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Nicandro ist es egal, ob Tamese ihm seine Geheimnisse offenbart. House Beautiful. Who What Wear. Country Living. Harper's Bazaar. Here are 4 other takeaways. Meredith Videos. Een remix die niet slecht is, maar m. Al bij al kan deze DJ-single in zijn geheel beschouwd zeker en vast geslaagd worden genoemd. Leuk tussendoortje en in elk geval verplichte kost voor de doorwinterde MIAB-fan. Es ist das definitiv letzte Release von Dependent. Was danach kommen wird, kann man eigentlich nicht voraussagen. Mit Pauken und Trompeten verabschiedet sich damit ein geniales Label und macht noch einmal deutlich, wie schwer es heute ist, gute Musik zu bekommen.

Box as promo in my postal mail. It is also the very last release of the Dependent label and this makes it a nice present as thanks for the support our zine gave this sympathetic quality label over the course of the years. The title track is one of the most accessible songs on Crossroads, the latest album by Mind. This song is featured in a short new mix on this single and in a twice as lengthy club mix, with in both versions a heavy danceable beat in it.

New synthesizer lines have been added to the song as well and in this version it is an even better track compared to the original. That this is the last Dependent release is a shame, and it shows that yet another quality label goes down as a result of the download culture. Box will have to find a new label and hopefully they manage to do that. What Used to Be is in a way a very suitable title given the circumstances.

EN - Gothtronic - TekNoir 8. Der Titel-Track ist in drei Versionen enthalten. Auch dieses Konzept geht auf und findet seinen berechtigten Platz in der Club-Landschaft. Dass Mind. Introduction This release was initially planned as a DJ-Club promo only with some reworked version of the 'Crossroads' track 'What used to be' and a bonus track. But then it was suddenly decided to make it available to the fans.

Strictly limited to copies. Track Review What used to be Short Storm - 'What used to be' is still one of my favourites on 'Crossroads' and now it has been reworked for the clubs and the result is great. The typical spherical synth arrangements collide with a straight and club-friendly beat.

The separate elements and sounds get more time to unfold and in some parts the track works with some noisy mesh-ups rather untypical for the band, but fitting well into the arrangement. One Day - 'One Day' is already available as a hidden bonus for those, who bought 'Crossroads' and therefore got access to the hidden area with their code. Only one day is necessary to change a life forever. Sometimes it's rather minutes or seconds. It's amazing that a whole life can be turned upside-down in the blink of an eye.

Hopefully it changes for the better. Stefan performs the vocals in a polyphonic chant. One layer with the clean vocals and the other one with the alienated and pitched vocals. What used to be Peter Rainmanns Turning Point Mix - This song wastes no time and directly starts the track with pumping beats and loops. Rainmann also uses some sounds from the original version sometimes in his mix. During the verses, no melodic synths are used. Just the chant is added to the drum arrangement to build up atmosphere. The chorus comes up with some melodic sounds, that remind me of trance music but it sounds good.

The last release of Dependent. BOX who have the honour to be the very last release on Dependent and it was the right choice. The reworked versions will be on heavy rotation in the clubs for a long time, that's for sure and as a little bonus you'll also get the lovely track 'One Day'. It really would be a stroke of bad luck if M. But until then, we can't do anything else but waiting. This new maxi comes a few months after the release of the Crossroads-cd. MIAB remain probably one of the most talented projects in progressive electronics although they never got the deserved recognition.

The title song released on Crossroads is the right song for this maxi. I especially like the 2nd remix for being a bit more trance-like. Theres also a less fascinating remix made by Peter Rainmans. As a bonus comes the exclusive One Day-song, which is a real weak b-side track.

This maxi is however a nice addition to the 3rd full length of MIAB. BOX aber dennoch ziemlich gut. Das war's dann also. Der Titeltrack zeigt Mind. Mit 'What used to be' in der Hand brauchen sich Mind. Durch die vergangenen drei Alben haben sie sich einen hervorragenden Ruf im Electro-Pop Genre erarbeitet und deuten mit der Maxi an, dass man noch einiges von ihnen erwarten kann. Das voraussichtlich letzte Dependent Release ist eigentlich gar keines, denn die strikt limitierte Auflage wird nie in den normalen Handel gelangen.

