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About 50 senior officials and experts are participating in the meeting. Read more at World Health Organization. On February 28, , 35 delegates representing civil society organizations, non-governmental organizations NGOs , research institutes and think tanks consulted with the African Union on the post-Millennium Development Goals MDGs education agenda and recommended priority areas for the post framework.

Read more at Brookings. As the date of approaches, the international community is analysing the results of the Millennium Development Goals MDGs that were omnipresent in the development debate since But many are already looking further, beyond the magic date of Multi-stakeholder consultations are taking place in almost countries worldwide with a view to shape the new development agenda beyond The information that will be generated through this consultative process should influence the proceedings of the UN International High-Level Panel on post Read more at Talking Points.

As the deadline for the Millennium Development Goals MDGs approaches, with many of the targets set to remain unreached, global policy makers are searching for post replacements. But while some progress has been made around the MDGs, if Africa is to see real and sustainable development, it is crucial that the post goals privilege indigenous voices and ways of promoting home-grown solutions to local problems.

Read more at Think African Press. Putting an end to extreme poverty requires providing opportunities for all individuals, especially women, to thrive through education, nutrition, and health. In order to achieve this goal, a greater emphasis must be placed on gender equality and the removal of barriers that disproportionately affect women. A great deal of progress has been made in the fight against poverty, particularly since the adoption of the U.

From through , the number of people worldwide living in extreme poverty fell by more than million. Yet barriers to prosperity still remain—such as inequality and discrimination against marginalized populations—and new challenges continue to emerge that impede goals to reduce poverty.

Read more at Center for American Progress masthead. The objective of these consultations is to ensure a bottom up approach to the development of the next Global Development Agenda, so that the plan is informed by the aspirations, perspectives and voices of the people who will be affected by the Agenda, making an improvement over the previous MDGs in order to facilitate an inclusive, nationally led process. Read more at Front Page Africa. The second round of consultations in China on the Post Development Agenda took place in Beijing on March 11, This event complemented the first consultation which occurred on December 5, , in Kunming, Yunnan Province.

The discussions built upon six key focus areas identified by the December consultation: Poverty reduction and inclusive growth, environmental and green development policy, global health, women and children, education and international co-operation. In pursuit of this the Beijing discussions were held from a bottom-up perspective that gave significant voice to the poor and other marginalized groups; three quarters of the participants were representatives of social organizations.

Below, find a list of events to engage in this dialogue:. The UN Consultation Meeting on Post Development will be held on Monday at Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Knowledge Forum with the participation of private sector, UN and government representatives to discuss the role of private sector in the post development plans.

HE Dr. Costanza Farina will tackle key issues during panel discussions. The event aims at creating a platform for dialogue on the vital role private sector has in development. It also paves the way for more involvement of the private sector in setting and shaping the sought development goals in the post and will present the progress towards achieving the MDGs, and will introduce the Post development agenda. It will also give examples on the involvement of the private sector in the post consultations at the global level. UNDP launched an unprecedented global conversation through which people can help shape the future development agenda after when the Millennium Development Goals MDGs expire.

Three out of the eight millennium development targets — on poverty, slums and water — have been met ahead of the deadline, but much remains to be done. Read more at NGOs Beyond The significance of the MDGs lies first and foremost in the fact that they gave the world a shared development agenda. They identified a set of shared goals around which we could collectively mobilise and they established time-bound goalposts for progress, many with quantifiable targets, against which we could measure our performance. But beyond these targets and goals, the MDGs placed poverty reduction at the top of the global agenda.

In doing so, they reshaped policy priorities, galvanising the attention and interest of governments, international organisations, the private sector, and individuals. Read more at Business Daily. Briefing journalists on the eve of the meeting Foreign Minister Dipu Moni on Monday said it would be a part of the 50 global consultative meetings that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon had earlier planned to hold with nine agreed themes. Read more at bndnews The session followed the first consultation held last December in Kunming, Yunnan Province.

The meetings were called upon for suggestions regarding the High-Level Panel convened by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, as it considers a new global development framework to succeed the Millennium Development Goals after The discussions built upon six key focus areas identified by the December consultation: Poverty reduction and inclusive growth, environmental and green development policy, global health, women and children, education and international cooperation. Read more at China. Ministers, parliamentarians, policy-makers, members of the Secretary-General's High Level Panel on the post agenda, as well as representatives from civil society, youth organizations and the private sector, will attend the third and final regional consultation to define Africa's position on the post development priorities, and review Africa's progress on reaching the MDGs, on March , in Hammamet, Tunisia.

