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Tonight on the Titanic Magic…. Shadow of the Shark Magic…. Night of the Ninth Dragon…. Thanksgiving on Thursday…. Soccer on Sunday Magic Tree…. Afternoon on the Amazon Magic…. Warriors in Winter Magic Tree…. Related Searches. Find out View Product. Independent readers can learn about Columbus's fateful voyage in this dramatic, easy-to-read account of a Independent readers can learn about Columbus's fateful voyage in this dramatic, easy-to-read account of a pivotal moment in American history.

D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths. Drop It, Rocket! Step into Reading Book Series:. Rocket is ready to find new words for his word When a macabre Muse appears to young Edgar Allan Poe, his plans to attend a prestigious new university are derailed.

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Ages 12—up. A Mexican boy attempting to make it to L. Ages 13— When Olivia and her online friend exchange selfies, she sends him a pic of her friend—and then encounters him in person. Ages 13—up. Dazzle and Dance by Stacy Davidowitz, illus. Miranda and Maude are back in Banana Pants! Lumberjanes concludes with Ghost Cabin by Mariko Tamaki, illus. Can You Count the Critters? This wildlife photographer offers a counting book featuring animals. Ages up to 5. Bilingual Learning adds Numbers English-Korean , illus.

Around Harvard Square by C. Farley Apr. When four Harvard freshmen compete for spots on the Lampoon , they unearth secrets that threaten the status quo. Ages 14— Party: A Mystery by Jamaica Kincaid, illus. At a publication party for the first Nancy Drew mystery, two girls witness something shocking. Ages 3—7. Ages 6— After her family moves from the city to a farm, Becket puts her own spin on country life. Ages 7— A girl struggles to understand her disoriented father, in this novel about coming of age and coming out.

Ages 9— Bright Burning Stars by A. Competing for a spot in a Paris ballet troupe and the heart of a male dancer, two girls have much to lose, including each other. In Atlanta, a Jewish girl grapples with love and choosing between fitting in or standing up for her beliefs.

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Two teens with different approaches to ghost hunting must find a way to work together. Ages 12— In this series debut, a teen with a clock heart battles time to claim her destiny and avenge her family. Ages 15— The characters from You Are Not Small navigate a friendship triangle.

Dexter is back in Vacation for Dexter! A baby Martian who goes potty in all the wrong places learns a helpful song. When an egg arrives on his doorstep, what will Beast do with it? Ages 4—9. The Night Bear by Ana de Moraes, illus. After dark, the Night Bear hunts for his favorite snack: delicious nightmares. The Ghost Network: Activate by I. Davidson and Aleksi Delikouras Apr. Limelight by Solli Raphael Mar. This teenage slam poet shares 30 poems and tips for writing and reading poetry.

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Peanuts Kids star in Lucy: Speak Out! A Peanuts Collection by Charles M. Schulz Mar. My Life in Smiley adds Help Me! Diana Dances by Luciano Lozano Mar. In this tribute to self-expression and self-esteem, a girl who struggles at school discovers her love of dance.

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Will a dog who is determined to fly so she can catch a pesky squirrel get off the ground? Ages 16— Examining various animal tails, a bobcat and a cougar make an uplifting discovery. If a Mummy Could Talk When an oil spill occurs, scientists rush in to help birds and animals. The Gothamites by Eno Raud, trans. The industrious model citizens of Gotham decide to become the most foolish people around. Ages 5—8. Seraphin by Philippe Fix, trans. First published in , this book centers on a Parisian optimist who sets out to build the house of his dreams.

Ortiz, illus. Ages 5—9.

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A boy whose parents are separating finds hope in the beauty and music of nature. Ages 3—8. Two children at a playground discover the value of differences, in this story about disability and kindness. Ages 2—5. A young artist who dreams of painting a masterpiece finds inspiration in an unexpected place. Stay Through the Storm by Joanna Rowland, illus. This shaped search-and-find book with a sound button is a follow-up to Musical Christmas Tree.

This guide, which features a free augmented reality app, examines the technology and scientists behind the Apollo 11 moon landing and other missions.

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New Snuggles board books with plush ears are Hungry Puppy Mar. Enz, illus. The Lonely Warthog by Artigua Kilpatrick, illus. A lonely warthog discovers the meaning of friendship and belonging. A girl learns that inside all living things is an idea that can sprout into something amazing. A baby desperate to get money to buy a pet masterminds a bank robbery. Though neither the strongest nor the fastest, Croc and Turtle excel at being best friends. Baking with her father, a girl learns how her grandfather harvested cacao beans in Africa. This tale involving lots of shoes, 10 mice, and one dog introduces colors and numbers.

So Big! On the first day of school, a bear and his new friend find the courage to overcome their fears. Rinker, illus. Moth by Isabel Thomas, illus. This story of the peppered moth explains natural selection and evolution. The Afterwards by A. Harrold, illus.

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Ember visits the realm of the recently deceased, hoping to bring her friend back to the world of the living. Can You Crack the Code? A girl longs to become a bird and fly to her real home; when she gets a new foster mom, she learns what home really means. When her stepfather makes a driving mistake, Esther lands at a math camp rather than an art camp. The Restless Girls by Jessie Burton, illus. Animals tell Alice that the Story Web is in danger, and the only way to mend it is to tell honest tales from the heart. A teen searches for herself amid the confusion of a shattered past and a future that appears to be far from what she planned.