Inhaltlich bekommt man den Titel-Track in drei Varianten verabreicht. I have always wondered if it is possible to write about literature or music if the book or the piece of music gets you really excited. While you are overwhelmed by emotions provoked by the power and the beauty of the work of art you are obliged to abstract your mind from it in order to appreciate the style or the complexity of rhythms and arrangements in cold blood.

This time I would like to talk about the new Mind in a Box album called Crossroads. The third album of this Austrian duo begins with two epigraphs. These words once said by some Greeks who are already dead, I presume, suggest that nothing is real actually. This topic follows through the whole album thereby defining its obvious idea.

This being maybe an obvious deduction, though it is a truism indeed, the protagonist of the whole metaphorical story comes to by coping with all of his suffering and doubts, he obtains it as part of his life experience, all his personal troubles, through the trial of loneliness which is the main motif of all of the three albums of Mind in a Box. That is why at the very end this thought gets its own virtue of evidence. Abundantly arranged, this complex palette of sound where you can find echoes of old-school futuristic techno, vivid strikes of powerful trance leads together with the industrial exhibiting its manifold of alien hi-tech sounds and samples, smoothly combines with the charming pop harmonies.

For it is pop music indeed. And it comes with the abundance of shrewd and splendid lyrics. The amount of lyrics is maybe excessive for the whole sci-fi industrial atmosphere, but they really have much to share. And you should believe me, the lyrics is worth listening. Because this is one of those exciting cases when music occurs as a sort of polygon where you can observe the hard logic of passion and the emotional game of mind meet and separate. That kind of discord has always been one of the main extremely attractive and affecting features of Mind in a Box.

I want to recommend listening to this album mostly to those who, as I am, are keen on thoughts of what the modern world is. Is it a trap for a man or is it a unique opportunity to find yourself. To those who are avidly interested in what is ahead of us, us as the humanity. For Mind in a Box are humans indeed, they really belong to our time, being ready for the future.

EN - Alexey Sozonov -. This, of course, is the trademark and for sure one winning point for MIAB. Their style can be surely called authentic, and even if this duo has never entered any stages to perform their stuff live, their encouragement is still unbroken. Not to forget the tasteful dark cover art featuring a short story written by A.

Gruber, www. Stev's given career is as a video game composer, but his love of electronics and the sensory tease of merging graphics with sound effects and music gave rise to a desire for breaking into a Pop landscape that has grown 'artificial' in more ways than one.

Piecing together catchy songs wasn't all he was interested in accomplishing. He came up with the Mind. Box concept, a metaphor for everything that prevents our minds from truly being free. Crossroads is his third effort, following 's debut exploration into everything that causes us to retreat inward and live out our lives with a feeling of perpetual solitude. Its sequel, 's Dreamweb, furthered the thoughtfully articulated ideas while adding more contemporary EBM flourishes into the mix. The music of Mind.

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  2. Harpsichord Pieces, Book 1, Suite 5, No.4: La Dangereuse sarabande.
  3. “But I Digress …”: A selection of his best columns!
  4. The Greene Faerie: How Earth Was Saved!;
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  6. Buy for others.

Box isn't the most original collection of sounds you're going to hear. In fact, it harkens back to a lot of the techno and Trance released throughout the Nineties. Stev has an impressive ear for melody however, and while you will certainly experience recognition of music from years past, there's never a moment when it seems the themes or passages were lifted entirely from another artist. In essence, Stev is creating familiar songs that still sound original and definitely carry a stamp of emotional resonance that is unique to this particular individual's growing body of work. Let it not be said that M.