Read more at AllAfrica. Delegates attending the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Latin America and the Caribbean have called for a "more ambitious post development agenda" in promoting growth with greater inclusion, protection, social equality and environmental sustainability in the region. Guyana's Minister of Foreign Affairs Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett, speaking at the opening session on Thursday, said that "if we are going to succeed in the post development agenda, all segments of society must participate, especially those more vulnerable".

Read more at Jamaica Observer. Clarke said "The food, fuel, climate, economic, political, and security crises of the first 12 years of this century have reminded us of how fragile development gains can be in the face of shock and adversity". She said "What the MDGs have taught us is to aim high and think bigger", noting that the well-being of people and the planet we share depend on that. Read more at United Nations Radio. Minister for International Development Heidi Hautala will host an international conference, Conflict, Violence and Disaster in the Post Development Agenda, on 13 March, to discuss the devastating effects of conflict, violence and disaster as well as new post development goals.

The conference is part of the ongoing global consultation process which aims to meet the new development challenges after the deadline for the Millennium Development Goals has passed. In , world leaders reached agreement on how the world would be made a better place. Eight development goals were set, and it was decided to achieve them by the year Of these Millennium Development Goals, three have already been achieved: poverty has been cut in half, the living conditions of slum-dwellers and access to clean water have improved, and as many girls as boys now start school.

However, there is still a way to go. Read more at Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. Read more at Scoop World Independent News. Today and tomorrow, a high level meeting has been convened in Botswana to conclude the post health consultation. Save the Children facilitated a consultation in Bolivia, so we are lucky to have a colleague there to feed into the discussion and report back. Watch this space…. Read more at Save the Children. An online consultation called Reducing poverty is achievable: finding those who are hidden by inequalities, has been set up by Development Progress, WikiProgress and the OECD.

It opened on the 6th of March — and will run until the 15th. A summary of the online consultation will then be presented at the OECD Global Forum on Development April which will focus on the global development agenda beyond The online consultation provides an opportunity to debate and discuss a wide range of perspectives on poverty and inequality ahead of the forum. Read more at Post The Consultation, organised by ABANTU for Development, a sub-regional gender policy advocacy Non-Governmental Organisation NGO , in collaboration with Christian Aid Ghana, aimed to create greater awareness and provide a platform for harnessing efforts towards building a momentum in gender equality activism in the country.

Read more at Government of Ghana. On the 8th of March tomorrow we celebrate International Women's Day worldwide to pay tribute to women for their engagement in the development process. Once again we will be celebrating women's day but sure we are called upon to reflect whether we should really celebrate while millions of women are subject to inhuman treatment and violence which is a gross violation of human rights.

While violence against women is universal, there is variation in its nature and manifestation across societies at different times, for different groups of women, and even for the same woman at different times in her life. Violence against women VAW is also an obstacle to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, despite progress made at the policy and political levels. In in our modern world violence against women persists, unabated, in all parts of the world. Intimate partner violence is the most common type of violence against women, but VAW takes many other forms, as well.

Violence against women also includes violence in times of war or when governance systems have collapsed ; the systematic use of physical, emotional, verbal, psychological and sexual violence to terrorize and antagonize the whole communities or ethnic groups. It is a scary feature of conflict and oppression that has been acknowledged by development partners. Read more in LeMauricien. At the opening of the meeting, which is organized by the Government of Colombia and the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean ECLAC and attended by all United Nations agencies in the region, participants agreed that a more ambitious post development agenda was needed to promote growth with greater inclusion, protection, social equality and environmental sustainability.

Read more at 4- traders. Themed: Sustainable Business Solutions That Deliver Change, this is set to be platform for all stakeholders to share ideas and also learn about new technologies and processes that contribute to the attainment of the MDG Goals.

Over two days, the program will move through three broad topic areas…. Read more at The Partnering Initiative. More than a decade after the establishment of the Millennium Development Goals MDGs , ample confusion persists regarding their genesis. In particular, many people misunderstand the relationship between the contents of the September UN Millennium Declaration and the original MDG Targets that were extracted from that Declaration. Those were set afterwards. The roots of the misunderstanding probably lie in the U.

