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Would you chance the death penalty? How far will Tom let his anger and rage carry him before he gets pulled off the case? Author Mark Young helps readers get a true understanding of gang mentality, gang warfare and what it means to Pledge your Allegiance to the Family. Prison means nothing to these people just a safe haven to conduct business. Fact or Fiction: does not matter what does is that the author has based this fiction novel on real life events that are happening right now. When those in charge sell us out what are we supposed to do? Tom Kagan created by author Mark Young reminds us that some detectives cannot be changed, bought and there are those that live to protect those that cannot defend themselves.

Will gangs ever be eliminated and stopped? I doubt it but maybe stronger laws to prevent what is so vividly and clearly described in this novel should be instituted to with heavier penalties. Ghost seems invisible, Gato disappeared and his uncle made his own escape. With DJ the so called mastermind thinking that everything was in place, the murders he order completed what happens will let readers know and gang members too that the best laid plans are not always carried out to the letter of what you think might be the law and the end result will prove just what the word allegiance means to some and not to others.

I pledge allegiance to the code of honor of the gang and will never defy them! Watch and learn what happens when they think you do. An ending so powerful, fast paced and filled with twists, turns and one huge surprise. A Must read for teens, gang members, law enforcement officers, lawyers and prison officials to get the straight talk about what really lies behind the mentality of those that think that Allegiance Means Honor! Fran Lewis: reviewer Jan 09, Grady rated it it was amazing.

Not only has he proved his mettle in his previous three books, but in this particular novel he has that scabrous way with gang dialogue that only comes with extensive exposure to gangs in and out of the prison environment through his twenty-six year history as a police officer with the Santa Rosa "Nos vemos en el infierno!

Not only has he proved his mettle in his previous three books, but in this particular novel he has that scabrous way with gang dialogue that only comes with extensive exposure to gangs in and out of the prison environment through his twenty-six year history as a police officer with the Santa Rosa, CA Police Department the very setting for this novel and his involvement with the Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Force targeting major drug traffickers, and the federal Organized Crime Task Force charged with identifying and prosecuting prison gang leaders.

His only reason for living--the woman he loves and the badge he swore to uphold. When a man is brutally killed in a vineyard on the outskirts of Santa Rosa, California, it sparks a series of events that test what's left of Kagan's resolve to protect and serve. Secrets from the past thwart Kagan's efforts to unravel a series of killings sanctioned from within the walls of California's highest security prison. Through the eyes of cops and gangsters we are able to glimpse the seldom seen workings of the gangster underworld. Broken Allegiance is about treacherous lies, broken promises, and shattered lives--about life, death and a man's honor.

It is then that the reader can appreciate the language, the ability to build tension and offer surprising relief, add passion and sensuality, and a hint at the inexorable complexities of gang crime and bifurcated corruption and failure within the criminal system. Prison doesn't stop gangs from murdering more people. This is a novel and at the same time an expose, and seemingly a call for change within the management of crime in this country. Just brilliant writing. Grady Harp Nov 16, Sharon rated it it was amazing.

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Eager young lovers, moonlight and a bottle of wine, an abandoned vineyard and blanket for two. It seems Toby's thought of everything, arranged the perfect scenario for hot, steamy sex.

Not so fast, Romeo. Running is out of the question. Might as well show themselves and beg for a bullet to the head - or worse. If they're quiet enough, still as the corpse cooling on the ground outside, they might survive. Should they report the murder? Toby says no. The reach of a gang's hierarchy is infinite.

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Charlotte's gut screams at the injustice. But, does she have the courage to call the police? Come on, gang members killing gang members? Red against blue. Turf wars. The Mexican Mafia hitting Nuestra Familia. Shootings and stabbings and mutilations. Ought to be a blessing, right? From one of his own, an aging gang member who goes by the name of Ghost. Kagan isn't new to the callousness and brutality of gang violence. He's lived with the resulting heartache for ten years, since the day a black Monte Carlo low rider t-boned his wife's SUV and killed his son.

