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Harvested and pressed from July to December, the sugar cane produces a sweet liquid that thickens into a syrup before the formation of the first crystals. It is this sugar that secured the reputation of the island, then known as Ile Bourbon, back in the 19th century.

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La Perruche sugar lumps are made according to an exclusive process that allows for the creation of irregular white or golden brown sugar lumps from pure cane sugar. They are the perfect choice for those seeking the authenticity and flavour of true cane sugar. In the mid-nineteenth century, Victor-Auguste Poulain of Blois envisioned transforming chocolate into a meats mass-market treat. He produced chocolate bars and hot chocolate mix, and sponsored an advertising campaign, whose images remain familiar today.

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Its history is a case study in marketing. In , while traveling in Nicaragua, banker and journalist turned adventurer Pierre Lardet discovered a drink based on banana flour, crushed grains, cocoa, and sugar. Upon his return to France, he recreated this miracle drink with the help of a pharmacist friend. He began selling the product in , emphasizing its supposed health benefits, and trademarked the recipe in The first tins featured the image of a smiling Antillaise.

In , a new image appeared, that of a Senegalese sharpshooter, a figure much on the minds of the French as tens of thousands of Senegalese fought in the trenches of WWI. His red and blue uniform provided a striking contrast to the yellow background, the yellow evoking the still-exotic banana.. Made with pure butter according to a traditional Breton recipes, these cookies are delicious with coffee or tea.

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Galettes are thinner and crispier. Palets are thicker and delightfully crumbly. It is crispy, golden-brown, and has a luscious buttery smell and taste. Of course, you won't need any help extricating these chocolate-dipped sticks from their package! Each box contains two sealed freshness packs with 10 biscuits each. Like all city dwellers, Parisians often need to eat on the go, and the jambon-beurre is the most Parisian of sandwiches.

This is your cue to step in and get your golden prize, which you can tuck into and savour on your morning walk as the city awakens. Try making your own… croissants. Named after a long-established bicycle race that sees competitors cycle from Paris to the tip of Brittany, this is among the best-sellers in Parisian pastry shops.

Try making your own… mini white chocolate Paris-Brest. Dinner ideas Chicken one-pots Dinner for two Healthy dinner Quick family meals see more Dishes Pasta Soup Pie Casserole see more Everyday Freezable Batch cooking Cheap eats Leftovers see more Ingredients Fish Fruit Meat Vegetables see more Occasions Sunday lunch Dinner party Afternoon tea Easy entertaining see more Seasonal Spring Summer Autumn Winter see more Vegetarian Iron-rich Vegan Vegetarian barbecue Vegetarian party see more More recipe ideas Cheap eats Courses Slow cooker Cheap cut see more Christmas biscuits Christmas gifts Festive desserts Vegetarian Christmas see more Healthy Diet Plan.

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Thank you! I did not mention them here as I was focusing on French ones, but I do enjoy their nut selection a lot more affordable than the supermarket versions, their fresh flowers, and most of their dry or canned grocery items.

I am not too fond of their produce, fish or meat, usually, but I can get those somewhere else. Since you mentioned the Health and Beauty department, they have an excellent French soap there. I picked up a bottle yesterday for my bathroom. Orange flower. It smells heavenly, and again, so much cheaper than anything you would buy in another store. Thank you for your visit, dear g. I wish you a Happy New Year, too! Wow, you are so lucky to have two TJ close by.

Finally, we are getting them in Florida. In the future I will have to look closely in the frozen food section for these products…. It looks like the chain is expanding across the country, and I did spot a few in Florida, when I visited their website. Have fun shopping! Merci beaucoup for all the wonderful French finds at Trader Joes. I must make a trip there again soon. Yes you must, and I am sure there you could find one in Hawaii and save yourself a lot of work during that upcoming vacation of yours!

We finally got a TJs in our town four years ago… a month before we moved to France! Bonjour Liene. I am sure your guests appreciated the trouble you went through! Happy New Year to you and yours on the East Coast. Elle a raison!! Mais je suis sur votre site par accident. Est-ce que TJ nous aurait trahis???? We absolutely loved it and shopped there a lot!

One little tip not France related … hunt out Argentine Red Prawns in the freezer section.

They come in approximately a 1 pound bag. These prawns are red in colour before cooking and their taste is somewhere between prawn and lobster — amazing! Duly noted, Craig. Thank you for the tip. Happy New Year to you and your family! Sorry to hear this. You can always go to Williams Sonoma. They have another version, but it costs more.

No problem that TJ no longer carries this product. My solution was to visit the Camargue last month and shop for my own fleur de sel. Have you any recommendations for stores anywhere in France that are similar to TJs or my other fave, Grocery Outlet. Thank you for your message. I know the Monoprix chain usually in city centers, appeals to a wide audience.

Locally, you will also find more specialized grocery stores.

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Paris, for example, has stores carrying Asian, African, even American products. I love the pear tart too. However, I was so sad to hear at my local trader joes that it is now discontinued across all stores. I wish I had filled my freezer with them. I believe I am having withdrawal symptoms. Yes, I admit I am addicted to them. An employee told me they were discontinued because they had poor sales. I find that hard to believe. I would buy them by the case if they would keep in my freezer.

I have heard similar stories from readers around the country. Love your list! We are headed to France. And do you happen to know some reasonable priced good wines we should try in France?