During the interim period, U. In , world leaders promised to halve extreme poverty by with a global plan called the Millenium Development Goals MDGs. In , the agenda will come to an end with uneven results. Civil society activists and representatives, and UN member States, are now discussing priorities for a Post Development Agenda, and the battle to influence the agenda has begun. At a meeting at the CSW yesterday, members of the Post Women's Coalition - feminists, women's rights workers, women's development specialists, grassroot activists and social justice organisations - presented their joint effort to influence the post agenda.

They are asking for it to be shaped and grounded in human rights, asking for gender equality, and demanding that the agenda address structural factors perpetuating crisis, inequality, insecurity and the violation of human rights. They want the new agenda to be developed with the full participation and leadership of women, and to have strong mechanisms for accountability both within countries and at the international level.

Read more at Although the Pacific shares a strong sense of vulnerability with other fragile states, it faces its own very specific set of development challenges relating to size, location and unmatched exposure to climate change, ocean acidification, natural disasters, and other external shocks. Last year, during the Special Body on the Pacific Island Developing Countries at our annual ESCAP Commission Session, I said that Pacific concerns about the collective management of the ocean economy, as a global and regional common good must be incorporated into our regional and global development planning and strategies about resilience, climate change, and sustainability.

We need a mindset change from one which regards our island states as small and isolated, to one which sees them as the custodians of our large ocean of opportunity. I would like to repeat that message today as we discuss the MDGs and the post development agenda. Last week I wrote on 'Health and the World We Want ' and I promised to comment in its part 2 'Health Priorities post ', 'Post guiding principle, goals and targets' and 'Implementation'.

I made reference to the 77 page report titled 'Health in the Post Development Agenda' that was released end of February as a result of the global consultation on health sector post In the part one of the article I provided insight to the objectives of the health thematic consultation aimed at stimulating wide-range discussion at global, regional, and country levels on progress made and lessons learnt from the MDGs relating to health and also observed some of the weaknesses of the MDGs which do not capture the broader dynamic of development enshrined in the Millennium Declaration, including human rights, equity, democracy, and governance and the lack of attention to equity is widely regarded as one of the most significant shortcomings of the health MDGs and the process was also faulted that led to the emergence of MDGs from a technocratic closed-door process that was poorly specified, influenced by special interests, and lacked a coherent conceptual design or rigorous statistical parameters.

In line with the post health agenda, on February 28th, , a draft report was shared among development workers which reflected an extensive global public consultation, held from September to January The 77 page report is titled 'Health in the Post Development Agenda. Realizing the Future We Want for All is being used to help frame the work of the Panel, which will submit its report to the UN Secretary-General in the second quarter of Read more at Daily Trust. Recently I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Dave Pearson, who is a long-time staff member at SIL International, a large nongovernmental organization which has pioneered advocacy for minority language rights and resources around the world.

We sat down to talk about this important issue, often overlooked by the global health community. Read more at GlobalHealthHub. Rising inequality, abuses by transnational corporations and the global democratic deficit were key themes at last week's UN consultation on governance and the post development agenda, in Johannesburg, South Africa. The consultation was one of a series of expert meetings the UN is holding to debate what should replace the millennium development goals MDGs , which expire in The demand for "honest and transparent governance" was the second most critical issue highlighted by respondents in the UN's global survey for a better world.

Strong demands are being made by civil society for good governance to be viewed both as an issue to be considered across development as well as a standalone target post the MDGs, with clear indicators to measure levels of "participatory democracy". There is huge pressure from financial institutions, big business and some world leaders, however, to ensure that the primary focus of the post development agenda remains on economic growth. Many civil society groups view the MDGs' assumption that there can be development without freedom as lop-sided.

Although the MDGs have a strong focus on poverty reduction and some economic and social rights, they contain no mention of "good governance" and "Democratic and participatory governance based on the will of people" — both of which were clearly spelt out in the millennium declaration. Read more at The Guardian. Momentum is building for governance and accountability issues to have a greater profile in the post framework, and there is a growing recognition that we cannot afford to ignore governance even if it is politically challenging to incorporate.

This briefing by Leni Wild and Gina Bergh, researchers at the Overseas Development Institute, provides an assessment of some of the main proposals on the table that have been gaining traction in the debate, as well as some potential risks in the direction that these debates are heading. The research finds that there is a need for greater reflection on some of the developmental functions of governance, aside from particular forms of governance or institutions. Based on this assessment we propose ideas on which aspects of governance could usefully be built into post goals.

