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Calling your grade school teacher "mom. Liking an ex's Instagram from 53 weeks ago. However, the fact is that happiness in a marriage can be found through small loving efforts and acts of togetherness. Here are the keys to a happy marriage that you can use to unlock the happiness in your married life. Is it possible to find happiness in a marriage easily or is it an uphill task? However, whether it is easy or difficult depends on your attitude and actions.

You marry someone because you love the person, and obviously you want to be a happily married couple. Since marriage implies a union, there has to be togetherness among the spouses. If the couple lacks togetherness, they would not be happy. Therefore, you can only find happiness in a marriage if you and your partner are really happy from within and enjoy acts of togetherness. Now that you know the secrets of a happy marriage, which never was a secret, what do you do to live a happy married life?

In reality, if one of the partners is happy from within, the other might not be. If one of the partners makes attempts to be together, the other ignores it. Eventually, happiness eludes the marriage or relationship, and often leads to divorce or separation. Instead of focusing on why you are unhappy in your marriage or relationship, or what your partner has done wrong, consider how you can improve the way you deal with your marriage and relationship. If you truly want to find happiness in a marriage or relationship, then do what makes you feel good within yourself. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.

As you see, happiness lies in those precious moments of togetherness that you share without any expectations. And you remain willingly available to the other person, without letting the ego become an obstacle. Life is full of twists and turns.

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Yes, being married can add to your health and happiness. But your happiness as a married partner and as an individual must come from within yourself. In such cases you need professional help to find out if you can save your marriage or not. Among the other mentions in that post were the main factors responsible for a happy married life like love, communication, trust, understanding, and friendship.

You need commitment towards the following aspects to find happiness in a marriage or in any relationship.

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You can find happiness in your marriage by looking at the brighter side of things. But if such is not the case, try to find out what is bothering your spouse and try to resolve issues. Instead, voice your problems rather than sharing them with outsiders.

Long-term happiness in marriage could be genetic

Learn to listen to what your partner desires, and be honest with them. React effectively when you feel your spouse is making you upset or unhappy. Avoid talks that will worsen the situation. Avoid stonewalling, where one partner just shuts the other partner out and goes silent and ignores them, or even leaves them for some time. Marriage should be treated as a platform where both partners should be equals.

So, advice for a happy marriage is to not treat yourself as superior than your partner. Such an attitude can damage your relationship. Another important trait of a happy marriage or relationship is the ability to be understanding, rather than being understood. Try and understand what your spouse or partner is feeling or undergoing. It could well be the reason for his or her behavior.

Yes having fewer expectations helps, but that is curbing your own desires and not realistic. It helps to live in the moment with lower expectations of the future, and finding happiness in those moments. If you are having problems in your marriage, which is very common, then serious issues need time to heal. And if things go out of hand, you need counseling or intervention from third parties. I also have my shares of ups and downs; though I took care to resolve it quick.

Happy Marriage: 11 Keys to Find Happiness in a Marriage

Remember, if there is a melt-down or argument, you need to find solutions to your problems quickly! Forgive and forget, and move on to live a happy married life. Take out time for one another and have fun. Remain young in your thoughts, be kids again, do something to pep up your marriage to find happiness. Life is after all made up of precious moments, which are wasted if we spend it in fights, arguments, or bickering. You are responsible for your own happiness.

Being partners you tend to get affected by one another, but you need to work your way out of that and seek happiness within yourself and in your relationship or marriage. Every spouse should support the other, especially in-front of others. Remember, your spouse looks up to you and wants your constant love and support.

If you want a happy marriage, learn to encourage the smallest of efforts of your partner, whether within the family or outside. Each one has their own way of working, so offer your support and trust them to make the right decisions.

I know my husband would vouch for this! You need to avoid those small bickering and everyday nagging to find happiness in any relationship or your marriage. Strive to be your best every day. Treat your partner or spouse as a special person, just the way you did when you got married or when you were dating. Get those moments back to find happiness between yourselves.

These were the important keys to happiness in marriage. No marriage is perfect because each one has its own shares of good and bad times, but many are happy ones too. Are you not happy in marriage? Well, finding happiness in anything, whether in your marriage, family, friends, or in any relationship, is a state of mind.

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When we want to be happy, we will be. Remember, to find happiness in a marriage or in any relationship, you need to work on it and keep it alive and young. When things go wrong, you need to stop and think what you need to do to make your marriage better by making sacrifices if required.

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This is really really very good article we all should follow all things mentioned in this sueprb article in our life. Vernon Layne. The fact you mentioned more than once that we are responsible for our own happiness should let us know how important that is. Married couples and youngsters Must Read this article. I guess the biggest takeaway from this post is that one needs to accept where one is and try to make the post of it.

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There is very little you can do to improve your spouse but when it comes to oneself, much can be done. As a couple, if you spend time and make good use of the little things that happens everyday — you can have a happy married life without really trying hard.