B doesn't give you your money's worth. This brand new collection of tracks clocks in at just under seventy minutes, and includes a 24 page booklet containing a short story, lyrics, and a code to unlock bonus content on the M. B website. That's quite a bit to digest. But is the music alone worth your time? Most certainly, the answer is yes. These thirteen songs engage the listener like a long and impressively varied journey that enriches as well as entertains.

One is given to the feeling that this isn't just a diverse patchwork of rhythms and pleasing sounds but an inviting world begging for exploration. Each song tends to start out traditionally enough, but just when you think it's growing too bland or ultimately repetitive Stev keenly throws something in that stimulates further interest, whether it be a curious synth line, echoing sound effect or slight shift in rhythm.

Admittedly, the vocals come across as tremendously over-processed, changing from track to track through the use of pitch transposition, vocoders and the like. This can be somewhat grating but does succeed in keeping the record from wallowing in any degree of sameness. When you're dealing with something of this length and scope, it's imperative to keep the listener engaged.

While not without its minor flaws and miscalculated diversions, Crossroads impresses in how well it engrosses and maintains its hold over you for such a broad period of time. From the crashing waves and bolts of storming electricity on display in 'Amnesia' to the arresting club propulsion of the aggressive 'Identity,' as well the eerily moody atmosphere of 'Fear' and the orchestral magnitude of 'Run For Your Life,' the sounds, styles and textures are almost always lush and captivating, accented heavily by the depth and subtle urgency in the singular voice behind the music.

Spoken word passages bind many of these pieces together making it more than a collection of themes and stories but also a cohesive work of artistic achievement that searches the human soul while reaching for a sonic stratosphere. Whether you're familiar with this artist or not I must recommend you check out Crossroads, then seek its predecessors. They are bold efforts that stand out in an age of bland, superficial forays into contemporary music.

Box posseggono sin dal loro fortunato esordio e che fa la differenza fra loro e la spietata concorrenza. Fatte queste premesse possiamo finalmente tuffarci nella nuova fatica del duo, fra l'altro corredata da un booklet di ben 24 pagine che illustra per filo e per segno l'intero concept del disco, basato su di una storia scritta da Andreas Gruber. Pur senza uscire troppo dal seminato, i Mind. Released in the dying days of superb German label Dependent single What Used To Be taken from this was to be the final entry in the label's catalogue - MIND for you fact freaks , Crossroads is the third and seemingly last chapter in Stefan Poiss and Markus Hadwiger's thought-provoking noir SF concept trilogy.

Now wait a second! Waddaya mean 'concept'?! Fear not electronic music fans; in place of 70s prog-rock pomposity we have anthemic club music that balances its euphoric warbling Autotuner voices with a refreshing lyrical intelligence and depth of thought that if not entirely 'concept' in the strictest sense has a narrative strong as a Raymond Chandler novel. Box's Dreamweb trilogy shares reasonable amounts of DNA with the Matrix trilogy, and if the third entry in that series was a flabby CGI money shot dragged out over two hours, Crossroads is an independent, low budget but polished thinking man's SF entry.

Though lacking as clearly a delineated story arc as its predecessors, this album manages both to stand alone and deliver an end to the fascinating and shadowy journey dreamt up by our two Austrian creators. The members each take on a distinct and separate role Markus H writes the lyrics and Stefan P all the music.

The finished blend of trance patterns with more up front futurepop elements is as convincing a template for this uncommon division of compositional labour as one can imagine. It will be interesting to see if they choose to continue in the same vein now that their opus is complete. The accompanying booklet includes the lyrics for all the songs - perhaps more important to a full understanding of the band's intentions than many others.

It also contains a short story by Andreas Gruber set in the Dreamweb universe, based around the character of Black who features in the album's narrative. Identity stands out on the vocal front, the choral refrain utilising perhaps MIAB's most punchy voice to date and the result is impressive. I'd be interested to hear more vocal explorations into this territory. When really on form, they can also turn out successive songs well over six minutes long without running dry three quarters of the album's thirteen tracks run over five minutes.