As the UN and partners host their final meeting within the global consultation on governance and post goals this week, we argue that the approach taken in this area needs to be ambitious. But it must also leave behind the policy prescriptions and blueprints of the past. We need to recast the conversation by opening it up to new actors and debates, and thinking creatively about how to develop targets and indicators. Read more at ODI Post On Thursday 7 March at 9. During the opening ceremony a representative of the civil society will also address the audience. Read more at Caribbean Press Release.

The first sub-regional consultative meeting on the Post development agenda was held in Mombasa, Kenya October , and the second in Dakar, Senegal December 10 , Read more at StarAfrica. As a science-led global healthcare company, GlaxoSmithKline GSK has the opportunity to improve the health and well-being of millions of people around the world. We want to help people live healthy lives regardless of where they live or their ability to pay.

As we approach the expiration of the Millennium Development Goals MDGs in , it is clear that the setting of clear goals has proven a successful strategy to drive progress, on a defined set of issues that posed the greatest challenge to poverty reduction and human development. The MDGs were simple and measurable as well as broadly understood by all development stakeholders, including the private sector. In some countries, some MDGs have been met ahead of schedule, whilst other countries are not likely to reach the targets by It is critical that we do not lose sight of completing the MDGs between now and , but it is also essential that we begin to contemplate the next generation of the development framework.

Read more at Global Public Policy Issues. As ACTION participates in the consultation process for a post development agenda, I wanted to share some of our key principles for how we would want to see post development goals be shaped. Let us know what you think in the comments section! Global and domestic companies, government agencies, civil society groups, academia and the UN will gather to explore complex corporate water management issues and seek to advance effective and equitable solutions.

The discussions in Mumbai will be significant as the world heads towards the post era, when stresses on planetary boundaries and natural resources are fully tested. Read more at United Nations Global Compact. During a high-level panel of the Human Rights Council, the expert did note that the implementation of the eight goals to fight poverty, hunger, disease, illiteracy, environmental degradation, and discrimination against women, which all UN member states agreed to try to achieve by the year , has so far been successful in lifting millions of people out of poverty and reducing hunger and the number of preventable maternal and child deaths.

The AIDS response, he said, is inextricably linked with the human rights agenda. If the world is to get to zero new infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS-related deaths then ensuring rights, social justice, equity and gender equality is vital. Justin Malewezi says it is imperative for Government, development partners and policy makers to assess performance of Millennium Development Goals MDGs in the period before and accelerate their progress in the post period.

Malewezi was speaking in Mzuzu when he presented a key note address to the public and stakeholders at a day -long regional validation workshop on the post development agenda. He said government should be in the forefront to accelerate progress in a bid to shape and develop an inclusive and sustainable post development agenda, noting that it was now less than two years to the deadline.

Read more at Nyasa Times. The CSI focuses on civil society legal initiatives at the global, regional, and national levels. The CSI will also enhance synergies between related UN mandate holders by helping to develop "soft norm" standards relating to the freedoms of association, assembly, and expression. Furthermore, in order to increase aid effectiveness, the CSI will develop and implement a set of indicators that measure the enabling environment for CSOs in various countries. High-level Panel Discussion to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the adoption of the Vienna Declaration and Programme Delivered by Renate Bloem.

When the then Centre for Human Rights had received a petition with more than a million signatures, the World Conference coined this phrase in recognition of this milestone and initiated a visibility process for the rights of women that ran through the Beijing Conference into the many mechanisms we have today, foremost CEDAW, including UN Women, the item on this Council's agenda and tomorrow's great panel on " the Power of Empowered Women ".

The so strongly reiterated confirmation of universality and indivisibility of all human rights, the freedom from want and fear , is really the most important legacy of the Vienna conference, but is also still short of realisation in many parts of the world. However, the most effective outcome has been the creation of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

The incumbent and predecessors and their Office have vastly increased the promotion and protection of human rights, the understanding of a culture of human rights as a "common language of humanity". OHCHR only needs to be more resourced to meet the expectations of millions around the world and the ever growing workload. President, human rights are both universal and also historically defined and evolving. Whilst we are watching today people crying out for dignity and democratisation and are witnessing a global paradigm shift towards a world view that includes participatory democracy, CIVICUS would like to ask the panelists how they see this development, participatory democracy, to help overcome the conflict between "identity" and "otherness" , how it could marry universality with specificity?

Global civil society network, CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation is alarmed at the rise in incidents of judicial harassment of Turkish civil society activists and media professionals for dissenting against government policies.