Now Kagan finds himself in the position of having to protect the very gang members he despises - including Mikio, the one known NF leader clever enough to walk away from the gang and remain alive. Mark Young once again deftly flexes his writing muscles as he moves readers from one pulse-pounding assault to the next. The book is artfully written, finely-tuned and beautifully presented.

Feb 02, Nike Chillemi rated it it was amazing Shelves: detective-lawenforcement. An accident that killed his son, shattered Detective Tom Kagan's life. The offending driver, a gangbanger, ran from the scene and was never brought to justice. The author pulled me into the emotional turmoil that is Tom Kagan's life. Although he deeply loves his wife Sara, since the accident, he has shut down all emotion and is often remote from her.

We see Tom with all of his warts.

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He An accident that killed his son, shattered Detective Tom Kagan's life. He drinks too much and is also a first class cheapskate who begrudges tips he gives to waitresses. Having been called out to the murder crime scene of Paco, a high ranking, seemingly untouchable, "all good" member of the Nuestra Familia NF street gang, he knows this could become a no holds barred fight within the gang, with innocent people getting hurt along the way. Kagan has a history with the Hispanic gangs since the accident that killed his son -- a bad one. His sergeant thinks he's a loose cannon who should be retired back to patrol, but the chief wants Tom in gangs.

The detective has been receiving photographs of himself, his wife, and his partner's wife with the message: we're watching you. His partner, grounded in the spirituality of his Christian religion, is a sharp contrast from Tom's depression and rage. Kagan keeps knowledge of this surveillance from his supervisors out of fear he will be removed from working on gangs, which is where he gets intelligence with which to protect his wife.

He says he was the one driving the car that killed Tom's young son, years ago. Agent Garcia has to hold Tom back. Ghost screams at Tom, "You're a dead man. There is an emotionally wrenching scene where Tom and his wife go to his partner's home for dinner, unaware that Ghost lurks outside watching the house. Bill reads his young son a story and then he and Tom listen as the boy says his prayers before bed.

They have no clue there is evil lurking outside. It is obvious the author has personal, career experience in law enforcement with gangs. He is totally successful in getting across how senseless gang violence is, that nobody gets out alive from a gang. Regardless of the demand for loyalty by the gang, there is no loyalty within. Eventually every gang member is killed by a rival gang, or by a stronger member of his own gang who seeks power.

This novel is well written and readers who are thrilled by a good detective novel will love this one's authenticity. Jan 03, Paula Wiseman rated it it was amazing Shelves: , christian-fiction , detective.

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For a story like Broken Allegiance, there could hardly be a more qualified author than Mark Young. Drawing on his vast experience as a police officer, he writes a story that gives us a glimpse of the courage and dedication of the men and women committed to fighting to uphold the law in the face of gang violence. The book doesn't shy away from the brutality of gang life, but it doesn't linger on it ugliness.

Tom Kagan, a man searching for redemption and a way to let go of the blame he still carrie For a story like Broken Allegiance, there could hardly be a more qualified author than Mark Young. Tom Kagan, a man searching for redemption and a way to let go of the blame he still carries, is called to investigate a gang execution. This lands him in the crosshairs or Ghost, a gangster with an insatiable vendetta. The chapters are short, tight and afford very few opportunities for the reader to relax as the author puts all the pieces into place for the inevitable showdown between Kagan and Ghost.

The showdown is inevitable, but by no means predictable. Mark Young goes for a messier ending rather than opting for the easy neat and tidy wrap-up.

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In Broken Allegiance, Mark Young delivers an authentic protagonist, a great supporting cast, and intense police action and drama. It's a satisfying read, well worth the investment. Dec 20, melydia rated it really liked it. Tom Kagan is haunted by the death of his young son, and to cope he throws himself into his work as a cop in the organized crime unit. His latest case involves a string of murders among Hispanic gangs in Northern California. I'm not sure what all I can say about this. It's a cop thriller. There's the evil gangster, the good gangster, the gangster who could be good but can't seem to extricate himself from the gang.