Meanwhile, those who like Skyshaper era Covenant may momentarily hear a resemblance on The Place whose opening solo piano gently shifts into digital strings and Stefan P's cleanest voice. Crossroads is not flawless. For my tastes there are probably too many higher BPM songs and with thirteen tracks, a bit of judicious trimming could have resulted in a greater sense of variety - something chapters 1 and 2 Lost Alone and Dreamweb still demonstrate. There is also excessive use of the treated vocals which are jarringly Believe Cher at times; and I'm not convinced by some of the mixing for example a sequencer on Amnesia briefly sounds like the very odd one half only of a stereo track.

But that is just the balanced critic in me doing its job. Crossroads proves that there is enough richness in both the ideas behind the Dreamweb concept as there is in its execution to comfortably fill three albums across four years. It was a bold thing to imagine, an even bolder thing to attempt, and remarkable that these guys actually pulled it off in such a credible manner. With the circle now complete, the Dreamweb trilogy of Lost Alone, Dreamweb and Crossroads, whatever its shortcomings are, will remain an impressive achievement.

Wszystko co najlepsze w muzyce Mind. Brawo, brawo i jeszcze raz brawo. Das neue Werk von mind. So war es bisher und mit 'Crossroads' wird das ganze zur Perfektion getrieben. Bevor ich ins Detail gehe: Meiner Meinung nach ist dies nicht nur das beste Album von mind.

Emma Watson fordert: Weniger Make-up, mehr Message!

Denn mind. Und wie von m. Fazit: Quantitativ und qualitativ ist 'Crossroads' von Anfang bis Ende ein absolut brilliantes Album. Ein akustisch wie optisches Gesamtkunstwerk, dass auf musikalischer Ebene intelligenten Electro und auf lyrischer Ebene geniale Texte bietet. Pericolo scongiurato, tanto per mettere le cose in chiaro fin da subito: con 'Crossroads', i mind.

Dicevamo, 'crossroads'. Si comincia subito, senza fronzoli, con Introspection, Amnesia, Into the night, Identity IT - ElectroWorld - theMaze. Zukunft also ungewiss? Dieses Mal wird der Fokus auf den Protagonist, es handelt sich um einen Mann namens Black, gerichtet. Er steht am Scheideweg seines Lebens. Keeping up with the intense release schedule we're presented here with the latest excellent album from this unique electronic music project. Fans are going to love this disc as it continues to build on the solid foundation that we enjoyed just three years ago with the debut album. It's all here: a mixture of different styles of vocals from deep and heavy processed vocals to crisp and clear tenor and always included that higher robotic style, a solid electro-pop sound mixed with trance and dance-friendly beats.

Spread out across thirteen excellent tracks, this album is a stellar piece of work. As with the previous works we have a thematic album here with a story of a man beginning with 'Introspection' which talks about waking up realizing that someone had tried to erase his memory, but the sleepwalkers had saved his mind. Again, thoughts of dark movies like Dark City are evoked by the melancholy trance-laiden electro-pop music from this intro track and on through favorites like 'Amnesia', 'Identity', 'Fear', 'Stalkers' and so one.. While the thematic approach is always very cool on each album, each track can still stand on it's own in the dance club or across the radio waves.

The stellar dance beats and pulsating electronic loops provide the solid backdrop for each piece while vocals alternate between the different styles that Stev has been able to perfect over these years. One thing I did notice about this album is that his natural voice seems to come out on more tracks, pushing aside the robotic vocoded and processed vocals, like a transition, becoming more human though every album and track has always been loaded with pure emotion, cutting through the vocal processing and cold, unfeeling electronic sounds. Once again, this is an excellent work that fans are going to love.

Don't hesitate to get out and pick it up, because you won't regret it. If you enjoyed the first two, you'll love this one.


