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As an attractive workplace for young and professionally experienced talents in maritime research, the DSM maintains a variety of cooperations with universities, colleges and non-university research institutions. The German Centre of Gerontology is a federal institute for scientific research in the fields of social and behavioral ageing research.

The goal of the German Centre of Gerontology is to collect, broaden, analyse, process and disseminate knowledge on the current situation of ageing and older people. This knowledge is used for scientifically independent policy consultation with respect to the challenges of an ageing society. Publications by the German Centre of Gerontology. It provides free access to all kinds of scholarly publications, including working and discussion papers, conference papers, journal articles, research reports, and dissertations. More than institutions from Germany and abroad cooperate and make available research publications on EconStor e.

In addition single authors have the option to self-archive their publications on EconStor. Currently the repository contains more than , publications. The European Centre for Minority Issues ECMI conducts practice and policy-oriented research, provides information and documentation, and offers advisory services concerning minority-majority relations in Europe. It serves European governments and regional intergovernmental organizations as well as non-dominant groups throughout.

The Centre co-operates with the academic community, the media and the general public through the timely provision of information and analysis. Federal Governance FG is an online graduate journal on theory and politics of federalism and multi-level governance. Its mandate is to engage the global federalism community and reach out to outstanding Master students and PhD candidates interested in federalism and multi-level governance. Founded during the Cold War in , the FSO today combines two goals: the re examination of societies and cultures that once made up Europe's Eastern Bloc and the analysis of their ongoing transformation and contemporary developments in the successor states.

Wissenstransfer und Politikberatung sind weitere wichtige Aufgaben. Das Hannah-Arendt-Institut widmet sich vor allem der systematischen Untersuchung des Nationalsozialismus und des Kommunismus.

SSOAR: Cooperation Partners

Als Weltanschauungsdiktaturen haben sie das Untersucht werden ihre politisch-ideologischen Voraussetzungen, ihre organisatorischen Strukturen sowie die konkreten Auswirkungen beider Herrschaftssysteme. Ein besonderer Fokus liegt auf der Analyse von Opposition und Widerstand gegen beide deutsche Diktaturen. Dies betrifft sowohl autokratische und fundamentalistische Regime, als auch extremistische, rassistische und antisemitischen Einstellungen.

Its researchers analyze the causes of violent international and internal conflicts, investigate the conditions necessary for peace, and spread the concepts of peace. Key topics are international conflicts and their prevention, the role of transnational violent actors and the institutionalization of peace orders.

Inter alia, concrete projects deal with arms control and the radicalization of groups and individuals. PRIF aims to conduct science for the benefit and good of humanity and to connect knowledge-driven basic research to fields of application of political and social relevance. Research results are translated into concrete political options for action. PRIF contributes to civic education, wishes to inform and help shape public debates.

The institute mediates experts for information and discussion events, serves as co-editor for the annual Peace Report and promotes advanced training for diplomats.

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It has been published since The application of formal methods to history covers: quantitative and qualitative social research, historical sociology and social scientific history, cliometrical research, historical demography, and digital humanities. The HSR is user-, methods-, and data-oriented. The journal focuses on inter- and transdisciplinary research. An international editorial board is in charge of the content, and thanks to close cooperations with network partners and user organizations within the field of historical social research, the journal participates intensively in current research discussions.

Four HSR issues in addition to one supplement are published every year. The Institute for Employment Research IAB conducts research on the labour market in order to advise political actors at all levels in a competent manner. Economists, sociologists and researchers from other social science and methodological disciplines create the base for empirically well-informed labour market policy by way of excellently linked research, both nationally and internationally. In this way we contribute, within the framework of our statutory mandate, to a better understanding of the way the labour market functions and of employment chances and living situations in a dynamically changing world.

Freedom of research and publication guarantee that independent, and with that also critical, advice can be given. Since its founding in , the Institute for European Politics IEP has been a non-profit organization dedicated to the study of European integration. It is one of the leading foreign and European policy research centres in the Federal Republic of Germany and serves as a forum for exchange between academia, politics, administration and political education.

