Manual “We’ve Never Seen Such Horror”: Crimes against Humanity by Syrian Security Forces

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Protesters have begun burning Iranian flags, understanding how important the eastern neighbor is in bolstering Assad's rule impossible-to-verify reports suggest Iranian security forces are assisting in the crackdown; whether or not they're true, they are believed within Syria. Iran now faces a dilemma between offering even greater aid to Assad in a big to keep him in power, or scaling down their involvement so as not to risk a popular backlash, as they did in Iraq once it appeared major Shia militias might turn against them.

Cracks are beginning to show in Assad's regime, perhaps the most significant indication that it is under incredible new pressure. Rami Makhlouf, Assad's cousin and an oligarch whose tight control over much of the national economy has made him one of the country's most hated figures, has announced he will leave his government roles.

The leader's wife, Asma al-Assad, is rumored to have fled to London.

Report: Syrian abuses could be 'crimes against humanity' -

Whether or not she is still in Syria, the glamor-prone first lady is well known for her expensive shopping jaunts across Europe. If the U. That might not sound like much of incentive for him to step down, but Assad is only human. The ability for his wife, with whom he is reportedly close, to lead her beloved lifestyle could help guide him away from the strategy of violence he is currently pursuing.

The wife of Tunisian President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali has a similar reputation for travel and shopping, and some Tunisia-watchers speculate this may have informed Ben Ali's sudden decision to step down. It's possible that none of these factors, either alone or together, will be enough to lead Assad out of office. But the pressures on his rule are growing both in number and in severity.

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To President Alassane Ouattara: - Demonstrate that promises of impartial and credible prosecutions of grave crimes are meaningful by ensuring immediate investigations into killings, extrajudicial executions, and torture committed by the Republican Forces in Abidjan. Hold those responsible accountable, including commanders who oversaw the crimes, regardless of their military rank.

To this end, Mr. Prosecutor, we support the calls made by organizations in both Colombia and Honduras who have requested that you open investigations and visit the countries before the end of , as well as present the assessments carried out by your office regarding preliminary examinations in these two cases.

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  • "We've Never Seen Such Horror"; Crimes against Humanity by Syrian Security Forces.

We hope that through these actions you will be able to further continue to discuss the OTP's conclusions and recommendations on these situations under analysis with different government entities, civil society organizations and victims. We are convinced, Mr. Prosecutor, that the opening of these investigations and your presence in these two countries will enhance the political will to investigate and prosecute those responsible for crimes which would fall under the jurisdiction of the ICC, in particular for those bearing the greatest responsibility. These actions will also send a clear message that the Office of the Prosecutor will take a strong stand against impunity and will actively foster the role of national judiciaries in these countries, thus contributing in deterring the perpetration of future crimes SYRIA 1.

Amnesty International considers that crimes committed in Tell Kalakh amount to crimes against humanity as they appear to be part of a widespread, as well as systematic, attack against the civilian population. It also urged the Syrian authorities to provide unimpeded access to UN investigators currently looking into the human rights situation in Syria.

“We’ve Never Seen Such Horror”. Crimes against Humanity by Syrian Security Forces

According to local sources, in the last few days, more than persons died, were wounded and over were arbitrarily arrested in the village of Jisr al-Shoghour and around the city of Idleb FIDH and DCHRS reiterate their call to the international community, in particular to the UN Security Council and the Arab League, to take immediate action to urge the Syrian authorities to put an end to the crimes committed against civilians and to undertake all efforts to investigate and prosecute those responsible for these crimes.

The page report, ''We've Never Seen Such Horror': Crimes against Humanity in Daraa,' is based on more than 50 interviews with victims and witnesses to abuses. The report focuses on violations in Daraa governorate, where some of the worst violence took place after protests seeking greater freedoms began in various parts of the country.

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Syria: Dispatches from Daraa

Pro-Mubarak supporters believe Egypt's former president is innocent of charges of corruption and killing protesters. Timeline of the conflict in Libya. Fighting in Libya started with anti-government demonstrations in February and escalated into a nationwide civil war.

Who are these rebels?

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Report: Syrian abuses could be 'crimes against humanity'

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