love to explore. Having a double cabin up front and a double cabin at the back of each hull, all with double beds that provide both front and lateral access for a more pleasant and convenient stay, this vessel comfortably sleeps eight while peacefully at sea.

Each forward cabin also provides its own bathroom and shower, while both of the aft cabins have the additional benefit of offering their own bathroom with a separate shower. Let us not rush out of the rooms just yet though. As if floating in the middle of one of the most captivating turquoise waters with degrees of jaw-dropping panoramic views is not enough to have you feeling like you struck gold, you are now able to wake up to these glorious sights with ease. Larger windows have been strategically placed in each cabin for illumination that will have you thinking the sun has personally come inside to greet you and for views that will leave you questioning whether you are still asleep and dreaming of paradise.

As formerly mentioned, the layout of this Lagoon 42 was constructed to enhance communication throughout the entire vessel. Not one person on board our grand Ibiza boat charter will feel out of the loop unless purposely searching for a moment with just their thoughts.

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Had an unforgettable day of jumping from the elongated swimming platform into the stunning waters and snorkelling in search of curious fish and intriguing octopus? With the abundance of working space available in the U-shaped kitchen, now oriented towards the cockpit, and the enlarged sliding door previously revealed, you will not miss a beat while preparing those delicious beverages! Let us not forget about our most pivotal guest on board, the one who will take us through this journey we will remember forever, the captain of this impressive Lagoon 42 catamaran hire in Ibiza.

Gabriel is a professional skipper who works in both the Caribbean and Ibiza.

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  • He is used to working with the most distinguished clientele. The innovative arrangements that have been made to this charter vessel for rent in Ibiza will assure he is, not only integrated with the group, but managing the sails with ease as well. Removing the earlier placement of the skipper on the top floor allows him to share in the long-lasting memories that are being made.

    Thanks to the practical development of the self-tacking jib, which is known to always provide outstanding performance, our captain is able to manage all the maneuvering without leaving the helm.

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    Throw in a sliding panel on that helm hard top bimini for a constant look out on the sails and you have got yourself an efficient skipper who is ready to keep the good times rolling. As with all group trips, there comes a time when a moment of solitude, away from the rush of the day and a chance to absorb the tranquillity of this wonderful experience, is greatly welcomed!

    On most catamarans, including this boat for rent in Ibiza , there are areas on the bow where you can find just that- such as the balconies that allow you to sit and patiently wait for those longed for dolphins to swim past you. On the Lagoon 42 , however, the roof-top will provide more than just a nice place to lay back and sunbathe for that perfect bronze colour you are looking to work up to this holiday or shelter from any unwanted sun-rays when you have had enough.

    With the help of the built-in staircase that effortlessly leads you to two hammocks on the hard top bimini, you will find yourself escaping here once the sun has set to soak in the calmness of being at mid sea. Juvenile black tip sharks patrolled the shore, visible from the beach through crystal-clear walls of breaking waves, like a window into the sea. All was well in paradise. Until the dinghy broke free. Miraculously, Travis reached it. I was kind of amazed. The shackle had come undone from the anchor so we somehow managed to find it, reattach and re-anchor. This time, we swam ashore with surfboards.

    After a good laugh at our own expense Ian and Travis surfed until they could paddle no more — possibly the very first time anyone had ever surfed Malden. It was pure, remote bliss.

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    Much as we would have enjoyed stepping ashore in Kiribati, there was no surf in sight and Ian had received word that the Fiji swell we were chasing was coming sooner than expected. Some miles north was Fanning Island with its famed left-or-right wave, breaking on both sides of a deep manmade channel that gave surfers a choice of either direction. They surfed the channel, cut during World War 1 almost until it was dark.

    During the war, Fanning had been home to a British cable relay station and its dredged entrance was a popular safe harbour for visiting warships. Today, Fanning looks like a shell of its one-time splendour, the overgrown landscape littered with abandoned buildings and deteriorating infrastructure. That Act has been relaxed and those ships no longer stop at Fanning, so the atoll has since receded into relative poverty. The customs agents were not at the office so we arranged for them to visit Falcor later that evening.

    When the time came we ferried them out so they could collect payment and conduct their search of the yacht. They found a stash of beer in the fridge and insisted we share — so they enjoyed several each, before we strongly suggested their time aboard was over. We returned the favour by unknowingly breaking the law of the land with the 12 coconuts we collected the following day from the vacant north shore. The meat and water was sweeter than any coconut anyone had ever had, but we later learned it is forbidden to cut down coconuts on Fanning.

    The following day, a young local boy swam out into the surf to join us — grabbing a slippery s-era board from the tree where it had leaned, presumably for decades. After a few unsuccessful attempts at standing up, Ian brought him over to the dinghy to wax his board. The boy eventually surfed and stayed out with us almost all day. When it was time to go home, Ian gave him his leash and remaining wax, then Travis went ashore with a brand new surfboard to leave behind for the next generation of aspiring island surfers.