It brings together high-level expertise from various disciplines economics, sociology, and political science, among others to address fundamental economic and social problems and policy choices. Internationally renowned scientists stay at the Institute as guest researchers, and PhD candidates use its excellent facilities to conduct their studies. IHS alumni make career in academia, governmental institutions, and in the private sector. Lazarsfeld and Oskar Morgenstern with a generous grant from the Ford Foundation. Today, the Institute is funded by the Austrian government, by various public organizations and by commissioned research.

IHS has coordinated and participated in numerous projects within the EU Framework Programs and has extensive experience in disseminating research results. Currently the Institute counts approximately employees. Since , the Institute for Social Sciences of the University of Stuttgart published a series of articles SISS which are aimed at an audience interested in the social sciences. The published articles focus on the development of theoretical models and methodological procedures in the social sciences, as well as on applications of empirical and methodological analyses.

Previous contributions include the following topics: 1 structures and dynamics of social attitude patterns and the relationship between attitudes and social behavior, 2 causes and consequences of social change in institutions and 3 the development and application of quantitative methods for the statistical analysis of social structures and processes.

The articles are available to all interested parties as free downloads and can be ordered from any library via interlibrary loan. The Institute of Sociology offers a broad spectrum of research activities, with particular focus on an analysis of transnationalization and Europeanization processes and international comparison, especially of European societies.

Es war wesentlich an der Konzipierung und Einrichtung des neuartigen Studiengangs "Soziologie technikwissenschaftlicher Richtung" beteiligt. With 16 professors and more than 50 researchers, the Institute of Sociology at the University of Duisburg-Essen is one of the largest higher education and research institutions in Sociology in the German-speaking world. Currently, about 2, students are enrolled in different study programs at the IfS. The IfS is embedded in a dynamic and innovative research environment at the University of Duisburg-Essen which was created in through a fusion of two different University campuses.

The knowledge and expertise of members of the IfS is regularly solicited by practitioners in different societal fields e. Geistes- und verhaltenswissenschaftliche Arbeiten werden in diesem Rahmen u. A centerpiece of the KFG is the invitation of national and international guest scholars working on the diffusion of ideas as well as the promotion of junior researchers through post doc fellowships. Kommunikation Gesellschaft k g ist ein Online-Journal, das der Untersuchung von Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologien gewidmet ist. Nutzung medienkultureller Artefakte in Arbeit und Freizeit. The Centre for Criminology KrimZ , based in Wiesbaden, is the research and documentation institute of the Federal Republic of Germany and all its federal states.

Since , the KrimZ has been working on criminological and forensic issues, conducting empirical research projects, documenting research results and offering a freely accessible specialist database KrimLit, and organizing conferences. The KrimZ library holds a considerable collection of books and journals on criminological and forensic topics.

Die folgenden Ausarbeitungen geben nicht notwendigerweise die Auffassung des Landtags Brandenburg oder seiner Verwaltung wieder, sondern liegen in der fachlichen Verantwortung des PBD. Aktuell geschieht dies in dem von der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft finanzierten Sonderforschungsbereich "Gesellschaftliche Entwicklungen nach dem Systemumbruch".

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  • Zudem werden Human Resource Managementkonzepte erarbeitet. The Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography IfL in Leipzig is tasked with visualising social change and preparing information about sustainable and regionally balanced development concepts. As a member of the Leibniz Association and as the only non-university research institute for geography in Germany, the institute brings together basic research and knowledge transfer. With its approximately members of staff, the institute conducts research on current spatial developments in Germany and Europe, with a particular focus on Eastern Europe.

    In order to convey the results of his research, the IfL is purposefully using cartographic illustrations. The Institute is continually developing the high technical standard of his map production. And, as a society and as researchers, it is thinking about how, in an age of progressive digitisation, we will present, exchange or share geographic information by means of maps in the future. It was founded on 1 January , is jointly funded by the federal and Saxony governments and is a research establishment with a staff of over Research at the IRS is focused on the spatial aspects and contexts of social action.

