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Sets out the skills and attitude that GPs and their clinical commissioning teams must have to make commissioning succeed in their area. It's relevant for clinical commissioning leads, clinical commissioning directors and clinical commissioning teams. Evaluating the impact of clinical commissioning is important as the NHS undergoes such a huge change.

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PRUComm has been set up by the Department of Health to independently evaluate the changes and the Centre for Commissioning was delighted to host Stephen Peckham its director to a workshop in Euston in January. An engagement event which was held with Clinical Commissioning Champions on 24 January The report includes the speakers' presentation slides.

It is a collaboration between seventeen leading national organisations which aims to inspire all commissioners to improve mental health and wellbeing, using a values based commissioning model. The JCPMH publishes briefings on the key values and principles for effective mental health commissioning and provides practical mental health commissioning guidance.

Values-Based Commissioning of Health and Social Care (Values-Based Medicine)

It aims to support commissioners to commission mental health services that deliver the best possible outcomes for health and well being. It develops and publishes current guidance for best practice commissioning in areas where disparities in outcomes exist and bring together patients, service users, clinicians, commissioners, managers and others to deliver the best possible commissioning for mental health and wellbeing. To provide feedback on these resources, contact the Centre for Commissioning at commissioning rcgp. Close This site uses cookies.

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We are asking health and care organisations to work together, across boundaries, for patients with similar needs. We would like to bring about a significant shift in the extent to which organisations providing health and social care work together to focus on improving clinical outcomes for patients and supporting their independence.

The UK: Value-based strategy in a changing NHS

As commissioners, we will support this approach by having a contract which embeds the delivery of outcomes and links a proportion of payment for services to the outcomes that are achieved. This can create the wrong incentive in the system and does not create enough of an impetus for all organisations involved in health and social care to work together. We want to encourage a whole range of providers to work together in new ways to focus on outcomes that matter to people, for example, keeping people well at home or helping them to feel in control of managing their conditions.

This includes hospitals, mental health organisations, the voluntary sector, social care and primary care. We want to create the right incentives to enable people to remain independent, recover quickly and remain well in mind and body. And to do this, we need to focus on outcomes.

As commissioners, we will use a contractual mechanism that supports the integration of services and allows us to pay providers for how well they manage to achieve the outcomes that have been defined by patients. We are using this new approach to commission for older people with frailty and people with diabetes in the first instance.