Aye-Aye, Fossa, Numbat, Xenops, and other unusual animals introduce the alphabet. Books welcomes Cows! All About And All About A high-school swimmer struggles to regain her athletic confidence after failing to qualify for the Olympics. When she accidentally outs herself as a lesbian, a teen learns the difference between a crush and true love. In this series opener, teenage sleuths crack the case of a stolen necklace.

Stu balances his summer job with spending time with the girl who has stolen his heart, in this sequel to Stu Truly. Written in verse, this novel centers on a girl who escapes from Vietnam in and finds a friend in a refugee camp. After false accusations of witchcraft land her mother in prison, Violet seeks revenge. The big storm approaching their strawberry farm threatens to destroy everything Darby and her family hold dear. A teen struggling with anorexia takes comfort in the words someone anonymously writes in his journal.

Ages 7—9. Friends for Mouse by Rosalinda Kightley Mar. A little mouse who has difficulty fitting in finds friends that are perfect for him. How Far Can a Kangaroo Jump? Ages 4—up. New Techtots titles by Harriet Blackford, illus. Never Trumpet with a Crumpet by Amy Gibson, illus. In this book about manners, animals try to follow proper etiquette while having tea with the queen.

Bedtime for Beasties by Leslie Staub, illus. A girl takes control of her nightmare and shows a group of monsters that she is the boss of her dreams. Fly by Nathan Clement Apr. Like a Lizard by April Pulley Sayre, illus. This introduction to 28 different lizards encourages readers to act like lizards themselves. Photos illustrate this look at how popcorn is planted, grown, harvested, and processed. What If? Then We Two polar bears imagine solutions to various situations, in this companion to One Day, the End. Strange and Wonderful continues with Dolphins! Goodbye, Mr.

Spalding by Jennifer Robin Barr Mar. In Depression-era Philadelphia, two kids try to stop the building of a wall that would block their view of a baseball field. Robert E. This poetry collection features a variety of animal sounds. Ages 5— A girl whose struggling family bounces from town to town tries to fit in while remaining true to herself.

Marino, illus. The Field by Tracy Richardson Apr. A boy with fiery nightmares, an inexplicable connection to a new girl in school, and uncanny soccer skills begins to question reality. Balderrama, illus. Hoo Hoo Who? Oh, Bear by Melissa Nelson Greenberg, illus.

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  8. One Whole Bunch by Mary Meyer, illus. In this counting tale, a boy gathers flowers to make a bouquet for his mother. Picken: Mix and Match the Farm Animals! Kids switch around images of the fronts and backs of animals to create new species. Splish, Splash, Ducky! A duck and his pals revel in the rain, until it stops—and then what?

    Who Is Sleeping? Babymoon by Hayley Barrett, illus. A baby sandhill crane takes its first steps. In the follow-up to How to Find Gold , Anna and Crocodile embark on an imaginative journey to the moon. This tale starring Katie and her baby brother Olly introduces the alphabet. Now What? A Math Tale by Robie H. Harris, illus. Puppy wants to build a bed out of blocks, in this tale introducing early math concepts.

    The Pawed Piper by Michelle Robinson, illus. In this feline caper, a girl longing for a pet of her own gets more than she bargained for. A small blue fish learns that being dazzling is not what makes you special. Collages illustrate this celebration of our relationship to the natural world.

    B Is for Baby by Atinuke, illus. Grumpy Duck by Joyce Dunbar, illus. So Hannah decides to take her problem straight to the top, asking President Roosevelt to help her find a pen pal. And by the end of the book she has found the pen pal she most wanted, a true friend, in a most unexpected place. Hannah herself is the most vivid personality: her warmth, imagination and sincerity are unmistakable. Her reluctant pen pal Edward Winchley is a match for her, a wryly funny boy whose letters slowly reveal the sadness of his life. Houghton Mifflin, A lot of this book is about not saying anything, and how in a way, that is still saying something.

    Once I knew what had actually happened, I was able to settle down and enjoy reading. Narrated by thirteen year old Logan, it is a terse, disturbing story, told in dribs and drabs of statements and reported dialogue, a far bit of which is blank:. Logan writes in short vignettes, which are separated by small graphics on each page.

    The ending has a triumphant aspect, but is far from pat. Only his love for his little sister Emma keeps him from running away. This fascinating, compelling novel well repays the initial effort of deciphering it. But the code is more than a gimmick to obfuscate the plot: it is doorway into a very troubled mind. How can I write a true sentence that explains what it is like to be cheated and tortured with a small bowl of cereal and a glass of water? Nonetheless, this is a brilliant portrait of a troubled person, and of the ways even a troubled person can find to help himself—perhaps the strongest part of the portrait is that despite everything, Julian is far from helpless.

    A play-within-seven-plays, this frenetic comedy begs to be staged, but is also very fun to read. But as the changes become more frequent—and as one of the plays, an improvised performance art piece, reveals far too much about the actors in the other plays—scenes and actors begin to collide. Luckily it succeeds well in providing them.

    The set-up—teenage girl goes to live with completely unknown biological father after her two lesbian mothers are killed by a truck carrying Turducken—seems to be aiming for the surreal, but this story is well grounded in the realities of grief. Now Rosalind is parentless and Sean, also left motherless at a young age, feels both empathy for her and a yearning to do something meaningful with his somewhat empty life.

    Imagine a contemporary YA novel written by an author channeling L.