Rating: 4. Box has build up quite an extensive fanbase with their previous albums despite the fact the band does not perform live. They have achieved that with a fresh and consequent approach of futurepop. On their first two albums their original approach of futurepop electro was not only fun and renewing but also packaged into good songs. On the new album Crossroads this however is different. Musicwise Mind. Box is still a master in delicate soundscapes and auditive sculptures packaged into danceable songs with a wide array of electronic influences.

Crossroads however is a more difficult album and the songs are not always as catchy either. Regarding concept the story of Black continues on this album with the meeting of the Night character, forcing him to make choices which result in doubts, anger and other emotions such as fear. Crossroads is a title that covers the content well.

Unfortunately this album is musicwise not always equally satisfying and some songs could have been more focussed too. Despite the slight disappointment with the lack of real killer tracks this third album of Mind. Box is definitely not a bad recording. The music of this band is too good for that. Hopefully Crossroads will bring the band a new recording deal since their current label Dependent will call it quits in the near future.

Austria's Mind. Instead of just throwing some overwrought, vaguely philosophical vocals over a four-on-the-floor kick and adding some oversized synth builds, Stefan Poiss and Markus Hadwiger have put the 'epic' back in 'epic trance' by using the inherent drama of the genre to craft an ongoing storyline that combines the espionage thrills of the Bourne Identity films with the futuristic paranoia of the Matrix trilogy.

The third part in the series begins with an agent, known only as Black, struggling to recall the events of the past few days: a surveillance operation gone very, very wrong. Themes of espionage and identity lost and recreated criss-cross throughout the album, all set to gorgeously produced electronic beats, and though this stuff works best as the soundtrack for the story it tells, it's certainly not the old-fashioned sort of rock opera; each of these songs works just fine on its own on a purely musical level.

If there's anything wrong with this album, it's that it ends on a cliffhanger. Having escaped the sinister agency he worked for, will Black forge a new life and find peace, or will his shadowy former employers get retribution? Similarly, having brought guitars into the mix, will Poiss and Hadwiger move into big beat territory and Chemical Brothers influences, or is it just a red herring to throw us off the trail? The wait for fans of this leading edge electronic outfit will be a frustrating one.

Wer kennt sie nicht: Mind. Und vermutlich fallen auch Alle durch's Raster, die mit rein elektronischer Klangerzeugung feat. Sozusagen Kapitel 3, aber abgeschlossen ist die Geschichte hiermit noch nicht Aber genau hierbei macht sich der Unterschied zu den vorangegangenen Alben bemerkbar. Gleichwohl ist jeder Titel trotz seiner sofortigen Wiedererkennung als Mind.

Zum Abschluss wird es sogar klassisch! Hier zeigt sich, dass die Klangerzeugung 'handmade' vs. Las composiciones de mind. Este poco ha cambiado de su primer y alabado por la critica 'Lost Alone'. La segunda destaca por el aire noir y ochentero que le otorgan sus notas de piano. Un mundo oscuro dominado por La Agencia y en el que solo la Dreamweb con ayuda de sus Sleepwalkers es capaz de rescatar a los seres humanos de su vida de esclavitud. SP - Mentenebre - 8.

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So here it is. One of the most anticipated albums of the last couple of years. The follower to the magical journey of the Dreamweb. I don't think Mind. Box needs any further presentation anymore after their two previous groundbreaking albums. Worth to mention though are the answers to the questions that most often pops up when this band is discussed: - No, they don't play live.

Box is strictly a studioband and maybe that's why they are so good focusing on their music and not getting up on any high horses being able to release one good record after another when so many other bands fails to do that I really hope to see them live one day though.

Hotel & Restaurant Wilder Eber (Hotel), Eberswalde-Finow (Germany) deals

Second answer is: - Yes, they are from Austria. Must be one of the most successful artists from this land after Mozart. Crossroads starts off where Dreamweb left off. It's still a fine mixture between techno, electro and ambient. Clearly a winning concept. As I had listened to the snippets from the album far too many times already before listening to the whole album it didn't bother me too much that the first two songs Introspection and Amnesia are quite dull. Amnesia feels like the song is repeated twice and starts over again after the half song.