How have the Millennium Development Goals MDGs framework assisted in the development of youth organizations, capacities and livelihoods since its inception in ? MDGs have been important in advancing the livelihoods and capacities of young people, but also mobilizing young people to be involved in the implementation and progress reporting of the MDGs. However, Beyond goals should have at least one goal committed to youth and one committed to human development governance, particularly issues pertaining participation in decision making.

What are some of the key issues facing youth throughout the world today, which should be prioritised in a Post Agenda? People all over the world, especially young people, are faced with increasing environmental degradation, human rights violations and economic crises and those issues should be prioritised in the Post Agenda. A clean, safe, healthy, adequate and sustainable environment is a prerequisite for life, survival and development. It also bares consequences for the fulfilment of human rights.

Unfortunately, however, the environment is not an indefinite resource and its degradation negatively influences human health and life as well as the future and the lives of future generations. Furthermore, human rights, especially rights such as right to life, survival and development, right to adequate standard of living, right to health, right to work and social security, freedom from violence; and also the right to participation should be emphasised in the post MDGs agenda.

It would be better to say that protection, fulfilment and advancement of human rights should be a foundation of the Post Development Agenda. After all, development goals could be perceived as efforts made toward fulfilling the vision of a just, peaceful and sustainable world. Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah has participated along with a group of leaders from civil society, research institutes and academia from Arab countries in a regional workshop on the Post Development Priorities for the Arab world.

The workshop, which started here on Sunday, aims at discussing the main development challenges and priorities of the Arab world which will help shape the Post Development Agenda. Queen Rania is one of two members representing the Arab world on the U. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to help advise on the shape of the Post development agenda. Participants will submit a summary report of highlights and outcomes to the High Level Panel. Read more at Petra Jordan News Agency. Its main goal is to build capacity in local civil society in 10 countries Bolivia and Nicaragua in Latin America, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia and Zambia in Africa and Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh in Asia, to support the empowerment of girls and young women for gender equality.

These six organizations work together in the Child Rights Alliance CRA , led by Plan Nederland who is responsible for the implementation of the program and the reporting to the ministry. Girl Power focuses on four UN promoted thematic areas relevant for MDG 3 and MDG 2: Violence against girls and women, post-primary education, economic participation, and socio-political participation. These four thematic areas are addressed in three dimensions: individual, socio-cultural, and institutional. This association is a global federation of social work organizations in 90 countries, representing over , social workers www.

The goals as are to promote social and economic equalities, promote the dignity and worth of peoples, work toward environmental sustainability and strengthen recognition of the importance of human relationships. We promote social strategies that build cohesive societies and remove the seeds of conflicts The Global Agenda, The dialogue takes place in the form of papers submitted to this forum, which will be posted online and open to discussion. Abstracts will be reviewed by the Editorial Committee and posted to the forum. Read more at International Research Foundation for Development.

In fact, in some cases VAWG is increasing in both number of attacks and brutality and we continue to see new forms arising. So what is being done and what are the some challenges in combatting VAWG and how does it relate the post development agenda currently being debated? I am delighted to be here with all of you at this 57th session of the Commission on the Status of Women. This is not just one more session.

This is not just one more year. So much has happened since we last met. The world is watching as we come together to prevent and end violence against women and girls. Recent events and protests point to growing awareness and momentum. Read more at UN Women. Culture and religion must not be allowed to block proposals to eliminate and prevent violence against women and girls, the head of UN Women said on the eve of what is expected to be the largest global summit ever convened to discuss the issue.

Michelle Bachelet said the 57th meeting of the Commission on the Status of Women CSW , which sits for two weeks in New York from today, should send a clear message that custom and tradition could not stand in the way of progress. We do understand, and respect and believe in country ownership in every issue and want everyone to feel represented. I feel there is a clarity that we have to have a positive outcome document to move things forward," Bachelet told the Guardian. Youth, government representatives and civil society organizations from across the Asia-Pacific today debate the future of education in the post development era.

The United Nations has helped to launch this international movement to foster broadbased, open and inclusive dialogue with all stakeholders to define the post development agenda. This involves global thematic consultations around 11 themes, one of which is education. Read more at India Education Diary. The main purpose of the background paper is to harness the process of the consultations and provide an overall thematic guidance on critical national development needs, aspiration and agenda in Sudan at both national and state levels. Sudan is one of over 50 countries selected to set the global development agenda beyond , the deadline for achieving the Millennium Development Goals MDGs.

