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In writing, they are learning proper structures, such as organizing ideas into separate paragraphs. You will start to see more of their personality coming through in their writing style.

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Much of fourth grade math continues to build on topics learned in previous years. Homeschool worksheets will include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, as well as fractions, decimals, and whole numbers. Fourth graders start to explore more geometry. Thus, they learn to measure angles and how to find simple perimeters and areas.

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Students can read and create their own charts, graphs, and tables. At this age, fourth grade science students are realizing that there are complex systems at work in nature. They are able to understand changes that occur over long periods of time, such as observing the water cycle or looking at the evolutionary changes in the planet.

Taking science one step further, fourth graders may be required to come up with hypotheses or predictions on how items will behave. This develops their cognitive and analytical skills.


This year, social studies will often focus on a student's home state, starting with the history and moving forward to current events. Fourth graders are able to understand the basic government structures and how laws work. In addition, surrounding their social studies, fourth graders may begin a long-term project, teaching them planning skills. For example, if they live in California, their long-term project may be researching the missions, writing a report, and building a miniature model.

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Choose location comparison Compare to. Years Choose time frames Achievement Level Uncheck All. Data Type Choose data types Percent. Years Choose one: Choose time frame Data Type Choose one: Choose data type Percent. Which county is performing better on reducing teen dropouts?

25 Things Every 4th Grader Needs to Know

Detailed Use this view if you have questions like: Are there more black or hispanic children in poverty in my county? A Reboot Foundation report finds a negative tie between the use of tablets in school and fourth-grade reading scores. The more students used technology in schools, the lower the nation ranked in educational achievement.

In the United States, the results were more complicated. For younger school children, the study found a negative tie between the use of tablets in school and fourth-grade reading scores. Meanwhile, some types of computer usage among older students could be beneficial. Bouygues wants schools to pay more attention to how they are using technology.

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Reboot aims to increase the teaching of critical thinking in schools and by parents at home. Bouygues said she started the foundation in reaction to the rapid spread of fake news on the internet and the inability of citizens to distinguish reliable sources from propaganda. She said she wanted to learn if technology was a problem for younger students and commissioned data analysts at an outside research firm, the Learning Agency , to conduct this quantitative analysis.

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The study found that the more hours American students spent daily on computers doing English language arts, the lower their reading scores. That was true for both fourth-grade and eighth-grade students and across school poverty levels. Previous research has generally shown more promise for education technology in math than in reading. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development OECD first detected a negative relationship between computer usage in schools and student achievement on its tests known as PISA, or Program for International Student Assessment, which are taken by high school students around the world every three years.

But computer usage in schools was still novel then. The current Reboot Foundation study replicates those findings using PISA test data, showing that the worrisome trend persisted with increased computer use in classrooms. Mild computer use, however, might be beneficial.

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The Reboot study found, for example, that French students who reported using the internet at school for up to 30 minutes daily scored 13 points higher on the PISA math assessment than students who reported not spending any time on the internet during class. But reading scores turned sharply negative for students who spent more than a half hour on the internet daily. These sorts of simple comparisons between technology use and test scores might be misleading if weaker, lower income students are more likely use computers in the first place.

Reading scores are lower for fourth graders who use tablets frequently at school, but not for eighth graders.