It's like Introspection, it never takes off really. I get this feeling a couple of times with this album. Some songs does not appear to be enough worked out thoroughly. This is also the case with the song Identity which has it's moments but there's no proper introduction so it feels like the song starts in the middle of it and then has some rather lame and slow parts which somewhat causes it to loose it's overall impression.

One of Dreamwebs strong faces was the build up of the songs. The songs surprised you with parts you didn't expect at certain moments and that was entertaining and a good thing because you didn't get tired of them that easy. Crossroads songs is more like single versions put together on an album. Nothing wrong with that but it's just not as equally innovative. Don't get me wrong now. Most of the songs are half good and half good Mind. Box songs are mostly really great compared to much of the stuff released nowadays so.. And of course there are some really nice diamonds here aswell.

Fear for example. This song gives me shiver up my spine everytime I listen to it. It is just so beautiful and the lyrics are so fine and true. Stalkers, the song who made it to the Septic VII compilation released in March is very nice and probably the second best song after Fear. Redefined is another great song. I gave Dreamweb 9 or 9 and a half, next to perfection.

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  3. Arsilda, regina di Ponto;
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Crossroads is an 8. I'd say they managed to pull it off once again. Crossroads has good lyrics, good melodies and sounds and the fantastic ambience which is Mind. Box trademark. After the Dreamweb heading to the Crossroads. Where will Mind. Box go after this? Onto the stages I hope! Good songs are: 3, 4, 6! Jeder von uns kennt diese Momente: Man steht vor einer Entscheidung, die sich auf das gesamte leben auswirkt. Abermals kreieren Markus Hadwiger und Stefan Poiss mit ihren Sequenzern und Synthesizern einen komplexen Emotionskosmos, der sich immer aus der melancholischen Grundenergie speist.

Die typischen Elemente, die mind. BOX created their own niche inside the electronic music scene. Their unique blend of different styles has conquered the hearts and minds of fans and press all over the world in a storm and is meanwhile known as techno pop. The name MIND. Accompanied by a heavy break beat and wide synth layers, the deep voice tells us a story. It is more a spoken-word performance than real singing, but it fits perfectly to the song and its atmosphere. The character is trying to remember why he suddenly woke up in a shabby flat with cracks, torn-off tiles and wires hanging out of the wall.

At the same time it seems he doesn't want to know much of his past. He senses that he has done some terrible things in his past. The song spreads a very cold atmosphere. It has, what I call, the 'Lost alone' feeling. It also reminds me a little bit of 'Change'. During the chorus the song develops further and further. Layer after layer appears and also strings join in. The mood is different from the verses. Simply brilliant!!! Into the Night - Just further with another very long song. Maybe this needs more time.

  • Changer;
  • Filter by instruments.
  • Skin Deep.
  • The lyrics in this song are performed like spoken word. The only lines are sung are in the chorus and appear many times in this track. The music in this song only seems to exist to accentuate the story that's been told. It consists of e very strong beat and a dominating synth line. Identity - 'Identity' is a quite danceable track.


    It starts right away with the drums and synth layers and then the chant starts. It deals with the inner conflict of the protagonist. Well done Boys!!! Night was not afraid Fear - A clinking synth melody that sounds as if it comes from deep underwater and that also will be the leading melody. A voice that is not from this world. Those two parts guide you through the verses and soon a playful rhythmic construction appears on the scene. During the chorus or that what seems to be the chorus, you will notice a sudden change in the vocals.

    They are heavily pitched and processed so the almost sound like female vocals. The vocals are also surrounded by dense strings and pads. Stalkers - Have you ever had the feeling to be followed? The protagonist is fully aware of the fact that he's followed. The story in 'Stalkers' is told from 2 different perspectives. The drums a very layered and diverse but nevertheless danceable and the synths are always bleeping which gives the Song a retro feeling. What used to be - Now we're coming to one of my favourite songs on the album. BOX are fortunately able to fill it with enough diversity, so it never gets boring.