    In doing so, spatial phenomena are explored in terms of both processual and historical dimensions using social-scientific methods. The research focuses on the preconditions, interactions, and consequences of spatial development, and how involved actors contribute to these developments by sharing insights and cooperating on processes of innovation.

    For instance, the IRS examines how the exchange of knowledge between academics and spatial planners facilitates the emergence of new approaches to spatial planning.


    The IRS conducts both basic and applied research and promotes the transfer of scientific insights to practitioners throughout society. Research on society and space at the IRS builds on interdisciplinary expertise from the fields of economic and social geography, political science, sociology, planning science, historical studies as well as the history of arts and architecture.

    IRS scholars integrate these different academic traditions by utilizing them in their research on space. With its research, the IRS makes a significant contribution to understanding the challenges and opportunities associated with space. It also sheds light on the ability of different spaces to transform and adapt to different regional, national and international contexts. Examples include innovations as drivers of knowledge-based economies, changes to infrastructural networks and new types of housing, as well as novel ways of living in and engaging with cities.

    It also encompasses changed patterns and dimensions of global migration. In the current phase of globalisation, historical understanding of these connections is vitally important. For this reason, researchers from various disciplinary perspectives examine cultural, social, political, and economic processes since the 18th century. ZMO also conducts research on the production of knowledge about Muslim societies. Collaboration between history, Islamic studies, and ethnology, as well as political science, literary and cultural studies, linguistics and other disciplines, opens the borders traditionally separating regional and disciplinary fields of knowledge.

    ZMO researchers draw on archival work and empirically substantiated studies based on a broad range of languages, sources, and regional knowledge. The Centre also cooperates closely with researchers from the regions and promotes exchange between science and other forms of knowledge production.

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    The ZMO's basic research contributes to a deeper understanding of current problems. Through a wide range of public formats for knowledge transfer, the Centre strives for a broad social impact with its research. Moreover, research results are shared and discussed in the regions under study at ZMO.

    While integrating insights from different disciplines, our focus will be on anthropological contributions, including both theoretical approaches and ethnographic case studies from different parts of the world. In the session on Palgrave Macmillan.

    Online Ressource USB. Referentin dieser Sitzung ist Jun. Julia Bee. It is a global fact that our societies are experiencing a very dynamic process of pluralization due to internationalization. Increasing cultural diversity brings along many challenges that affects everyone at one time or another. Many of those challenges can be very benefitial if they are handled with an appropriate coping behaviour.

    Cultural competence is understood as the ability to act suitable and effectively in intercultural situations. This requires much more than just knowledge about intercultural theories, but involves actions, attitudes and skills. Der Schwerpunkt liegt dabei auf dem Bringt Euch ein — kommt vorbei! Hier setzt das NRW-Talentscouting an. Vom Arbeiterkind zur Professur. In der Sitzung vom Ihr Entschluss zu einer Bewerbung steht bereits fest, Sie haben aber noch Fragen zum Bewerbungs- und Zulassungsverfahren? Worauf muss geachtet werden?

    Wie kann sie praktisch um- und eingesetzt werden? Zuerst wird sie aus ihrem Buch "Ausgebremst. Dabei soll explizit auch die Wissenschaft als Berufsfeld betrachtet werden, in dem die Auseinandersetzung mit der sozialen Herkunft gerade erst schrittweise beginnt. Wie schreibt man eine Geschichte, die nicht nur Mainstream oder Gegen-Geschichte ist, sondern Vielfalt als ihr Fundament begreift?

    Arrested: WE

    In welchen "Differenz-Kategorien"? Es werden Rassismustheorien angeschaut, wie tiefgreifend Rassismuserfahrungen sind, welche wissenschaftlichen Methoden es gibt und dann wird die Theorie konkretisiert, indem gesellschaftliche Diskurse Pippi Langstrumpf, Erinnerungskultur angeschauet werden.