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Janet Street-Porter. John Rentoul.

The Smoking Gun - This Morning

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How Dodge City Became the Ultimate Wild West

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Fake News and Smoking Guns Made the Kansas Town a Symbol of Frontier Lawlessness

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Create a commenting name to join the debate Submit. Please try again, the name must be unique. Why are there no public warnings of the dangers of other religions in Israel? Andrey Teplinsky Sep 16, 0. However, we as believers, though separated by centuries of time with the earliest churches should remain expectant and receptive to the current work of the Holy Spirit. In response, they waited in prayer from the moment He ascended into heaven. God poured out His Spirit on human flesh. The First Messianic community was born in the fire of the Holy Spirit.

That same Spirit came down on the first disciples, which birthed the first community in Jerusalem. If we want to see a revival we need to set ourselves apart for prayer! Revival needs to begin with us. We need to be revived in the Spirit. There is nothing in our lives that God cannot revive through His Spirit. If we want to see revival in our cities, revival needs to be happening within our fellowship Messianic community.

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Our generation needs to know how to hold onto God. God wants to pour out His Spirit on us. When something is poured onto our body, we immediately feel it. God wants to pour Himself out to us and when He does pour Himself out, we will feel it. Our body will experience His touch, and our hearts will be filled once again with His love for us. In June , I was spending time with the Lord walking on the beach in Haifa. Suddenly, the Holy Spirit revealed to me that the key to revival in Haifa is hearts that are hungry for the Lord. We can be keys in the hands of God.

We can be people the Lord uses to unlock revival in our cities. However, we must remain hungry for Yeshua and ask Him to pour out His Spirit upon us. Revival is costly. It costs time, energy; it may even cost you your life. But if we are not seeking God to revive us, how can He entrust us with revival for our cities? Eddie Santoro Sep 15, 0. God is good and his mercy endures forever! Sometimes it takes trials to really appreciate that deep truth. In our lives the all important fact that He is good, that He is for us and that He is right there beside us to help us at every moment is manifest in a glorious way as we pass through some of the greatest challenges we have ever faced personally.

For us this has been the diagnosis of brain cancer. The surgery is almost five weeks behind me and my strength and health are really improving daily. The long list of possible severe damage that could have resulted from the operation never happened but there are still some difficult trials before us.

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Sometime in the next few weeks, I will begin simultaneous chemo and radiation therapy. Please join us in praying that once again the long list of possible side effects will not manifest and that God will bless these treatments with the complete destruction of all of the cancer cells in my body. Jackie and I are devoting ourselves to prayer, worship and the Word. There is no doubt in our hearts that we cannot lose the victory and inheritance that is ours in Yeshua. God works all things together for the good My current medical situation has had a very positive impact on the day to day functioning of the congregation.

The young leaders in whom we invested many years of our lives are taking new responsibility upon themselves. The timing was not our plan but we praise God for the fruitfulness and advancement that we are witnessing. Truly that which the enemy meant for harm is being used for the good. Eddie and his wife, Jackie, are senior leaders of Ahavat Yeshua Messianic Congregation in Jerusalem and also serve in positions of senior leadership in Revive Israel.

Jamie Cowen Sep 15, 0. The modern Middle East was the creation of three heads of state following in the aftermath of World War I. Both the French and the British had long standing interests in the Middle East, and once the Middle East power, the Ottoman Empire, collapsed, both countries saw opportunities. One of these, the right of self-determination, became and continues to be a driving force in modern national development. The problem arose in the Middle East and elsewhere that borders that were ultimately drawn creating new nations covered different and often very competitive ethnic groups.

Throughout the years US and European policy towards Middle East governments were harmonious as autocrats were placated to ensure free flowing and cheap oil. Two unrelated events in , however, sparked changes in the Middle East that have reverberated since: 1 Islamic Revolution in Iran overthrowing an important US ally and 2 the Soviet Union invasion of Afghanistan to quell rising Islamic unrest in the southern Soviet republics. In the case of Iran, for the first time in the modern era one of the Middle Eastern countries was now led by Islamic fundamentalists, whose goal, in part, was to spread that fundamentalism far and wide.

With the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the US saw an opportunity to undermine Soviet ambitions by arming and training Afghan resistance groups. However, one of the Afghan resistance groups later morphed into Al Qaida, a sad example of the law of unintended consequences. In the vacuum of post Soviet war effort, another radical Afghani Islamic ethnic group arose to conquer the country, the Taliban, which granted sanctuary to the more radical Al Qaida operatives. US policy supported Iraq. In Iraq invaded Kuwait, later pushed back by a quick US led coalition of forces invasion.

The world altering event, however, occurred on September 11, , when Al Qaida operatives attacked critical US institutions on her homeland, killing more Americans on US soil than anytime since Pearl Harbor, The response by the US was overwhelming. The government refused, so the US invaded.

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