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Your entire marketing strategy will piggyback off these answers—from how you reach buyers to the tone of voice you use to communicate. There a ton of different ways to market your art—email newsletters, art fairs, social media, galleries, blogging—but not all of them might be where your customers are looking.

5 Super Fun (and Easy) Marketing Tips for Your Design Business

Based on the profile of your ideal buyer, settle on a marketing strategy that complements your art business and list these outlets in your business plan. When you take the guesswork out of your financial situation, you can plan ahead for how you are going to sustain your livelihood. In this section of your plan, write down the costs of everything you can think of when it comes to running your art business, from supplies to renting studio space. Then make a separate list for your personal expenses—everything from house payments and groceries to date nights.

You can always come back and add more as your business plan grows. It could be savings, joint income, an artist grant , crowdfunding, selling a certain number of pieces, a part-time job , etc. Remember, planning for financial success is the best way to make it happen.

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Which leads us to the next section…. Pricing can be one of the hardest things for artists to figure out. Figuring out how to make a profit can be even harder. Making a living from your art? Your success all falls back on your art business strategy and a great deal can be attributed to how you price your work. While we follow these seven rules for pricing your art , a few stand out in our minds. First, know your costs and make sure they are covered in the price of your artwork.

Costs you should remember to include or you will have to pay for it yourself later are your time, materials, shipping, and even framing when necessary. Think of it like this: you have a unique skill set that people value and are willing to give you compensation in exchange for your services.

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Decide on a reasonable hourly wage that you would feel comfortable with and work backward. Use this number to help you estimate. Second, try one of these art pricing formulas. Some justify a dollar amount for the size of the work, while others simply go off of labor time and costs.

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  3. Reason #1: Work on things that matter to you.
  4. Your skill level and education may play a factor, as well. Third, price consistently. Long story short, it will help you maintain a more positive relationship with galleries and collectors when no one feels undercut. Get the scoop here. Finally, consider offering artwork at multiple price points. Every sale counts! If you still have questions about pricing, head over to our blog. The only thing holding you back from building your art business empire is making it legal. Do a little research and decide what type of business structure you want to become.

    TIP: Start a separate business checking account with your bank. But before you make anything official, do some digging into what is the right name for your art business with these tips. Whatever you choose, be sure to double check that your name is not already taken! Plus, you are going to need a website and social media accounts with a consistent art business name so customers can find you.

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    That means your website and social media need to be on point! All of these things work together to build your art brand , A. There are tons of sites these days that let you build your own website using beautifully designed, drag-and-drop style templates. And as far as social media goes, the golden rule is to focus on doing a few things really well, rather than overextending yourself.

    Trying to take on every social media channel in sight just leaves you with no time and neglected accounts which does not bode well for your brand.

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    Work on finding the right social media channels for you and your target customer! As a professional artist, you have to manage a full-fledged business. That means inventory details, which locations are showing or selling your work, exhibition dates, client contact info, sales records, invoices, call-for-entry application deadlines, your schedule—the works!

    There are so many moving parts. But a good business owner will look for tools to help keep them organized. Keep track of everything we mentioned above! Google eat your heart out! We also developed the 'My FPB' area to enhance the user's experience. The Forum provide a wealth of resources, and it's extremely useful for members to be able to access these from anywhere, so a responsive site was an extremely practical option.

    How to Make More Profit in Your Small Business

    Our approach to designing FBP guaranteed ease of accessing information and resources from any location and on any device. Sounds easy? Well, unfortunately not. Our challenge? To create our own API so that data could be synchronised in real-time. We also needed to ensure that FPB's current customers, who regularly made use of their existing website, were seamlessly moved over to the new site. To achieve this we migrated both customer records, login information, products and membership levels to the new system, which meant these customers could login and access all of their products and information in a completely seamless way.

    Forum already had an exising userbase of over 18, members. Moving all those accounts over to a entirely new build required plenty of planning and good execution. The new Forum of Private Business website is still in its infancy, but will certainly continue to grow and blossom. The ability to access the website on any device helps cement our aim of making FPB the go-to resource for small businesses and maximises participation in polls and surveys, giving more businesses a voice.

    Moving the website from a proprietary CMS to Drupal has given FPB plenty more flexibility and provides a stable structure for the Forum organisation to expand and better support their members. Here at BLISS we find working with clients ongoing allows us to continually improve the user experience across our entire portfolio.

    We look forward to providing FPB with the same support, along with marketing assistance to further develop their reach to small businesses.

    How to Make More Profit in Your Small Business

    Watson Moore are a boutique recruitment agency that specialise in finance roles. Bliss Close menu.

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    Nathan, Creative Director Design We collaborated with FPB's brand and communications teams to ensure the new website accurately and consistently portrayed the right identity.