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Continue past the Sample Video for the details as usual. Next up in today's flurry of updates at EmuMovies is version 2. Another one of many updates we are posting over at EmuMovies today, we have version 2. Continue past the Sample Video for the details. This update includes 2 new video snaps bringing the total number included in this collection to video snaps.

The version 2 update includes new videos and is video snaps total. Final edits and encoding were performed by Circo. So waste no time and update you videos to all new higher quality versions. Continue past the samples for details and more. Posted June 17, Happy Father's Day to all our retrogaming dads out there. Today we add 18 new video snaps for the Nintendo Famicom.

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Huge shout out again to Audi85 for submitting the original captures. This update brings our Famicom Japan Releases video snap set to video snaps. Continue past the preview for details and links. High Quality Video Snap Sample. Too many updates to post, this one I am just going to condense into one.

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As always, continue reading past the preview for details and handy links. Big thanks again to Audi85 for the captures. We hope you like these and if you have requests for videos that we do not currently have or you feel should be better quality please submit requests here. Special thanks to Audi85 for the captures. Continue reading past the normal video preview for details and Links.

Posted June 16, This update adds two videos and brings the total number of original video snaps to Big thanks again to Audi85 for submitting the captures for these videos. Continue on past the preview for details and links. Posted May 8, This update includes 77 new videos bringing the set to a whopping 2, video snaps. I know emulation keeps improving on this console so I would like to ask if anyone comes across any PS2 videos that should be better, have an issue or is previously listed as unplayable please let us know in the comments. If you are seeing this on a site other than EmuMovies please follow the link on this post to let us know.

If you reply at one of the websites where our news gets distributed it may be missed. Anyway the vids can be found in the usual places, continue reading after the preview for details. Posted May 5, Thanks to Audi85 we have 19 new video snaps bringing the total set to videos. Continue after the preview for specifics on this update. Posted March 2, A small update for the Atari Jaguar video snap pack gives us 5 new video snaps for the collection.

Big thanks to Audi85 for the initial gameplay and title captures. This update brings the set to version 1.

In addition to the updated video snaps I have added updated gameplay and title snap packs. Posted January 9, Another small system released today. I actually made all the captures months ago and got sidetracked. Better late than never, I guess, today's release is for the Sega Hikaru arcade system. We have 5 new video snaps, platform video, snaps, titles and other artwork.

These were recorded using Demul 0. Posted January 5, Making up for a somewhat slow update schedule in December, our next January update is a new set of video snaps and artwork for the Amstrad GX Continue after the previews for a listing of whats new and the standard links. Posted January 4, Posted January 1, It doesn't get more fringe than this, but if your looking to add another system to your collection how about the Aamber Pegasus? The Pegasus is a home computer from that you have most likely never heard of, I know I hadn't. There were three games released on eeprom for the system and we have them all here.

The new pack includes the three video snaps as well as an EM Default platform video as well as game and title Snaps.

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Posted December 30, Today we present new, much higher quality video snaps for the Creatronic Mega Duck. Included in version 2 of these packs are 23 video snaps, EM default platform video as well as gameplay and title snaps. Continue reading after the samples for the listing of what's new. Posted December 28, Without taking notice of her beauty which is pretty hard The contrast between her looks and personality was Another reason I like her is how different she is to her roles when she's on variety shows etc.

I think it's kind of similar to the 'tsundere' effect often used in anime You get to see a more sexy side of her in her videos for her singles She has recently done the ending theme for the anime 'Ao no Excorsist' called Wired Life, which I found quite decent with it's eerie sound.

Anyway I'll let wikipedia do the rest of the talking if you're interested and want to know more about her. I'll probably end up translating a video with her featured in it someday but don't really have any plans to. If you would like me to do one sooner then feel free to say so Heya Just a short clip while I work on some bigger and more time consuming projects This one was really quite easy, and only one thing to explain. And there's no need for me to explain it in depth anyway so Kinda noticed that it's been a while since I did a Gackt video and thought I should, since they're the most popular ones on this blog and they're also quite fun to translate So, this is Gackt's debut appearance on Hey!

Music Champ, a show which he appeared frequently on afterwards. It's too bad the show doesn't have cool guests like it used to Interestingly he's played as the character 'Nemuri Kyoushiro' on TV several times, which is a role that Gackt would later on play on stage in the future. How's it going everyone?

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Hope life's been treating you well I'm sure you all know of samurai and geisha and other olden style traditional Japanese things, and have seen them portrayed in films, anime, or modern day people dressed up in their attire etc etc. I think the chances are fairly slim Anyway, I find these pictures of old Japan fascinating, as it brings a sense of realism to these figures that are now mainly left for our imagination. This is a particular favourite of mine It's too bad. She's meant to be the person in the block artwork she's holding. Which I agree with. Friday, 26 August Video Subbing: T.

This is Yazawa.

Frozen- For The First Time In Forever [Japanese] [Kanji, Romanized, and Translation]

He refers to himself in third person not joking.