The main villain, Ghost, is truly scary. There were points when I honestly wasn't s Tom Kagan is haunted by the death of his young son, and to cope he throws himself into his work as a cop in the organized crime unit. There were points when I honestly wasn't sure if everybody was going to be okay. I liked Mikio, loved Garcia, and kind of wanted to punch Gato in the face a few times. In short, it was good, but not in a way that lends itself to a lengthy review.

If you like cop thrillers, you'll like this one. After a hectic chase and imminent capture, he finds a miraculous refuge in a convent. With the cooperation of the gardener, Fauchelevent, a man whose life he has saved in the past, Valjean persuades the prioress to take him on as assistant gardener and to enroll Cosette as a pupil.

Valjean and Cosette spend several happy years in the isolation of the convent. Hugo now turns to another leading character, Marius.

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Marius is a seventeen-year-old who lives with his grandfather, M. Gillenormand, a relic of the Old Regime. In a nearby town, Georges Pontmercy, Marius' father, a hero of the Napoleonic wars, lives in retirement. Gillenormand, by threatening to disinherit Marius, has forced Georges Pontmercy to relinquish custody of his son.

He has completed the estrangement by communicating his aversion for Pontmercy to Marius. Consequently, the young man reacts almost impassively to his father's death. A fortuitous conversation reveals to Marius the depths of his father's love for him, and indignant at his grandfather's deception, he leaves home. He takes refuge in the Latin Quarter and falls in with a group of radical students, the Friends of the A.

Marius, who under his father's posthumous influence has just switched his allegiance from the monarchy to Napoleon, falls into a state of intellectual bewilderment. Material difficulties increase his unhappiness. Finally he manages to create a tolerable existence by finding a modest job, living frugally, and withdrawing into his inner dreams.

His peace is shattered when he falls passionately in love with a beautiful young girl in the Luxembourg Gardens. She is Jean Valjean's ward, Cosette. Too timid for bold actions, he courts her silently. A fatal indiscretion ruins his nascent love affair. He quizzes the doorman where the girl lives and a week later she moves without leaving an address.

For a long time Marius is unable to find a clue to his sweetheart's whereabouts and is overcome by despair. Coincidence puts him back on the track. One day curiosity impels him to observe his neighbors through a hole in the wall. He glimpses a family — father, mother, and two daughters — living in unspeakable squalor. Soon after he witnesses the entrance of a philanthropist, M. Leblanc, and his daughter. To his immense surprise, the daughter is Cosette.

His jubilation is replaced by consternation when he discovers that his neighbors are planning to draw M. Leblanc into a trap the same evening. Marius contacts the police and on the instructions of Inspector Javert returns to his room. The plot fails with the timely arrival of the inspector. In the confusion of the arrest, Leblanc escapes.

Once again, the young girl has vanished. Tris must determine who her friends are - and whether the man who both threatens and protects her is really on her side. Because Tris has a deadly secret. As growing conflict threatens to unravel their seemingly perfect society, this secret might save those Tris loves Insurgent: One choice can transform you - or it can destroy you. Tris Prior's initiation day should have been marked by celebrations; instead it ended with unspeakable horrors.

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Now unrest surges in the factions around her as conflict between their ideologies grows. In times of war sides must be chosen and secrets will emerge. Tris has already paid a terrible price for survival and is wracked by haunting guilt. But radical new discoveries and shifting relationships mean that she must fully embrace her Divergence - even though she stands to lose everything Allegiant: The faction-based society that Tris once believed in is shattered - fractured by violence and power struggles and scarred by loss and betrayal.

So when offered a chance to explore the world past the limits she's known, Tris is ready. Perhaps beyond the fence, she will find a simple new life, free from complicated lies, tangled loyalties and painful memories. But Tris's new reality is even more alarming than the one she left behind.

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