Read more at Sudan Vision. E Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao. Preliminary roundtable discussions by Pacific leaders and government ministers began yesterday, where Fiji was represented by the Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola. In that meeting, Pacific leaders focused on issues that matter most to island states, with a view to formulate a development agenda for post Amongst the issues discussed, five were identified as crucial to Pacific states.

They are inclusive of economic growth, environmental including climate change and natural resource management, state effectiveness, peace and justice and improving social services. Read more at The Jet. International aid or development assistance programs have been around for about 60 years. The ultimate expression of this paradigm can be found in the creation of the Millennium Development Goal MDG framework.

In the broadest sense, the MDG framework is an internationally coordinated endeavour that involves the adoption and implementation of national poverty reduction programs with common goals by developing countries, and the provision of political and financial support for this agenda by donor countries and other aid agencies.

Read more at Canadian International Council. As the discussion on how to take the global development agenda beyond the original Millennium Development Goals intensifies, IDSN recommends that issues related to caste discrimination be included in this important framework. An extensive global public consultation on the post development agenda, led by UN agencies over a period of five months, has recognised caste discrimination as a source of inequality.

Among the key messages listed in the report from the Global Consultation on Inequalities was that "inequalities are often closely associated with and reinforced by specific forms of discrimination, including in the social, legal and cultural spheres. Read more at International Dalit Solidarity Network. In the next days over two hundred people will fly into Timor-Leste to discuss the World Development Agenda for and beyond. Academics and leaders in development will also visit to make their contribution to this important discussion. The special envoys of the President of Indonesia, the President of Liberia and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom will attend and report back to these three leaders who are the co-chairs of the Panel advising the Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr.

Ban Ki-moon. A video message to convention delegates from the Secretary General will be played during the opening session. Others are close to us as they are our regional neighbours from the Pacific Islands with whom we share much in common. Read more at Government of Timor- Leste. Mary Anne contributes regularly to a periodical newspaper, the Zminijietna Voice of the Left. Other articles appeared on various leading newspapers both in English and in Maltese. In Mary Anne presented a paper on Maltreatment and Delinquency during a national conference on the needs of the child.

Looking back in time, women have always been exposed to all forms of injustice and inequalities.

Growth in the post- 2015 Agenda

This is where women in the third sector stand till date. Yet, even as I write, many other women around the globe are facing a series of abuses and violence and all their rights denied. These women are living in deep silence and in repression and these situations were the reasons for participating in the third sector. It offers a wide spectrum ranging from the social, culture, envinorment, sports, religion and others. However, our analysis shows that civil society as a sector has long way to go to achieve gender equality at the top.

In fact, given how prevalent women are in the not-for-profit sector, the glass ceiling at the top of civil society organizations looks more like a glass pyramid. This special issue of our newsletter is an open invitation to start a long term discussion about the role of women in civil society.

As a global alliance of civil society, we want to know more about women's roles in our sphere of work, we want to listen to their voices and spread their stories, and — most importantly — we want to know how our sector can 'walk the talk' on gender equality. Below you will find some initial analysis of women CEOs in global civil society, and some stories about the experiences of leading women from our partners and members from across the world from Brazil to Madagascar, from Canada to South Africa.

We have also included some news about women and the MDGs, a list of events and campaigns that you can join to celebrate IWD, along with some resources, jobs and training opportunities for women in the sector. Aya Chebbi is a young Tunisian blogger, women advocate and peace activist. Aya is the African Youth Coordinator at World Peace Initiative, an international organization that promotes peace around the world. My blog Proudly Tunisian. I am Tunisian African Muslim Arab woman. Holding this complex identity, as a woman, I think we have been treated unfairly for decades judged by our physical weaknesses which limited our roles as housewives and mothers.

In Mexico, CIVICUS gravely notes the setbacks experienced by labour unions since and the rise in acts of violence and intimidation committed by state and non-stake actors against civil society members and staff of Civil Society Organisations. Matters of Governance and the post Development Agenda shall come into scrutiny mid- this week at a high-level African Thematic Consultation taking place in Midrand - Johannesburg, South Africa. In attendance are key African leaders and eminent personalities. Among the leaders are former Presidents, H.

Festus Mogae of Botswana, H. Joachim Chissano of Mozambique. Hon Motsoahe Thomas Thabane. High ranking government officials from the EAC Partner States and the continent have also been invited. The aim of the meeting is to bring together the African experience on governance so that this may inform the new global development agenda.

