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Then have them blow out the candle, and enter the house. This is the only way to portal can officially close. Do not, under any circumstances, leave the house until the portal is closed.

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You may now wait in your designated space for the Nightmare Man to arrive - we highly suggest you keep a wall to your back. One girl woke up with scratches all over her back, and another - well he wasn't hurt but something got in him. Like, in his mind," Amanda said. She looked shaken to the core. I glance down at my cell phone - it's now two hours into the game and absolutely nothing has happen. Like I figured. We set up everything perfectly - the candle is burning bright outside my door with Amanda parked across the street, keeping an eye on the house.

If anything had happened, like the candle blowing out, she would have told me. I pick up my smart phone and start browsing through my emails, which are mainly spam and ads… that sentence made me so sad. There's nothing there. There's something there.

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Right before my eyes, it materializes - I watch in horror as it forms long twisted legs with hoof like feet, muscular, vein covered arms with long dark claws. It's body is huge - it must be at least 7 feet tall with a broad chest. And that face - that hollow, sunken face, with nothingness for eyes. It's barely more than skull, with sharp teeth bared. That face will be seared into my consciousness until I die.

And then I quickly realize that I might die tonight. Dear God, please don't put that in there! An inexplicable moan escapes my throat as I feel it continue to worm and roll inside me. This can't be right - why does it feel so fucking good? THAT is why it feels so fucking good. You can do this , I tell myself.

Sex With A Spirit

There isn't long to go before this wretched night is over and I'm free of this creature. My nerves stand on end at the touch of it's tongue running over my back and down between my teeth, slithering between my cheeks and teasing the perimeter of my asshole. I grip the carpet, gasping in air at the sensation of it's fork tongue forcing it's way inside, filling both my holes.

It stands over me, it's slick cock jutting out from between it's legs like a sword. The creature brings it's member to my lips and I part them, allowing it entrance. View all 49 comments. Shelves: monster-human-sex , demons-rock , erotica-dark , rape , why-do-i-read-these-books , ebooks-i-own , abducted , heroine-raped , lendable , nook-lendables.

I must say I believe unfaithful is unfaithful. Spirit or human, you are cheating at least in your mind and in your heart. L Have you told your boy friend about these encounters? What is his opinion? Does he feel it is not cheating, that it is no big deal? I doubt it. This situation could also be potentially unhealthy for you. You say you have done the research so you know of the negative effects this course of action can have on a person. End it now before someone gets hurt, God Bless! Could you please tell me how can a demon kill a person? Did this incident in the Philippines reach the news?

Where can I source this information? Some people say that demons are people who are on earth but don't have bodies, but can do things like talk, move objects, etc. I am concerned about the both of you. If you need help getting rid of this spirit please contact me at kjmog [at] yahoo. I will not judge you. I understand how you feel.

Midnight Ghost Story

I have never had this happen to me before, I do understand the loneliness. Anyways, to simply put it, its not harming you And that's all there is to it Live it up! I have a spirit that is in love with me named maei, and she is most certainly human, why do people consider sex with a pirit less valid than with the living, the dead are in another tyoe of body, they can have permanant commitments with the living, of course it is losing your virgnity, just because sex is with a spirit diesn't make it not sex, sex with an alien would be valid, and maei is not a succubus so I think this a human being you have.

I don't believe you have been unfaithful, as I stated in my first line This incubus is taking advantage of you But from reading these stories over a long period of time There are those that post these stories here looking for approval And if that's what you seek good luck to you But there are those that are looking for a solution to get rid of the sex spirit And if you are Will power is the most important tool in fighting of this experiences its not your fault and what I suggest is you do is use your current relationship for motivation As if these sex spirits know that your heart and satisfaction is truly with another And you should talk to those here that have experience I'm sure they can help you Best wishes.

I understand DeadlyKitana. I do not believe that paranormal activity is completely accurate. I believe that some of the activities on the show were very well scripted by the producers.

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I have nothing against incubi for I have had an experience with one in the past. I never really bother posting that story because of the comments I think I would of received. Thanks for sharing your story.

My Ghost Story by Seth - Biblioasis

It must of been very difficult to expose yourself like this on the internet. To princessLotus If you want somebody to talk about your experiences or issues. I'm here if you want to email me. My email is bl6ckr0s3 [at] myspace. I don't have many friends anyway. I got nothing else better to do but to play games and work out lol! I've appreciated all the opinions I have received here.

I noticed a lot of people here think I'm being unfaithful to my boyfriend. If it was a live person, yes, if it was with a spirit? And no it's not considered losing your virginity. So if I'm cheating on my boyfriend, then you can lose your virginity to a ghost? It's like saying that. I'm very happy with my boyfriend. If I wasn't I would've cheated with a person that's alive or left him already. I admit I have cheated in my past relationships. I'm not a religious person, but I believed that God had me made these mistakes to find who my one true love is who happens to be the person I'm with now.

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  • I know all in time things will change and the current spirit with me is not evil. I have felt no negative vibes from him. I know I can't fall in love with a spirit and I know they mean well to keep me company. I wouldn't especially leave somebody for a spirit. That's just not me at all. There's just a lot you don't know about me and I'm more than happy to explain and talk if you're interested in emailing each other.

    Like I mentioned before, I have had paranormal experiences in the past. I also know others who have experiences to this day. The only person here who seems to truly understand me is Succubussed. I totally agree that unexperience people will have a less understanding of what's going on. I know there are people out there who don't even believe in spirits.

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    • I was one of those people. My mind, eyes, and heart have opened to a whole new world of what's really out there. Oh yeah, I have already seen paranormal activity like 4 times. I know nobody wants to end up like what happened in the movie.