    The monotonous and pumping beat is beefed up with some really nice sounds and effects. The Place - A beautiful slow-ish and dreamy ballad. Later also slow drums appear. Redefined - From a balladry track, we now come to a faster and more danceable track. It also seems like a breakthrough for the protagonist. And I was not afraid anymore Crossroads - The title track of this album is a great club anthem and will surely appear in many DJ sets all over the world. It has all the requirements, necessary for that that. A demanding and pumping beat, reinforced with some crunchy and distorted synth effects, that encourages dancing.

    We have different moods expressed through the various processing of the voice and also a multi layered string arrangement for the atmosphere. Run for your Life - The final track, according to Stefan Poiss, also functions as a bridge to the next album. Very slow but constantly, a wide synth gets audibly, just to get replaced by a classical arrangement. Still there are those sounds that are already a trademark for them, for example the processed voice of Stefan Poiss to create and display different emotional conditions and moods.

    The MIND. BOX universe is not reduced to music. BOX won't cease to exist after Dependent closes down. They will continue to produce and release music. So let's hope they will find a good Label very soon. Last but not least the artwork deserves to be mentioned. It was created by Ingo Roemling and is a mixture of 3D Graphics and traditional drawn pictures.

    The booklet also contains a short story written by the Austrian Science fiction author Andreas Gruber and a code to unlock additional stuff. People who persistently claim that everything in the electronic genre sounds the same should have all Mind. I did not think it possible to create such a rich, brooding blend of electro, techno and club sounds. I loved this abstinate duo when 'Lost Alone' came along, seemingly out of nowhere. Musically and technically, I don't think many can measure up to gentlemen Poiss and Hadwiger on their quest for perfection.

    There is no significant change in style or sound on 'Crossroads', but every element has been lovingly refined and out comes an epic piece of electronic history. The constant voice alterations are still present, but add more than they take away, in my opinion. Processed, vocoded vocals better suit the mysterious darkness created through these epic, multi facetted soundscapes. A couple of tracks are left with only Hadwiger and his somewhat questionable English, suddenly bursting the cosy sci-fi bubble I have been ensconced in.

    The many effects help blur the linguistic flaws more efficiently. The booklet treats us to a gloomy short story, starring the band's alter ego Black and his adventurous struggle with his own psyche. It makes for great reading while listening to 'Crossroads', fitting the musical theme brilliantly. Here and there Mind. But I suppose that's true of all geniuses.

    One of the best bands to be found on the Dependent roaster surely is M. B, and even though their previous album Dreamweb did not match the quality of their debut release Lost alone, this Austrian duo have reclaimed their full glory for this album. Expect an astonishing big fat production with gently vocoded vocals that actually make sense in the whole mix. Let it be clear that this album is a feast for the ear of an experienced listener.

    Glowing beats bump you around the ears accompanied by well chosen layers of synths. The best of MIAB unites in tracks like Amnesia or Fear showcasing their qualities which should deserve major airplay, but we all know how easy that is sic. Lets see who will pick up this band now that Dependent has decided to call it quits. Einzigartig, das trifft es wohl. Man kann es nicht genug betonen. Ebenfalls im Booklet enthalten ist ein Code, der zum Download dreier weiterer Songs berechtigt.

    Doch man kann ganz sicher sein, dass sich andere Labels nach Mind. So, it should come as no surprise that their musical projects take on elements of gaming. Specifically, starting with their debut, Lost Alone, MIAB have creative a consistent narrative for all of their releases, the lastest of which, Crossroads, finally gives the listener key insight into the narrator Mr. Black and his motives. I rarely make suggestions on album's cover art or how one busy their music, but I must urge that anyone wishing to obtain Crossroads after this glowing review, should really purchase a hard CD vs.

    A little like an auditory Bourne Identity, Mr. Black's mission and identity are virtually unknown. He often calls Mr. White presumably his boss for instructions and the listener embarks on a journey for understanding. When we last left Mr.