Various related topics shall be discussed. The topics shall delve into the state of democratic governance as envisaged by the African Union, roles of various stakeholders including Parliamentarians, academia and civil society in the development agenda and financing sustainable development — post Read more at East African Legislative Assembly. In many poor nations health service utilization remains low due to poor and inadequate human resources, essential drugs and equipments. The recommendations of the United Nations Commission on Information and Accountability and commission on life saving commodities are far from actualising in many developing nations.

The commissions emerged from the Every Woman, Every Child initiative of the United Nation which aims to save the lives of 16 million women and children by It is an unprecedented global movement that mobilises and intensifies international and national action by governments, multilaterals, the private sector and civil society to address the major health challenges facing women and children around the world. The effort puts into action the Global Strategy for Women's and Children's Health, which presents a roadmap on how to enhance financing, strengthen policy and improve service on the ground for the most vulnerable women and children.

In a letter sent to the Daily Observer, the UNDP resident representative, Izumi Morota-Alakija, indicated that during the conference, the global community reaffirmed its common vision that poverty eradication is the greatest global challenge facing humanity and an indispensable requirement to sustainable development. Read more at Daily Observer. She said that the awards would also go to organizations that succeeded in programs to reduce the level of poverty over three consecutive years. Read more at The Jakarta Post. Ufara Zuwasti from the office of the special envoy to the President of the Republic of Indonesia for the Millenium Development Goals MDGs said on Monday that the office was gearing up for significant progress toward achieving the MDG targets as there were only two years left ahead the deadline.

She said that Pencerah Nusantara was one of programs the office was currently working on to improve the health of local people, particularly those who lived in remote areas. With less than three years to the deadlines in achieving the MDGs, the United Nations and state parties to the Millennium Declaration are putting various processes in place to evolve a successor framework which will reflect the views of people across divides and proffer solutions to current and emerging development challenges.

The UN will also be conducting series of thematic consultations with partners. At national level, there will be national consultations aimed at gathering public opinions on the shape of the successor framework to the MDGs. Towards this end, the UN, Government of Nigeria and other stakeholders have developed a National Consultation Plan to guide the mobilisation of stakeholders to contribute in discussions in reviewing the MDGs and towards framing a successor framework to the MDGs. The consultations are set to hold on the 18th and 19th of February These consultations shall revolve around the following themes:.

Read more at IOM. UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson on Friday called for efforts to improve maternal health and sanitation issues around the world. Eliasson said at a press briefing held during his ongoing China visit that the UN's millennium development goals are expected to be achieved by , although two of the goals will require substantial effort to achieve. There are far too many women who die in childbirth around the world with a lack of midwives and a lack of facilities when they are giving birth," he said. He cited a lack of water and sanitation as the second goal that will be difficult to reach.

The public dialogue included three interactive discussions that focused on: the impacts of inequalities impacts of inequalities; the different dimensions of inequality that should be of greatest concern, the synergies among them and the common factors that drive and sustain them; and the most effective ways to address inequalities and their driving factors in a new development agenda, as well as ways to assess and measure progress on reducing inequalities in the years ahead.

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Yudhoyono co-chairs a high-level panel tasked by U. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon with crafting a set of development priorities to succeed the Millennium Development Goals, which expire in Jordan Ryan, U. The High-level Dialogue on Health in the Post Development Agenda is part of a United Nations led global conversation as to what development goals the global community should set after the , the date set for achieving the Millennium Development Goals. The Dialogue is the culmination of six months of face-to-face and online consultations reaching out to Member States, civil society, academics, and the private sector.

A synthesis report has been prepared from three sources: background papers, the more than papers submitted during the web-based consultation, and reports from the different stakeholder meetings, e-surveys and e discussions. The report is now available online for comments at public comments.

A native of Jordan, the year-old Alehndawi comes to this position with extensive experience working on youth issues at the local, regional and international level. On his second day in this new position, Mr. In this context and as the Envoy on Youth, Mr. Alhendawi will work to address the needs of young people all over the world. Alhendawi is very excited at the opportunity of working with young people in this capacity, making sure that they understand the UN, how to participate and influence its programs and vice versa. For more than a decade, the Millennium Development Goals -- a set of time-bound targets agreed on by heads of state in -- have unified, galvanized, and expanded efforts to help the world's poorest people.

The overarching vision of cutting the amount of extreme poverty worldwide in half by , anchored in a series of specific goals, has drawn attention and resources to otherwise forgotten issues. The MDGs have mobilized government and business leaders to donate tens of billions of dollars to life-saving tools, such as antiretroviral drugs and modern mosquito nets. The goals have promoted cooperation among public, private, and nongovernmental organizations NGOs , providing a common language and bringing together disparate actors.

In his address to the UN General Assembly, the philanthropist Bill Gates called the goals "the best idea for focusing the world on fighting global poverty that I have ever seen. As the deadline approaches, it is clear that they will not be achieved. The Goals will fail, and women and girls will still be ignored unless those committed to development acknowledge that culture-shift is necessary and make tangible plans to ensure gender equality.

Gender equality is culturally difficult to achieve because every culture has issues with inequalities between males and females that begin at birth and are reinforced throughout life. The fact is that countries with at the very least formal gender equality have better economies, better human rights, lower crime rates, and better lives generally for the majority of the population. Read more at The New Political Centre. It is true that there are many perspectives and theories on how development should be, but putting those into practice is a different thing.

Read more at Jakarta Globe. Many of the low-income communities in which more progress is needed live in complex language situations. Choosing the best language in which to engage with these marginalized communities is key to achieving the remaining MDGs. In the most challenging contexts for the MDGs, many people do not speak a national or international language.

For 13 years international development policy has rested on a set of goals written in "relative casualness". So casual was the manner of the small team working out of a basement office of the UN in New York that they initially "forgot" to include an environment goal — what became millennium development goal MDG seven on environmental sustainability. Those targeted by the MDGs, and from by their successor when the MDGs expire, do not forget the importance of the environment. More than million people could die by from the impact of climate change without an immediate shift in our consumption and production.

Read more at Poverty Matters Blog. Special attention should be given to women and girls, who are disproportionately affected by the lack of these services. The group stated that countries must build on the lessons learned working towards the anti-poverty targets known as the Millennium Development Goals MDGs , which are set to expire in We have made great strides in reducing poverty and enabling human development.

Ever since poverty trends began to be monitored, the number of people living in extreme poverty and poverty rates declined in every developing region, including in sub-Saharan Africa. The first target of the Millennium Development Goals MDGs —halving the extreme poverty rate to its level—will have been achieved at the global level well before Yet, while overall poverty has been reduced, we face considerable challenges in human development today, largely shaped by growing inequalities within countries. It is also the lack of intangible assets and social goods, such as legal identity, good health, physical integrity, freedom from fear and violence, organizational capacity, the ability to exert political influence, and the ability to claim rights and live in respect and dignity.

Read more at UN Chronicle. What are the key obstacles in financing education? Who should be held accountable for ensuring that children receive a good quality education? But increased financing is only one part of the equation: more effective and equitable aid is the other. As the deadline for the Millennium Development Goals approaches, different United Nations agencies are beginning to discuss what the post Development Agenda will encompass.

The United Nations U. Women, has been tasked along with the United Nations Children's Fund UNICEF to lead consultations on the topic of inequalities, which can be based on anything from gender and sexual orientation to race or socioeconomic status. Written submissions, e-discussions and an advisory group helped inform these discussions.

The consultations discussed gender equality and gender-based violence, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people LGBTI , persons with disabilities, economic inequalities, indigenous peoples, young people, urban inequalities and minorities. Women, about the post Development Agenda and what possibilities it may offer to fight inequality around the world.

Read more at Independent European Daily Express. Nabila Hamza is the President of the Foundation for the Future, FFF an independent, international nonprofit organization established in She has dedicated herself fully to the mission and detailed activities of this important organization, with a firm devotion to support the civil society initiatives in their efforts to promote democracy and human rights in the BMENA region. The Foundation for the Future remains profoundly committed to enhancing and strengthening Civil Society Organizations CSOs in their efforts to advance democracy building and Human Rights protection.

Nabila Hamza in December Prior to her work at the Foundation for the Future, Mrs. She has worked as an Expert in the Arab League for 10 years. This commission has been responsible for the reforms brought to the Tunisian legislation and leading towards greater gender equality. At CRY, she led a team of over employees in 7 offices based in India and overseas through a process of organisational transformation from a charity orientation to a rights-based approach.

Charlotte Whitton, the Canadian feminist said - "Whatever women do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily, this is not difficult. Raised in a home where gender did not determine roles, power or privilege, educated in a girls-only school with extraordinarily progressive norms, and surrounded by strong, independent women and non-sexist men, I was dismayed by the discrimination and sexism, overt and covert, I encountered at university, business school and the workplace. Oley is an international development sociologist specialising on Gender.

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